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 It’s Starting To Become A Trend!

Work from home with an online business – back as recently as the early 1990s this would have been considered a pipe-dream for many people stuck in dead-endwork at home with an online business - computer image jobs.

However with the world-wide economy in such a state of flux over the last 5 – 8 years, more and more people across the world are turning to another means to earn income.

The days are long gone where you could get a job right out of college earning a degree and work for that one particular company for 35+ years until you reach retirement age.  I say that because of the volatility in jobs particularly in some industries.

This is not 1955 anymore!

There simply is no guarantee anymore regarding any type of employment industry in which you work for a company/business or other entity, that you can keep a job from the age of 22 – until 65 or retirement age.

And throughout this long period of time, you would not at all be worried that unexpectedly one day you could possibly lose your job because of a layoff, get fired because some new boss decides that he/she does not like you or the company simply goes belly up.  Stuff like this happens hourly all across the globe!

Today in 2015 people for the most part are concerned that one day, their job will become obsolete, and especially with the advancements in technology.  They would then be out on the street unemployed!

Working from home – not necessarily meaning “telecommuting”.

work from home with an online business

In an article to help me differentiate between the two found on Wikipedia, working from home does not necessarily mean what you think. A subcategory of this definition is something called “telecommuting”.

As defined in the article telecommuting or “telework”, is “a work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work.”  According to the article worldwide nearly 20% of workers around the globe telecommute in relation to their jobs.  In other wards they do not report to a centralized physical location daily and work at a desk/office/or machine.

These people are still employed, having to answer to “the man” – a boss.  They just do whatever their job description is from home – usually in front of a  computer.  In these instances companies have found it to be much more cost effective to have part of their employment staff work from home in terms of the production performed by them in their jobs.

With the growth of technology and computer-based jobs around the world, this particular industry especially has followed the trend regarding telecommuting.

However what I’m discussing about in this article is not telecommuting.  Even if you work at home for a boss in a company you still could get laid off, someone replacing you who is just a little bit more skilled than you are at performing the same job duties.

For this article, I am talking about working from home when you are in charge of your own destiny.  This means either working as the sole proprietor of a business or in partnership with a few other individuals, thus owning this business.

People have taken the leap of faith, dissatisfied with having to work for someone else.  In effect they have chosen to become “their own boss”.  And to do that more people have chosen to work from home with an online business, especially in North America and thanks in part because of the explosion in popularity of the Internet.

You can own your own successful furniture making business – marketing it online! working from home with an online business - furniture maker

I came across a very interesting online article, originating from the ABC channel news department.  In a video, there was a discussion of the rising trend taking place in which people have left work to start up their own businesses.  Sponsored by the site, and in answer to the Etsy site, many people are forging their own entities by designing products in many genres – arts & crafts, woodworking/furniture, jewelry-making, and etc.

Through a subsidiary of the site called “Handmade” these young entrepreneurs have developed, marketed and seen sales made for their businesses as interested people have purchased their products.

The only problem however:

I admit that based on that article and some research that I conducted that indeed this business possibility offered by Amazon is fast becoming a growing trend here in North America.  People with an entrepreneurial spirit are taking action with skills that they already have buy designing and producing worthwhile products that are of interest to the public through savvy marketing.

The only thing that could be an issue for everyone participating in this venture would be the following:  What if you don’t have the real skills to know how to design your own jewelry, designing, building and crafting a high quality piece of furniture, or sew an intricate embroidered curtain set that would be of interest to someone looking to make improvements to the look of their home?

I suppose you could go to school, online or at a physical location for a college and learn the crafts and technique for whatever area interests you.  But that would take time.  Plus a financial commitment towards paying for this needed education.

Still you could look at this as a definite possibility – as long as you understand that it requires a commitment on your work from home with an online business - jewelry designingpart!

Understand by no means am I knocking this particular type of opportunity that is now available to millions.  However you must have the dedication that it takes to learn whatever craft that interests you and really work at producing products that are of the most utmost quality.

Face it, today in 2015 no one wants to buy an old, ill-running 1964 Corvair when they can purchase a brand new vehicle – not necessarily even being a top-of-the line Lexus costing $50,000 +.

If your product in the end lacks quality and craftsmanship and with the word getting around, no one will purchase from you.

In order to really make an imprint with this work from home opportunity in an online business, you must be willing to really learn your craft if you intend on pursuing this line of work.

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any further questions or thoughts, please I urge you to leave them in the comments’ section below:


6 thoughts on “Work From Home With an Online Business

  1. I like your distinction between home working and telecommuting. I had never thought of it like that. I think most people who want to work from home would love to have their own business. But that’s the problem sometimes, they don’t know what to DO for that home business. I have definitely been in that position for sure, years back when I wanted to work from home, I created several businesses, which were interesting, but I coudl never get them off the ground. This was when I too found Wealthy Affiliate, and everything you say it spot on.. I hope other people can find success there too!

  2. Thank you Ruth for both reading my article and issuing such positive comments. Owning an online business indeed can be difficult; made even more so if you don’t have right vehicle – education, tools, and support to assist you.

    I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go for people truly serious in taking on this endeavor! Thank you again for commenting!



  3. Hi,
    You have done a great job here by bring back a quick contrast and comparison between old and new approach to working from home from your online business.

    Also the theme choice of your blog is highly responsive, clean and loads faster. I know because i am using the same theme and i love it.

    Finally i quite learned a thing or two from this post and am very sure other folks out there will fin this post very useful as well.

    Best of luck.

  4. Hi Richard! Thank you very much for your kind words about this article. Another person made the same remark when I was trying to differentiate between work from home “telecommuting” and work from home “own an online business”. With the former you still would be working for someone else in a position of authority. With the latter you are your own boss.

    Thank you also for your comments about the theme that I chose. I like it very much as it looks professional and quite appropriate considering the fact that I’m promoting WA. Who would want some fancy “bells and whistles” theme to a blog promoting WA that in reality would distract the viewers from the content that I’ve created?

    Again thank you for your remarks!



  5. The transition of the US labor market has been amazing. Who would have thought you could work from home? You obviously can in this day and age. But the main change in recent years is that we may have to work at home. That’s right – no choice in the matter. With so many jobs going overseas and the loss of manufacturing, etc. there simply aren’t enough good jobs to go around. That is why marketing from home is such a great vehicle to earn a great living.
    The Wealthy Affiliate program is unique in that so many people are geared to helping one another that there is a synergistic effect so much greater the the power of one individual. Have you been able to help others via your Wealthy Affiliate association?

  6. Chuck thank you for your comments as well as the time that you took in reading this article. You’re so correct about the principle of working from home and the fact that in the future it will continue to be a growing trend. In fact many companies will probably come to the realization that they would be saving money regarding office space, the time it takes employees to commute back and forth to work, etc., that the better choice would be for everyone to do their jobs from home. As modern technology continues to evolve this too will add to the benefits of people working from home.

    Thank you again Chuck,



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