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As social media has continued to grow this decade, along with it has come the opportunity for people to work from home in various capacities. Social media moderator jobs

With billions of people worldwide on various social media platforms daily, unfortunately, there is a segment of society that has found their way onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to do seemingly nothing but cause trouble.

Just like the case with Internet forums and message boards, there is now the need to employ people in social media moderator jobs to ensure that things don’t become too volatile on those platforms.

The great thing is that these jobs would be work from home positions, meaning that if this type of work would interest you, (and you qualify with the right credentials) you would not have to commute to an office daily.

Where social media moderator jobs can be found online:

There are two sites that readily advertise these type of jobs. One of them is  Rat Race Rebellion.  Personally, I feel that Rat Race is the best such platform on the Internet as far as providing daily, updated work from home job positions that are also completely legit, (scam-free).

The other site is Indeed.  I recently did a review of their app, which provides the ability for an individual to locate jobs on his/her Smartphone.  In performing research on Indeed the problem that I saw was that many opportunities truthfully were not work from home positions, although they were “advertised”, incorrectly, as being so.

It’s why although Rat Race does not provide jobs worldwide as is the case with Indeed, (Rat Race mainly advertising jobs in just the U.S. and parts of Canada) they are much more transparent as far as actual work from home jobs being available compared to Indeed.

One particular company, advertised on Rat Race Rebellion that currently is hiring candidates to perform the role of a social media moderator, (and working from home) would be “99Dollar Social”.   Personally, I find the name of this company to be quite creative.

However, if you’re thinking that the title is representative of the amount of money you would be making per hour, ($99) sorry to disappoint you.  Your pay wages as an independent contractor working for this company would not be anywhere near the vicinity of that monetary figure.

**** By the way, if you feel that working as a social media moderator is not your thing, (the salary would be $12/hour) as an alternative I mention now my top recommendation for learning how to run a legit online business from home.

With this opportunity, you would not have to deal with vile, rude and disrespecting comments, posts, or tweets left by attention-seeking individuals as often would be found on Facebook or Twitter. ****

Info about the “99Dollar Social” social media moderator position: social media moderator jobs

As advertised on the site’s page, any person interested in applying for the moderator position would first need to prove, on the application, that he/she excels at the task of writing.  This would include original work that would be free of grammatical, syntax and spelling errors.

If the candidate can provide what would be expected as far as outstanding writing skills, following that he/she would be subject to a one-on-one interview by management.

If hired, the candidate would then be required to complete some 6 – 7 hours of self-paced, online training, which would provide instruction on the tasks that would be part of this job.

Once that is completed and hired as an independent contractor by “99DollarSocial”, the individual would be assigned at least 10 accounts coming from clients contracted by the company.  Weekly, it would be expected that the candidate devotes at least 3.5 hours per account.  Yes, this would amount to what would really be a full-time job!

Extremely motivated individuals could ask for additional accounts, (meaning more $) if they feel it would be possible to handle extra work.  As I stated earlier the pay rate would be $12/hour.

Some very concise responsibilities of a typical social media moderator:

As “99DollarSocial” did not provide specific details of what the job of a social media moderator would include at the site, I did some research elsewhere to provide readers of this article more info.

Remember that people who use various social media platforms daily truly should not be subjected to abuse, threats, and coercion coming from others – even coming from people who could live on the other side of the globe.

It would be the duties of the social media moderator to ensure that being on any platform should be a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.

I truly wish that this were the case with all sites on the Internet.  Looking at forums and message boards from my own experience it certainly is often not the case.

Trolls and other miscreants, daily with nothing to do in their lives except sit in front of their computers or on their Smartphones, seemingly live to make other human beings feel miserable as they pollute the Internet with their delusional and twisted thoughts coming from their heads, some of which can be easily seen as threatening to others.

The great movie/television site, IMDb several months ago permanently shut down their forum/message boards as they had become overrun with the low-life cretins of society posting their demented thoughts in threads by the thousands each hour.

Duties of a typical social media moderator:

As I found out through research elsewhere, below would be a synopsis of some of the job responsibilities and duties of a typical social media moderator:

– Enforce the particular social media platform’s safety and usage policies.

– Monitor activities and responses to posts on client social media profiles to ensure that established guidelines are being followed. social media moderator jobs

– Those people who can not/will not abide by the social media platform’s guidelines should be subject to strict punishment, and if necessary expelled from that site.

– Develop and post interactive content that encourages participation from members in the community, (without it being offensive).

– Identify behavioral and technical issues and trends within the social media platform comments posted by members.

– Pro-actively handle issues, observations and insights of members to ensure that the guidelines are constantly being followed. As I stated above, the moderator should be ready to remove the rights of individuals to continue being members who simply refuse to abide by these guidelines.

– Ensure that all members are able to express their opinions, (following the site’s established rules of etiquette and behavior) and that these individuals are then not subjected to verbal abuse, threats, harassment or coercion coming from other members.

– Remove all incendiary comments coming from members who seemingly only seek to have attention focused on themselves, (acting like narcissists) but who contribute nothing positive to the community. Again, the need for expulsion should be handed out if necessary to ensure that the social media platform is positive, engaging and enjoyable for everyone.

Each candidate for any social media moderator position should be able to perform the following and have it within his/her character trait: Social media moderator jobs

Be able to multitask.

– Have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

– Have the attributes of being a leader and one who will not tolerate poor behavior from others.

– Have an attention to detail.

– Have strong management skills with the ability to plan, prioritize, monitor and respond to changes quickly.

– Be exceptional at analysis and problem-solving.

– Have strong decision-making skills.

– Be friendly, but also diplomatic if need be to resolve minor conflicts between members.

– Do not show favoritism.

– Be active on the social media platform, letting members know that you would be constantly present.

My final thoughts on this work from home position:

It would be not too difficult to understand that this type of job would not be for everyone.  A person who avoids conflict from others, and really has a Type B personality would not be a good fit for this position.

Sometimes it would be quite necessary to remove those individuals who really are up to no good being members of a social media community. In addition, there would be long hours and to be honest, the pay is not that great with this work from home position.

But, looking at it from another point of view, a person fulfilling this job and who is good at it would be performing a valuable service in ensuring that the specific social media platforms that he/she are in charge of would provide a safe, positive, enlightening, and highly intellectual experience for all members.

One More Thing Before I Let You Go. . .

As I have already indicated above, a job as a social media moderator would definitely not be for everyone.

Instead, if you are looking for an ideal work from home position in which you would be your own boss, I again mention what is my top recommendation for learning how to build a legit online business for yourself.  The program itself is called Wealthy Affiliate. Social media moderator jobs

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:





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