Work From Home Online Scams

 A Plague That Just Won’t Go Away!

Let me be honest with you right up front.  Work from home online scams are a plague to our society.  With the explosion of the Internet since the new century, very often seeing an opportunity involving working online from home in many cases appears to be just too good to be true.

Just off to the right is a photo of a typical online scam that promises innocent people easy money to be earned as one only needs a computer and internet  another-internet-scam-ohio-residents-secure-sever-bailout-planconnection:

In fact with the number of dishonest people involved it is downright scary to see the number of innocent people who have lost money in these schemes.  Count me being among those naive individuals.  You need to be careful trusting anyone who promises you income through an online work opportunity.

Online scams target everyone – innocent individuals ages 10 – 100!

Previously I have posted an article at this website which focused in on online scams against senior citizens.  I want to say that those predatory individuals who look to illegally take money from older people, many of whom live only on their life savings, pensions, social security or disability truly disgust me.  My personal feelings are that those miscreants if found guilty in a court of law, deserve to be thrown in prison for a long time in addition to making restitution to their victims.

However, victims of online scams, are not limited to the age group of our beloved senior citizens.  More and more often with the growth of the internet people have had easier access to it as the price of personal computers has come down, (along with the explosion of iPhones in recent years).  Innocent individuals only looking to support themselves and/or their families far too often have become victims of work opportunities online that at first glance appear legit.

Only after usually giving money to find out more about these “opportunities” do many people find out, much too late, that they have been ripped off!  There was no job available, only a devious bogus scam run by disreputable people in our society who look to illegally benefit financially at the expense of others. So what do you have to do?

Always keep your guard up when reading about a work from home opportunity: images Internet scams

When seeing a “job”, work from home gig online there are some things that you need to do first even before even thinking about accepting this job opportunity. Among the list  of things you need to do in performing research on any online opportunity this should include:

1). Immediately do a background check on the website/company that is offering the work from home opportunity:

A). Although not 100% foolproof, check with the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) to see if there have been previous complaints about the site offering the opportunity.  The BBB has occasionally approved of and rated a company with high marks, even though they were not correct in their assessment.

B). Check with other online sources about this company.  Type in the website/company name in your search bar – Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.  The great thing about the Internet now is that word spreads fast about bogus websites or individuals.  If a website has been proven to be fraudulent you had better believe that people will talk negatively about it online.

C). Take advantage of social media using the same principle as above.  If a website/company has built up a dishonest reputation again people will not be shy to talk about it.

D). Check with forums and message boards that specialize in online job opportunities.

2). Look for a phone contact number to reach the offices of this website/company offering the job online.  Talk to a representative and really ask some hard questions:  How long have they been in business?  Where are they located?  Exactly what does the job detail?  Can the company give you references about them so that you could check them out thoroughly?  Note: This is the opposite of what usually occurs during a live, face-to-face interview with an employer.

A). If the contact phone number turns out to be bogus, (disconnected phone #, wrong phone #) immediately walk away from this opportunity!  Avoid area code numbers that appear to be suspicious such as 666.  Other area code numbers in the past: 284, 876 and 209 asked you to then immediately call a fictitious number in the Caribbean.  Can you spell, “S-C-A-M”?

Along with any contact numbers provided, also check to see if this website/company has a physical address.  Then do your due diligence and check that out as well.

3). This may sound silly, but nevertheless, throughout the years it is something that has caused many innocent individuals to become victims of bogus online work opportunities:

When doing a search online looking for work do not type in “work from home”.

It is considered to be the #1 place that predators will place bogus online work opportunities.  Instead, go to reputable temp sites or job boards.

One of the most reputable online job listings that I know of is called “Rat Race Rebellion”.  The very honorable job site run by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren has been online since 2007.  They post job opportunities 6 days per week which you can easily subscribe to receiving them by email.  Throughout the years they have been interviewed on television at CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and so on.  They have the goal in seeking to provide quality job leads in many different genres for qualified people looking to earn income from home.

4). I want to make sure that you truly understand the following principle about getting into an online work from home job opportunity.  So read carefully:

Never, EVER submit money online to an individual who will promise you an immediate work from home job! online scam sign

So, John Doe at a website named “” offers you an online job opportunity.  In order to get this neat sounding data entry job, (which pays $15/hour – something already smells funny to me), John requests that you forward to him by PayPal or credit card the amount of $39.99.  He then guarantees that upon receipt of these funds that this enticing job will be yours.

Let me give you some advice – word of wisdom: Run, do not walk away from this con artist!  Do not give him one penny. Most importantly do not give him your credit/debit card or PayPal info.

Again, as I stated above you should not have to pay money to get a job, online or anywhere else.  If you were in the regular work force and had to show up to do an interview in an office setting would that particular company insist that you pay them “x” amount of dollars ahead of time in the hopes that perhaps you might be considered for this job?  Of course not and the same should hold true with any legitimate online job opportunity.  Never pay money in the hopes of getting immediate work!

 There are several other quick things to consider about any online job consideration:

5). Do not get yourself involved in pyramid schemes, or MLM business opportunities.  They are quite illegal in the U.S.

6). Definitely, do not lay down thousands of dollars for getting involved in major franchise business opportunities.  This goes doubly so if you’ve never heard of the business. – And no matter how enticing the homepage of that business appears with an individual sitting outside a mansion looking at the Pacific Ocean.  Oh, you also see a brand new $300,000 + Porsche convertible parked in the driveway making it appear that this could all be yours if you invest in that franchise-owning opportunity.  That has con/bogus/scam written all over it.  “Financial freedom” they promise you?  Really it’s nothing but a bunch of baloney!

Final thoughts: free-money scam image

Working from home online can truly be a rewarding experience.  You obviously have to commute only within your home and have a dedicated, quiet environment to perform your work tasks.  No more fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic, (taking up an extra two hours daily out of your life) and spending $$$ on gas in reporting to a physical location to earn a steady, honest living.

Still, as I tried to emphasize in this article, I don’t want you to become the victim of an online scam where you were promised work and instead received absolutely nothing.  Please do your own thorough research about any online job opportunity and before you commit to it.  Do not pay anyone money directly in the promise of receiving an immediate job.

Unfortunately and probably even more so today the world is populated by dishonest people who think nothing of stealing from innocent, hard-working individuals.  Do not be one of those people who find out too late that you have been the victim of a scam artist in seeking online work employment.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any further questions or thoughts, please I urge you to leave them in the comments’ section below:



12 thoughts on “Work From Home Online Scams

  1. Hey there Jeff, Nice site you have here. The information is good and quite informative. I love the money on the rat trap and the bandit coming out of the screen. It really does paint a picture in your mind of what you are trying to explain here. Good job on edifying the innocent.

  2. Great information! I’m totally going to check out What is the name of Eddy’s website? I appreciate the tips about checking out the company before doing anything. It is easy to fall for a scam and I think a lot of us have! Thank you

  3. That is an awesome online business scam buster post, Jeff, great job!

    The principles for online business are just like brick and mortar business. Those who would be easily fooled by the swindlers are often the ones who are not interested in the business operation but love to take their chance in a stock market or casino.

  4. Elliedan,

    Thank you for your comments and I also appreciate your thoughts about my site. I’m glad that you liked the images that I added – all done to further clarify the dangers of trusting some of the criminal element that exists on the internet.


  5. Fisher,

    Thank you for your kind comments. My aim is to educate people on what not to do and who not to trust regarding work from home opportunities.


  6. Great job calling out internet scammers Jeff! You are doing a great service to people interested in making money online. I will be checking out the links you mention.

    As a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I can verify, from my own experience, that WA is no scam and will help anyone learn the right way to market online.

  7. Thank your comments Tom! One of the goals that I have for this particular website is to help “rat” out the criminal element who pollute the Internet seeking to fraudulently take money from innocent people!


  8. Although we’ve been reading about how to identify and get rid of online scams, many are still lured into these online scams because of the promise of quick money. These people are to be blamed themselves, how many times they have been warned of different kinds of scams online but still they choose to join with these get rich quick schemes. They don’t want to spend time building their own online business. Once they join a program they want quick results, so mostly, they fall into the trap of always being scammed.

  9. Ferdie, thank you for reading my article. You are spot on in your assessment about people constantly falling for online scams involving money time after time, after time again. Really it’s about the flaws that mankind has inherent within his/her being. Many people are greedy, always seeking to get something, (and usually by the easy way) that they absolutely MUST have. Despite warnings which they often foolishly ignore, they take part in these schemes anyway. What is that old well-worn saying? That money is the “root of all evil”? Very appropriate motto when it comes to how people greedily always want to become rich beyond their wildest dreams no matter what it takes to get there.


  10. Hi Jeff, thanks for putting together a really in depth article here. You are quite right in what you are saying, it is a sad state when people are constantly being scammed like this. I have seen several work at home scams lately, some are so blatant but others are very clever in how they target you. We can only keep trying to warn people. Thanks for the info.

  11. Thank you Andrew for your nice comments. You’re right about warning people ahead of time, as is my aim when posting articles such as this one at my site. It really all comes down to the fact that people, with knowledge in hand still try and get some $$ out of a deal, (crooked or not) as they’re so lured into the thought of becoming rich by whatever means that they can. Actually in those instances it’s kind of pathetic in a way!

    Thank you again for taking the time to read my article, Andrew.


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