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Why Anyone With A Mindset and Creativity Can Become A Successful Entrepreneur! Women and online businesses

So, you are thinking of creating an online business but have heard that it is almost impossible to have one that is eventually profitable.  You’ve heard all of the stories, supposedly, that over 90% of all online businesses eventually fail.

Therefore the odds would be definitely not be stacked in your favor.  No way it can be done as you might have been told, even by some of your “friends”.


Regarding women and online businesses many who have the mindset and ingenuity in fact have become quite successful!  If this is something that you’re thinking about pursuing, stop listening to your negative-minded friends and/or family members.  It definitely would be possible that you could turn that dream into one that becomes financially successful with owning an online business.

Great entrepreneurial achievements by women!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, (May 8th) an article appeared online coming from the Detroit Free Press.  This article told of the incredible success of a handful of women in that area of the country.  All of these women, mothers of young kids, have created a great deal of success for themselves though running online businesses from home.

Most started their businesses with a single idea and based on an unusual product that could be of high value and marketed online.

Admittedly most of the products were all geared towards young children.  It is a fact that if a person can create a viable, safe and educational product suitable for kids, then with the advantage that the Internet has it could reach potentially millions of customers. Promoting the product correctly would definitely create interest as it would fulfill a need that many people feel they are missing from their lives. Women and online businesses

Among the ingenious products created by these female business owners as mentioned in the article they included: Tiki cards, (similar to Pokemon cards) which are nothing but fingernail stickers – but as the creator stated “without the usual mess of actual fingernail polish”.

Another woman is in the midst of creating a huge indoor playhouse for children to safely be together and act as “kids” in an area of inner city Detroit.

Another female entrepreneur invented what she called “sticky bellies”.  These are monthly commemorative stickers (“Hi I’m now 5 months old”) which can be imprinted on young infants’ clothes, photographed and then shared through social media.

Another female business owner is creating short stories that she feels are more realistic to the educational needs of young children.  Her stories are not about fantasy and often mythical tales involving talking dogs, cats, birds and zoo animals.  Instead they are educational adventures about children themselves and what they can encounter in life even as pre-teens.

One very inspiring statistic:

You need to understand that if you truly have the desire to succeed in an online business, it CAN be achieved.  Don’t listen to that nosey neighbor next door or mother-in-law who claim that you’re living an unrealistic pipe-dream.  Just because they don’t have the proper mindset and belief in themselves to pursue such a venture means that you should listen to their negativity.

As is stated in the article, since 2007 there has been a 45% increase in the number of female-owned online businesses.  This statistic reveals an even higher level of promise when it is supplemented by the fact that 44% of all female-owned businesses are done so by “women of color”, (African-American females) as Women and online businesses specifically stated in the article.

There has always been the rationalization throughout the history of the U.S., that African-American women, many without the support of a stable, 2-parent family and raised in the inner-cities with high rates of crime, drugs, violence, poverty, inferior school systems, etc., had even more odds stacked against them and that it would be impossible for any of them to create success within their lifetimes at anything.  Let alone something to do with running an online business that was highly profitable.

This article and the story of the one female entrepreneur in Detroit helps debunk that myth completely!

Female business entrepreneurs including their kids as part of their business!

Also revealed in the article is that practically all of these women featured in the story have gotten their young children involved in their businesses.  One woman stated that her mother owned her own business when she was growing up as a child.   Seeing how successful her mother was – well before the age of the Internet, it helped inspire her to pursue this type of venture as well.

These mothers, without question acting as role models are providing examples to their own young children that if you really want something in life, and are willing to work for it, absolutely nothing could hold you back from achieving your dream!

In a previous article, I discussed the possibility of really anyone owning his/her online business.  Within the article to help make my point,Women and online businesses I created a fictional young, early 20’s age single mom with two pre-school age boys.  She was employed at a minimum wage job and really struggling financially in addition to the fact that she had a completely unreliable 25+ year old car in order to drive back and forth to work daily.

Seeing no future in her job she truly wanted to be at home more with her kids and start her own online business instead of paying for expensive daycare which she could barely afford anyway.

The point that I was trying to make in this article was the fact that this young woman would really need to understand just why there would be a reason for her to take such a chance and quit her job, (reducing her income initially to nothing).  Along with that and just as importantly this woman would need to come up with what she wanted to promote in this venture as a product.

Women and online businesses have equated out to high success for those involved in this endeavor!   YOU can do it as well!

So Is There Truly a Legit Program Out There That Would Help Teach You About Owning An Online Business?  YES!

You’ve become inspired somewhat reading of all of the success that these women in the article have been able to achieve with an online business.  You might be wondering, as this is nothing that you have ever pursued before, if there is a program that could teach and train you how to turn an online business into one that is successful for you.

You’re also heard that so many programs are junk and nothing but scams.  Is there even one truly legit program out there?  YES!! Is John Chow a scam

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  1. This is great motivation and inspiration for ANYONE looking to take their endeavours online. I love that it pays homage to woman especially in light of the fact it is Mothers Day. With the right information anyone from any walk of life can succeed online. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I can attest to it being the best resource online with the training and hand-holding it makes it very difficult to fail!

  2. Hi Ben,

    Thank you so much for both reading your website and also taking the time to express your wonderful thoughts. I saw the very inspiring online article on Sunday, (Mother’s Day). With my own mother now deceased for a little over 4 years I thought that I would pay homage to not only her but to all women who have a desire to build for themselves an online business. Anyone with the motivation and dedication, (men and women) can build for themselves an online business. As you stated Ben being a member of Wealthy Affiliate with all of the training, tools and support available makes the task all that much easier for everyone!

    Thank you again sir for your wonderful thoughts. Please stop by my site again!



  3. Great post and well said. Woman are doing it for themselves nowadays and getting bolder too.

    It is amazing what sorts of ideas can just take off, especially in the online world. Anything at all has the potential to make money. It is just a matter of getting your idea, learning as much as you can and applying your knowledge.

  4. Hi Michel! Thank you so much for both reading the article and then issuing your thoughts afterwards. I agree with your statement that any person who has the ingenuity to come up with the great idea involving marketing a product today can do so successfully online. It is a matter of the person learning as much as he/she can, (such as through the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate) and then applying this knowledge in a way that the product is promoted well on a website.

    Thank you again Michel for your wonderful comments. Please stop by and visit my website again as you comments are very much appreciate by me!



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