Who Wants Info About Virtual Assistant Work At Home Jobs?

Virtual assistant work at home jobs are some of the highest paying within the industry, (working from home).  I thought that I would dedicate an article on this specific job within the Virtual assistant work at home jobsindustry.

What I will mention, also in line with a previous article in which I promoted tutoring jobs involving working from home would be the following:

You must have experience as well as credentials to be hired for employment in this field.  With the amount of pay, one work virtual assistant at home job advertised at $16/hour, no employer is going to hire a person that he/she knows would not be qualified.

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Info about a virtual assistant job created by a one-time associate of Sir Richard Branson:

This specific job as a virtual assistant was promoted recently on the Rat Race Rebellion site.  Founded back in 1999, Rat Race Rebellion has proven itself to be the most legit site for providing job leads to people looking to work from home.

In what I always say when mentioning the site, so as not to create undo expectations, the people who run Rat Race Rebellion do not directly hire people for these jobs.  You notice that in the preceding paragraph I both bolded and underlined the word “leads”.  This is what Rat Race Rebellion does for people looking for work in the home-job industry. Virtual assistant work at home jobs

Daily what you can sign up for free to receive in your email inbox, would be a posting of available job leads in many categories within the work at home online business industry.

Finding an interesting job lead, many of which you must be qualified for that type of work, it would be up to YOU to contact the human resource person of that job to pursue the opportunity of being hired.  No one will do it for you!

So, this specific jog advertised is with Time Etc. back in 2007. This company was founded by an associate, Penni Pike, of Sir Richard Branson who also happens to own a company called Virgin Atlantic one of the leading European-based Airlines in existence today.

Job duties/tasks required of this Virtual Assistant work from home job:

Looking at some of the tasks asked for a person regarding this virtual assistant job, they would include some in-line with other positions within this specific industry:

General administration

Document work including formatting and typing

Scheduling travel arrangements

Arranging meetings and appointments

Social media

Answering phone calls


Content writing, etc.

As I stated above, very much in line with what would be expected regarding tasks for any virtual assistant position.

Requirements for this specific virtual assistant job: Virtual assistant work at home jobs

Regarding the requirements for this job, and something that is also specifically stated if you don’t meet ANY of them then please don’t even bother applying they would include the following:

Availability during the work week: Monday through Friday.

Availability for at least one year.

Ideally able to work at least 5 hours/week.

At least 2 years of relevant experience, (as a virtual assistant). At the Time Etc. site itself, it states 2 – 3 years, minimum of relevant experience.

Good English skills.

Good organizational skills.

Plus, mentioned at the Time Etc. site; what is also required besides your own computer and work office space at home would be updated Office Software Suite to perform the tasks required of this job. I assume that Office 2010 would not suffice.

The final stipulations as mentioned in the posting on the Rat Race Rebellion site are that a candidate should not apply for this virtual assistant position if currently employed in another similar job.  Or similarly if you are only looking for evening work and would be unavailable to work during normal office hours.  I assume this to mean a 9 – 5 first-shift work schedule.

Why do I consider this job to be completely legit? Virtual assistant work at home jobs

From everything that I can tell, especially considering two facts:

First this job was advertised on Rat Race Rebellion.  Second the company’s founder is a former associate of Sir Richard Branson and not some individual no one has ever heard of.

Therefore it gives credence to this virtual assistant position as being 100% legit.

So, if you feel that the position is of some interest to you.  Plus, you have the qualifications and would be looking for work at home, then by all means consider applying for this job.

I can only assume that once you prove yourself, you could work much more than the minimum 5 hours/week. You could turn it instead to a full-time gig as a virtual assistant with a work at home job!

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Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:











4 thoughts on “Who Wants Info About Virtual Assistant Work At Home Jobs?

  1. I run a similar site and I didn’t really know much about Rat Race Rebellion. I am definitely going to investigate it in a little more detail and I like the idea that it was founded by a friend of Mr. Branson.

    I think there are a lot of people out there who are tired of the daily office grind and working at a virtual assistant might be the perfect job for a lot of people.

    I can especially see someone who is retired, but needs a little extra money and has a lifetime of experience being interested in this kind of work.

    I am going to spend a little more time learning about this and I thank you for the information.

  2. Hi Eddie! Thank you for both reading this article and for then issuing your thoughts. Before I came to WA, I was able to get to jobs through Rat Race Rebellion’s daily job leads that they offer.

    I also agree with you regarding your statement about people having more capabilities to work from home. That is one of the positive things about the Internet. 30 years ago virtual assistant jobs along with so many others in different industries would have been impossible.

    Thank you again for your comments Eddie! I appreciate them very much, sir!



  3. This is a nice opportunity for skilled individuals who are tired of commuting, want to stay at home to be near their kids, or maybe are retired but have the relevant skills to do this job. No need to be put out to pasture if you are skilled!

    I see this trend becoming more and more popular all the time. Will be amazing not to have the congestion and traffic on the roads when everyone rushes off to work at the same time!

  4. Hi Natalie! Thank you for both reading this article and then issuing your thoughts. As I have remarked before while there have been a lot of negative things associated ever since the Internet first came about there also are some positive aspects to it. One of them is being able to work from home with a LEGITIMATE, (and that’s the magic word) company such as the one I promoted in this article. Being a virtual assistant works out well both ways – the employer no longer needing office space for those working for him/her, which would cost money to rent out. But also it is beneficial to the employee/freelancer who is able to avoid a commute 5 days/week which would save $$ in travel and instead work from the comforts of home.

    Win/win in both instances!

    Thank you again for your comments, Natalie! They are very much appreciated by me!



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