What Is the Importance of SEO?

Something That You MUST Incorporate In Your Online Marketing Strategies! what is the importance of SEO

So you may be thinking about or are brand new to owning an online business, specifically in marketing a product.  You’ve heard about all this stuff about SEO.

You then ask yourself “What is the importance of SEO”?  Well to be blunt, utilizing SEO properly can either eventually create success for you in your online business.  Or without the use of effective SEO strategies, it will break you.

I recently found an interesting article online.  Basically the author stated that failing to make the proper use of SEO regarding your online marketing strategies, would result in almost assured failure at effectively getting your business off of the ground.  In other wards – you would make little money in your business, partner!

The effective definition of SEO:

SEO stands for the term “search engine optimization”.  By definition search engine optimization, (SEO which I will use from now on), is a set of rules by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing designed to help website owners improve their search engine rankings.

Furthermore as defined on Wikipedia, “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results.  In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

Wow that was a mouthful!  Let’s see if I can break it down further by looking at such things as keywords.

The important connection between keywords and SEO: what is the importance of SEO

Keywords are (one, two, three of them strung together or appearing as an entire phrase), important words that form the structure of any website post or page.

With the strategic use of these keywords and/or phrases, small business owners can optimize their websites and/or social media pages to increase the odds that consumers will see the products being offered and to which they, (the consumers) might have an interest.

Effectively using the techniques of SEO, (and importantly keyword placement on a website post or page) the website owner can increase his/her online presence. And in turn it will improve traffic being directed to their website(s), resulting in the awesome fact that this will drive more sales for the owner.  In the end this also will result in the greatest thing of all – more profit $$$ for his/her business!

So it goes without saying that the use of keywords is crucial to the eventual success of any online business that is promoting a product.  The problem you might now be asking would be the following:

Well how do I know where to use keywords by their presence within a website page or post?

Some tips to improve SEO techniques involving your online marketing strategies. Hint: keywords are but one crucial ideal to implement! what is the importance of SEO Keywords

1). Before even creating the rough draft for a website page or post, you must conduct keyword research.  More importantly, you must learn to know how to do it most effectively!

You have to grasp the idea that selecting keywords or phrases will be the foundation for any website page/post.  Keywords must effectively match up with what your target audience has been, and will in the future enter that keyword(s) or phrase into the search boxes, (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

The advent of the Internet and recently the popularity and ease from which people can conduct searches in looking to solve a need or problem in their lives, has made online shopping a preferable way to buy products as opposed to driving to a physical store to make that same purchase.

The search to be conducted could involve a simple chore as entering in a phrase, “Best type of shoes to wear to a prom”.  From there, the person would be re-directed to the first page on Google, Yahoo or Bing of available information usually coming from websites or blogs to provide them with the answer to solve this problem regarding formal shoes.

However it often is more than just that first page which has the information about formal prom shoes.  It could continue onward for 10, 20 or 95 pages!!

In order to create eventual success for your business, if your website happens to be promoting formal prom shoes, you would want to ideally appear within the first 3 or 4 pages on the Internet as related to that keyword/phrase.  It’s highly doubtful that any person looking for a need in shoes would keep going to page 94 before he/she found something that was highly helpful to him/her.

Your best chances at success in a business, as I discussed above, would be the use of highly relevant keywords to form the foundation of a post.  Utilized effectively it would allow you be found very easily on the important pages, (the first crucial few) that list websites related to “best type of shoes to wear to a prom”.

In promoting those shoes, you should also take note of keywords while performing research that are highly competitive, used by hundreds of other websites but in addition would yield very low traffic.  That would be something to avoid!

Your best chance for success in promoting those shoes would be to find a keyword(s) or phrase that will still be entered into search terms conducted by some people seeking a solution to a problem, (thus potential traffic to your website); but the keyword(s) will also have low competition amongst rival websites for that search.

A powerful keyword tool – Jaaxy! Jaaxy keyword tool

There is an excellent keyword research tool available called Jaaxy.  I have previously written an article about that powerful keyword tool on this website.  I exclusively use Jaaxy to conduct needed research on articles posted in both of my websites.  I most definitely used it for this very article!

How often to use keyword(s) phrases on a website post/page:

2). You must understand that using keywords/phrases utilized strategically throughout any website post or page is absolutely crucial.  However, the search engines, (again Google, Yahoo, or Bing) frown upon finding keywords littered in every sentence of an article in a post or page.

When an article gets posted on a website, the search engines will then crawl through to assess the viability of that article.  Using my example above, if you were to write the keyword phrase “best type of shoes to wear to a prom” in every paragraph of a 1,000 word article, I guarantee that the page/post will get ranked very low.

Conversely if you don’t even use the keyword phrase, or barely if at all, while crawling the search engines will miss its relevance altogether.  Again your page will be ranked quite low – page 88 of 95 pages in total relevance to the keyword phrase.

Ideally within an article of that length, you would only want to have the keyword phrase appear early in the document as created, and addition have it appear in no more than 2 other places.

Content is also crucial to any website page or post:

The third and final strategy to implement in promoting a specific product is content.  Written words which include the proper placement of keywords within the text document are absolutely crucial to the success of a particular page of post involving a product being promoted.  In the article you will be delivering important and relative information to the readers who are there in the first place to solve a problem or need that they have in their lives.

Example: The person who really needs those pair of formal shoes and it’s now 3 weeks from her prom.

In order to pique the interest of that person, you must craft your article in such a manner that she would easily realize that what you have to offer is a solution towards solving her problem. what is importance to SEO Keyword: women's ballet flats

Words are more important than pictures or videos.  Yes, images and videos can enhance what is written in the document as worded.  However, they are not an effective strategy if you only show a photo of a woman’s ballet flat/slipper as being the type of shoe that she would wear to her prom.  What exactly would the photo tell about the shoe? That it comes in a pretty color and other than that nothing else?

No, you can only provide the best information to the reader by verbally (written effectively in persuasive but subtle sentence structure format) telling her how and why this shoe would be a perfect fit in solving what would be a real need for the individual.

I use the illustration of women’s ballet shoes just above as an example where if you were promoting those types of footwear for a young lady looking to buy a pair for her prom, and that’s all the article consisted of – that one photo and no written content being included well the following will happen:  She’ll look at the pictures and see nothing else; not even the manufacturer of that shoe, the available sizes nor even the price and – move on to another website never to return back to yours!

BTW, in this article I hope that you do understand that I am definitely not exclusively promoting women’s ballet flats!

Final thoughts:

So now I hope that you can understand the true answer to the question – what is the importance of SEO?  Without implementing any strategies surrounding SEO and along with that keywords and content structure, you will just be spinning your wheels when it comes to the idea of growing a successful and profitable online business.

Putting This Altogether In An Online Business Opportunity!

So how does the effective use of SEO help with marketing an online business you might ask? Furthermore is there a truly legit business opportunity out there where I could put it into practice? What Is The Importance Of SEO

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any further questions or thoughts, please I urge you to leave them in the comments’ section below:


14 thoughts on “What Is the Importance of SEO?

  1. Hi Jeff, thank you for your in depth explanation of keywords! I’ve got one question about keyword density. When you add images and put your keyword in the image title and in the Alt Text, does it count as part of your post or separately. I mean, if I use my keyword in the title of my post and in the 2 or 3 pictures I include, is this enough? Or do I still have to include them within the text?

  2. Actually it’s what I started doing Kams based on a live tutorial conducted by Jay Megastudios here at WA in one session. As I mentioned within the body of the article you still would want to have the keywords present within the sentence structure at least twice – one time within the first 4 opening sentences of the article. Also what I do is in my “final thoughts” section is that I craft the article so the keywords appear there as well. Putting the keyword into the images ONLY as Alt text is simply not enough according to how I’ve been trained.

    Thank you for your thoughts Kams as well as reading my article!



  3. For people such as myself who are know nothing about search engine optimization, you have laid it out greatly.

    Great article here with quality content. I’m not a fan of seo and it seems very difficult.

    Any tips on getting better rankings outside of using keywords? I was told backlinks work well, how would one go about getting backlinks?

    Thanks for your information and help

  4. Hi Chris and thank you for taking the time to read my article on SEO. Actually hear at Wealthy Affiliate we are taught through educational training materials exactly how to get better rankings through the proper use of keywords. If you are considering owning an online business – hopefully through WA, the two owners both designed, teach and greatly suggest members use their tool. Jaaxy. The link to an article that I previously posted at my site about this excellent keyword tool is here:http://generateincomeonlinenoscams.com/jaaxy-keywo….

    In addition regarding backlinks, we are encouraged to actually use backlinks coming from reliable sources that are in line with whatever subject content that is being discussed in the article. According to the training the Wikipedia site is great to use for backlinks as the Google and Yahoo search engines love it.

    In addition we’re taught to actually use content previously composed from our own websites and would better help explain whatever is being discussed within the article. You may have noticed with the SEO article that you read I had three such backlinks within the body of the article: 1). A backlink to the actual online article on which I based my content. 2). A backlink to a Wikipedia article which discussed SEO. 3). A backlink to my review of the Jaaxy keyword tool.

    It’s all taught in the training here at WA!


  5. Awesome valuable information for anyone trying to start in online marketing and make some good money without the scams. There are a lot of scams out there but this is a good no hype article that just shows you how it’s possible to make good money online. Thanks for the valuable information. Really enjoyed!

  6. Hi Nathan! Thank you both for taking the time to read this article and also for the positive comments that you issued. My aim in writing any article on my website is to educate the visitor who might be seeking further information about any aspect of owning an online business! SEO and keyword research are two important concepts that simply cannot be overlooked regarding the concept of eventually owning a successful online business.

    Again Nathan your comments are much appreciated.



  7. I absolutely loved the way you explained the importance of the use of keywords, only to be lead to something you’re promoting (Jaxxy), that was a brilliant marketing technique that will definitely employ from here on out. Your content broke it down in easy to understand language it also was engaging and very informative.

  8. Raphael,

    Thank you sir for both reading the article and also for the positive comments that you issued about it afterwards. Honestly I do not fully take the credit for how I marketed the Jaaxy keyword tool along with my explaining the importance of SEO. I only followed the tremendous training in the WA bootcamp in which it was taught as being the most effective way possible to both get the readers to understand what SEO is all about and also casually mentioning how Jaaxy is such an effective keyword research tool.

    It’s but another reason why I feel that WA provides the absolute BEST training program anywhere when it comes to effectively teaching people how to run a successful online business.

    As what once was said in those old Porsche automobile television commercials, when considering WA to any other site – “There is no substitute”! Another words, no other site teaches members through educational training, along with the tools and community support that will enable them to achieve success as business owners compared to all that is offered at WA.

    I hope that you’re already a member of WA, Raphael. There’s nothing like it!

    Again thank you for your comments, sir!



  9. Hello Jeff Great overview of the importance of SEO and you have explained it well and also given your readers an wonderful explanation of using Keywords and doing keyword research the right way and even provided an excellent resource, ‘Jaxxy’. I agree with you about that, Jaxxy is an excellent tool. I have the Pro version myself and it has helped my get over 18 page one ranking in Google. It’s that GOOD!!!. You readers can rest assured that you have given them great advice here about the importance of SEO and the value to them of using Jaxxy. Thank you for a great write up 🙂

  10. Hi Peter! Thank you for both reading the article and issuing your positive thoughts afterwards. Indeed Jaaxy is a great keyword tool, one that any small business owner who write content for his/her website simply most use.

    Thank you again for your comments, sir!


  11. Hi Jeff,
    Great article on the importance of SEO – and I was just writing about Jaaxy as well – I love it so much. I don’t even have the paid version yet! Anyway, I also want to add that I use keywords in my alt tags for my featured images. Do you think it’s too much? Here is where I usually put my keywords: title, first paragraph, last paragraph, featured image alt tag, and meta description.

    Let me know what you think okay?

  12. Hi Maria! Thank you for both reading my article and issuing your comments afterwards. In answer to your question based on training that I received here at some of the live classes conducted by Jay and also my mentor who has been with WA since 2007 building for himself a highly lucrative online business here is how I handle the issue of keywords for my articles. I only have a keyword phrase – for instance “What is the Importance of SEO?” which I would have researched before hand on Jaaxy and found that it was graded quite well for me using their analytics. I use the keyword in the title, first paragraph and last paragraph just as you do.

    From what I understand when Google/Bing and Yahoo all crawl through each article they will find other important words featured in the content that although the author did not designate them as keywords, nevertheless the search engines would treat them as such.

    And I would also do as you do for the images As the alt tags in the instance of this particular article I named them “What is the importance of SEO”.

    I think what you’re doing is spot on correct. I can tell that you have listened to the live classes, (which I always listen later taped) and/or you have had the benefit of great mentoring yourself here at WA, Maria!

    Let me know if you need anything else. I’ve only been here at WA now for 13 months. I by no means consider myself to be an expert, I have just had the advantage of having a great mentor. But it is quite clear to me that you already know what you’re doing Maria!

    Thank you again for your comments!



  13. I always used to ignore the importance of SEO and man did my content suffer. I knew it had a place but I didnt realize how effective it could be. Could I ask – what keyword or SEO tool do you prefer? I’m looking to move up to a paid model but I don’t know where to start?

  14. Hi Chris! Thank you for again visiting my website and issuing your comments. Sure, I would be all too glad to help you sir regarding a keyword tool. Right here at Wealthy Affiliate the owners/founders of the company – Kyle and Carson created an incredible tool called Jaaxy. I use the “Pro” edition of Jaaxy which cost me $19/month.

    Here is a link to a review of Jaaxy that I created in an article:


    At your leisure Chris please read the article. While it has a “free edition” to more or less allow you to “kick the tires” so to speak and try it, you’ll only get 30 keyword researches with this edition before it closes down. The “Pro” edition allows for an unlimited number of searches. Everything is discussed in the article about this great tool. I know that probably at least 98% of the members here at Wealthy Affiliate use this keyword tool as a basis for creating their content articles. Actually come to think of it, that percentage might be too low. Perhaps close to everyone uses it!

    Thank you for reading the article Chris. I hope that I was able to provide you with the help that you were seeking, sir! Please stop and visit my site again, Chris! I very much appreciate all of the wonderful comments that you have left!



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