Understanding SEO For Beginners

Are you a person for the first time who has started an online business?  You even have a website set up as well?  Awesome! Understanding SEO for beginners

No doubt you have the same goal as do other business owners throughout the world.  That is making $$.  This can only be done by attracting targeted visitors to your website interested in whatever product(s) being promoted by you.  And from these visits, people purchase the product.

In trying to get people to visit your website, it is suggested that you promote yourself through social media platforms.  There is one other very crucial thing to consider however.  Your ranking by the Search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Without being able to attain a high ranking, more than likely you will never be able to have the amount of visitors to your site which would eventually bring in profits to your business.  The concept of understanding SEO for beginners, or for people brand new to running an online business is crucial; something that would lead to eventual success.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.   You now might be asking, “Okay, so what does that mean”?  Here is the answer:  Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) is a set of rules by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing designed to help website business owners improve their search engine rankings.

Let me now address it from the point of view of a person going online looking for help with a problem he/she might have.  A gentleman wants answers to the following problem:  For the first time, his friends are going to take him out in a few weeks to go bass fishing.  He already owns the proper fishing rod.  However this man wants to know what would be the best type of lures/bait to catch this type of fish. Understanding SEO for beginners

What does he do? Well he could ask his friends.  But instead he looks at another option: Trying to find help online to solve his problem.

On his computer, or even on his smart phone he goes onto the Internet visiting Mozilla Firefox his favorite browser.  Right on the home page under the “Fox” (his/her body partially wrapped around planet Earth) is a search box.  Anyone ever having gone online would have seen this search box, no doubt using it a time or two previously.

So the man enters in the term “what is the best type of bait to catch bass fish”.  The man then hits the arrow symbol located on the far right of the search box.  Immediately he is brought to a page which represents the results of his search.

On the page would be a listing of websites and perhaps YouTube videos related to what his search represented – the best type of bait to catch bass fish.

What you need to know is that the page listing represents websites that have been ranked by the search engines based on their relevancy, quality and content related specifically to the topic –bait for bass fishing.

The man would scroll through the page and start clicking on the information, representing each of those websites.

Now here is the crucial thing to remember:  That listing of websites, YouTube videos, and etc. might only be the first of dozens of pages all covering basically the same topic.  It has been statistically proven that more than likely a person conducting such a search on a topic as he/she seeks info will find what he/she is looking for on that first page.

So while he/she might continue onto the second page – where more websites covering the same topic have been ranked by the search engines; odds would be extremely low that any search would continue on to pages 3, 4, 5, 12, 23 or 29, (if it goes that high although not always the case thankfully)!

So do you understand what I have been driving at?  If your online business is in the fishing niche, and you have articles written on page/posts related to bait and specifically content related to bass fishing you’re going to want one thing:

  To have your content articles ranked by the search engines as high as possible!  Preferably on page 1, (awesome) or at most page 2! Understanding SEO for beginners

Why?  If your content articles consistently appear on pages 3, 4 and higher, than very few people will be visiting your website.  And you know what this will mean for your business, right?  Very little $ coming in!

Okay so what would go into my achieving high ranking regarding my website on the search engines, you ask?

If you want to have your website content ranked high on the search engines you need to think of the following word:  “Keywords”!

What are keywords, you ask?  They are a serious of one, two, three, or four consecutive words, (which also may be part of a longer 5 – 7 word phrase) which form the very foundation of every content article written on a website.

A website owner in writing the content must strategically use keywords within the body of the text as a basis for the very meaning behind the entire article.

Say the following is a keyword (phrase) using the example of bass fishing.  For the content behind the article it could be: “the best type of bait for bass fishing”.

When writing the text for the content article using the above example, the business owner/writer/author would use that keyword phrase several times throughout the body of the article.

Warning:  The search engines do not like it when you include the keyword phrase 10 times throughout the body of the article. You’d think that writing in that keyword phrase as often as possible would help, correct? After all it would have appeared so much that the reader could not help but notice those words strewn together so often in the article.

Wrong:  Google, Yahoo and Bing will consider this to be keyword “stuffing” and penalize this very article when submitted to the search engines.  Instead of being ranked on pages 1 or 2, instead because you used the keyword phrase, (which you would also designate using tools provided on your website theme) so often you might appear instead on page 8.  Not good!

I have written a previous article on this website which discussed how to create quality content for a website, including the proper placement of keywords.

So, what do I have to do to come up with great keywords? Understanding SEO for beginners

In one word – research, my friend!  Before you go creating any content and even before that using the correct keywords as a basis for the article, you have to know which of them would be highly beneficial to you.  And which ones to definitely avoid!

Not all keywords should be treated equally by you as the online business owner.  Understand that within any particular niche you’re not the only person promoting products online.  Dozens, no perhaps hundreds of competing websites might be promoting similar products advertised in your business.

The search engines have come up with a way in which to measure the importance of keywords.  What you do not want to do is come up with a keyword phrase that has been used by hundreds of other websites all in competition with you.

How would you do this type of research which would best benefit your business?

You would need to make use of a keyword tool.  Luckily for you I am aware of a great product called Jaaxy.  I have previously written a review of this powerful keyword tool.Understanding SEO for beginners

As a matter of fact for this very article based on a 4 word keyword phrase, (hint it is the title) I used Jaaxy for research.  Based on what this tool provided me, I know that I have very little competition coming from other websites.

Soon I will expect to have visitors who have gone to their browsers and clicked in this very keyword phrase seeking answers to a problem they would be having.  They are new to running online businesses, (beginners) and want to understand about SEO.

Final thoughts:

So regarding understanding SEO for beginners, those are some of the ideals that folks would need to know in order for them to slowly build a successful online business.

I presented the very basics about SEO.  Still if you can understand what has been discussed in this article, and if you’re willing to continue your education the sky would be the limit.  I have always believed that if you want to achieve something in life, then believe in yourself, go out and simply DO IT!

Education To Help Build An Online Business.  Is There A Legit Online Program That Provides This?

More than likely if you’ve just started, or thinking about having an online business for the first time you will need some sort of education or training.  Running an online business is not easy.  New concepts regarding marketing continue to evolve.  What might have been successful methods for running a business back in 2006 would not be considered obsolete.

So, you’ve probably heard of dozens or more of programs related to running an online business that have proven to be absolute, 100% scams.  And you would be right.  There is a lot of junk out there.

Now you want to know if there is even one legit educational program out there that could be trusted. Well is there, you ask?  In a word “Yes”!Understanding SEO for beginners

Please allow me to fill you in on an online business that would be FREE for you to join, and it is 100% legit.  Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I really like it. It seems that you’re writing with passion and really want to help people!

    As a blogger myself, I can really tell that SEO and keywords are probably the most important things when it comes to building a business online.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Great post on search engine optimization. I never knew that it took that much research to make sure you have the proper keywords. I have definitely been doing it all wrong as of now. I will have to check out Jaxxy, so I can get my keyword research game on point. Thank you so much for providing me with this valuable information

  3. Hi, Thanks for valuable information about SEO. In the beginning I thought if a targeted keyword had less than 10 competitors, it meant my page would certainly be on the first page of Google. Then I realised its not that simple, because you are competing with many similar terms that Google also considers relevant. I am glad I have Wealthy Affiliate to support and teach me how to improve my website to increase my chances to rank higher. I’d probably have given up without it.

  4. Hi Stefan! Thank you for both reading the article and also issuing your great thoughts afterwards. Indeed Wealthy Affiliate does do a great job regarding their training on what SEO is all about regarding how to get your content articles ranked as high as possible. I’m glad that you’re taking advantage of all that this great organization has to offer, sir!

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  5. Hi Joe! Thank you for both reading the article and then issuing your kind thoughts afterwards. I am so glad that the article proved to help you regarding your understanding of SEO. The Jaaxy keyword tool is excellent and a reason why I mentioned it so highly in the article.

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    Again thank you so much for your very kind thoughts, Julius!



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