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A Way To Earn Some Extra “Change” Online!


Online Money-Making Opportunity:  Tap Cash Rewards AppTap Cash Rewards App

Owner/Founder: Could not be ascertained.  The site was copyrighted in 2015.

Price to Join:  Free! A person must be at least 13-years old to participate.

There apparently are no restrictions as to the country a person would originate from and be eligible to participate.  I would believe, however, that in order to turn your winnings into cash, that you must come from a country that accepts verified Pay Pal accounts.

FYI, not all countries in the world have Pay Pal!

Tap Cash Rewards – An App that allows you to be entertained and at the same time bring in a bit of money!  Not a lot, however!

Tap Cash Rewards advertises itself as being the “easiest way to earn rewards and cash through the use of an App on a Smartphone possible”.

On the homepage, and noticing that the top earner using the App on a SmartPhone has earned a grand total of $769, found on the site’s homepage, (near the bottom) one thing is quite clear:

By no means should anyone consider using this App as a means for earning a lot of money online.

**** If the fact that you could, at best, supplement your income playing games and so on at the Tap Cash Rewards site and you’d be looking for something more; as an alternative, I mention now what is my top recommendation for learning how to run a legit online business working from home,

You will not be playing games or watching videos with this opportunity! ****

Where to get the App: Tap Cash Rewards App

As stated on the site’s homepage, at present one can only find and then download the App at the Google Play store.  It is only available at the moment for Android devices.  It is not available at the Apple Store.

The App was last updated on January 24th, 2017.

The Android device must be at least version 3.0 or higher.

The current version of the App itself is 1.9.2

There have been over 1 million downloads of the App.

It has been rated by users as being a 4.3 on a scale of 5.

How to register as a user of this App to win gift cards or cash:

In addition to downloading this App, it is highly recommended by those who run Tap Cash Rewards that you register your account on either Facebook or Google +.  As I mentioned above, you must be at least 13-years old to play.  Completing the registration, you would only have to link it with your mobile phone number.

What you would have to do to win $ or gift cards: Tap Cash Rewards App

Once you have your account set up, and the App installed on your phone, in order to build up credit to earn gift cards or money, as a member of Tap Cash Rewards you would be asked to download some Apps from companies that are affiliated with this system.

The Apps could involve playing games, watching videos or completing simple tasks. Be aware that it would take a lot of credits earned, (and time spent earning these credits) to bring them up to a level where you would be eligible to redeem them for gift cards or cash through a verified Pay Pal account.

Although the following does not have an App, I consider what is offered at Tap Cash Rewards as being similar to what one does to be rewarded at the famous Swag Bucks site.

In my review at Swag Bucks as an example to show how long  it take to pile up credits, watching a 30-minute video at that site earned a person the equivalent of a measly 5 cents, NOT dollars.

I can only imagine that pretty much the same thing would occur as you watch a video at Tap Cash Rewards on your SmartPhone.  Sorry, but this site obviously does not create millionaires!

Three current games that are highly recommended at the site to entertain you would be either:

“Clash of the Lords 2”

“Pokemon Go”

“Castle Clash – Age of the Legends”

The types of gift rewards you could redeem with Tap Cash Rewards if you really don’t want cold, hard cash:

You would need a minimum of 1,000 credits in your account in order to be eligible to redeem them for either gift cards or else cash issued to your verified Pay Pal account.  Gift cards can be redeemed at some of the following sites:

Amazon                                             Google Gift Play Cards

Itunes                                                Xbox

T-Mobile                                           Starbucks

Steam                                                G2A

How to become a “VIP” at this site:

At the site, you could become a “very important person” and have the chance to earn even more credits, actually twice the number compared to the usual.  Here is how to become a VIP member:

1).  Go to Setting _> Bind Facebook account _> Become a VIP

2). Verify your Facebook account with your mobile phone number.

3). One rule that you can not violate in order to be eligible to be a VIP member is to have 5 Apps coming from affiliated companies already installed on your Smartphone Android device BEFORE you install the actual Tap Cash Rewards App.

That seems rather silly as how would you specifically know what these Apps would be if you don’t have the Tap Cash App downloaded to your phone first?

In any case, simply download the site’s App first, then download at least 5 other Apps, (for instance that “Pokemon Go” App) to be eligible to become a VIP member.

Once downloaded and participating in various ventures at the site, you would then be rewarded with an additional 100% in credit above what you’d normally earn as a regular member.

For example, instead of earning 25 credits for playing that “Pokemon Go” game, as a VIP member you would earn 50 credits!

Earn credits by referring your friends!

At the site, you could earn an additional 100 credits for every friend/family member that you refer and he/she completes the sign-up process!

When friends/family download the App to their Smartphones based on your recommendation, all they would have to do is enter your unique invitation code, (assigned to you when you first joined) and at:

Setting > Invited By

Each friend/family member would then have to use his/her Facebook or Google + account and then verify his/her mobile phone number, (as you had to do when you first joined).  As a reward to you, mentioned above you would earn 100 credits per friend/family member.

Final thoughts on the Tap Cash Rewards App: Tap Cash Rewards App

Look, let’s not beat around the bush.  You will simply not earn a lot of money participating in this venture, enough to buy yourself that new $40,000 Lexus SUV you’ve had your eyes on now for a while.

Just like Swag Bucks and many other sites that have Apps and which I have reviewed, (such as the Gigwalk App) none of them should be considered by any level-headed person as being as a way to provide a main source of income for yourself or a family.

If you like playing video games and want to be rewarded in a small way monetarily for the time that you invested in them, then treat this opportunity at Tap Cash Rewards for what it is – fun and a chance to put a few dollars over time into your pocket.

Remember that the leading earnings’ winner at this site has yet to earn even $1,000!!

So, One Other Thing Before I Let You Go. . .

Alright, as I made it quite clear, this opportunity with Tap Cash Rewards will never have you on the road towards Financial Freedom.  Some individuals reading this article indeed might want something more financially then what this App would have to offer.

Again, I mention what is my top recommendation to learn how to run an online business working from home in which you would “be your own boss”!   The opportunity itself is available at Wealthy Affiliate, a company that I have been a member of now for over 2 years. Tap Cash Rewards App

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and along the way, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide at one time or another have all been members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet for people who seriously want to create income for themselves through owning an online business.

You could treat this opportunity as a means for earning extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:




2 thoughts on “Tap Cash Rewards App

  1. It sounds like someone is possibly making money from this app, though going by your review I doubt it’s the people that download it and use it!

    I understand this may not necessarily be correct, but I always have increased suspicions when the owner of an app or website promising money cannot be determined. Is there a reason they are hiding?!

    And when you’ve explained the amount of cents one can make through watching videos…it’d probably cost more in data costs to stream the video than what you’d make from watching it.

    I also find the bit about becoming a VIP rather backwards, having to install games before this app to get more credits using the app – but not knowing the apps to install to get the increased credits? That’s ridiculous.

    I love that you have a recommendation on a legitimate way to make money online, and it sounds far from a get rich quick scheme, especially as you’ve mentioned it involves running your own online business. I’ll have to check out your link.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, Angela!  Thank you for both reading this article and also providing your thoughts.  You brought up some very good points.  The fact that one cannot discern who created/designed this particular App but still promised participants money sometimes leads to suspicion.

    Furthermore as you stated the fact that it probably costs a participant more to stream data in a video compared to how much he/she can win monetarily through the program’s payout is something that people just are not aware of – and probably deviously hidden by the program.

    In fact the program, Wealthy Affiliate that I mention for the individual looking at attaining long-term residual income is a much sounder way to run an online business compared to anything financially possible through the many Apps online is something that people just are not aware of and I try to educate them.

    The problem is that too many people go for the get-rich-quick scheme, looking to make money asap.  It’s a reason why, although Tap Cash Rewards is NOT a scam, so many others do exist online and that people are suckers for them.

    Thank you again for your great thoughts, Angela.  They are very much appreciated by me!



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