Starting A Profitable Online Business

It Takes A Real Commitment!

Starting a profitable online business today has been made easier by the explosion in popularity of the Internet.  However it is not something that is easily  desktop computer art imageachieved.

It takes a real commitment in order to become truly successful owning an online business.  You simply will not become a millionaire in a short time after starting out on your venture.

I read a very interesting article online at a top business/entrepreneurial magazine written by an individual, Kimanzi Constable, who has achieved a great deal of success within the industry.  He has become a successful coach and mentor for people looking to build online businesses.

I could not help but notice that Mr. Constable now resides on the island of Maui out in Hawaii.  Unless you make at least a mid-level six figure income yearly, and not a native of the state, you only visit Maui on vacations.

Having been there twice myself just to visit, (trust me) I know that you don’t just go to live in that tropical and expensive paradise unless you have some serious cash in your bank account(s)!

The Internet is truly a busy place!

I agreed with a lot of ideals that Mr. Constable addressed in his article.  Over 2 and a half billion people across the world access the Internet daily.  Many of them look to make a purchase(s) online to solve a problem that they have within their lives.  It could be a woman shopping for a pair of expensive high heels, or a person looking for a cure to address a skin condition that he/she has.

Because of the billions of people who are online daily, one would think that he/she has a built in advantage of being a viable presence online with a business with so many potential customers.

Well the problem is, and something that I addressed in the second sentence of this article above, many people like you are also online seeking to achieve success in promoting a money-seeking business.  Hundreds, (perhaps thousands) of people might also promote identical products within your own niche.  In other wards you often have a lot of competition, people vying to attract the same potential customers just as you are with your own business.

Millions of people across the world, like you, have dropped their stakes into the ground seeking to promote a business on the Internet.  Unless you somehow can make your presence known through marketing ideals you’re but a tiny grain of sand being held in one’s hand considering the total number of businesses now found online.

So how would you make yourself stand out among the crowd? American

In the article, while this gentleman did not discourage people from actually starting up an online business nevertheless he pointed out the fact that it would not  be an easy task in achieving success.  I admired his stance for “telling it like it is”, indicating nothing but a level of honesty with this ideal.

Mr. Constable in this article set forth a path that one should follow in order to slowly build him/herself a successful money-generating business.  Among these ideals were:

1). Establish a strong foundation by building your own unique program or business model.  Do not copy from someone else.  The reason why so many people fail in this man’s opinion is that they simply build a website which is a carbon copy of someone else’s, and then they just promote the same product.

Have a social media presence and upon initially attracting customers have an email list so that you can keep in constant contact with those individuals.

2). As part of #1, you want to have your own platform and methods for promoting your business.  Get traffic through creating your own unique article content, (to be posted on your website and updated frequently), podcasting or writing in guest blogs.

3). Have a unique and worthwhile product to promote on your website.  Yes, you can have a website that sells women’s upscale shoes, as example.  But understand that you’ll be competing against some pretty powerful brand names such as Gucci – who by the way happen to have their own websites.

Instead market a product that is fairly unique, would be worthwhile to promote in helping solve a need for many individuals and that is viable.  Do not promote a product that was popular 5 years ago but today is just completely irrelevant!

Final thoughts:

As I stated in the title of this article starting a profitable online business takes real commitment and dedication.  There is no such thing as a get rich quick plan in which you become a multimillionaire 3 months after starting up a business. scam logo protect yourself

I trust that you have an inner alarm within your being that will tell you not to fall for the fraudulent scammers out there who promise you a plan that earns you easy money even while you sleep.  All that you would need is a computer, internet access, and willingness to “follow their proven system”.  And, oh yeah please be willing to have $199.97 put on your credit card allowing you to be a part of their “guaranteed money-making venture”. Sucker!

It takes real work to build slowly a money generating online business for yourself.  Unless you are willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the time, then my only other suggestion would be that you pursue something else in your quest to earn money – like get a job!  Then again you could always get extremely lucky and earn tens of millions gambling in the national Powerball lottery.  Only I once heard the odds of you ever winning that type of money were something like 80 million, (or more) to one.

So Is There Truly a Legit Online Business Program?  YES!

Okay so in this article I have presented some concepts revolving around how to make money with an online business.  You now may be asking yourself is there one legit opportunity out there that I should look at in order to fulfill my desire to make money?   Well YES there is one such program!

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