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So, Are You Interested in Becoming A Moderator On A Site Such As Facebook? Social Media Online Jobs

If you are looking for a way to generate income online, one type of venture that could prove to be interesting would be to become a social media moderator.

With so many social media platforms that are in existence today as opposed to even 10 years ago, sites such as Facebook are looking for people to take charge of what happens in their forums and chat rooms.

I will be quite honest and upfront with you, though.  These particular jobs require a person who has a “Type A”, “take-charge” personality.   Even if it is only done on the Internet where you would actually have no face-to-face contact with others, you cannot be a meek, introverted person who does not like contact with other people and expect to do well in this type of job.

If, however, you are that type of extroverted, outgoing, yet if necessary also a tough-minded individual, let’s see if becoming a moderator on various social media platforms would be for you.  From what I understand the pay, ranging from $12 – 15/hour would be fairly decent.

The specific duties that would be involved with social media online moderator jobs:  

Let me be upfront with you when discussing the Internet and specifically forums, message boards and chat rooms.  Not every person who spends some free time out of his/her day online and in forum/chat room settings is a very warm, pleasant and friendly person.  I’m sure if you have ever once been a member of an online forum, you already are aware of this fact.

Instead, these forums/boards could be quite the opposite as I’m sure you have heard the well-known Internet term called “trolls”.  These extremely negative, narcissistic, egotistical and attention getting people, (I also want to call them “thugs”) spend what appears to be their entire waking lives online trying to cause trouble.

In case you are unaware of the term “narcissistic”, please click here to be redirected to Wikipedia’s definition of that type of personality disorder in an individual.

I completely understand and agree with some of the definitions of the word narcissistic/narcissism when it comes to the explanation of how certain people found on social media platforms behave online.

Many of these supposed “adults” act worse than your average 3-year old spoiled, selfish and attention-seeking child.  By the way, not all 3-year-old children behave that way, depending very much on how their parents raise and control them.

Those unpleasant and often troubled individuals also show zero respect for others inside that platform; often ridiculing, cajoling and belittling them all while showing the worst type of disrespectfulness when it comes to interacting with other human beings.

Now I believe you should understand why it is necessary for someone to be in charge of those type of platforms. Social Media Online Jobs

As an online social media moderator, it would be your job to control those type of people.  If this would involve sternly warning or if necessary permanently banning the disrespectful individual who by his/her nature would also make it unpleasant for everyone who participates on that particular social media forum, message board or chat room, then so be it.

In other wards in performing the duties of the moderator, it would often be necessary that the individual plays the role of “bad cop”.  If a “troll” needs to be permanently weeded out with the tools made available to the moderator of a forum, then it would be up to him/her to perform this action.

On the positive side of things, there would be instances where a social media moderator would be charged with creating insightful and thought-provoking conversations within a platform that might have to do with trends and world news taking place at a particular time.

In that case, the moderator would be trying to engage everyone in the discussion, which hopefully would remain positive in scope.  Yes, people in a civilized society are entitled to their opinion, freely able to speak their mind.  It’s just that it would be necessary for the moderator to enforce the notion that all participants need to do so in a respectful way without dehumanizing others on that board/forum/chatroom.

As I list some sights that currently are advertising for people in this position, understand that in some cases it might be a full-time job whereas in others an interested individual would only perform part-time duties which would require 20 – 25 or so hours per week.

Some social media sites/online job boards that currently are advertising for moderators:

1). Facebook.  Apparently, the site is always in need of social media moderators.  I did find an article online that stated that positions available at the site are in demand because of a high-turnover rate on their platform.  Please take that for whatever it might be worth.

2). Indeed. This is an online jobs board that I have discussed previously in a review posted on my site.  Please click here to be redirected to my review of Indeed.

In the image below at the Indeed job site, and pretending that I lived in NYC I entered into the field, “social media specialist jobs” seeking info on the current availability of those positions.

Social Media Online Jobs

It did return back a number of jobs, although some would require extensive background and education.  Some of those jobs are really not for people who are interested in becoming a moderator on a site.  In fact, some are not actual work-from-home job opportunities at all.  That was the one complaint that I had of the Indeed job site when I issued my review months ago.

What the Indeed site believes are “online”/”work-from-home” jobs when you enter in that info on the “search” box, what is often returned is something else:  Jobs at a physical office setting, (requiring an individual to have to travel) other than one that require a person to sit in front of a computer at home.

Also, note on the bottom right-hand side of the image above that a typical “social media specialist” in NYC averages around $66,000/year in salary.  I truly question that amount looking at it specifically in what this article is about – being a social media moderator who often has to act as the police on a forum. Social Media Online Jobs

On Rat Race Rebellion’s jobs’ board, (which offers true work-from-home job opportunities) there currently are two sites that are looking for people interested in becoming social media moderators.

3). $99 Social

4). Alchemic Dream

Please understand that as a social media moderator working part/full-time on Facebook, $99 Social and Alchemic Dream you will not become rich – or make anywhere near the $66,000/year salary as what Indeed’s site would have you to believe.

From what I also understand, other social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest in the past have also had similar positions available on their sites.

One More Thing Before I Let You Go. . .

If you are looking for an opportunity to make money working from home, and if being a social media moderator holds zero interest for you may I present an alternative that would involve creating your own online business.

Please Click Here To See What Is My #1 Recommendation with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and along the way, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide at one time or another were all members of this organization. Social Media Online Jobs

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet to people who seriously want to create income for themselves through owning an online business.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:





4 thoughts on “Social Media Online Jobs

  1. Hi Jeff! I was looking for ways to earn money online to cover some of my student debt and I did not know this even existed before reading your article!
    After reading, I am really considering getting into this since to me, I’d rather stay at home and moderate online forums rather than to work at a supermarket where I have to deal with them in real life.
    For now, I’ll consider 99social and try from there. If it does not work, I’ll definitely give your recommendation on WA a try!
    Thanks for this article and I found it really helpful!

  2. Hi, Fernglow!  Thank you for both reading this article and also providing your thoughts. I’m glad that you got some benefit out of my suggestion in this article regarding becoming an online social media moderator.  Just be aware of the fact that you have to have the right type of personality to do the job well – as when necessary you will have to discipline the trolls that inhabit social media platforms.

    Best wishes to you and in fact do keep WA in mind as it does have a bright upside for you as long as you’re willing to really work at creating an online business.

    Thanks again for your comments which I do so appreciate!


  3. Nice article, Jeff. I have never seen so much information about the job. You are absolutely right about needing to have a strong sense of control when dealing with people who make social media sites not a fun place to be. Certain people have to be dealt with and this is not job for the meek. I like your transition into Wealthy Affiliate where anyone can partake. Well Done.

  4. Hi Warren.  Thank you for reading this article and also sharing your thoughts about the content.  Quite clearly an online job as a social media moderator is not for everyone, something that you noted in your comments.

    It’s a shame that there are certain elements in our society as human beings who seek to do nothing but cause trouble in online forums, message boards and social media platforms.  But, it is what it is and to make it pleasant for everyone often the only answer is that a moderator permanently deny the opportunity of those “trolls” even appearing in the forums with which they choose to pollute with their negative and often controversial thoughts.

    A moderator must effectively no how to deal with these individuals in order to make everyone else participating on these platforms have an enjoyable time as possible.  It is, after all a privilege in being able to actively participate in forums, not a person’s God-given right. Poor behavior can lead to the permanent expulsion of those privileges.

    Again, Warren I do so appreciate your taking the time to read this article!



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