Skinny Body Care Scam

Gone Out Of Business! Skinny Body Care Scam

Sometimes the good guys do win!  A little over a year ago on this website, I published an article where I reviewed an online MLM business program called Skinny Body Care.

As you can see in this review, I questioned the very legitimacy of this program, one that specialized in selling dietary/health products to interested consumers who wanted to keep their bodies looking fit.

In addition to the fact that none of Skinny Body Care’s products had ever been approved by the U.S Food & Drug Administration, (FDA) there was also the issue regarding the founder of this program Ben Glinsky.

Documents easily found on the Internet revealed the fact that Glinsky was long to be an individual who seemed to tick off a lot of people – no doubt individuals who got involved with Skinny Body Care.

Glinsky, back in 2015 was named the defendant in a class action lawsuit filed in Utah as a result of what took place within the Skinny Body Care Company.

Results as noted on the BBB site involving Skinny Body Care

Skinny Body Care, incorporated in 2011 by Glinsky was headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The BBB, (Better Business Bureau) first opened a file on Skinny Body Care on July 26th, 2011.

Visiting the BBB site devoted to Skinny Body Care, the page has one powerful message:  According to what can be easily seen on the page, Skinny Body Care is no longer in business!

Further proof that apparently Skinny Body Care has shut their doors! Skinny Body Care Scam

While Skinny Body Care still has their website posted on the Internet, when I went to the Contact Us page, I was greeted by that information seen in the link.

Skinny Body sold their line of products not only in the United States but also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.  What can be found on the Contact Us page are the specific addresses in those countries where a person can return the company’s products.

It is not stated if the individual would get his/her money back.  But as I read it Skinny Body Care no longer offers their line of “Hi Burn 8”, “E3”, “Instant Youth” and “Ageless” products that you would not get me to personally take no matter what!

Yes, it sure does look as if Skinny Body Care has gone belly-up!

So, would you still be interested in investing one penny into what all along could have been called the “Skinny Body Care Scam”?

Skinny Body Care – It used to be just like so many other scam programs regarding weight loss!

Besides allowing a person to “purportedly” build a profitable online MLM business for him/herself, Skinny Body Care also practically guaranteed that a person could lose weight either through taking non-FDA approved diet pills, drink concoctions, or powder being added onto solid foods.

So much garbage!  However, sadly, too many people eager to shed pounds from their frames will blindly follow anything that they hear or see promoted in the media regarding weight loss.

These fraud programs, as seen in the YouTube video added below further tell the absolute lie that a person would not have to exercise or better yet still eat the same high-calorie, high-fat and unhealthy food that he/she, for far too long, has shoveled into his/her mouth daily.

Those phony weight loss programs used to tell the lie that sprinkling some of their magic powder formulas on the 5 slices of 4-meat, salt-laden pizza eaten for a meal would do the trick.  The weight would simply melt off a person’s frame even though he/she could still eat the wrong types of food, even several times per day!

Yeah, right!!!  So much b.s!

Please watch the 5-minute video below and try not to laugh too hard as the creator in trying to educate viewers also poked fun at people who fell for the garbage products promoted by these companies.

By the way, don’t you think that the “model” seen in the still-photos before the beginning of the vid below, her waist size probably 10 inches or so, looks a bit unhealthy, (and unnatural)?

As I said above, sadly people who got involved with a company such as Skinny Body Care before it was shut down believed everything that they saw in ads.  Can you spell:  g-u-l-l-i-b-l-e?

One other fraud company that had its doors recently closed!

Previously, I also issued a review of yet another money-making online opportunity that had S-C-A-M written all over it.

This company, Work At Home Institute, very much tried to sell the lie that either by filling out surveys daily or posting ads online for companies such as Yahoo and Facebook one could easily earn at least $3 or 4,000 + per month treating it as a business. Skinny Body Care Scam

This type of work could be achieved by first investing the discount price of $97, (down from originally $197) into the program’s training tutorials and before you knew it money would come pouring into your bank accounts.  Best of all, a person would only have to devote several hours per day at most in the program’s recommended activities.

I have one response to the crap that was put out by Work at Home Institute:  A bunch of garbage!

Well, back in August in a district courthouse in Texas, the U.S. Feds issued an injunction against the owners/founders of Work at Home Institute, (which also went by several other aliases) in effect shutting the company down.

It was plain as day, no doubt based on numerous complaints by people who naively had gotten hoodwinked based on this fraud company’s promise that they could all become rich working from home, that it all was a 100% LIE.

Two down – many more to go!

As I stated in the first sentence in this article, perhaps after all the good guys can win!

Admittedly, there still are so many scams present online as presented by bogus companies that promote the idea out to people that by “following their proven system” they could eventually attain financial freedom.   Of course, these people would be required to fork over their credit cards as payment for getting involved in these schemes.

Well, two companies have gone down!  Unfortunately, they’re not the only scam companies online.  There still are so many that are left out there.

My advice:  Do complete research on every opportunity that you come across.  Do not be fooled by the “get-rich-quick-schemes” that guarantee you will earn money within a matter of days if you choose to get involved in their programs.

More than likely, those opportunities are nothing but a bunch of unmitigated trash!

What Is A Legit Online Training Program. . .

If you are interested in learning how to honestly make money in an online business, there is a completely legit program that has been in existence since 2005.

The program, Wealthy Affiliate is My #1 Recommendation in teaching and training a person on creating an online business for him/herself.

This opportunity is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  I will not guarantee that you will become fabulously rich through your participation in this program.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet to people who seriously want to create income for themselves through owning an online business! Skinny Body Care Scam

If you want to achieve success with this opportunity, then you MUST put in the work!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:




4 thoughts on “Skinny Body Care Scam

  1. There are so many scams out there. It’s nice to see someone exposing them for innocent people to see. There are so many hidden gems in the mix, but you have to be careful and do the research. MLM’s are the worst, even if their products are legit, they are based on the goal of growing more people and not on the product and customer itself…there is just greed in the mix and that opens the door to a lot of corrupt stuff. I noticed you have a WA add in there! Awesome company by the way. I never received so much support and quality tools anywhere like at Wealthy Affiliate. If you figure in the price for what you are getting too…it’s a STEAL!!! Keep on exposing those crooks!

  2. Hi, Bruce!  Thank you so much for both the time you spent reading this article and then afterwards providing your outstanding thoughts, sir.  What you stated about MLM’s is 100% accurate.  In so many of these types of ventures, yes their products are legit, (otherwise their business models would be illegal pyramid schemes) but the fact that one would have to mostly recruit others to be placed beneath him/her in the “food chain” makes it almost impossible to make real money in a business. 

    These companies that promote diet/wellness pills and drinks that are not FDA approved, one would definitely need to steer clear of.  Putting unknown chemical ingredients found in these pills and drink concoctions could lead to negative results with some human beings.  I’d hate to be the business owner who sells a bunch of pills to a person – only he/she died because it was found much too late that he/she had an adverse reaction to the ingredients in those pills.  Can you spell l-a-w-s-u-i-t coming from the deceased individual’s relatives?

    As you stated considering all that comes with the program, Wealthy Affiliate is the best at providing training, tools and community support of any other like company on the Internet.  As you stated, Bruce the price is an absolute steal and especially if the member joins at the “Yearly” price option – paying around $25/month and getting the same coverage as a premium member does paying nearly twice that amount!  I am at the “Yearly” option.

    Thank you again for your comments, Bruce which I so appreciate!



  3. The scams will always be out there so watch out. I enjoy it when the con artists get found out and have the consequences given to them. Any program that promises you will get thin instantly by taking this product (Skinny Body Care) or overnight riches(Not just Work At Home Institute but an innumerable amount of others) are most certainly scams that you shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Thanks for pointing these criminals out and I enjoyed the read.

  4. Hi, Jason!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also providing your thoughts.  As I indicated within the first sentence of this article, indeed sometimes the good guys, meaning people who have been victimized by scams are the winners. 

    Skinny Body Care with its compensation business model enabling people to build levels of down-lines going 10 deep was borderline criminal.  It could not officially be called a pyramid scheme as this program did sell physical products.  However, such as the case found in so many other MLM business opportunities, Skinny Body Care sold products that were non-FDA approved diet pills and drink concoctions designed to purportedly allow a person to take off weight. 

    Hopefully in the future even more bogus business opportunities that still pollute the Internet will either go out of business like Skinny Body Care or else be shut down officially by government officials such as was the case several months ago with that fraud Work From Home Institute survey taking, ad-posting program.

    I again appreciate your thoughts, Jason in response to what you read in this article, sir!



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