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Are Any Of Them Truly Safe?

As part of this website does deal with the topics surrounding online scams, I thought that I would look at the subject of online dating in this article.  In particular safe online dating servicethis article will deal with the subject of a safe online dating service.  I find myself asking this question, can one really consider these online dating services to truly be safe?

Yet again more innocent individuals getting scammed through “legit” online dating services:

Just yesterday I came across an online article originating out of Australia.  The content within this article mentioned the fact that recently three women were scammed out of more than $350,000 total in this online dating scheme concocted by criminals.  One woman alone lost around $300,000 in this deviously hatched plot.

The bogus plot revolved around the use of a real person dying of cancer, his identity stolen without his knowledge.  The scammers lured these innocent women into believing that a fictitious man, (with the stolen identity of the sick victim) was looking for love online.  He also needed money to support his business.  This “guy” knew of a sure-fire business model, (really?) that would unquestionably make him – and the lucky women willing to support him multi-millionaires and rich beyond their wildest dreams.

And these three women, each individually, all fell for this same scheme!

As part of the plot the funds foolishly sent by these women ended up in Dubai, the United States and part of Western Africa.  And, unfortunately they aren’t getting their money back.

Furthermore in this article, the same authorities believe that other people in the country/continent of Australia looking for love online since 2011 have unwisely lost more than 37 MILLION dollars being victims of the criminal element who set up online dating services which are 100% fraudulent.

Dating is not what it used to be compared to even 35 – 40 years ago!

Back when I was in high school and college in the mid to late 1970’s, (to be considered by some people under 30 to be the “stone ages”) here is how the dating/mating game was played:

A guy and girl usually having the same shared classes/lectures in school, or seeing one another at social events, (dances or parties) would communicate face-to-face. If a general shared likeness of each other was developed they would often agree to see each other again.

Sometimes as in my case on several occasions the mutual attraction between budding couples were elevated through multiple phone conversations.  Conducted and in a sense heightening the attraction that was being built in each other.  Mutual interests were shared freely in dialogue during these conversations.

Social media has changed everything – including the concept of dating! safe online dating service

With the advent of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. the world has changed.  Add into the fact that with smart phone technology and the concept of texting, all facets in a way of social media it has led to drastic changes in what I call dating.  And in my opinion not necessarily for the better.

A few years ago there was a very interesting article in the USA Today newspaper.  This article, which I do not have but remember vividly discussed how radically dating has changed even since the late 1980’s.  No more will a guy, or (vice-versa) a gal ask another person out on a date face to face.

As shown in a study to back up this article, statistically well over 50% of people under 30 years old arrange dates via text messaging as opposed to verbal communication where one person will request a date from another.  With the advent of cell phone technology, as stated in the article with the majority of young adults “texting” is now the way in which to play the dating game.

Online dating services have taken the element of dating to a whole other level – often in a dangerous way!

The concept works on about the same principle with online dating, but often done so fraudulently.  And because of obvious loopholes who you think you will be meeting may not in fact be the same person represented on the dating site profiles.

I have heard all of the principle behind the well-known online dating services:, E-Harmony, Christian Mingle, Zoosk and etc. safe online dating service

You sign up for the service, costing you “X” amount of dollars monthly.  On the site you then are asked to fill out your complete profile regarding age, race, professional employment, education, so on and so forth.

You then are asked a series of questions about what you find attractive about the opposite sex, (supposedly this being a heterosexual dating service).

It can get quite detailed as the company looks to find out as much info about you the client to help them match up with you the most desirable and qualified candidate hopefully one that will lead to a long lasting relationship.

The final requirement of course is that you submit a recent quality photo of yourself.  So that any possible candidate can see what you really look like, or at least facially.

A well-known talk show recently exposes the huge loopholes involved with online dating services:

ABC’s popular 9 am EST time weekday talk show, “Michael and Kelly” several months ago did a short study, really a skit performed by the hosts on how easy it is for an individual to lie, (how shocking) when it comes to filling out one of these online dating forms.

In this short skirt in filling out a “survey” on air, the two hosts each blatantly lied about their ages, background, education really everything about themselves as adults. But had they each actually decided to send in their completed info they were also going to post fake photos of themselves not at all resembling the true identity of the person.

Gee, do you think that this just might ever happen when done for real on these dating online service sites, the hosts asked in finishing this skit, (Kelly with her well-known “gee whiz who would ever do such a thing expression painted on her face”)?

Really while you may post factual info about yourself on these sites, how in the world would you know that a potential candidate who you might hook up with is safe online dating servicein fact who he/she really states they are as that person on his/her form?

Tell me do you think these criminals who pulled off this con in which three naïve Australian women eventually forked over a third of a million dollars, all believing that they were going to meet the man of their dreams, entered in verifiable true facts about this man’s identity?

E-harmony might boast of their 17 methods of verifying that Jane Smith will match up with Jonathan Jones according to their spiffy computer print-out, but really with even that well-known site can it truly be trusted?

As reported on the Huffington Post a few years ago, the well-known online dating service “Christian Mingle” was a part of a Nigerian scam conducted through the site in which a 66 year old woman lost over $300,000; conned when she believed she only was going to be set up to meet the man of her dreams.

Final thoughts: safe online dating service

Just like hundreds of other scams that pollute the Internet revolving around work-from-home, online business, email, online banking, MLM’s, and other fraud opportunities whereby innocent individuals lose vast personal income; the same thing takes place regarding online dating.

A safe online dating service?  One that is 100% legit in my opinion because of the criminal element that exists in the world, raised to an even higher level through the Internet, just does not exist.

In a way it’s kind of sad that fewer young people have gotten away from once was a great way to meet the person possibly of their dreams.  They would go out somewhere to a social event, meet and just TALK to the new person that he/she has just met.  It is true that perhaps smart phone technology, social media and online dating services might make it somewhat simpler, or so it seems.  But does it make the concept of dating better?

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any further questions or thoughts, please I urge you to leave them in the comments’ section below:


2 thoughts on “Safe Online Dating Service

  1. Very informative article. Internet dating has changed the whole concept of dating – its extremely difficult to meet people just going to a bar these days because people are too busy on their smart phones swiping to the right on their Tinder app to see if they have a match. :-/

    I really hope your article gets shared a lot as it raises a lot of awareness- people really should have a read and pay attention!
    Thank you for your valuable info!

  2. Wow Shuk I am stunned at how fast your response was to this article and thank you! I’m glad that you liked my thoughts that I attempted to present in this article.

    Too bad that in today’s world as lot of people apparently have ADD or very short attention spans. This is evident in your remarks about how too often at bars and nightclubs people are on their smart phones texting or tweeting away. Really WHY are they there as evidently real conversation, you know opening up your mouth and exchanging dialogue with another human being, is something pretty much sadly a lost art in society. Some time I want to think that there should be some law in certain instances where smart phones are NOT to be used.

    This past summer visiting the town of Boston where I was born, I actually rode the subway from out in the suburbs parking my car and into the city itself; perhaps a 40 – 45 minute ride to my destination. All during the ride as evidenced by practically every person in the train they all were completely oblivious to each other -punching and typing things on their smart phones. In a way I found it sadly pathetic. It was as almost as if people had forgotten how to talk to one another!

    Thank you for your thoughts shared in my article. Please feel free to share it with others on social media.



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