Review: What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder?

Could You Have A Profitable Online Business In This Venture?


Online Business Opportunity: SiteSwan

Co-founder and location of this business could not be ascertained.  The only contact info that could be found is an 800 phone number.What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder

Initial investment price to get involved with this opportunity:  $149 to start.

If one chooses to continue pursuing this opportunity to be a website builder/designer after the first 30 days, it would continue to cost $149/month.

There are two other upgrade plans.  However, they would only be appropriate for more than one user, or people running a joint venture.  The $149 “Starter” plan would be appropriate for one person pursuing this opportunity for him/herself.

There is also a minimum age requirement in that the individual must be at least 18-years old.

So in becoming a SiteSwan Website builder, could an individual be able to generate profits looking at it as an online business venture?  Or, would it be something else entirely?

On the homepage of SiteSwan’s site, they reveal the fact that in the U.S. alone there are some 28 million small businesses.  Half of these businesses do not have a website!

It is also stated on that very same page that 540,000 new small businesses are created each month in the U.S.

What is the absolute truth is the idea that in order to have a profitable small business, the owner simply must have a website to help effectively promote whatever products/services that are associated with the business.

SiteSwan has been established to provide a business opportunity for an enterprising individual in that he/she could make money by building/designing websites for the more than half a million new small businesses that are established in the U.S. each month.

What I aim to present in this review is the following:  Could a person generate legit revenue if he/she pursues this venture as being a website builder/designer using SiteSwan’s tools?  Or would it be a folly?

I will also present later in this article, the one VERY important task that any SiteSwan website builder must pursue if he/she hopes to earn even $1 in this venture.

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Promoting the idea that you would be available to build websites for people, while potentially sustainable, also would not be easy especially initially.  ****

Building new websites using SiteSwan’s tools. They say that it would be as easy as 1. . 2 . . 3!

SiteSwan wants any person thinking of pursuing the idea of becoming a website builder/creator to fully understand that no longer is it a requirement to have an educational background in coding or design in order to build a professional-looking website. What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder

Thus, no professional experience at being a website designer would be needed to pursue this opportunity of running this type of online business with SiteSwan.

SiteSwan has built a program where a website could be built by anyone in 3 very simple steps:

1).  Choose from around 100 different professionally designed themes created by SiteSwan as being the new website’s base template.

2).  Customize the design of the site through appropriately chosen color themes, adding a logo, finally with the addition of created content.

3). Connect the client’s domain name and then publish the site.

That’s all there would be to it, according to SiteSwan as it is so much easier to accomplish this task today in 2017, as opposed to back in the year 2000 when you would have had to have taken fairly advanced college courses regarding the creation of websites.

Okay, now comes the BIG problem for any SiteSwan Website Builder  – Marketing his/her business out to the public!

So, you forked over $149 to join SiteSwan and have access, (for one month) to all of the company’s website building tools. What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder

What, did you think you could just sit back and wait for the small businesses to come to you?  It does not work that way, my friends!

YOU would have to market yourself OUT to these businesses in the area in which you live.

Otherwise, the odds would be that unless you know even one business owner who needed a brand-new website being designed for him/her, you would not make even one penny in your business.

Fortunately, SiteSwan does provide a bit of training to help a website builder learn how to promote his/her business out to the public.

Upon joining the site, a person would have access to tools regarding how to approach businesses in selling him/herself to the owner.  I am sure that this would include business cards to be handed out to potential clients. As I said above it would never be the other way around, no potential clients would first approach the website builder looking for help.

A person would also need to understand, (having had a few outbound telemarketing jobs myself) that not every “lead” will turn immediately into a sale.

In many cases, the percentage might not even add up to a quarter of everyone that would be approached and who would after much persuasion go all in.  To be honest, even that 25% figure that I mentioned might be entirely too high.

SiteSwan would provide the person with “professional looking” marketing materials that would be branded exclusively for that particular company that would need a website designed for them.

The individual would also be taught how to then generate these potential “leads” into sales and how to effectively “close the deal” so that the small business owner would become a client.

There is an old saying that it takes 7 contacts/pitches before a sale can be closed both online and offline.  This could mean up to 7 visits/conversations on the phone, or in person with that small business owner before finally he/she says “yes”.  It simply will not be done on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and most likely a 4th visit/conversation with that owner.

So, if you get the idea that becoming a SiteSwan website builder is not nearly as easy as it appears to be initially, you would be 100% correct.  You’d have to have a lot of “salesmanship” within your personality, meaning the ability to persuade a person to buy something from you.

Unfortunately, not everyone can do it effectively!

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 The type of small businesses that SiteSwan suggests a website builder pursue in becoming a client:What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder

SiteSwan on one of their pages in the FAQ/support section suggests that a new website builder approach small business owners coming from one of the following categories in the town/city and immediate surrounding area where he/she lives.

Any of these businesses owners might need to have a website designed as a way of promoting it to potential customers:


1). Restaurants & Food Services            7). Construction and Home Improvement

2). Health & Medical                                8). Education & Child Care

3). Beauty, massage, and spa                  9). Weddings

4). Business and law                                10). Sports & Fitness

5). Animal & Pet care                              11). Retail Shops

6). Automotive

SiteSwan’s suggested prices to charge a small business owner client for one’s services:

Naturally, in providing a service, a SiteSwan website builder would want to be paid for his/her task once completed.  Some things in life are just not free!

The owners of SiteSwan have come up with what they believe would be a fair price for a website builder to charge a client based on the service that was provided.

SiteSwan in studying the industry believes that the website builder should charge a one time fee of $499 for the set-up and completion of the website.  After that, with any things that would need to be added to the site, (updated content, images, etc.) the client should be charged $50/month. What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder

In promoting the possible earnings that a website builder could potentially earn with his/her business, here is what I would call the enticing apple available for picking from the tree as stated at the site:

If a website builder could design 25 new sites for clients, he/she would earn a grand total of $12,475 in set-up fees plus, in addition to that, $1,250/month in residual income based on the fact that the client might need to have his small business website frequently updated.

If one could double that, the website builder designing 50 new client sites it would equal out to $24,950 in set-up fees and $2,500/month in residual income.

Understand that the website builder would still be charged $149/month by the company for as long as he/she remains a member of SiteSwan.  This is because the individual would still need the use of the site’s tools in creating further new website businesses for additional clients.

My final thoughts about SiteSwan as an online business for an enterprising individual:

On the surface, SiteSwan looks to be a legit opportunity for the individual in being able to run his/her own online business by providing a service to small business owners in need of a website.  The tools available at SiteSwan appear to be professional regarding their design.

A person looking to pursue this venture would also receive the needed training in order to be able to effectively market his/her business to the public. What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder

Here is the one caveat, however:  A person looking at this as a way to make honest money from an online business vantage point simply must have it within his/her personality the ability to be a “salesperson” in promoting his/her skill out to small business owners.

Having the ability to talk/persuade someone, twist his/her arm just a bit, all because originally the small business owner might not want to fork over $$ for any service/product is a definite requirement.

Bottom line:  If you as a person are not comfortable being in the role of a salesperson while trying to convince another individual to purchase what you have as a service/product, then this opportunity at SiteSwan would definitely NOT BE FOR YOU!

Before I Let You Go . .  . 

So, perhaps acting a bit like a used-car salesperson, required for the online business venture as a SiteSwan website builder, is not exactly your cup of tea.

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It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: What Is The SiteSwan Website Builder?

  1. Wow, $149 a month! That is a lot, and that monthly price alone will definitely keep me from every using Siteswan. I think too that you are limited to the businesses you have listed. That seems like a pretty small business base, and you would have to have an interest in one of these right? If the price did not steer me clear, the idea of having to be a salesperson would. That is definitely something I am not.

  2. Ha! You said it my friend, this is not an easy business to get started in for the average person, unless there is a way to make connections, physically shake hands, because the online world will not know who you are or what you are selling. Offline, its about building trusting relationships with small businesses. Tough one

  3. Hi, Andrew!  Thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your thoughts.  I agree with your statements, which pretty much back up what I wrote as part of my review of this SiteSwan opportunity.  First of all, unless a person has it in him/her to have a willingness to get out and make physical connections with small business owners building up trust there is no way he/she would make money with this venture.

    The info as presented on the SiteSwan makes is so misleading that this venture would be for anyone.  That is definitely not the case as a person would have to have an innate level of salesmanship within his/her being otherwise forget it!

    Take care Andrew and again I do so appreciate your comments, sir!



  4. Hi,  Matt’s Mom!  Thank you so much for reading this article and also providing your thoughts about this opportunity.  Yes, what SiteSwan has to offer first of all is not exactly cheap: an initial $149 investment followed by being charged that same price each month for the use of their tools.

    I also agree 100% with your assessment.  If a person lives in a very small town as he/she tries to build a business with SiteSwan indeed he/she would only be able to draw off of a limited base.  How many small business owners living in a community of under 10,000 people would need to have his/her own website?  That is if they don’t already have one that has been set-up, perhaps by the owner himself or some other website developer that he/she knows.

    As I stated in the article, unless a person has a bit of salesmanship within his/her own being, the willingness to go out and meet people, make contacts and persist with this ideal after no doubt getting rejected a number of times then there would be no way that person would achieve success with this opportunity.

    It could be for some people, but more likely not for a much larger percent of the population looking to start their own online business venture.

    Thanks again so much for your comments!  They are so much appreciated by me!



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