Review: What Is The Pinecone Research Surveys Site?

Is This Just Another Survey Site Or Can Members Actually Make Money With This Venture?

In the past, I have issued reviews of many online survey site panels. Many of these sites have two things in common, in addition to the fact that, positively, theyWhat Is Pinecone Research Surveys would be free to join.

As I get into the info that will be presented in this review,  I attempt to answer the question posed in the title to this article: “What is the Pinecone Research surveys site”.

I can let you know that, regarding one such aspect, this company is very much like other such survey programs that could be found online regarding the opportunity to make a lot of money online.

However, looking at this survey site from another aspect, Pinecone is very different from many other such sites. I also feel that this difference is not at all in a very pleasant way either!


Online survey money-making opportunity: Pinecone Research.

Founder: Cannot be ascertained. This company was created back in 1998 and is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It is free to join Pinecone Research. However, with one very huge stipulation, to be explained below.

You also must be at least 18-years old to become a panel member of this survey site.

You can only be a resident of the U.S., the U.K., Canada or Germany.

**** Right away, if you live outside of those 3 countries, plus the U.K. (in addition to that one stipulation which I will explain below) you would be locked out from joining Pinecone Research and furthermore have the opportunity to create income for yourself online.

As an alternate option if you seek a way to make money for yourself online, I present what I feel is an opportunity to do so with a program called Wealthy Affiliate. That company does accept people located in countries coming from the entire planet if they seek membership.****

On the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) Pinecone Research is listed as being an unaccredited business with the organization. The BBB has also assigned a grade of F to Pinecone Research based on a number of complaints plus reviews by people who are members of the company’s site.

Pinecone Research is owned and operated by the Nielson Company.

Joining Pinecone Research as a new panelist. There is one gigantic hitch!What Is Pinecone Research Surveys

In performing research on this company for the purposes of writing this review article, I of course first went to Pinecone’s homepage, for the second time linked here. On this page, you would be able to see some images as well as basic info about this survey site.

On the top of the page, there is the ability for members to sign-in with their log-in/screen name and password.

There is one very important thing missing though on the homepage: An ability to join this site as a new member.

I then hunted all over Pinecone’s entire website. Nothing is mentioned at all about joining. I asked myself, “What is going on around here”?

This company presents info, particularly on their FAQ page, about what every member would need to know about this company. Further legal info can be found on the company’s Privacy Policy and Membership Agreement pages.

Nowhere on the company’s entire website, however is info provided about how a person could join as a new member.

Perplexed, I then did a google search entitled “Joining Pinecone Research as a new panel member” and what popped up provided the stunning answer.

Normally when writing articles on this website I don’t like to provide links of people who own rival sites, but it was on one of them that an answer was provided:

Pinecone just does not accept just anyone with having the ability to join their site and become a panel member.

Instead, a person either has to be invited by a current member through a verification process, or else an individual would have to find somewhere on the Internet a banner advertisement that would act as an invitation to join this survey site.

Are you kidding me? Pinecone apparently wants to limit the number of people, (who would be limited anyway as only coming from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or Germany) as being accepted as new members on their panel.

I know of no other legit survey site on the Internet that has this type of stipulation regarding membership. A good thing?  Although Pinecone seems to believe so, I just don’t agree.  What about you?

Those annoying pop-up ads that promote ways to make money online!  Grrr…

Many people have long become sick and tired of seeing pop-up ads randomly appear on their computer/mobile device screen which mostly serve to promote scam products or opportunities to make money online.  Many people now have browser add-ons  installed on their computers and devices that serve to block such annoying nuisances.

So, if by chance you did not have such a device installed on your computer/mobile device and you just happened to see an advertisement for a chance to make money online by joining a survey company called Pinecone Research pop-up on your screen would you become annoyed?   Would you take it seriously?

I didn’t think so to the above last question! Chances are though you would become annoyed, right?

I have no idea what the people who run Pinecone Research could be thinking with the manner in which they accept any new members in joining their site. Perhaps it’s but one reason, (out of many) as to why the BBB assigned a flunking grade to this company when rating them.

**** Again if this entire process of being “invited” to join Pinecone in the process of becoming a member you find already to be a huge turn-off, again as an alternative option I bring up Wealthy Affiliate as a way to legitimately make money for yourself online.****

Earning money, sweepstakes drawings, and Pinecone’s philosophy on surveys. Now this is that positive aspect of the company: What Is Pinecone Research Surveys

Upon joining Pinecone in the quest of earning money in this venture, (remember a person would have had to be invited) the one positive aspect of this company is very much unlike about 99.5% of all other survey sites.

Here at Pinecone, a person would never be disqualified from completing a survey thus always having the chance to be rewarded.

A new member would have to fill out a detailed profile where in providing pertinent info about him/herself, the individual would receive only relevant survey invitations designed especially for him/her.

The only rule would be that the individual complete the survey in a timely fashion. He/she would not be allowed to take 4 months to complete a survey and then submit it thinking that a reward will be coming back from Pinecone. Sorry, he/she would be wrong.

At Pinecone, upon completing a survey, the member would be rewarded in points.

After first joining and through completing surveys, the member having accumulated 300 points, Pinecone will automatically mail that person a check which would be good for cold, hard cash.

After that and still accumulating points the member would be given a number of options through the company’s redemption policy:

The person may choose to get back more money through first submitting a verified Pay Pal account, and then requesting that the cash be given back through his/her bank account associated with Pay Pal.

Conversely, a person could ask for a physical or digital gift card, or redeem points to get back brand merchandise.

Finally, the person could be given a Visa-virtual card, pre-loaded with money earned in completing surveys that would be accepted by merchants in a variety of ways for products picked out by the Pinecone Research panelist to serve as rewards.

Pinecone also has periodic sweepstakes drawings whereby, just like a lottery only a handful of people would get rewarded big-time through either merchandise, gift cards, or cash being given out as prizes.

Pros about Pinecone Research: What Is Pinecone Research Surveys

The one positive thing that stands out with Pinecone Research as compared to so many other similar sites is that no one would be disqualified from having the opportunity in completing any one survey and afterwards being rewarded by this site.

As I mentioned before, this is not the case with practically every other survey site in existence save for two others that I know of – YouGov and Paid Viewpoint. The issue with YouGov is that they do not give out actual cash based on a member’s having the opportunity to redeem earned points. This site only gives out gift cards as rewards.

The other positive thing about Pinecone is that in fact as an option, a member redeeming points that were earned through completing surveys can receive cash back!

Complaints about Pinecone Research:

If you’re expecting to become filthy rich as a member of Pinecone through the venture of completing their surveys, or even defying the odds in winning their periodic sweepstakes, sorry it won’t happen.

Despite what some fraud survey sites have to say in a total lie, there is not a site of this type found on Planet Earth that would allow you to generate a vast fortune regarding money through just completing surveys for a living. No way, no how!

Pinecone’s policy about inviting members through posting ads on the Internet is just so 1999ish. The fact that an interested person can not possibly join this site as a panel member in any other manner is plain silly.

Pinecone seems to believe that with the manner in which they recruit new members through the posting of pop-up ads online, that this tactic produces more motivated and legit people seriously interested in making money through the completion of surveys. O-kay, if Pinecone says so!

My final thoughts on Pinecone Research: What Is Pinecone Research Surveys

Honestly, I can sum up my thoughts about Pinecone and really any other survey site in the following manner:

Please do not treat attempting to complete online surveys as the primary way that would allow you to make money for yourself. Survey sites simply do not pay out a lot of money, it being equivalent even to the earnings that you would make if you work at a MacDonald’s, 30+ hours per week.

Compared to a fast-foods job, you would make much less in earnings trying to complete online surveys.

Instead, treat completing surveys as but a way to earn extra income to supplement what you would earn in a real job, or working a real online business!

Before You Go, One Last Thing…

So, I hope that you can understand that participating in completing surveys from any site, is not going to allow you to create real income for yourself online.

Instead as an alternative option, I again present a much more legit program that would allow you to make money online as it is with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.What Is Pinecone Research Surveys

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme, so no, you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


2 thoughts on “Review: What Is The Pinecone Research Surveys Site?

  1. That was a great review article. I have looked into survey sites before but I will remember this one as one to stay away from. I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. What a great community of people helping people. I will be sharing this to others about Pinecone research survey’s. Thank you for the heads up and great review.

  2. Hi, Jim.  Thank you so much for both reading this article and for also sharing your thoughts, sir.  When I set out to review this Pinecone Research survey site, I could not believe their policy on not only advertising what they had to offer but furthermore their join policy.  To my knowledge there simply is no other survey site like it as far as the ability for a person to become a member.

    I’m glad that you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  Quite frankly, there is not a better alternative as far as what this program is able to provide to people who are truly motivated to earn money online with the training, tools and as you said community support of people helping other people.  

    Again, Jim I so appreciate you stopping by.   Your thoughts that you shared in your comments are very much appreciated by me!



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