Review: What Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity?

A fact that everyone should know who owns and drives a car would be the following: What Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity

Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you must have protection for your car when driving either around town or on extended trips.  A breakdown could leave you stranded miles from home with only a Smart phone to allow you to contact someone.

Wisely, many people opt to have some sort of insurance that if the unforeseen happens to their vehicle, at least they could get it towed to a garage for mechanical repairs.

I’m sure that many of you living in the U.S. have heard of AAA, (Automobile Association of America).  In fact, I am a member of that organization, which serves as a backup should I ever need assistance were my car to breakdown.

There are other organizations that serve the same purpose, one of which is the Motor Club of America.  This company also provides one other opportunity for a person to make money.  So as stated in the title of this article:

“What is the Motor Club of America Business Opportunity”, I will attempt to answer that question.

More importantly, I will also provide you with enough info to allow you to decide on your own whether as an MLM business venture it would be worth your time and effort to get involved with this company’s opportunity to generate income online.


Online MLM Business Opportunity: Motor Club of America.

This organization was founded back in 1926, but as a business it was incorporated back in 1968. The Motor Club of America is based in Oklahoma City, OK. The current CEO is a Mr. Steve Hanebaum.

The price to become a member of the Motor Club of America will be explained below as essentially there is a choice of one of two plans to allow one to become a member.

Over at the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) the Motor Club of America has been rated as being worthy of an A+ for its business practices and how members have reacted to the service that has been provided to them.

Membership plans that are offered at the Motor Club of America: What Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity

A person seeking to have protection for his/her vehicle in case of a breakdown has one of two options in becoming a member of this organization.

1). There is the “MCA Security” plan that would cost $9.95/month.

2). Referred to as the “best plan” on their website, there is the “Total Security” plan that would cost $19.95/month.

In comparing both plans side by side, each would offer the following:

A). Unlimited 24/7 roadside assistance and towing within 45 minutes of the location where you are calling. This would include servicing for:

– Jump dead battery re-start.

– Flat tire change.

– Fuel delivery.

– Lockout service.

– Emergency towing.

B). Towing to the nearest facility for covered cars or pickup trucks.

The “MCA Security” plan will get a member at that level back on the road or to a service facility with no out-of-pocket expenses.

The “Total Security” plan does have additional benefits not offered by the “MCA Security” plan, most specifically the following:

A). Towing to any facility within 100 miles for the covered car or pickup truck.

B). Up to $100 coverage for emergency roadside towing of:

– Boat trailers being pulled by a covered vehicle.

– Utility trailers being pulled by a covered vehicle.

– Driving an RV.

– Driving a pickup with a load exceeding 1 ton.

The Motor Club America’s compare plan pages can easily be found on the company’s website.

Motor Club of America’s MLM business opportunity. A chance to make a lot of money running a business?

On the homepage of Motor Club of America’s website, you can barely see the advertisement unless you really look for it. Heck, the first time I missed it completely.

But, right in the middle of the page in very small font size is the following statement: What Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity

“Interested in a career selling MCA? Learn how you can be your own boss>”

When you click on the words above, you would be re-directed to a company partnered with Motor Club of America that provides a person with an opportunity to possibly earn money in an MLM business.  This company is called “TVC Marketing”.

According to the advertisement, it would involve but 3 easy steps to begin making money in a business as you promote Motor Club of America out to prospects.

As no mention of a “join fee” is stated on the site, I can only assume that it would additionally cost a Motor Club Member, (who is already paying at least $9.95/month for the company’s less expensive fee) nothing at all to then pursue it as an MLM business opportunity.

So, in actually trying to start an MLM business venture with the Motor Club and it’s partner TVC Marketing, it would be for free – the only requirement being that a person be an actively paying member.

A person could start earning money within 4 minutes, (as advertised about the time it would take to register and fill out the application) and then, be able generate $80 + in commissions with each successful sale.

Looking at this promo, it led me to do some basic research on exactly how a person could build up his/her business being affiliated with Motor Club of America.

Clicking on the “join now” button, a person is re-directed to a page that presents some basic rules concerning being an affiliate of this organization.

1). The individual must be a current resident of the U.S. or Canada. A person cannot live in one of the territories of the U.S.  This would include both Puerto Rico or Guam.  You cannot attempt to run an MLM business as an affiliate with the Motor Club if you reside in one of those two locations.

2). The individual must be at least 18 years old.  He/she must be able to furnish a tax ID number, and own a banking account that is capable of accepting electronic deposit funds, (coming from the Motor Club of America) should the individual be capable of recruiting others to join the organization.

The other rules that are enforced by Motor Club of America/TVC marketing are quite obvious, however they clearly are stated:

*Being a member of this organization and registered with TVC marketing as an MLM business owner, the individual would be able to earn commissions only if the person whom he/she recruited actually were to join the Motor Club of America as a new, paying member.

*Just referring an individual who does not bother to join and become a paying member would not earn that MLM affiliate business owner any commissions.

That makes perfect sense, although they still found it necessary to make that statement during the registration processWhat Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity

Although I personally did not actually complete the process, I did find out as part of the application on a secure and encrypted page, (https:// prefix) that a person looking to start an MLM business with the Motor Club would be asked to provide  the following:

His/her name,  an email address,  a phone (contact) number, and then a routing number followed by a bank account number, (savings or checking).  Finally, the individual would be asked to create a unique password.

Yes, this page is secure and encrypted.  If it were not, (having just a http:// prefix that provides no security) any criminal hacker could gain access to this entire site, and anyone’s personal information, with very little effort as if it were all child’s play.

However, despite the fact that the site itself is secure and knowing who I am now for the last 60 years, I really would hesitate to provide some individuals who I really do not know any personal, sensitive, and highly confidential info such as my routing and bank account number for either my savings or checking account. I mean, would you do such a thing? Yikes!

After that as part of the second of three steps to allow you to make money with this MLM business opportunity, a person would then look over the agreement before signing it.

Step 3 would have you filling out a W-9 form.  After that, you’d soon hopefully be on your way to making some money promoting the Motor Club.  Let’s see if the tools and strategies that this company already has in place regarding marketing would actually work!

If all of this already sounds like something you do not want to pursue, especially the part about providing your banking info as an alternative way to make money online I mention now what is My Top Recommendation.

Tools that purportedly are made available to allow a person to grow his/her MLM business:

According to info that is stated on TVC’s homepage, the following marketing tools would be provided to any person acting as an affiliate who would be running an MLM business promoting the Motor Club: What Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity

1). His/her own website.

2). An Associate back office.

3). Free online training.

4). Marketing landing pages.

5). Social marketing tools.

6). Associate support hot line.

7). Tools to build your own sales team, (whatever that means).

Okay, so all the above looks nice. I must say that compared to other MLM business ventures that I have reviewed here on my website, meant to allow a person to generate income online, at least the Motor Club of America on their site discusses aspects on how a member would be able to market his/her business in trying to recruit others to join.

There are sites, such as that found with this particular MLM business, who provide no information at all on their website on how a new member would receive training.

I have found this to have become my personal pet peeve with many MLM online opportunities. They expect new members to pay, in some cases very high join fees in the thousands of dollars.  Yet going in, that individual has no idea how he/she would be trained on how to run a successful business with no information being presented at all on the company’s website.

It’s no wonder that throughout the last 10 – 20 years, tens of millions of people worldwide have been the victim of scams coming from what turned out to be completely fraudulent online MLM businesses, some of them unfortunately still active!!

The other recommended method endorsed by the Motor Club of America to allow a person to recruit new members:

To be honest, I believe that this second method to allow a person to be able to successfully recruit new members into joining the Motor Club would not be for everyone.

In fact, in my opinion in today’s world where the Internet literally grows with each passing day, it is very much like the strategies one used back in 1985.

However, TVC Marketing and the Motor Club believes that an affiliate member hanging around truck stops just outside the interstate highways would be a great way in order to recruit new individuals.

The Motor Club believes that even professional truckers who might work independently would be in need of protection when doing their jobs while hauling goods/products in their 18-wheel tractor-trailers and an unexpected breakdown occurs, the guy, (or gal as there are professional female truck drivers) stranded miles from his/her destination.

It is stated that an affiliate member could make as much as $117/sale based on recruiting a truck driver into signing on as a member of the Motor Club.

The Motor Club regarding campaigning at truck stops has a dedicated page to teach affiliate members on how to promote the membership and what exactly needs to be said to professional truckers. Again, this would be found on the link posted a few paragraphs above in this article.

Again, if you feel that even trying to build a business by frequenting truck stops several days per week is something that is not appealing to you, instead I mention My Top Recommendation that would allow you to make money online!

The compensation plan as devised by the Motor Club to members running an MLM business:

Basically as seen in Motor Club’s compensation plan, a member could build a down line of 5 levels in order for him/her to make as much money as possible with this MLM business opportunity.

The important thing to remember is that by rule any person who is successfully recruited would have to be active in his/her membership with the Motor Club through one of the company’s two plans – MCA or Total Security.

Final thoughts about the Motor Club of America’s business opportunity: What Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity

Regarding some positives about this opportunity, I have to give the Motor Club some credibility in at least their providing info about how an affiliate member would be trained on how to market his/her business.

So many similar MLM’s as I mentioned above fail to be so transparent.  I’ve posed the question in previous articles, but what are these companies hiding by their not discussing aspects of educational training that they should provide to new recruits?

Personally, with the application process as I mentioned above, the thought of my providing sensitive info about my banking routing and account numbers would be something I just would not do – most importantly because I do not personally know any of these people who run the Motor Club.

I also believe that trying to recruit new members by spending a lot of time at Interstate truck stops is definitely not for everyone. Besides which as a means for building up a business, (not using the Internet) this type of marketing to me is seriously outdated.

One thing that definitely is not outdated would be a way to make money with a company called Wealthy Affiliate, again my top recommendation for doing so online.



4 thoughts on “Review: What Is The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity?

  1. Jeff,

    Along time ago I heard about the Motor Club of Americas and was very skeptical about the type of money they were offering and what I heard from other users. It’s very interesting to see you write this wonderful review on them in a positive matter. I will have to give these guys a shot for the future, thank you.

  2. Hi, Ryan!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts.  While Motor Club of America is probably not as popular here in the U.S. as Triple A, they still are a legitimate organization.  Regarding running an online business, I still am slightly skeptical with their suggestion that individuals promote the opportunity at truck rest stops in order to make money.  For some people, it would just be something that they would not like doing  – talking face-to-face with complete strangers who might not be in the mood to hear some “spiel”.

    Thank you again for stopping by and reading this article, Ryan!



  3. Hello Jeff, interesting post. As I read it I began to see MLMs like Mary Kay, and Herbal Life, two companies friends tried to get me to join. After reading your review of Club of America I know it is one organisation I will not be joining for the very same reasons mentioned in the posts.
    One question I have is why you did not compare it to the AAA? Does it offer the same services for the same amount? I understand that you wanted to introduce Wealthy Affiliate and if I was you I would have wrote a bit about WA, when you started to explain the teaching available at CoA. Just a thought, but other than that a really thought out posts. Enjoyed reading it.

  4. Hi, Harvey!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for issuing your thoughts. The reason why I did not compare Motor Club of America with AAA, Harvey is due to the fact that I wanted to emphasize the MLM business factor that is inherent in MCoA.  From my understanding AAA is not at all like that – also the fact that I am a member of the latter regarding backup car emergency roadside services. 

    To compare MCoA with AAA looking JUST looking at the services that both provide to vehicle owners as far as emergency roadside services would not have been the point of my article, indeed the very philosophy of my website, Harvey.  My site has to do with providing info to readers about generating income online, either through work from home jobs or running an online business.  As AAA is not an MLM business venture, there was no point in comparing that program with MCoA which DOES have a connection to MLM’s. 

    Also in trying to understand one of your final thoughts I did explain the differences between MCoA and WA.  Wealthy Affiliate does not encourage its members to market their online businesses similar to what MCoA does – promoting the opportunity at truck stops as if it was the year 1980; furthermore not really taking advantage of what the Internet has to offer particularly with social media marketing.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your thoughts, Harvey!


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