Review: What Is Profit Siege?

Buyer Beware Of This Fraud Online Money-Making Venture

Update of Profit Siege on March 9th, 2018.  Apparently this program has gone belly-up!  The domain for the site is now for sale.   I can only guess that many people in doing research on this phony, money-making opportunity realized the smelly stinker that Profit Siege turned out to be!

My original review for this site posted originally on Dec. 27th, 2017 was written below:

Through creating content articles on this website, it is my goal to inform readers as to the type of ventures to join online as a way to generate income.What Is Profit Siege

In this article entitled:  What Is Profit Siege, consider this to be the perfect representation possible of a money-making venture that you most definitely would want to avoid completely!

It is a Loser with a capital “L”, as in fact forking over the join fee, it would be money metaphorically being flushed down the toilet!


Online (NON)-Money Making Venture:  Profit Siege

Founder:  Steve Rounds, purportedly “known” to be a “PayPal Insider”.  This business was created in Oct. 2010. The company is based in Chico, CA.

Price to join opportunity:  $97, a one-time only price to join.  Originally, the fee was advertised as being $199.

You must be at least 18-years of age to join this venture.

The BBB, (Better Business Bureau) which opened a file on this company in Aug. 2011 has not approved of this company as yet in calling it an “accredited business”.  As you go through this review, it should be clear to you just why the BBB does not consider this site to be a legit, accredited business.

So, what is wrong with what you would see at Profit Siege’s website?

So, again here is Profit Siege’s website, (please click on the two highlighted words).

Let me ask you this question:  What do you see on the homepage of this site?

I see the very type of images present on the page that make the entire venture out to be one, big scam. What Is Profit Siege

You see the image of an expensive Mercedes convertible.  You see another image of a house with an in-ground swimming pool .  You see the image of a lot of 100 dollar bills.  You see the image of a mansion on top of a hill.

Finally, you see the image of a man sitting at a computer table happily tossing dollar bills up into the air.

The site is trying to tell any visitor that all of the trappings of wealth seen in the 5 images would be belong to him/ her if only the individual would be smart enough, (smart? Or should I say foolish?) to invest money into joining this online venture.

On the opposite side of the image of that man with money flying all around him, is an invitation to please “click here” as a “PayPal Insider” (Steve Rounds the founder) will reveal his tricks for teaching anyone how to make money online.

Folks, it is a website such as this one that gives a bad name to even the legit online training programs.

That is because with the incredibly large number of people worldwide who have lost money online, (and that includes me);  many individuals believe, incorrectly, that every opportunity/training program designed to teach people how to create financial success on the Internet is nothing but a 100% scam.

It just is not so!

However, I guarantee you this:

As I continue my review of Profit Siege, as you will see with this particular opportunity, most definitely it IS a fraud!

*** As an alternative, pleases allow me to offer right now a program that is the polar opposite in terms of legitimacy regarding Profit Siege.  It is called Wealthy Affiliate. With this program you can honestly learn how to make money for yourself online.***

What is stated in the written “spiel” found on the homepage of Profit Siege:

Just in case the images alone aren’t able to do the “job” in fooling all individuals into signing on with this opportunity, the content found on the page is meant to “seal the deal”. What Is Profit Siege

I took the time to read what was written.  Nothing but pure b.s., seen for 15+ years on sites as a means of promoting what is offered through the particular, dishonest program.

The following is advertised, quoted from various portions of this company’s lame spiel:

(Quote) “Get help from an insider who is an expert in the financial industry. . .  He will help you take charge of your life. . .”(Unquote).

(Quote) “Enjoy freedom. . . (you no longer) will be chained to your office table from 9:00 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon” (Unquote).

(Quote) “Be your own boss! You don’t have to take orders from someone else! Work anytime you want, anywhere you want! (Unquote).

(Quote) “Earn a lot of money whether you like it or not” (Unquote).

That last quote, above, made me laugh when I read it for the first time.  They’re trying to sell to the naïve, inexperienced individual that he/she will make money and that he/she won’t have a choice in the matter.

They make it look as if money will come “raining down” out of the sky!

I thought below I would embed a YouTube video found on Profit Siege’s channel at the site.  This vid sells the idea that you could easily make over $8,700 per day with this opportunity.

Such unmitigated garbage.  Beyond that, if you dare, I’ll just choose to let you watch the 3:46 vid below to allow you to reach your own decision about Profit Siege.

If it were any longer, many of you would be angry with me, coming to the realization that you would have spent time in your life watching this vid which you’ll never get back in the future:

Scrolling further down this site’s lame homepage, one can see as advertised that there are currently only a limited number of available spaces in joining this venture with Profit Siege.

In fact, there were only 2 slots open.  But, it was also advertised that by joining you could immediately start earning money!!  Oh Boy!  Sign me up right now!

For research purposes, I clicked on “Get Started Now”.

The fraudulent page that a person is redirected to – SCAM!!

Stop me if you’ve ever seen this before, illustrated in the image below.

Advertised as being a “secure job position” it is stated that this particular opportunity has been seen on MSNBC, USA Today, Fox News, ABC, and finally CNN.

What Is Profit Siege


This advertisement is a complete fraud!  It is disgusting how opportunities like Profit Siege are able to use the reputation of a USA Today, CNN and others in conning people into believing that the venture being offered is completely legit.

This exact page appeared on another bogus money-making online venture called Work At Home Institute that earlier this year got shut down permanently by the U.S. Feds for the simple reason that the program was a complete scam.

By the way, as I was about to leave the page, wisely deciding not to enter my personal information requested to those who foolishly would choose to join:  first/last name, email and most importantly a phone number; I ran into a pop-up warning as seen below practically begging me not to leave this incredible opportunity so soon:

What Is Profit Siege


Instead of leaving, I clicked on “Stay On Page” to indicate that I had an interest, (wink-wink).  It was then that I was redirected to a page, which proved to be the page in which a person was told how rich he/she could become very quickly through joining this venture.

As of this moment, and as seen on the banner on the top portion of this page, 9 positions are currently available.  Hmm, I do believe that is a contradiction which was found on Profit Siege’s homepage which advertised only 2 positions being available.

In nothing but a 100% scam as seen on the page, it is advertised that if any person can spare but one hour per day, he/she through this certified job would be guaranteed to earn at least $379/day!!

Scroll down the page and with the written content as presented, one can read the arm-twisting lies stating that this opportunity simply cannot be missed.

Be your own boss!  Quickly gain financial freedom!  Set your own hour, (60 minutes would be all that is necessary) to work this business and at any time, anywhere from the comfort of home.

One person who was almost $10,000 in debt on one credit card is now a millionaire after he/she joined Profit Siege’s venture. What Is Profit Siege

What caught my eye, however, was one of the testimonials.  It was written by Kim, a gal from Chandler, Arizona.  This is the same “Kim” who positively extolled the virtues of an entirely different company that I reviewed called “Replace Your Job”.

Kim with that opportunity at “Replace Your Job” stated that quickly, she was able to earn $40,000/month all from the comfort of her home in working her business.

Kim, in the first testimonial stated that she is a stay-at-home mother of 2 young children.

Having the time to work a second job, as it appears earning $40,000/month is not enough to meet her needs, Kim is making money as well with Profit Siege.

Scrolling down through all of the silliness found on this page, finally at the bottom which also includes a 1:51 video of some actress hired to state that the opportunity is the best ever seen on the Internet, comes the opportunity for one to join this venture.

At a cost of just $97, (which matched exactly what was offered by the now-defunct “Work at Home Institute” opportunity,) that price enables one to become a member of Profit Siege and in a “secure job position”.

It is stated that the intense training one would receive for this opportunity, ordinarily, it would be worth $2,000.  But, you get it for just $97.

Also, there are 3 open positions available.  Gee, this contradicts the 9 open slots seen on the top of the page.  I guess that while I spent time visiting the site, 6 people joined!

*** Is this a scam or what?  I mention again a MUCH better option to make money for yourself online through a legit program called Wealthy Affiliate.***

My final thoughts on Profit Siege:

In this review, I hope that I have answered the question stated in the title: What Is Profit Siege?  By now, I hope you understand that is it nothing but a complete con. What Is Profit Siege

Working from home for 60 minutes/per day and a written guarantee as seen on this company’s join page that you would earn at least $379/day is an absolute lie!

It is scams exactly like that which has been presented with this venture at Profit Siege that any rational-thinking individual would be wise to simply not get involved.  In fact, run in the opposite direction!

Instead foolishly joining, a person might as well go ahead and just flush that $97 join fee down the toilet, something that I also mentioned at the beginning of this review.

One More Thing. . .

I truly hope that everyone reading this article understands that a money-making opportunity such as the one offered at Profit Siege is to be completely avoided.  It is a scam pure and simple.

Now if you’re interested in a completely legit opportunity that would allow you to earn money online I again will mention What Is My Top Recommendation with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

This program was first created back in 2005.  Through the years, at one time or another, more than one million people worldwide have been members of this organization.  Personally, I joined back in early 2015. What Is Profit Siege

Wealthy Affiliate would be free to join initially, allowing you a chance to “kick the tires” to see if the opportunity would suit your needs.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other similar program on the Internet for people who seriously want to create income for themselves.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, unlike what is advertised at Profit Siege!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


8 thoughts on “Review: What Is Profit Siege?

  1. $97 investment is no joke. I can start a lot of businesses with that money! This Profit Siege is such a waste of time, and of course, money. Good job in exposing the bad motives of this company. People are really better off joining legit programs like Wealthy Affiliate.

    By the way, something got me curious. May I ask, where did you hear about this company “Profit Siege”?

  2. Hi, Gomer!  Thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your thoughts.  When reviewing business opportunities designed for people to earn money online, I usually will not come out and say if a particular program is a scam unless there is absolutely no doubt.

    This is the case with Profit Siege, and especially after I was re-directed to that second page.  It is an exact duplicate of another site that I have previously reviewed that was a 100% scam.  No question about it, but if a person was so foolish as to fork over the $97 membership fee with this fraud business opportunity it would just be like flushing it down the toilet.  A person would not make a penny in their business with this scam company.

    In addition an exact testimonial coming from a person named Kimberly from Chandler, Arizona seen previously in another bogus online program caused me to laugh out loud when I first saw it.  It’s why I made mention of the fact that without a doubt Kimberly does not exist.

    As to how I was able to hear of “Profit Siege”:  If you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate Gomer, within the last week Kyle one of the co-founders himself was kind enough to provide a list of companies and products to review for members who are promoting the opportunity available at WA in conjunction with their personal online businesses.

    As is taught in the training at WA, members in their businesses are taught to provide a service to their readers.  It is best done by writing comprehensive reviews of online MLM businesses as well as other training programs to enable readers to gauge which opportunities would serve them the best in trying to build a business if that is to be their intent.  “Profit Siege” was just the name of one of over 100 that Kyle provided to members like myself who promote the opportunity available at WA.

    Thank you for reading this article and sharing your thoughts, Gomer!



  3. Many thanks for your investigation and warning. You’ve helped me and countless others avoiding this shameless sham. I gotta admit, the site was professionally done graphically, but as you’ve mentioned all of what it promises are simply illogical. By the way, do you have any idea what actually they are teaching? Is it forex trading, Bitcoin etc etc?

  4. Hi, Issac!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts about this scam company.  As to what they’re teaching regarding anything being legit, I believe they teach nothing that is at all useful or a way to honestly make money. 

    A similar scam run by a different program informs people that by simply placing ads all of the Internet for Fortune 500 companies, (and the companies themselves have absolutely nothing to do with this scheme), these individuals potentially could make a lot of money daily.  They also tell the lie that somehow, these companies are forced to hire people to do this work as they’re completely unable to do these online advertising chores themselves!  Really?  A company such as Apple is unable to advertise their products themselves so they need people working from home to do this? 

    You may have noticed that I made mention of a fictional person named Kimberly from Chandler, Arizona who provided a testimonial for Profit Siege. This same individual also stated that with this other opportunity at “Replace Your Job”, she was making around $40,000 per month by simply posting ads online for Fortune 500 companies. What a bunch of garbage!!! Please!!

    This company, Profit Siege is completely bogus and hopefully everyone reading this article would be able to understand that fact.

    Thanks again for reading this article, Issac!



  5. Hey, Jeff thanks for doing this review to expose the online scams out there. As a fellow WA affiliate, I think it is important to expose these scams so that people don’t get burned. A lot of people are skeptical of online websites that claim that they can teach you to make money online. This makes legit websites like Wealthy Affiliate look bad because people don’t think they can trust it. Again thanks for exposing the scammers and letting people know where they can really make money online.

  6. Hi, Logan!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also sharing with me your concise thoughts. I agree with you 100%.  It still is the incredibly large number of fraudulent money-making programs that can still be found, unfortunately, online that make legit programs such as Wealthy Affiliate look bad. 

    As you said, and especially if a person were to get scammed by any one of these fraud programs, losing a lot of money in the process being psychologically scarred he/she simply does not want to get involved with even a program such as Wealthy Affiliate.  That would be a shame as WA is the best program out there that will teach a motivated person how to slowly build passive income through owning an online business.

    I wish all of the best to you, Logan, in your venture that involves you with Wealthy Affiliate!



  7. Dear Jeff,

    That’s a very thorough review on Profit Siege and you have really covered all bases. I strongly believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

  8. Thank you once again for visiting and commenting on one of my article review posts, Paul. I do so appreciate your support!


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