Review: What Is Market Force? Hey Do You Like Going To The Movies?

Does This Company Provide Legit Opportunities For An Individual To Make Extra Money Online?

What Is Market Force

As this article is entitled: What Is Market Force, I intend to provide information to you about a company that among other things, purportedly provides opportunities for people to make extra money for themselves on the Internet.

I want to emphasize two words in the above sentence: “extra money”.

Unlike other money making online ventures that are available in affiliate marketing, MLM businesses, and a company that I am involved with called Wealthy Affiliate, Market Force simply cannot be approached as if it would be something that could be done full time, (and with that, potentially earning full-time income).

This company which goes by the full-name of Market Force Information Inc, and actually is an accredited business with the BBB, instead provides a person with opportunities to earn extra income in the fields of survey taking, mystery shopping and one other which the bulk of this article will address: making extra money by working as a “Certified Field Associate” in local movie theaters.

So let’s get started with the review of Market Force, as well as come to a conclusion if this company’s opportunity to make extra money is actually legit.


Online Money-making opportunity: (link to the company’s homepage) Market Force Information Inc.

Market Force Information Inc., has home offices in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France and Spain.  The company was founded in 2005.

The current CEO is a Mr. Ray Walsh.

The current CFO is a Mr. Joe Correia.

Besides being listed as a comparative shopping and survey service, Market Force also offers money-making opportunities by working with local movie theaters.

To price to join as a Market Force “Certified Field Associate” – Free!

I could not find a minimum age requirement, but as I eventually provide info as to the number of assignments that would be a part of this “gig”, I can only imagine that the individual must be a legal-age adult in the U.S., or age 18.

On the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) Market Force Information Inc. is listed as an accredited business opportunity with the organization.

Although the company has as number of offices scattered throughout the U.S., in this country Market Force is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, (not the more well-known city in Kentucky).

The BBB first opened a file on Market Force back in February 2008, and first designated them as being an officially accredited business several months later in June 2008.

The BBB has assigned a grade of A+ to Market Force for how the company conducts its business.  This is despite the fact, and clearly seen on the BBB’s report (again linked here) that out of 13 customer reviews that have been submitted so far to the organization about Market Force, only 3 of these reviews were positive while the remaining 10 were very negative.

In addition, there have been 25 complaints submitted by dissatisfied individuals against Market Force.  Take those two facts for whatever they may mean, (# of complaints plus negative reviews).  Still, the BBB has assigned the highest rating grade possible for the company!

Information about how to earn extra money with Market Force Information, Inc. What Is Market Force

I have issued reviews of many online sites that involve a person taking surveys to make extra money for him/herself online.

I have also issued a review of one company called Goodwin Hospitality in which a person could attempt to earn extra money as a mystery shopper.

To be frank, I did not think very highly of any venture that would involve a person spending money, (whether it be at a high-end department store, eating at a restaurant, etc.) in order to make some money back.

The refund you would get coming back from the shopping program would not equal the amount of money you had spent buying a product, at a store or the food bill you had to pay at a restaurant.

If you were to shop at a department store such as Nordstroms, where a pair of upscale designer blue jeans might set you back $250 the process of being a mystery shopper would involve you having to first purchase a product.

Then, you would be asked to fill out answers to a number of questions highlighting your shopping experience at that store; especially going into detail about the physical look inside the store, how many products you may have sampled before making a purchase(s), any products that were on sale, any interaction with employees, the number of other customers inside the store, the amount of time you spent in the store, how the parking facilities were outside of the store, and etc.

Only when handing in the questionnaire form would you eventually get some money back from the mystery shopping program.  As I said earlier in many instances, the amount of money that you would get back would NOT be equal to the purchase price of whatever you paid for the product that you bought as a mystery shopper.

It would also go for eating at a restaurant – money coming back would not come anywhere near to the price of the food bill that you shelled out for that meal.  And for a family of four who happened to go out to a restaurant for a meal together?

Your refund coming back to you from that mystery shopping program would not even be in the same universe compared to what you had to spend coming out of your wallet!

So let’s look at what Market Force has made available for people who simply love going to the movie theater.  Might as well and try to make some extra money for yourself while watching the latest Star War’s Movie.

Certified Field Associate Movie Attendee in Market Force’s Program:

Unfortunately, this would be very much a part-time gig. Also understand that it is not available in every single country in the world.  Market Force only has a presence in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Spain and France.

**** If you do live outside of those areas and have been looking for a way to make money online, I again bring up what I consider to be My Top Recommendation that is with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

For avid movie fans, this opportunity truthfully has nothing to do with going to the movies, however.****

For the most part opportunities to work as a Certified Field Associate would only be available on the weekends from Friday through Sunday.   This is understandable as a majority of movie lovers only show up at the theaters on the weekends. What Is Market Force

It is stated that when you would be given an assignment after you had enrolled in the program that your entrance to get into the theater would be for free.   In some instances, such as if you normally would have decided to attend a Friday night 9 pm performance of an IMAX 3-D movie, you would be saving as much as $20 – 25 for the cost of one ticket.

Upon enrolling and becoming a Certified Field Associate in Market Force’s theater program, you would be given a letter of authorization.  Here would be some gigs as actually doing work would be required as part of an Associate having the opportunity to earn some part-time income.

What, did you somehow believe that you’d only have to show up and watch the movie while getting paid to do so?  I don’t think so, my friend!

Trailer check: Watch, take notes and provide written info, (to be turned in) on all trailer showings on screens prior to the main feature.

Open check: Count the number of patrons attending the showtime(s) that has been assigned to you. Collect all box office info at the end of your assigned day.

Blind check: Covertly count the number of patrons attending all show times of features that you have been assigned to as part of your responsibilities.

Advertisement check: Watch and record, (taking notes on paper) of all advertisement/commercials, (not of actual trailers) in shows prior to the feature movies.

Sneak check: Watch a sneak preview of an upcoming release, collecting the reactions of customers plus their demographic information.

Comprehensive check: Collect a variety of info on new releases, patron counts, ticket prices, sound and visual quality of the theater, trailers, advertisement/commercials, etc to be reported as a comprehensive overall assessment of the entire movie theater experience that attendees might be provided as part of their excursion.

If a person is quite interested in becoming a Certified Field Associate there are more questions that are discussed and answered at Market Force’s FAQ page.

One thing that I did notice on the FAQ page:  The people associated with Market Force who run the Associate program take it quite seriously. If upon being given a number of assignments to earn extra income, if an associate were to keep blowing off these assignments he/she would be dropped from participating further in the program.

The company would also expect that any reports, forms, etc., that were a part of the assignment be handed in within a respectable time period.  Handing in assignments a week or so late would not be acceptable.

Furthermore, I can only assume that living in a more densely populated area would present a person the opportunity to make more money through this type of work as a Certified Field Associate, (more theaters and with that the possibility of being given out more assignments) as opposed to if you were to live in a remote location that had one local theater covering an area of 10+ miles.  Furthermore with the theater only capable of showing 4 or 5 movies at any one, single time.

How much could one be expected to get paid? What Is Market Force

Unfortunately, nowhere on Market Force’s site do they provide details about the Certified Field Associate/movie attendee program, specifying how much money a person could make in this type of venture.

This is the type of extra income job that would be very suitable for a person who considers him/herself to be an avid movie buff.   If this individual goes to movies regularly each weekend, then why not consider becoming an associate as a way to make money on the side?

Besides to all movie buffs who do become associates:  Attending movies for you would be for FREE!  Just understand that along with that as being an associate, it would also include you having to do a bit of work, plus writing detailed reports to put that extra money into your pocket!

Yes, at least with becoming a Certified Field Associate, as opposed to being a mystery shopper, it would not be costing you extra money as you would not be required to purchase anything in order to get something, ($) back!

One More Thing. .

If you’re not a movie buff, or else simply don’t believe that this opportunity, admittedly only part time does not meet up with your expectations regarding making money online, I do want to propose once again an alternative suggestion that involves a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization.What Is Market Force

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme so you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: What Is Market Force? Hey Do You Like Going To The Movies?

  1. I always laugh at the ads I see for the Mystery Shopper type of income. Its more of a coupon or a way to get your stuff for a lower price. I need extra income to do things like paying bills not spending extra money shopping with money I do not already have. Great review on those types.
    I never heard of this movie gig though. That sounds like something I would enjoy. I don’t always get to go to the new movies becuase they can get expensive by going to see all the good ones that come out. Doing that little bit of work to get to see all the new movies would definitely be worth my time.

  2. Hi Frank!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also for issuing your outstanding thoughts.  I agree with you 100% in fact practically stating so in the article concerning mystery shopping.  It’s not the type of venture that is going to allow you to consistently earn money for yourself – not when you first have to spend money on the purchase of products. 

     The movie venture though is quite legit, just as long as people understand that there is work that would be expected to be accomplished, watching the movie is really secondary to what this company, Market Force would require.

    Thank you for stopping by, Frank!



  3. I have alway’s looked upon these mystery shopper offer’s as a potential scam, however, you have illustrated a legitimate operation, as you articulated, this is certainly a part-time gig at best, unless as you also stated you may be an avid movie guru. Certainly, on the other side of your article I must say with complete certainty that the WA platform is the most honest and reputable online business that I have run into, so here I am 4 month’s later with a formulated website thank you WA. This content has been a very gratifying read, and I hope to see you soon, Jack

  4. Hi Jack.  Thank you so very much for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts.  It’s true about the opportunity involving Market Force and getting paid for work done at movie theaters.  Part-time at best especially considering the fact that the individual would in a majority of cases only be hired to work on the weekends.  Therefore, he/she could not treat it as a 5 day, 40 hour/week gig.  WA indeed is a great platform to learn how to run a legitimate online business, provided that the individual is willing to put in the effort.

    Thank you again Jack for the visit!



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