Review: What Is Hubspot Academy?

Does This Online Training Site Provide Beneficial Education To People Seeking To Learn How To Run An Online Business? What Is Hubspot Academy

Whether you consider yourself to be a newbie, a person who has never previously run an online business or a seasoned entrepreneur there is one absolute fact that everyone should consider:

You can always benefit by having the opportunity to receive first-class educational training that would enable you, over time, to build a very profitable online business!

In attempting to answer the question posed in the title to this article: What Is Hubspot Academy? –  In this review I will attempt to provide you with information as to whether this particular business training program would actually help a person to eventually have success in running an online business.

In particular, would the level of training for newbies provide them with the appropriate education that would enable them to understand the nuances regarding online business ownership?

Having the ability to own a financially successful online business is never achieved through some type of get-rich-quick scheme venture that I have always attempted to make a clear point of, seen previously in articles posted on this website.

I can tell you that the professors and other lecturers who teach the online courses available at Hubspot also have that same philosophy about the lies inherent in bogus opportunities regarding owning a business.

You’re not going to blow through Hubspot Academy’s certification courses in record time and then within a week be able to earn 5 figures, (at least $10,000)  after you have created your first website with sales coming in by the bush load.

If you’re looking for something like that garbage, then Hubspot Academy will not be for you.  This will be explained below when I talk about the certification courses regarding the time and preparation that would be necessary on the student’s part to even pass them as measured by academic tests along the way.

Oh and by the way in case you somehow still believe that get-rich-quick schemes are the real deal, then truly I feel sorry for you. Perhaps you have not been scarred yet, (losing money) as I have in some previous scam ventures that I now regret ever joining.


Online Business Training Program: Hubspot Academy

The online school opened in 2012. Mark Kilens the current Vice-President of the school created it that year.

Cost to enroll and receive training at Hubspot Academy: Free! There is never a charge to take part in the course certification and video training that is offered at Hubspot Academy.

Now if one already owns a business and seeks to take it to the next level, HubSpot does offer a number of product/packages on several platforms. Those are not free and are not related to the education that is offered at this site.

For the purpose of this particular article, I am focusing in on just the educational business training that is offered at Hubspot Academy.  Again, the entire educational training is for free!

On the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Hubspot Academy is not listed.  Therefore, no one from the BBB has reviewed this online training program and it is not been accredited as yet by the organization.

A peek behind the curtain regarding Hubspot Academy’s training and certification courses:

According to info that was made available at the site, there are over 137,000 people who have enrolled in Hubspot Academy’s online school to receive training in their various online business classes. What Is Hubspot Academy

While Hubspot’s training classes are only available in English, as for the rest of the site having to do with making available products and features to aid a person in being able to run his/her online business, communication is available for Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Japanese individuals.

Hubspot Academy offers 13 certification courses in the following areas towards teaching a person how to run an online business:

1). Inbound Certification

2). Content Marketing

3). Inbound Sales

4). Sales Enablement

5). Email Marketing

6). Hubspot Marketing Software

7). Hubspot Contextual Marketing

8). Hubspot Design,  as well as others.

Sometime soon, Hubspot will also be adding a course on Social Media Marketing available for a person to attain certification at the Academy.

Again, remember that all of these courses would be taken for free.  All you would have to do is register an account at their site.

Hubspot would also offer for free, marketing and sales tools for the individual who already has his/her website set-up or is thinking of doing so in the near future. These tools would include:


1). Dashboard

2). Lead Flows

3). Collected Forms

4). Contact Database

5). Kickback Emails


1). Email Templates

2). Email Tracking

3). Email Scheduling

4). Prospects

5). Documents

6). Inbox Profiles

Hubspot Academy’s training videos:

On their site, I was actually able to review any of their course training videos without even having to register as a student.  Piqued especially with their training regarding CTA’s (or Calls To Action) I went through a handful of Hubspot Academy’s videos on this particular subject.  I must say that the info presented by the instructor seen in the videos was quite useful and filmed in an easy-to-understand-manner even for a complete novice.

What is also a major part of taking certification courses at Hubspot Academy – Passing their tests!

As I tried to emphasize above, Hubspot Academy is not to be considered as some sort of fraud program; one that a person could breeze through in a matter of a few days.

Number one if a student even considering the fact that the education is free, he/she would learn next to nothing treating what Hubspot has to offer as some sort of lark. What Is Hubspot Academy

In order to be certified in passing any of the courses, it is required that a student not only complete all the online assignments. But in addition to that there is an extensive test offered up at the end of each course which student must pass obviously in order to receive certification from Hubspot Academy.

Apparently, Hubspot realizes that not everyone may pass the first, or even second time after completing the tasks assigned for a certification course.

The school has a process which states that the student must wait at least 24 hours before he/she could make another attempt to pass it. In the intervening time, perhaps the student could do something that should have been done from the beginning: Study!

If the student somehow fails to pass the test on 5 attempts, he/she would then be locked out from making another attempt to pass that particular certification test for a period of 30 days.

****By the way if for some reason the task of passing tests regarding educational training to allow you to learn how to run an online business is something that does not appeal to you, another way to go about it would be found with what I feel is My Top Recommendation to make money while working from home.****

A YouTube video that discusses Hubspot Academy:

Below is a YouTube video taken from Hubspot Academy’s channel that features what students enrolled in the school have to say regarding the level of training that they received on how to run a profitable online business. The video is under 3 minutes long:


Please click on this link here to see the active staff/lecturers at Hubspot Academy.

Live Training Classes offered by Hubspot Academy in the near future from locales across the world!

For those people who might not be “newbies” but being more seasoned business owners wanting to take it to the next level, Hubspot also offers live training classes. These classes, however, are not free. Below, are examples of two such classes/seminars taking place in very separate parts of the world.

– On March 8th, 2018 Hubspot is offering a one-day seminar session taking place in Denver, Colorado. The course is entitled: “Sales and Marketing Alignment”. The price for one person to attend this training seminar would be $500.

– On March 12th – 14th, 2018, Hubspot is offering a 3-day seminar session that is taking place in Sydney, Australia. This course is entitled: “Marketing Fundamentals”. The price for one person to attend this seminar would be $1,000.

I can only believe that in the future, Hubspot Academy will offer similar training seminars in various locations throughout the world, in fact one is mentioned as taking place soon in Dublin, Ireland.

Hubspot also offers private training sessions for interested individuals perhaps already set up in a business. Bring out your checkbook or have your credit card handy as Hubspot would charge $5,000/day for these types of training sessions!

My final thoughts on Hubspot Academy: What Is Hubspot Academy

About one week ago here on this site, I issued a review of another online business training school called MOBI, (or My Own Business Institute). As is the case with Hubspot Academy, MOBI also offered free online education at their site for people wanting to learn how to run a profitable online business.

In comparing the two, I think that Hubspot comes out on top. I say this particularly as the training seems to be more in-depth compared to what is offered at MOBI. I also was impressed with the one series of training videos, (CTA’s) that I was able to view at Hubspot, something that I could not do at MOBI with any of their courses not being a member of that school.

I believe at Hubspot, that the certification courses would be a bit more challenging. If a student were to treat the training as a joke, more than likely he/she would completely fail any of the schools final tests/examinations that would allow him/her to become certified.

In answer to the subtitle above to start off this article, most definitely in my opinion Hubspot Academy would offer genuine education to help a person eventually become successful in running an online business. The one requirement would be that the student take the training seriously.

Otherwise, without any doubt he/she would be getting back a bunch of “F’s” regarding test scores that he/she attempted to take all because the individual did not adequately do the prep work ahead of time.

There is another program that features free educational training on how to run an online business that can be found with Wealthy Affiliate, as that program will teach you how to make money online.



4 thoughts on “Review: What Is Hubspot Academy?

  1. Thanks for the great article on What Is Hubspot Academy. There are so many scams claiming online training that will make you rich overnight. Or others that make you pay huge amounts of money for little or nothing, just take your money and run.
    Hubspot certainly looks to be legit and from what you are saying they provide quality training. I like the free part as long as you get something valuable. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
    You are right, there are no get rich quick ways of making money online, except maybe by scamming people. To earn income online you have to work for it. Like any legit business, it takes time and effort and the right training.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi, Ed!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also for sharing your concise thoughts.  Hubspot Academy through research allowed me to come to the conclusion that it is a legit training program to teach a person how to run an online business.  True, the cost for this level of training would be for free.  However even with a person paying nothing that would allow him/her to participate in the program, if the individual is serious about doing the tasks then he/she will get something out of it.  

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Ed.  They are appreciated by me, sir!



  3. Very interesting article.
    In fact, after reading it I’ve already clicked your link to access Hubspot Academy’s website to check it out more closely.
    Online business owners who are just starting out are usually on a tight budget. Therefore, these free courses would definitely come in handy.
    Do they offer any kind of Discussion area where one can ask questions, even for the non-paying students? I believe this is key to a true learning process.
    Thanks again!

  4. Hi, Elaine!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for providing your thoughts.  As to your question as to whether or not Hubspot Academy has some type of way for students to interact with each other similar to the community that is very much a part of Wealthy Affiliate, I’m afraid that no such info was provided at all on their website.

    I agree with your assessment that being able to engage in a community of like-minded individuals is extremely important to the success of those students.  If Hubspot has no such activity available to their students, (and again no info was provided anywhere on their website) than if anything the Academy is not providing everything that it could possibly provide for the site’s members.

    Again, thank you for your comments Elaine.  They are very much appreciated by me!



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