Review: What Is Cabionline?

Can You Make Legit Money Through Having An Online Business With This Company?


Online Money making opportunity:  Cabi

Founded back around 2003.  Two women, clothing designer Carol Anderson and managing consultant Kimberly Inskeep along with 10 other friends created Cabi. What Is Cabionline

The concept behind the creation of this company was to present women with an alternative to just running to a large mall while undertaking the task of clothes, shoes or jewelry shopping.

Cabi was created to present the clothes shopping experience to women as being something completely different and as a much better alternative than the usual “mall” thing.

Price to join:  A $2,570 initial fee to purchase what is called by Cabi their “Seasonal Inventory”.  This would consist of the company’s representative samples of new clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessory lines for the year.

A member pursuing this opportunity as a business would be responsible for selling the inventory to customers, (that she had to recruit).

While the company is based in the U.S., (Los Angeles), Cabi has expanded into Canada and the U.K.

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Cabi –  A legit opportunity regarding running an online business?

When issuing reviews of online business opportunities such as this one regarding a company called Cabi, I have one goal in mind:

That is to present as clear a picture as possible as to whether or not a person could invest whatever fees would be required to join the program and potentially earn money in the venture.

Or else, conversely make it as obvious as possible to the reader that he/she would be much better off passing on that particular company/program.

So, what is Cabionline as a company?  Right off the bat, on one of the site’s pages Cabi makes clear what their philosophy is regarding the shopping experience for women.

The aim of the original 12 women who created Cabi almost 15 years ago, was to create a much more pleasant experience shopping experience for females.

The mission behind Cabi is spelled out quite bluntly where, found in the middle of this same page, is the statement: “A company for women, by women”!

Sorry guys, but much like two other online businesses that I have previously reviewed here on this site called “Stella and Dot”, and with the second called “Chloe & Isabel Jewelry”; Cabi represents an exclusive opportunity for women only to try and make money in an online business.

Cabi – an online MLM company! What Is Cabionline

Unlike both the two programs mentioned in the paragraph above, Cabi is an online multi-level marketing, (MLM) business.

A woman who joins the company with the intent of running it as a business would be successful if she could build a team, consisting of downlines up to 4 levels beneath her thus maximizing her profits.

As Cabi DOES sell physical products in clothing, shoes, jewelry, and apparel with its business model set-up, the company is not an illegal pyramid scheme as defined here on Wikipedia.

An illegal pyramid scheme would be a company that does not sell physical products, but only recruits people to join the scheme based on the possibility, (rather non-existent at that) that they each could miraculously earn money.

Again, understand that Cabi IS legal regarding its company business model structure as they do sell physical products.

Still, understand this as it relates directly to one thing that I have always loathed about MLM online businesses:

Should you as a woman join Cabi as part of a team, you would initially be placed on the lowest rung of the ladder.  With 4 team members above you, a good percentage of your earnings would be distributed among the people in your upline, rather than all of it going to you.

It’s the nature of the beast looking at online MLM businesses.

The 3 ways to potentially make money at Cabi regarding running your online business:

Called the “Cabi Business Model”, should you as a woman see the possibility to make some $$ in this venture also “being your own boss” here is how it could be done at Cabi.

Remember that every person who joins Cabi pursuing this as a business venture would have had to fork over $2,570 for representative samples of the company’s “Seasonal Inventory”:

1). Working strictly by yourself, you could attempt to sell the company’s line of products through personal sales.  I would assume being by yourself instead of joining a team, you would probably have to know a LOT of friends/family members, women, who all are into fashions regarding clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

Cabi’s commission set up would allow you, working by yourself to earn between 25% to 33% on the items that you sell.

2). You could slowly build a team of other female friends, (who each might have other friends) and, as stated above build a downline 4 levels deep with you sitting on the top rung.

The earnings’ percentage based on Cabi’s business model is seen below in the image:

What Is Cabionline


Hey, you could earn 2% commission on sales from that individual(s) placed 4 levels below you.  You might not even know the gal personally!  She does the work, and you get a percentage of all the sales that she makes!  Life is good for you, right?

3).  You become a stylist.  You would be the individual who at hosted parties discusses, provides examples, demonstrates and does her best to pique the interest of attendees regarding the company’s products while also trying to eventually make sales.

More money would be available for stylists pursuing Cabi’s opportunity as a business because, working under a mentor/veteran stylist, she would be responsible for working as many hosting parties as possible.  And selling the company’s line of products.

I include, below, an image taken from the site of what a full-time stylist, who has also built a pretty well-formed team, (45 members) below her makes annually.

As is seen in the image with this woman doing her role as a stylist at 4 hosting parties per month, she would earn close to $125,000 per year with Cabi!  Part of her profits was also derived from what all of her team members were able to sell themselves, coming in the form of commission percentages.

What Is Cabionline


The secret for a woman earning that kind of income was due to her ability to be able to sell the entire program to other women, recruiting them to join Cabi.  And underneath her, each member of the team being able to successfully recruit others down to that 4th level.

If you’re not good at promoting the value of Cabi and what it has to offer – not only looking at the company’s products but also what could be made monetarily as an online business, then no, you won’t be making around $125,000/year as did the one woman.

Hosting parties:

Just like the two companies that I mentioned above, at Cabi, hosting parties has apparently become “the” way to get the word out about the excellence of the company’s products.

So, if you are a member of Cabi pursuing it as a business and you have a LOT of friends, while working with a stylist, (you would not have to present the products yourself)  it could be the best way of getting your friends to open up their pocket books, reach for that charge/debit card and purchase the company’s products right there on the spot at the party!

Best of all as a host, you would get 50% off the price of Cabi’s products should you decide to buy them for yourself and/or family members to give away as gifts. Perhaps enticing them to join, hint-hint!

The more parties that you host, the more income you could make in your business at Cabi!  I’m just not sure how high your grocery bill would be as you provide the food a few times per month for your guests, lol!

A Cabi-sponsored YouTube video:

Cabi’s line of products:

Cabi attempts to sell the latest design trends regarding clothing while, at the same time not charging an arm and a leg, (as if a person is shopping at an upscale store such as Nordstrom, where I once saw a pair of men’s blue-jeans costing some $225) for the cost of their products.

I broke down Cabi’s products into different categories.  Within each category, I listed the price range, low to high, for the products available each season designed specifically by the company:


Women’s Tops:  Shirts, blouses, tees, and tops.  Price range between $69 – $99.


Women’s Bottoms: Skirts, skinny jeans, leggings, denim, and trousers.  Price range between $89 – $119.


Sweaters: Cardigans and Pull-overs.  Price range between $89 – $139. What Is Cabionline


Dresses:  Price range between $109 – $129.


Jackets: Price range between $149 – $209.


Women’s Shoes, (a very limited selection):  Cornaby loafers – $149.

Bisset Booties – $229.

Jewelry: Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklaces.   Price range between $39 – $98.


Accessories:  Deidre scarf – $59.

Emblem belt – $89.


Cabi giving back!

In the spirit of providing for the less fortunate around the world, Cabi has distributed $48 million dollars in clothes to the needy.  Also for every new stylist who comes aboard the company, Cabi will fund a micro-loan in the stylist’s name to a female entrepreneur in a developing country.

Cabi has managed to fund some 11,200 small-business loans around the world to help needy females with their businesses who might otherwise never have gotten the opportunity.

My final thoughts:  Could a woman make money in a business with Cabi?

Without question, the company is legit.  The fact that it has been in business for almost 15 years and has allowed enterprising women to succeed in making money online is a positive attribute.

The company’s products are of high quality without being extravagantly expensive.

While I’ve made it clear, (as well as at other similar companies) that I do not like online MLM business opportunities, it does not mean that all of them are complete scams.

If a woman was to join Cabi and be a part of a team, it would be up to her to motivate herself to just not accept the fact that she had to permanently remain on the lowest rung in a downline.What Is cabionline

If this woman truly wants to enhance her ability to make $$ for herself with Cabi, she would need to roll up her sleeves, do the work and recruit other members to be placed beneath her, while also promoting the company’s line of products.

The other thing that I questioned was the seeming lack of information about training that could not be found anywhere on the website.  Would a new member receive education on how to promote her business, especially if she’s never been involved in such a venture before in her life?

Yes, a stylist would work with a mentor who would teach her how to promote products at host parties.  Still, that stylist might want to create more income for herself by building her own team.  Is training provided enabling a woman to take advantage of social media platforms?

That is the only issue that I have with Cabi as a way for a woman to make money for herself online.

One Other Thing Before I Let You Go. . .

Promoting a business by selling women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories might not be your thing.  If you’re a guy as stated above, you definitely could not pursue this venture at Cabi!

So, if you’re interested in pursuing the opportunity of making money for yourself online, I will now present a completely legit program.  And one that is suitable for both men and women!

Please Click Here To See What Is My Top Recommendation for learning how to create money for yourself online with a program called Wealthy Affiliate. What Is Cabionline

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and along the way, over a million people worldwide have at one time or another  all been members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet for people who seriously want to create income for themselves.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


6 thoughts on “Review: What Is Cabionline?

  1. Interesting. I would have to say that selling women’s clothes is probably not my cup of tea. Your article is very thorough, I give you two thumbs up!! You have to be super careful to make sure these online “opportunities” are not scams. I think you have done a ton of research on Cabionline and it certainly sounds legit, for the right person. I would certainly be interested in your other option, Wealthy Affiliate though. This sounds like a great way for someone to get started with their own online business.

  2. Hi, Steve and Kris.  Thank you for reading the article and also providing your thoughts.  I’m not sure which one of you actually wrote your comments.  If it was you, Steve than I totally understand why this opportunity to sell women’s clothes, (and by a company that makes it clear that it is an online business opportunity for women only) would not be for you. In fact, not all women might not like it either.

    If you clicked on the link found on the bottom of the page when I talked about Wealthy Affiliate, you would have been re-directed to my landing page.   In the lengthy article in which I discuss all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and the legit opportunity that it presents to an individual motivated to achieve success through running an online business, I make it crystal clear about my feelings, (my now being a member of WA for two and a half years) about this program.  The best one online, case closed.  As I stated near the bottom of the Cabionline article, at one time or another over 800,000 people being members of WA also speaks volumes about this company’s absolute legitimacy.

    Thank you again for visiting my site and reading the article!



  3. Thank you for this article. Even though I am a guy, I would like to find something similar to Cabi for something for me to sell as a guy. By chance would you know of anything that a guy could sell for something like Cabi?

    I think it is a cool idea to provide a better shopping experience for men so they know what to buy. Let me know if you know of anything. Thanks!

  4. Hello,

    Good morning . A great site well structured with the images and about joining cabi online. You have mentioned Cabi an online MLM company. Also a good explanation as there are 3 ways to make money with Cabi. The commission structure is good , but bear in mind this is a jewellery and your audience is who can afford to buy jewellery .I wish you success and congratulations as you did a great site with information.


  5. Hi Shah!  Thank you for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts. I get the feeling though, after reading your statement about any jewelry sold by Cabi, that you believe that I actually work for this company.  It’s not so, especially as I don’t qualify being male.  They only have females involved in this company’s business. I mentioned in my review the Cabi’s philosophy.  “A company for women created by women!”  No males allowed, lol!   I just wrote this article to review the company as a whole, highlighting the ways in which it potentially could be a lucrative venture for a woman interested in running an online business.

    Yes, the commission structure is good – provided that you’re not the person on the bottom rung of this MLM online business. A good percentage of what you can bring in monetarily always goes by increments to the 4 people above you in the upline.  I also questioned if any sound marketing and training would be offered by this company. Nothing was mentioned at all on the website.  A woman interested in joining would have to plunk down almost $2,600 and hope that she receives training on how to market the company’s various products.

    Getting back to the jewelry, Shah that is not the #1 product sold by Cabi business women.   Without a doubt, their lines of clothing is #1. 

    Thank you for your thoughts, Shah!



  6. Hi, Brendan.  Thank you for reading this article and also sharing your thoughts.  In answer to your question about the possibility of their being an online business venture in clothing that would be suitable only for a man to pursue.  Honestly, I don’t know of one, Brendan.

    With the change in philosophy over the last 10+ years or so regarding women being just as adept at running a business as men, opportunities by the boatload are available online for females.  There are legit sites online that specialize in providing info about jobs for “stay at home moms”.  It rightfully crushes the old stereotype that women, (married) are only housewives, (doing the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, etc) being supported by their husbands who are the family breadwinners. Very 1950s thinking, (reminding me of the old “I Love Lucy” and “Leave it to Beaver” television shows of that era) and now COMPLETELY outdated!  And it’s all good in my opinion.

    Unfortunately, improving the shopping experience for men by the presence of online sites that specialize in allowing a man to run a business along the same lines of what I presented with Cabi in this article is just something that I’ve never seen on the Internet.  Sorry!

    Thank you again, however Brendan for your thoughts, sir!  They are very much appreciated by me!



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