Review – Wealthy Affiliate! (2018 Updated)

My #1 recommended program  – A Review of Wealthy Affiliate (2018 Updated) Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: $0 Starter Membership, (get free account here)

Who is it for: Newbies – Expert online entrepreneurs

Overall rating: 98 out of 100

As I now have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years,  I have accumulated much knowledge and experience as to the value that this training program could be for motivated individuals seeking to learn how to run a potentially lucrative online business.

When this article was originally written back in the early summer of 2015, in a sense I was “wet behind the ears”.  I did not have anywhere near the level of educational training and wisdom when it comes to understanding exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

I hope that in this updated article, I can present a more in-depth analysis of how the company works.

In fact during that time period, Wealthy Affiliate has gone through a lot of updated improvements regarding training and tools; the latter of which has to do with the safety and function of members’ websites.

Those involved with running Wealthy Affiliate on a daily basis behind the scenes are just not satisfied with remaining at the same level, or at “status quo”.

The company keeps raising the bar.  It is a reason why, without a shadow of a doubt, I feel that Wealthy Affiliate is the best such educational training program regarding online business ownership on the Internet.  Bar none!

Wealthy Affiliate has been an incorporated online business site since 2005.  It was founded by two business entrepreneurs Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

Between the two of them, Kyle and Carson, having backgrounds in computer programming, information technology and marketing they set out to develop a business model geared towards helping highly motivated individuals generate legitimate income on the Internet.

Over the past 13 years, in total at one time or another over 1 million people worldwide have been members of Wealthy Affiliate.

What exactly is Wealthy Affiliate? Review Wealthy Affiliate

Founded by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate is both an educational training arena and a community consisting of individuals who together, have like-minded goals in being able to own a business in affiliate marketing.

Below are some of the concepts that are featured once you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate:

1). Beginner training courses.

2). Training classrooms.

3). Live 24/7/365 support.

4). The opportunity to create 2 websites, hosted by WA and for free! Unlike when I first joined WA back in early 2015, now every website has the possibility in it being protected through SSL, (or Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol.  This is in keeping with strongly suggested guidelines proposed by WordPress; the most popular developer of websites on the Internet.

5). Access to a powerful keyword research tool – Jaaxy, unquestionably the best such tool on the Internet.

6). Live one-one-one training with a mentor, (either Kyle or Carson themselves)!

7). State of the art secure hosting.

8). A strict spam free environment within the WA organization!  Any individual member is strictly forbidden from selfishly promoting him/herself as a way to make money in an underhanded manner, attempting to con other members.  This is something that does occur with other programs that are littered with spam promotions on a daily basis.  I know because before joining WA, I foolishly was a member of such companies.

You would get all of the above at $0 cost to you initially.  For the first 7 days of your membership, you do not have to commit one penny into this opportunity.  It’s a chance to “kick the tires” to see if this would be the ideal opportunity for you to generate legitimate income online as a business.

You can also choose to remain at the starter/free level for as long as you like should you decide to permanently join WA.

HOWEVER, understand one very important thing:

That is at the starter/free membership level you will NOT be able to have all of the complete training, (especially WA’s complete 7-phases of “Bootcamp” training where you would be taught how to promote the company as a business), the ability to create more than 2 websites, access to one-on-one mentor training past the 7th day, access to weekly live web training sessions, or experience the entire package that would be available should you decide to eventually upgrade to the premium membership level.

Below are photos of the two founders of WA – Kyle on the left and Carson on the right:

WA #1 recommendationWA #1 recommendation

Who would benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is geared for the newbie individual who has never had any experience trying to promote a business online.  It is also geared all the way up to the veteran and highly successful entrepreneur who has years of experience in the same business realm – marketing products through an online business.

In fact, if one were to randomly interview around 250 individuals from around the globe who are currently members of Wealthy Affiliate, it would yield a smorgasbord of different levels of experience in running online businesses.

This opportunity is also great for motivated people from the age of 15  up to past 80-years old!  Within Wealthy Affiliate’s membership you would find college students, stay-at-home Moms, (and Dads), people involved in earning extra income to support regular jobs, as well as retired individuals now well into their 80’s!

Any, no everyone who has a desire to generate legitimate income online in running his or her own business would benefit from being a member of Wealthy Affiliate!

What exactly does one do to earn income after joining Wealthy Affiliate?

In your goal of generating legitimate income and revenue through an online business with Wealthy Affiliate, you would be taught the understanding that there are really two ways you can do this: Review Wealthy Affiliate

1).  You can follow your own passions and interests!  You could have a love for baby clothes, bicycling, gardening, dieting, exercise, or jewelry.

Whatever it is that you simply love and is important in your life you could promote that specific interest through an online business, marketing the product.

By joining an affiliate program in your area of interest you would help sell the product, (baby clothes as an example) and earn revenue in your business.

Amazon’s online site is one example of an affiliate program.

2).  As I previously stated above, Wealthy Affiliate itself can be promoted as a marketing product as a way for you to earn revenue in your business. Wealthy Affiliate has what is called a “Bootcamp” where you are provided complete education and training to help you succeed as you promote the site itself to people looking to earn revenue through an online business.

This Bootcamp is designed for even the individual who has absolutely zero experience in running his or her own online income-generating business.  Just remember that for you to receive the opportunity in getting the full Bootcamp experience, (all 7 phases), you would have to upgrade to the Premium membership level.  The Starter/free membership level would only include the first phase of the Bootcamp.

The process is complemented by the fact that you will have your own website(s) to promote your business.  As a member upon joining, (and for $0 through the free membership period trial) you will have the opportunity to create 2 free websites, that will be hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

Through the website, (which you will create) and through content that you add to it in promoting your product within your interest you will earn revenue as visitors eventually make purchases of what you are promoting with your affiliate program.  You also can earn revenue through advertisements as well.

What else is involved behind the curtain that you don’t see regarding Wealthy Affiliate?Review Wealthy Affiliate

Throughout this website, I will post articles that provide details on what are legitimate opportunities for you to generate income online and conversely what are nothing but bogus, fraudulent scams.  The latter for years now have given online businesses a bad reputation, especially with those that are honest.

So, what am I not telling you about Wealthy Affiliate you may be asking yourself?

The company without question, having been in business now for 13 years and having more than a million people worldwide invest themselves into what they have to offer is 100% legitimate!  However here are the two things which I cannot promise you regarding Wealthy Affiliate:

1). Whoever has become a member of Wealthy Affiliate; from Kyle and Carson, all the way down to the individual who joined the company 5 minutes ago will all tell you that you will NOT earn a million + dollars within the next month or two in your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme opportunity!

If this disappoints you well I’m truly sorry! That is how any honest, reputable online business opportunity works.  You have to slowly and steadily grow your business.

You will not be buying that $500,000 Maserati or that multi-million dollar beach home over-looking the Pacific Ocean, near Pebble Beach’s historic golf course within the next month or two after joining Wealthy Affiliate.

By the way, that is how it would work with any other legitimate opportunity promoted on the Internet either!   There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick program that successfully has its members earning money in a business almost immediately after they join.

It’s the scam programs like these that lure unsuspecting people into the garbage that they promote.  The fraud programs all have people foolishly believing that with just a computer, Internet connection and the ability to follow their “proven system”, $$$$$$ will come flowing uncontrolled into these individuals’ bank accounts.

They’re all devious scams folks.  These fraud programs run by in essence criminal deviants have for decades stolen tens of billions of dollars quite illegally, coming from people who all fell for their outright lies.

You must be willing to put in genuine and consistent effort into building up your online business!

2). Also with WA, you will have to work in running your business.  You will have to put in solid hours promoting whatever specific niche product involved with your marketing efforts.

You will attract customers mainly through quality content writing, all posted on your website that you created through the tools offered at Wealthy Affiliate.  This is not an opportunity where you just plug your computer or mobile device into a “system” and then sit back doing absolutely nothing in the way of work.

There absolutely, positively is no other way that you would be able to build up a potentially lucrative online business for yourself!  It would be all about the effort that you put in that would eventually, over time, have you achieving positive results!

Free Price to join Wealthy Affiliate!

1). The Starter Membership price = $0!

Indeed you have the option to initially join Wealthy Affiliate at absolutely zero cost to you. With the option of joining for free, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.Review Wealthy Affiliate

This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, plus access to the keyword tool.

All of that for absolutely zero pennies coming out of your wallet.

This is a great opportunity for those individuals looking to see if a program like Wealthy Affiliate would suit their needs in learning how to run an online business.


Summarized overview:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

My overall ranking: 98 out of 100.  Why not 100 out of 100 you might ask?  Well, no opportunity is absolutely perfect!  As I indicated above joining Wealthy Affiliate will not make you an instant millionaire several months after you sign on.

Again, this opportunity is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme.  I’m sorry to disappoint those individuals who might be seeking such a mirage.

Secondly, again, you will have to work at growing your online business.  You have to constantly develop content on your website(s)!

To attract visitors to what you would be promoting on your website, you need to interest them through the creation of genuine content, such as what you are reading on this page which I took the time to compose myself.  Just realize that the work that you put into your business will eventually reap its benefits as you earn revenue.

In addition to that, you would also need to promote/market both yourself and your business online; especially on various social media platforms.  Do understand that of course you would receive training with all of this, (content writing, social media marketing) right on Wealthy Affiliate’s site and as part of their extensive educational tutorials, (both in video and reading material forms)!

There is also the wonderful WA community, consisting of veteran entrepreneurs who would only be too glad to help you out.  But, you must ask first!  Believe me even the latter would be no problem.  Members of Wealthy Community are always there to help!!

Finally the positives of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate: Review Wealthy Affiliate

1). Access to a level of educational training to help you learn how to create success in an online business that is unmatched with any other like program.

2). The ability to create for yourself, in under 15 minutes, a stunning website to promote whatever niche products that interest you.

3). The training provided in creating a website is as easy as 1. . 2. . 3.  Unlike 10 to 12 years ago you do not have to have knowledge about computer programmng or website design to allow you to build a website from scratch.

4). Only if you’re a premium level member, the opportunity to have your website analyzed and provided useful feedback by members of the WA community.

5). Only if you’re a premium level member, the ability to have article content on your website receive comments within what is called the WA portal.  It works in the same manner regarding website feedback as well.

6). Free hosting of your website(s).

 7). Only if you’re a premium level member, your site having the WA website security package that offers protection against unwanted spam coming from visitors who seek to do nothing but harm.

8). 24/7/365 technical support from a dedicated staff should anything go wrong with your website.

9). The opportunity to receive one-on-one mentor training from a seasoned veteran who has him/herself achieved success in an online business.

10). Only if you’re a premium level member, access to live weekly training sessions in a variety of topics having to do with running an online business.

11). The ability to interact within the WA community that has members numbering in the tens of thousands.

12).  In owning a website, it is required that the individual purchase a domain name.  WA now offers this possibility to members as they can purchase a domain name for their new website directly from the company at an extremely fair price.

This eliminates the WA member from having to go out and purchase domain names from sites such as GoDaddy,  Name Cheap or Host Gator.  Understand that with those companies, you would be inundated with upsell offers and other non-essentials that, if purchased, would greatly drive up the price in $$ coming out of your pocket regarding the domain name for a website.

Some negatives about being a member of Wealthy Affiliate: Review Wealthy Affiliate

Honestly, I do not agree with the two listed below.   However, I have seen it in the past where a small minority of members of this program have voiced some negativity about Wealthy Affiliate.

In presenting them, I will also list my reasons as to why these negative attributes simply do not hold water for EVERY member! Including myself!  However, here they are just below:

1). Some members upon joining have complained that the amount of educational training available at Wealthy Affiliate can be overwhelming to them.

As I stated, this is not necessarily true for most members.  Wealthy Affiliate’s training tutorials are presented in such a way that a new member can go through them at his/her own pace.

There is never any type of outside pressure placed on a new member to go through and finish all of the training by any set time.  Truly I feel that any pressure would come from within that particular individual, and NO ONE ELSE.

As people take in knowledge in various ways, and never at a certain pace the training devised by the two co-founders Kyle and Carson reflect that type of education.

2). Some members have complained that the WA chat which is up and running 24/7, plus the ability for people to post blog articles on the dashboard, (and for others to then issue comments) has lead them to lose focus on running each of their businesses.

You know what my opinion of that is?  Nothing but a bunch of hogwash, and to be blunt a very lame excuse for a member not being able to achieve financial success in his/her business.

Really it takes maturity and a level of self-discipline for a member, (who after all is an adult) to be able to control him/herself in not spending 10 hours a day chit-chatting with other members of the community instead of, more importantly, working on his/her business.

Okay, So What If You’re Interested!

If you are interested at all in finding out more about the Wealthy Affiliate program then I ask that you please CLICK HERE To Receive More Information!

More than ever as we’re rapidly putting to a close already the second decade of the 21st century, with the continued evolution of the Internet anyone who yearns to build success for him/herself through owning an online business the possibilities really are endless.

You just have to get involved in the right opportunity.  I can safely say that Wealthy Affiliate would be THAT program for you, enabling you to achieve whatever level of success, (and money) that you desire!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts I would encourage you to please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below.


33 thoughts on “Review – Wealthy Affiliate! (2018 Updated)

  1. Thank you Jerry for your positive thoughts! I was just trying to do my best in portraying WA as being one of the best opportunities that exists on the Internet for people looking to generate income online in a home business. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

  2. I really like affiliate marketing because it means I don’t need to own any physical products myself or speak to any customers. Even when you are promoting physical products like cameras or computers, you can just refer people to Amazon and get a cut of the profits. Everyone’s a winner.

    The reason I like Wealthy Affiliate is that they teach you the proper way to do affiliate marketing. There are no gimmicks or dodgy tactics, just good training that shows you how to create a great website that will earn you money.

  3. Hi Jeff

    The Wealthy affiliate program looks like a good solid way to build a site to make money online,

    Can I ask though how long does it take before I can make a nice secondary income online?

    Can you make a full time income doing this?

    I have done a lot of work from home businesses that have never quite worked out but going by the reviews that I’ve been seeing online about wealthy affiliate I think I could have finally found what I’ve been looking for.

  4. Hi Andy! Thank you for reading the article and afterwards issuing your thoughts. You asked me questions about earning income and how long it would take you. Honestly it would depend on what direction you would go in your business. What would you be promoting by way of a product? With some niches such as dieting/weight loss or women’s fashions you would be facing stiff competition. Other smaller niches with much less competition – like golf as an example if you take the time to really promote these products well with highly relevant content articles you could build up your business quickly. Andy let me also tell you -and something that I emphasized in the article that you read:

    This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme involving wealthy affiliate. You’re going to have to work your tail off. Don’t think that a month from after you start up your business that you’ll be a millionaire. Any site promising you that ridiculous concept is 100% fraudulent. At WA however you will receive the training and tools which will enable you to start up an online business and grow it into a profitable one. Just don’t expect to set up your business and then sit back doing nothing while miraculously the money starts rolling in, no effort on your part. It won’t happen, sir!

    Yes, you can make a full income from this opportunity. Again Andy it would be up to YOU, however! You’d have to put in the time effort and dedicate yourself to your business.

    If you have any other questions Andy, please contact me through another comment that you can post below the article. I would encourage you to read it again and take the time to click on all of the blue-colored links within the article which will re-direct you to more information about WA.

    Thank you for taking the time again Andy for reading the article. I sincerely hope that I can talk to you again!



  5. Marcus, thank you for the time that you spent reading this article and afterwards issuing your thoughts. I agree with everything that you said. Add into the fact that without a doubt, Wealthy Affiliate has the best program in the world that provides members with training, the tools and community support to assist one in building a business. As you said it involves no sneaky gimmicks, unproven concepts taught in the training, or dodgy tactics that other sites teach to their members.

    WA is without question the real deal and #1 opportunity anywhere for enabling one to grow a successful affiliate marketing business online.

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Marcus!



  6. This seems like a great program to try! I really like that it offers a free trial so that even if it’s not right for you, you can just stop with no consequences. What would you say is the best part about joining this program? I really like the fact that it has an active community because I know that I will need some serious support.

  7. Evan, Hi thank you for both reading the article and issuing your thoughts. In reading your analysis it seems as if Wealthy Affiliate is something that would interest you. What is the best part of the program you ask? I would say the training plus ability to have websites built. The latter done through the site’s numerous number of themes regarding a website is now an easy chore to do. Indeed as you mention the number of people in the community supporting each other is another added feature with WA.

    If you have any more question Evan I would first encourage you to re-read the article and click on all of the links, (blue colored words) that can be found within the body of the article. If you then have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me again Evan through another comment which I will also respond to.

    Thank you for your interest, Evan!



  8. I have learned so much here about the Wealthy Affiliate community, and I must say it sounds like one amazing platform for online business builders 🙂

    There are a lot of fantastic benefits, and I really love the fact that I can get started for free!! You just don’t get that with most affiliate training sites on the web!

    I will check out Wealthy Affiliate, now! Thanks!

  9. Hi Neil! Thank you for reading the article and issuing your thoughts. Indeed if a person is interested in learning how to build a successful online business than you can receive no better training, tools and community support by being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. There simply is no better program in the world and one that is 100% legit.

    If you are indeed interested Neil than I urge you to go through my review again, and also click on all of the links that will provide you even more info about WA. (The links will be the blue-colored words within the text). Please do not hesitate to get back to me if you have any additional questions by posting them in the comments’ section below the article, where your first one will appear. I will of course get to them and help you out with any of your concerns about possibly joining as as member. You also have the option if you want to subscribe into the email series, the pop-up ad that scrolls in from the right. It is 100% spam free and in the series I will provide you with everything you could possibly want to know about online business affiliate marketing.

    Take care and again thank you for taking the time to read my article, Neil!



  10. Affiliate Marketing has so many advantages. I get to create my own business, without a boss. There is very little overhead, and I don’t have to handle people’s money or ship products. All I do Is recommend products to people and if they buy, I make money.

    Wealthy Affiliate played a huge role in teaching me the skills needed to finally make money online. And Like you, I highly recommend it to folks.

  11. Hi Wendy! Thank you for both taking the time to read the article and issuing your very well-articulated thoughts. With your being a member of Wealthy Affiliate as well, indicated in your comments then you’re well aware of the absolute fact that the program is the best out there on the Internet in terms of teaching how people can build a successful online for themselves – whether it be in promoting products through affiliate marketing or in promoting the company itself!

    Thank you again Wendy for your comments!



  12. Really nice website with a great post on wealthy affiliate. The program you laid out rocks. I like how you solved a problem we all have and that is how to make extra money. Its nice to have a program of making money that is tied to a passion. You provided good points for having someone join wealthy affiliate. The overall aesthetics of the page is really nice also; easy to read and I like your use of pics.

  13. Houstoer, sir again I so appreciate your thoughts about this second article that you read at my website. Thank you as well for your remarks about the layout and design of the page. Actually the layout is based on what I learned being with WA. Instead of having glitzy yet distracting ads littering the page, as is taught in training I wanted the focus to be on the article content itself- with just enough pics to aid in the presentation.

    Thank you again so much Houstoer for all of your positive remarks!



  14. Hi Jeff, a very honest and open post of yours. The fact that the Wealthy Affiliate business opportunity has been around for over ten years speaks volumes. I really like the free starter offer which enables people to try the program out at no cost, especially as there are so many scams out there.

  15. Hi Paul! Thank you for reading my article and afterwards offering your opinions. I don’t know if you’re already a member of Wealthy Affiliate or not. But if you’re looking to pursue a venture in owning a business you simply cannot beat what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer through their educational training, tools for building oneself a website(s) plus community support. Best thing that I ever did! Please keep in touch if this is something that you want to pursue, Paul!

    Again thank you for your sincere comments, sir!


  16. Hi Jeff I enjoyed your post, as someone who has been a member of WA for nearly a year I have been very inspired by the level of support they have provided and the quality of the training materials available.

    You are right that building an on-line business is not a get rich scheme, but I think anyone who has been involved in these type of ventures will know they don’t work. You do need instead to learn the right skills and have the right technology including hosting platforms, domain names and email to make your business look professional and get you up and started. Wealthy Affiliate can definitely offer all those tools I can vouch for that.

  17. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for not only reading the article, but also issuing your great thoughts afterwards. I am glad personally that you found WA and find it so great as a way to correctly learn how to build an online business. There simply is no other company out there that offers all of what WA offers by way of training, tools and community support allowing you to grow your business.

    Again thank you for your thoughts Marie and best wishes to your success at WA!



  18. Yeah an awesome place to learn – I started off there several years ago now and I work online full time (have been for years now!). I think the main pro point is that all Wealthy Affiliate members benefit from the company’s honest approach – it’s what drives people on towards their ultimate success!

  19. Hi Chris! Thank you for both reading my review of Wealthy Affiliate and for issuing your comments afterwards. I agree with you 100%. There simply is no program on the Internet that compares with Wealthy Affiliate and all that they have to offer to allow a person to eventually become successful with an online business!


  20. From what I’ve read in your post, everyone could highly benefit by joining Wealthy Affiliate and starting their very own businesses.
    I like how the idea of freedom opens up much more than before now that working from home is a realistic opportunity. For how long have you been a member?

  21. Hi Aless! Thank you for reading the article and then issuing your thoughts! They are very much appreciated by me. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since Feb. of 2015. Indeed although completely biased that with what all that is offered at WA through educational training, tools, (website support) and the community members that it is the absolute best opportunity on the Internet for the individual looking to start an online business for him/herself!

    Again thank you for your sharing your thoughts, Aless!



  22. Their are many dishonest people that are out there and that will do anything just get our hard earn money, so before we seek to get our feet wet i agree we must do some digging before we take the dive. Your website dose a lot in breaking down how to look for a scam, great job.

  23. Hi Norman! Thank you for your kind response. Your thoughts are very much appreciated! Indeed I do my best to try and educate people on how to avoid the many scams that pollute the Internet. Having lost money in several scams myself, I want to not have the same thing take place with my readers.

    Again thank you for the both reading the article and then issuing your thoughts, Norman!



  24. Hello Jeff,

    I am short of words, you did a great job. You explained Wealthy Affiliate so well that it is easy to understand. It is very true that as people we want to get rich quick but it does not work that way with
    WA. Instead, the choose to educate you with an everlasting experience that many people are going to school for. Also, there’s so much support from the members.

    You did a great Job.

    Thank you,

  25. Hi, Jeff!
    I agree with what you say, and I want to add that in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is most probably the greatest online Affiliate Marketing trainers!
    When I enrolled Wealthy Affiliate, I knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing, and they took me through the whole prosses from A to Z.
    They drove me through from phase one, from understanding almost nothing of Affiliate Marketing, until making me a master.
    If you’re ready to put in the effort, then every cent is worth it!
    I’m sure that everyone that is putting in the work needed will never regret joining them!
    Thanks for your great review! May you have a lot of luck!

  26. Hi Chanan! Thank you for taking the time to both read the article and then issue your very kind thoughts. I wish the best of everything for you in whatever online business niche you are promoting at Wealthy Affiliate as well. I agree 100% with your statement. WA is the greatest program online that teaches a person how to become a master at marketing through their training/educational courses.

    Again your thoughts are very much appreciated by me!



  27. Jeff, I have been looking into Wealthy Affiliate for a long time now, but I have had a few questions that have been keeping me on the fence. Your in depth review of WA no only answered all of my questions, but it assured me that Wealthy Affiliate would be a great place to start my Affiliation business. Thank you for your comprehensive review.


  28. Hi Clay!  Thank you, so very much for both reading this article but also for providing your comments.  I am so happy that through reading the article, you see that WA would provide the best type of training if you’re seriously thinking of pursuing the idea of running an online business for yourself.

    Again, thank you for your thoughts, Clay!  They are very much appreciated by me, sir!



  29. Hi Jeff,

    The fact that you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for as long as three years is already a testament to the fact that it is a genuine and trustworthy platform.

    I have been with WA for a much shorter time and the one thing that has impressed me so far is that Kyle and Carson are continually introducing improvements and new features.

    I honestly have not come across another platform that offers as much value as WA but as you say, there is no instant success, one has to learn and apply yourself and take the journey that is necessary to achieve the goal.

    Thanks for sharing your honest and informative review.


  30. Hi, Mark!  Thank you so much for both reading my review of WA, but also sharing your thoughts about the training program.  I appreciate your agreeing with my statement that achieving success in an online business is not something that is instantaneously achieved; unlike what so many fraud programs have people believing.  It just does not happen and still is a reason that so many naive individuals get burned.  I know as before joining WA it happened to me on more than one occasion.

    A person can only have a financially successful online business through: 1).  getting involved in a legitimate educational training program, (WA) and 2).  putting in the effort through hard, dedicated work.

    I wish you the very best in your online business ventures here with WA, Mark!



  31. thanks for your introduction about wealth affiliate.I like wealthy alffiliate, I regards it as my textbook and guide on online marketing, you are honest and I am appreicated it, it is not a long-term business, we need to post new original article and put in genuine and consistent effort for making your website better. action and contsistent action is the most required on online business. also, good community like WA is necessary and important.

    best ragards

  32. Hi Ariel!  Thank you for your wonderful thoughts that you were willing to share about Wealthy Affiliate.  In updating the article, I tried to improve upon the original by providing more info about the company; especially since being a member now for just over 3 years I simply know more about how WA is run and all of the benefits that a person could get out of it.

    However, and something that I tried to emphasize, it still requires a lot of consistent work being put in by a member that will allow him/her to grow his business- thus WA in a sense IS a long-term business proposition.


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