Review: Rat Race Rebellion Work Home Jobs

Review: Rat Race Rebellion work home jobs

Company: Rat Race Rebellion

Founders: Christine Durst and Michael Harran in 1999

Price to Join:  Free membership.  By signing up you can receive daily emails on job leads.

Rat Race Rebellion Work Home Jobs was founded in 1999 by two individuals, Christine Durst and Michael Harran who felt that there was a need for a centrally located job bank for people interested in working at home online.  The two individuals in the more than 15 years of this company’s existence have been at the front in fighting against fraudulent online work at home job opportunities that were nothing but scams.

The two have appeared in the media on CNN, ABC’s 20/20, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes magazine and others, exposing the many bogus opportunity job scams that are still prevalent online.  The two have also sought to promote the idea of legitimate work from home jobs and where to find them online.

Rat Race Rebellion is owned by Staffcentrix, LLC, also founded by Mr. Harran and Ms. Durst.  This site for years has trained military personnel on the advantages of virtual work in the corporate world.

Recently I did a review of a similar company that also specialized in providing leads regarding work from home online job opportunities for those individuals interested in pursuing this endeavor.  That company was called Home Job Stop.

Pros Regarding Rat Race Rebellion Rat Race Rebellion work home jobs

Rat Race Rebellion by comparison has a larger listing of job categories with their business connections with corporations in the U.S. and Canada, compared to Home Job Stop.  Below is a listing of some of the different job categories in which qualified candidates can find opportunities to work online from home:

Accounting & Financial, Administrative & Clerical, Artistic, Blogging, Call Center & Customer Service, Courthouse Researchers, Education & Teaching, Healthcare & Medical, Human Resources, Legal, Medical Transcription & Coding, Mystery Shoppers, Survey Takers, WAH Jobs with Benefits, Website Testers and finally Writing & Editing.

As I mentioned above it is free for you to join as a member.  In fact job listings are posted right on the site’s home page.  In addition you can sign up to receive daily emails coming into your inbox that would serve as leads to job openings in categories of your choosing.

Please understand one thing which I would need to address.  This site as I said is similar to Home Job Stop in that with any job opportunity being advertised as opened, you must apply for the position(s).  These emails are only serving as leads.  No one connected to Rat Race Rebellion will apply for any job for you!

As such you also need to understand one other principle:  In order to satisfy the requirements for a position, you must have written proof that you qualify for a specific job.  Human Resource personnel employed by a specific company would ask for a professional resume, (one updated to 2017), references if possible, and in addition you might be asked to take part in an interview most likely conducted on the phone.

Some sites would even require you to take an online test to see if indeed you have the specific skills to perform your tasks well and to the satisfaction of the employers at a job.

With some positions, sensitive in nature you might also be asked to take part in a background check.  Some companies now require that you pay, out of your own pocket to take this background test.  Sorry but that is just how things are done nowadays.  In some cases a background check may cost up to $35.  You may or may not get reimbursed by the particular company once you are hired. Other companies, however would do this check for free, your not having to cover the costs.Rat Race Rebellion work home jobs

Personally before the business opportunity that I am now involved with, I specialized in the category of Customer Service, having several online work from home jobs in that field.

Rat Race Rebellion is now partnered with some major corporations in the category of Customer Service, well known in the industry.  These companies are Arise, Sutherland, LiveOps, Working Solutions, Alpine Access, 1-800-Flowers, Concentrix, Hilton, Intuit, VIP DeskConnect and many others.

It is because of the fact that Rat Race Rebellion has established itself so highly as the type of company to provide people with legit work from home jobs that they have the type of corporate connections with the above named companies.

Not every company in any job category will have openings at any given time, a fact that you must understand.  It would be a reason for you to sign-up to receive the daily job leads into one of your email inboxes.  Again understand that the email can be designed to cover any of the specific job categories in which Rat Race Rebellion may have openings.

Complaints about Rat Race Rebellion:

Really there would be few except for one job category – mystery shopping that I have reservations about.  I did a review of a well-known mystery shopping job opportunity in a previous article posted here several months ago.  I thought that particular site offering mystery shopping jobs to be completely bogus!  Now perhaps Rat Race Rebellion’s postings for mystery shopping opportunities are better.  But really, I highly doubt it! Rat Race Rebellion work home jobs

The one thing that you simply must understand with practically all online work from home job opportunities:

You will simply not find a high paying job in which you earn six-figures or more per year.  They don’t exist in practically all of these categories.

***** If you feel that somehow these monetary expectations do NOT meet your needs, as an alternative I also present what is My Top Recommendation that is with a program called Wealthy Affiliate if you are seriously interested in being able to create a solid level of online income for yourself*****

Regarding what Rat Race has to offer as far as leads, I know from previous experience that customer service jobs average around $10 – 12/hour.  For that pay rate you spend all day, on a dedicated phone hook-up from your home in service to customers.

Whether it involve a specific job requirement dealing with either in-bound or outbound, (cold-calling) calls with people, you need to have a lot of patient and backbone in sometimes dealing with rude, impatient and angry customers.

Yes, it would be easy to hang up the phone when an in-bound call comes in and a customer has complaints about a product, sponsored by the company that you’re working for as the shipment did not yet arrive as expected, is now lost, came damaged or with some other defect.  Some customers will vent their anger on you, sometimes loudly and with a few expletive-deleted swear words screamed into your ear.

Unfortunately as required by your job what you can’t do is give a piece of your mind back at that rude individual on the other end of the line before slamming the phone in his/her ear disconnecting the call.  It might cost you your job in which you immediately get fired!

Having a job in customer service requires a certain level of patience and tolerance and all for relatively low pay in return.

I also have addressed the issue many times here in separate reviews of survey sites.  Rat Race Rebellion is in partnership with a number of them.  Although many, (but not all) of these survey companies I personally have found to be legit, you WILL NOT MAKE A LOT OF MONEY participating in this venture.

Rat Race Rebellion is upfront, you won’t become rich doing surveys.  They do not do not issue out a bogus lie to you by stating that you could earn thousands of dollars weekly simply doing surveys.

My final thoughts about Rat Race Rebellion:

The company Rat Race Rebellion is unquestionably NOT a scam!  Christine Durst and Michael Harran have for years done a service online for people looking to Rat Race Rebellion work home jobsgain employment working from home . Their jobs I would consider to be legit, (mystery shopping being my only reservation).

However don’t expect in taking a job as a lead coming from Rat Race Rebellion to be able to retire next year with enough money set aside so that you consider yourself to have attained financial freedom.

Many people look at these types of online job opportunities as a means of supplementing another income earned in a family.


Are You Still Looking for an Opportunity to Run Your Own Legit Online Business?

Do you still believe that the job leads offered by Rat Race Rebellion, while for the most part totally legit, would not be up to your monetary expectations as far as potential earnings?  Are you looking for a money-making opportunity that COULD earn you passive income for years to come?

As an alternative option, I again present an equally legit program, (as is Rat Race Rebellion) that would allow you to make money online and it is with a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Rat Race Rebellion Work Home Jobs

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme, so no, you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:




12 thoughts on “Review: Rat Race Rebellion Work Home Jobs

  1. Thanks Jeff for the honest review of the Rat Race Rebellion Work Home Jobs program. 92 really is a great score, and given that this isn’t a scam I’m probably going to be taking a much closer look at this to see what’s up. I’m always open to making some money on the side from home. I’ll also be checking out your recommendation. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Its an enticing idea to work from home. Sounds like Rat Race Rebellion is a clearing house for mostly mystery shopping jobs…which, unless you shop on line, means going out to physical stores, using your own transportation and gas, etc. etc. I agree with you, there aren’t a lot of work from home jobs that will pay 6 figures. Probably some, but you need to be really good and specialized to get hired for a job like that. Good review. I’ll skip past the Rat Race Rebellion if I come across it online.

  3. Alyssa, thank you for reading my article. Apparently however you really did not understand what I had to say about the opportunity provided by this company. Rat Race Rebellion offers many, MANY more work at home job opportunities in addition to just Mystery shopping. If you indeed are trying to get a work from home job, I want to almost implore you to look much more carefully at what this great site has to offer. You did recognize I trust that at least 13 other job categories – all legit, were listed and are offered at Rat Race I hope, besides just mystery shopping? Sounds like you did not, Alyssa by what you wrote in your comments!

    I did rate the company with a high grading because they genuinely deserved it! The two founding owners of the site are well known in the industry for being able to provide countless numbers of job seekers with legitimate jobs – NOT JUST mystery shopping. Please if you have time Alyssa really read the article again and click the links which will re-direct you to the homepage of the site. Otherwise I feel that you’ll be missing out on something if indeed you are trying to find work from home.

    I know of dozens of other website companies that are fraudulent, some that I have reviewed already. Rat Race Rebellions is NOT in that category. In the past I have gotten several jobs through this website.

    That’s all I can say, Alyssa in trying to convince you that Rat Race Rebellion is not a scam site.

  4. Hi Paul! Thank you for reading the article and issuing your thoughts afterwards. In the past I have gotten a few jobs personally through leads I found at Rat Race Rebellion. A previous individual who left her comments on this post judging by her remarks really did not read all that I had to say. She just looked at one of the 14 job categories that I mentioned, Mystery shopping and somehow thought that it was the ONLY thing that Rat Race offered as job leads. Mystery shopping in certain instances is scammy, but this site offers much more than just that. I don’t know what she was reading!

    Thankfully you did not see this at all Paul. If you are looking for something on the side, do as I suggested by registering and then signing-up for email leads to be delivered daily to your inbox. You can design the emails to just include specific job category leads to be delivered each day.

    Thank you again Paul for your thoughts, sir!



  5. Thanks Jeff! This is some very useful information and indeed an awesome article, especially when read in its entirety. I hope your readers (skimmers) take the time to really digest all the information. I’m afraid some readers may have missed the meat and potatoes of the entire article but those of us that didn’t really appreciate it.

  6. Thank you LaShonda for both reading the article and also sharing your thoughts. It’s funny what you said. I know for a fact that at least two readers missed the point that I was making in this and a second article that I devoted to Rat Race Rebellion. The first lady noted what I said about Mystery Shopping being only one of at least 20 different categories of job leads that this organization provides. She got all bent out of shape focusing just on that one category, but then calling Rat Race Rebellion nothing but a scam. In reply my question to her was did she READ the entire article thoroughly or just skip over about 95% of it? A second woman even after I emphasized at least a half dozen times that Rat Race Rebellion ONLY offers job LEADS in different categories, which change daily and that the two individuals do NOT hire a person for a job, nor go out and do all the work for them, asked “Well can they get me a job? I’ll send these two people my resume.” My response to this woman, similar to what I had written with the first individual was “mame try READING exactly what I wrote. Rat Race Rebellion ONLY provides you with job leads and nothing else. It is up to you to find a job but then do all the leg work yourself. That would include contacting the job company’s H.R. person, sending in your resume, going through the interview process and so on. You have to do this mame, not the two people who run Rat Race”. It’s funny LaShonda in today’s world where so many people are afflicted with A.D.D. this condition comes through in the fact that so many people have about 20 second attention spans whenever they are online.

    So your thoughts are 100% accurate LaShonda. I do so appreciate the fact that quite obviously you are that one individual who read through this entire article thoroughly. And for that I thank you so much, LaShonda!


  7. Hello,

    I’m interested in a work at home job. What does a Website Tester do? How much are they paid and when are they paid?

    Thank you,

    Dianne Meek

  8. Hi Dianne,

    If you went to the Rat Race Rebellion site they do provide answers to your questions. Here is a link to a site that offers such a job: The thing that I have heard regarding website testing is that upon the offer of performing a task they must be completed within a specific time frame. If you’re not home when a job is offered, or do not have your cell phone on when an offer comes through, you’d just miss out. You basically would be expected to provide some in-depth analysis of a person’s website based on a set of expectations or model provided by the company. As you can see from the site that would be expectations of how much you would earn. As to when you would get paid I simply cannot answer that Dianne. Each company would be different.

    I did make a suggestion, if you’re interested in running your own legit online business if this is something that you’d like to pursue, Dianne. My top recommendation:”” for learning how to run a legit online business, if you’d be willing to really invest yourself into doing the work could provide a much higher level of potential income versus doing web site testing.

    Thank you for reading the article, Dianne!

  9. Danielle, Hi! If you read the article in its entirety, I stated that Rat Race Rebellion is a job leads site. You would need to first sign-up to receive daily jobs leads coming from Rat Race Rebellion which you could receive for free coming into your email inbox. If you see a job that you feel interests you and/or you are qualified based on the description it would be up to YOU to contact the human resource personnel that are affiliated with the particular job. Again, Danielle it would be something that only you could do. No one associated with Rat Race Rebellion will apply for a job for you, or conduct an interview. The site only offers job leads.


  10. Hello, Melissa! I have to be honest with you. Your one sentence comment is quite vague. When you state that you “would like to do this” what are you referring to? Are you talking about pursuing what I mentioned towards the bottom of the article, Wealthy Affiliate as a possible online business opportunity for yourself? Or are you looking at Rat Race Rebellion itself as a possible job source? Regarding Wealthy Affiliate, if you’re interested may I suggest that you look closely at my landing page (click on highlighted words) as it will present complete info about the company with regard to teaching you how to create an online business for yourself.

    Conversely, Melissa if you’re looking at Rat Race Rebellion as a possible source for an online job lead, what you would need to do first would be to go to the site itself, (again click on those highlighted words) and as found on the top right hand side of the page, signup using a verified email address to receive daily a list of Rat Race Rebellion job leads to be sent into your inbox. This would be free and those emails would appear 6 times per week, (Monday – Saturday).

    Along with that I also want to emphasize quite clearly that in looking for a job that you might find interesting, have experience at and possibly be qualified to hire, Melissa understand that the owners of the Rat Race Rebellion site will NOT directly interview or hire you for a position. Neither will I. I am in no way affiliated with Rat Race Rebellion. I only promote the site because based on my philosophy behind this site as providing legit sources for either creating an online business or being hired for an online job in trying to generate income for yourself, Rat Race Rebellion is completely legit. A previous reader who left a comment, a woman who no doubt just skimmed through the article instead of reading the content, then proceeded to ask me if I could interview her for a job. No! And neither will Christine Durst or Michael Harran, the two individuals who created and have always owned Rat Race Rebellion for 18 years now.

    Instead with each job listing, there is information provided listing either a contact phone number or human resource individual that YOU must pursue in getting the ball rolling regarding possibly being hired for this job.

    The emails arriving daily into your inbox coming from Rat Race Rebellion are the latest “hot” jobs being promoted by Christine and Michael, and in a number of different categories. The site also has what they call their “Big List”! This is a listing of hundreds of jobs, again mentioned by category of everything thought to be available. The only issue with the “Big List” is that even though Christine and Michael try to update it as much as possible, a particular job might not be open at the present time.

    So, I wish you the very best in your job search/online business venture, Melissa. Just in looking at your short comment, I could not accurately read what you were trying to say. I hope that my reply will help you!


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