Review: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scam


Chasing Fool’s Gold! Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes scam

Money Making Opportunity:  Publishers Clearing House

Price to get into this opportunity:  Free!  It used to cost you the price of a stamp or two back a decade or so ago when you had to mail in the forms through the U.S. Postal Service.

Owners:  Cannot be established.  This company has been around since 1967 trying to entice people with the idea that they could become rich beyond their wildest dreams simply through entering a sweepstake drawing.

The company started out as a mass merchandiser for magazine subscriptions with the added enticement which included sweepstakes ($$$) and prized-based games.

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You want to make money, right?  So what about this Publishers Clearing House opportunity?

As this website has to do with, among other things generating income online, I asked myself what about an opportunity that has been well known for decades?  The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes that is available to enter online, is it possibly legit?

This company tries to entice people, some desperate for money, in a set-up that appears to be  too-good-to-be-true, seen at their website.

For the cost of absolutely nothing you can enter into the grand prize sweepstakes drawing in which one EXTREMELY lucky individual could win $7,000 per week for the rest of his/her life! Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes scam

That works out to $364,000/year, (before the IRS comes a-calling, of course) for as long as that person is breathing air on this Earth.

Is Publisher’s Clearing House at all sexist?  They lure you into their spider’s web by using an attractive looking, young woman!

I have seen online advertisements placed by Publishers, particular logging into my Yahoo email account every so often.  You are greeted by the sight of a great looking young woman, (mid-late 20s) wearing a business suit/blouse, extremely short skirt and high heel pumps on her feet.

This woman with a smile on her face is advertising the fact that it could be YOU who wins the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  All you have to do is click on the little arrow and, voila, you’d be on your way once you had been re-directed to the company’s homepage on their site.

Hmm, just wondering?  Perhaps that great looking woman, (such as the one seen in the image off to the right just below) would not work so well with females about to log in at Yahoo.  So I am a little surprised that Publishers Clearing House has not yet hired some hunky, male individual, (actor) to perform the same role as the woman!

Come on, Publishers Clearing House.  You do want women to be lured into this money making venture, don’t you?

Below I will tell you the odds of winning this grand prize sweepstakes, revealed in a very subtle manner on the site.  Let me tell you this as I took the time to conduct research on this fact: Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes scam

The odds of you winning the twice weekly U.S. Powerball are much better compared to a person participating in a Publisher’s Clearinghouse drawing!

The Powerball odds as researched on CNN’s money site,  are 1 and 292 million.

The Publishers Sweepstakes odds of one single person winning, believe it or not are much HIGHER.  And by a considerable statistical percentage, in the billions!

What you used to have to do back in the day to enter a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes:

Back around 2007 or so, (when I then was truly foolish) I received by snail mail an invitation more than a few times which represented the chance of entering into a sweepstakes drawing from Publishers Clearing House.  I believe the grand prize was 10 million dollars!

What made the task tedious to enter were all of these “forms” and labels you had to affix to the actual entry letter declaring that you intended to take part in the drawing.  Miss one label and “sorry, you’ve been disqualified”!

At the time they also included promos from magazines that were aligned with Publishers.  Although you did not have to actually buy any of these magazine subscriptions, there was the not-so-subtle hint that the odds would be better for you if you purchased for 1 year:  “House and Garden”, “Field and Stream”, “Sports Illustrated” or “Better Cooking”.

It was a nuisance making sure that you included everything that needed to be returned, a handful of labels affixed onto the right form for your entry to be declared “official”.

So back then you had to affix a stamp on the return envelope!  Guess that entering into a sweepstakes then was NOT free!

The most important thing, of course was the inclusion of a stamp placed on the most important envelope to be returned:  The “official” entry with your name and address placed in about 5 different locations on all of the included forms.

No Publishers Clearing House definitely did not supply you with that stamp either. So, I guess technically entering into this company’s drawing back when snail mail ruled the day was not completely free. Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes scam

What made it all that much more of a joke, (remember I said that I was foolish then, really wanting to become rich for life) was that the deadline was not THE official date in which the drawing would be announced.  No, there would be more forthcoming invitations coming to your house in the future.

The real deadline for the sweepstakes could have been 2 or 3 rounds down the line as people got weeded out by Publishers.  Probably those individuals who refused to purchase any magazine subscriptions.  Like me!

Hey a sweet-looking 75 year old woman won the grand prize!  So can YOU!!

To make the sweepstakes appear to be legitimate, every so often the company took out television ads.  In them, you’d see some person living out in Nowheresville, Montana who just received the surprise of his/her life with the announcement that he/she was the grand prize sweepstakes winner from Publishers Clearing House.  And to everyone watching this television ad for the next drawing:  “It could be YOU!

No doubt the entire commercial was nothing more than a charade.  The person surprised out of her mind, probably the announcer’s mother who lived right outside of Chicago, Illinois.

I guess that in the end, I never won.  No official “Publishers Clearing House” truck and tv crew ever came to my house stating that “Jeffrey!  Congratulations you are the official 10 million dollar grand prize winner”!

This is what you have to do in 2016 to enter this company’s drawing: Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes scam

Taking advantage of what the Internet now has to offer, Publishers Clearing House seemingly has made it easy for suckers. . . I mean people to enter with a chance to win the company’s grand  prize sweepstakes drawing.

At the site’s home page, (off to the right on this page) the only image is the advertisement for this $7,000/week for life drawing.  You only have to hit the word “begin”.

You would then would be re-directed to a second page (see image below) where you would be asked to fill in the forms verifying your name, age, street address, email address and. . . No doubt suddenly be bombarded with spam/phising emails coming from this company that would end up driving you bananas!

I can imagine that you would get hit up with every con offer imaginable.  You would receive more offers coming from magazine subscriptions, (some perhaps even online) that you probably had never heard of previously in your life.

By the way, personally I did not dare enter my personal info into this form just for research’s sake in writing this review.  What do you think that I am stupid?

So, what are the odds of a person winning the grand prize drawing offered by this company?Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes scam

The real scam, fraudulent thing that I noticed with this drawing was the fact that you simply MUST enter into the drawing by a certain date.  This date stated as the deadline is listed as falling on October 13th at 11:59 pm EST. (Not Oct. 14th at 12:00 AM EST.  Sorry that would be 1 minute too late).

That is because on Oct. 21st, NBC is going to make a ‘big announcement”!  Well about what?  Because as I found out the actual announcement of the winner of that $7,000/week for life grand prize will not be made official until February 28th, 2017!

So what are the odds of one person winning this grand prize sweepstakes?  As copied exactly from the info listed on a page “Sweepstakes Facts” the winning odds are listed as:

1 in 2,600,000,000!  Folks that is one in 2.6 billion!!!  Not million if you count the placement of zeros in that number.   I took the time to add the image taken from that page, as seen below!Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes scam



Truly you do have much better odds of winning hundreds of millions of dollars, or whatever the prize figure is with the twice weekly U.S. Powerball.  Remember those odds were “only” 1 and 292 million mentioned above.

The second place drawing offered by this company in the sweepstakes is listed as in the amount of $50,000 going to one person.  Those odds are listed as 1 in 540 million.  Third price is $10,000. Those odds are “only” 1 in 160 million.

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Scam or legit? Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes scam

So, let’s talk about the title of this article:  Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scam.  Is this somehow an honest way for a person to earn money online?  Or is it a scam?

If I may look at it from the point of view of a person investing money weekly into various state lotteries, and the U.S. Powerball.  As he/she has become addicted with the thought of winning money through these various lotteries, truly unable to help him/herself, the individual idealistically throws money away that he/she cannot afford.

Do you think that the person would stop?  There is a reason why they have such a thing called Gamblers’ Anonymous.  No, that particular person just keeps walking up to the check-out counter of his/her favorite convenience store several times per week as he/she just knows that those lucky numbers, devised in his/her “system” will one day equal vast riches.

The odds however are always against this individual.   Only, sadly, he/she does not realize it at all!

So believing in your heart of hearts that you could become set up for life by entering Publishers Clearing House’s grand prize sweepstakes, where the odds of winning are astronomically high, (in the billions) my friend I hope you know better than that!

Final thoughts:  Is Publisher’s Clearing House  a legit way to earn money online?  What do you think?

I call this opportunity to earn real money online as nothing but a scam.  I say this because of the fact that once you enter into the drawing you’ll face a lot of grief as your email inbox gets inundated with an incredible amount of spam/phising offers coming from every phony business opportunity or magazine subscription under the sun.

Also take into consideration that you could live a thousand lives and not once win such a grand prize that would set you up financially for life.  A person chasing fool’s gold!

Truly my advice would be to not even bother entering into this drawing.  You might get much more than you bargained for, (hundreds of junk emails appearing daily in your inbox) and in the process not even win one penny.

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Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scam

  1. Hi,

    Wow those are some terrible odds and I have to admit that I would not waste my time even thinking about that.

    I have bought the odd lotto ticket and i always buy the 50/50 ticket at local sporting events but that’s only because it’s kind of fun to fantasize about the slim possibility of winning.

    I usually start planning how I’ll spend the money before I’ve even won.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a much more realistic way of making money. I’m really glad I stumbled onto your website because now I have the opportunity to look into WA for myself.



  2. Lol. You had me laughing . You say you have a better chance to win the power ball than the Publishers Clearing house. Lol. Too funny. Those are some long odds. I have never gotten into that kind of stuff. I dont have the time.
    It is so funny that people like my dad who does not believe in a legitimate business believe in the Publishers Clearing house. Lol Too funny.

  3. Hi sir! Thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your thoughts. As my website does have to do with generating income online I thought that readers would get a kick out of the sweepstakes offered by Publishers. I fully admit back in the day with my delusion belief that I could win a lot of money. It’s all a bunch of non-sense. Yes, one luck person will win but at those ridiculously high odds? As I said you have a much greater chance of winning a hundred million dollars in the U.S. Powerball – and those aren’t all that great either!

    I also love your comment that you made about your dad. See, he’s of the same belief as so many people in this country. All dreaming for something to happen for them as they seek to become rich. Only it’s nothing but a pipe-dream!

    Thank you again sir for your comments! They are very much appreciated by me!



  4. Hi Robert! Thank you for both reading this article and then issuing your thoughts. Yes, regarding betting on the lotto; just as long as you’re aware of the odds against you of winning and you don’t go crazy, as some people do so addicted to this form of “entertainment” that you don’t spend such a great amount of money that you really can’t afford.

    As for Wealthy Affiliate, while you would have to commit completely to the task of building for yourself, slowly, a potentially lucrative online business it is MUCH better than believing that you’ll win a sweepstakes such as the one offered by Publishers Clearing House. It is sad that so many people think that they’ll become rich, despite the astronomical odds against them betting on sweepstakes as being their savior. I know as ludicrously I was that person.

    Thank you again Robert for your comments. By all means do look more into WA if you’re thinking about pursuing such a venture. And contact me, Robert if you have any more questions involving WA, sir!



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