Review: Is Young Living A Scam?

Review Of An Online Business Opportunity: Updated March 11th, 2018

Online Money-Making Opportunity:  Young Living

Founder:  D. Gary Young and Mary Young.  The company was established in 1994. Is Young Living A Scam

Headquarters: Lehti, Utah

Young Living also has office locations in Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Singapore.

Price to join promoting the Young Living’s products as a business:  One would be required to at least purchase the premium starter kit which costs $160.00. There are other premium kits that cost more $ if a person opts for something different in promoting the company as a business.

Young Living as a company has apparently had some recent issues with the  BBB, (Better Business Bureau).  Back in early 2017, apparently Young Living had its accreditation revoked by the organization due to advertising issues that could not be substantiated by the company, (as seen in the link above).

Whether this current issue with the BBB will change or not regarding Young Living, as of today, (March 11th, 2018) that is what can be found on the organization’s page concerning this MLM business venture.

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The company has been around for over 20 years – a good thing, perhaps? Or is Young Living a Scam afterall?

So, Young Living is not one of those online business opportunities that were created within the last week or so and promises the world to anyone who seeks to join.

I will say now that this opportunity, along with the fact that scientific study has been involved with the creation of their products; it is similar to one that I reviewed on this site about 5 weeks ago called “Youngevity”.  To be brought back to that article post please click here.

Young Living’s products are a bit more diverse than what Youngevity markets from a business standpoint.  As is the case with Youngevity, Young Living is one modeled as an MLM online business.

In order to build up a profitable business, a person promoting Young Living’s products must be able to not only market their essential oils but also recruit effectively, building up a downline of people beneath him/her.

Looking at it from that point of view is Young Living a scam?

I will attempt to answer that question in this article review of the company.

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Young Living – A company that specializes in producing essential oils to improve the quality of life for people!

The co-founders D. Gary and Mary Young first established Young Living with a vision:  That would be to bring their company’s essential oil products to every home in the world. Is Young Living A Scam

The company’s mission is stated as follows:  (Quote) “We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, (essential oils), by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance” (Unquote).

Young Living believes that their essential oils products can be of huge benefit to every human being living on Planet Earth.

In fact, the company’s essential oils are extracted from Mother Earth through careful steam distillation, resin tapping and cold pressing which produces the most powerful products possible.

We all could benefit from using natural products as far as nutrient/diet consumption, aromatic diffusion, and topical application versus some of the man-made/artificial products found on grocery shelves and drug stores that a person would be better off avoiding.  Only he/she does not know any better.

Please click here to be redirected to a page on the company’s website which serves to explain how science plays an important role in the production of their essential oils’ products.  The page is titled:  “Seed to Seal”.

A listing of some of Young Living’s Essential Oils’ products:

Below, are essential oils products which would be used in conjunction with whole food-based nutrition and powerful antioxidants:

NingXia Red  – a drink formula

Endoflex Vitality – a drink formula

Omega Gize3 – capsules

AgilEase – capsules

SliqueTea – a drink formula

Essential oils to be used as a topical lotion and applied to a person’s hands, feet or other body parts include:

Sacred Frankincense

White Angelica

Live Your Passion

Essential oils to be used as aromatic diffusion sprays/scents would include: Is Young Living A Scam

Joy ™





Essential oils to be used in household cleaning would include:

Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

Thieves Laundry Detergent

Lemon – Odor Remover

Essential oils to be used regarding skin/hair care solutions would include:

Art ® Skin Care System

Art ® Sheerlume

Lavender Hand & Body Lotion


Young Living as an opportunity to own an online MLM business:  Is it a pyramid scheme?

As stated above, if a person sees a chance to earn a lot of money online with Young Living, it is required that first he/she purchase the premium starter kit upon joining.  The kit would cost $160.00.

As a member, a person would save 24% off of the retail price of all of the company’s products.

Upon joining, a person would be assigned to a sponsor.  Below in an image is Young Living’s compensation plan.  The person acting as your sponsor would be placed one level above you in the company’s business model.

As one can see in the image below, and under “build your business” located in the middle section under this company’s business model, you could build a downline that goes 5 levels deep.


Is Young Living A Scam



Actually, it would NOT be you who personally and completely on your own builds up that entire downline.  It would be the person who you recruit, recruiting someone underneath him/her, then that person being able to do the same thing, and so on down to the lucky 5th individual.

So, does this constitute a pyramid scheme?  By the strict definition of the term according to Wikipedia, Young Living’s business model is NOT an illegal pyramid scheme.

Yes, in order to build up a business a person has to be able to recruit others placed beneath him/her regarding an MLM opportunity.

But, as Young Living DOES sell physical products, it’s not all just about recruiting others with that being the only way to make $$ in the venture.  Young Living is a legal MLM business!

Still and just my opinion, it has never set right with me that a person can earn money based on the efforts of some poor schlub who is 5 levels beneath him/her.

And, if YOU were that person, just coming aboard and looking up you find a person 5 levels above you, exactly how would you feel about it?  A lot of your efforts to build up your business is monetarily finding its way up to the guy/gal on the top of the pyramid who is sitting back and doing nothing to earn the $$ that you’re putting in his/her pocket.  Would you be smiling?

I wouldn’t!!!!!!

**** As an alternative, I again present what is My Top Recommendation with a program called Wealthy Affiliate that would teach you how to make money for yourself online.  This company’s business model is not structured to where you have a steep up line of members above you.****

A Young Living-sponsored You Tube video:

Young Living’s “Elite Express” Business Plan:   $$$$ for the tireless worker could be made!

So initially, you would be that rock-bottom person in the MLM company’s business model right after you join.  If you really have the initiative, the company has established a plan that would ensure your success.  Better be prepared, one could only assume, to work your tail off.

Please click here to see Young Living’s “Elite Express” plan.

Something is missing on the website:

Besides this company’s business model structure, something that I’ve seen with plenty of other MLM online business opportunities and which is so distasteful to me; my other complaint about Young Living is something that I did not see anywhere on the website. Is Young Living A Scam

As noted above, if you decide to pursue this venture as an online business and after first forking over at least $160 for the company’s premium starter kit, you would also be assigned a sponsor.

Okay, what about training?  If this would be your first time running an online business there would be an extremely steep learning curve that comes with the territory.

I saw no evidence anywhere on the site that a “newbie” would be trained on the ability to promote/market Young Living’s essential oils products out to the public, both online and offline.

I saw nothing in the way of a new member being provided his/her own website, hosted by Young Living.

I saw no training regarding the ability to properly use social media platforms to promote an individual’s business.  I saw nothing about being taught how to acquire paid traffic and education with regard to that technique that would allow a person to drive people to his/her business.

So, other than being assigned a sponsor, would a “newbie”, completely  on his/her own, be able to make money in an online business with this company?

Being educationally trained by a mentor has been statistically proven to lead to the most type of success enjoyed by any individual looking to create an online income for him/herself.

As I could find no tangible evidence concerning training new members anywhere on Young Living’s website, I’d pump the brakes if I were you about joining this opportunity today!

Especially if you’re now quite excited about earning money coming from a person placed 5 levels below you in a down line, (that is IF you could first build up any down line).

My final thoughts about Young Living and pursuing it as an MLM online business opportunity:

To be honest, I have some major reservations about pursuing this venture, much as I did with Youngevity, mentioned above.  No, Young Living is not an illegal scam. Nothing is patently illegal with Young Living’s compensation plan or business model. Is Young Living A Scam

Yet,  in a sense with nothing mentioned at all regarding training anywhere on this company’s site, it would be as if you would be going in blind with this opportunity.

How comfortable would you be pursuing this venture if that were the case?  What if your sponsor could not help you regarding the education process with your having to learn how to run your business?

Plus, again look at it from the viewpoint of your first joining this company.  It would be you on the very bottom rung of what could be a steep upline.

If you have no idea how to build up your business through being able to successfully recruit others beneath you, I wish you the best of luck trying to make money in this venture!

Just One More Thing. . .

Okay, if you’re a person who would be interested in learning how to make money for yourself, but don’t like the idea of either:

1). Promoting products put out by Young Living or,

2). Detest the thought of joining an MLM online business that has a compensation plan going 5 levels deep, please don’t walk away from this article disappointed.

Let me once again present that opportunity mentioned above called Wealthy Affiliate as a way to create income for yourself online. Is Young Living A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and along the way, over a million people worldwide have at one time or another  all been members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet for people who seriously want to create income for themselves.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


6 thoughts on “Review: Is Young Living A Scam?

  1. Jeffl61 Thanks for your review on Young Living.

    To your question: No. from what you have detailed here, Young living is not a scam. It is more so a business that does not require a formal education.

    You will agree that essential Oil Products are on demand from what you have written. Therefore, people will buy them from wherever they are selling?

    More so from those who are desperate for some honest $$$$ who will sell product on demand at the stop light or on the public transportation ect.

    However, for people who want to have a sustainable business and be trained how to: Wealthy Affiliate is the place for them.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for introducing me to Young Living. I’d never heard of this MLM before. It is good to know that this one didn’t just pop up over night. When you mentioned that they market essential oils, I assumed they were joining the essential oils craze and attempting to make money off of it. Them being around for 20 years gives me a little more confidence in them.

    As someone who’s tried a few MLMs, I know it’s always important to be passionate about what you’re selling. If not, it just becomes a job you don’t want to do, and quite honestly will not see returns from. Though I’m passionate about the benefits of essential oils, I’m not sure I could muster enough to sell them for Young Living. I would much rather continue with something like Wealthy Affiliate.

    Though Wealthy Affiliate is not a comparable program, in that it is not an MLM, it can create great returns. It has already started for me and I hope others will take a look at it and find similar results.

    Thanks again for the review,


  3. Hi, Jaemi!  Thank you for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts.  Regarding MLM online business opportunities, I agree with your statement that one truly has to have a passion for whatever product the company is selling.  Doing it to just make money and not liking the product truly would be a waste of that individual’s time and efforts.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re beginning to receive some positive results being a member of WA and promoting a product in whatever niche that you’ve chosen, Jaemi.  Best of luck to your continued success in your online business!

    Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate your comments, Jaemi!



  4. Hi, Dorcas!  Thank you for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts. In answer to your questions, I did clearly say near the end of my review of Young Living that the opportunity to promote their products was definitely not a scam.  The company’s business model is not an illegal pyramid scheme as they do promote physical products.  I stated that I just did not like the fact that a person placed on the bottom rung of the model soon after he/she joins the company makes money for an individual 5 levels above him/her through efforts at recruiting others.  Not the most sound way to build income in a business, especially if an individual is not good at recruiting others to eventually be placed below him/her in a down line.

    What I did not like, unable to find it anywhere on the company’s website was the lack of information provided about receiving training in learning how to build an online business. This would be especially so if the individual was completely new, lacking previous experience in such an endeavor.  I’m sure there must be some type of training.  It’s just asking an individual to fork over a minimum of $160 in purchasing the company’s starter kit is a lot.  Especially considering the fact that a person just would be going in blind into this opportunity, placing trust in his/her sponsor that such training would be forthcoming.  To be honest, odds would be that not every sponsor would truly know how to teach a person how to build an online business.

    As to your second question, have you ever known any type of business in which people buy products coming from just about any person attempting to make a sale?  I don’t think so, and especially if the person attempting to promote the product is poor at doing it.  If a person does not see a relative need for this product, no he/she would not purchase it.  Therefore not every person has a demand for this product, as the individual is uneducated about the value of essential oils.

    I do agree with your statement being a member of WA now for over 2 and a half years.  There is positive value regarding the training, tools and community support available at WA, particularly for an individual who has no previous experience in  a venture of this type.

    Thank you again for your comments, Dorcas.  They truly are very much appreciated by me!



  5. Very good and helpful information. I definitely do not want to ever get sucked into one of those MLM things ever again. I know they must work for somebody, but I don’t know how. It is really nice to have someone else checking it out before anybody else has to waste their money. Thanks for taking the time to help us out.

  6. Hi, Jamie!  Thank you for reading this article and also sharing your thoughts.  I’m sorry that apparently you did get roped into joining
    an MLM online business opportunity and got nowhere financially. I did
    as well, trust me. I’m glad that you got a bit of value out of the
    review of this company discussed in the article. Thank you for stopping
    by my website and please visit again, Jamie!


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