Review: Is YouGov A Scam?

Review update: Is YouGov a scam

Online opportunity: YouGov  (survey site)

Price: Free to join

Owner: CEO and co-founder Stephen Shakespeare. The company was founded in 2005.

The truth about YouGov –  My personal updated opinion!

For those individuals who still spend a lot of their time participating in surveys daily I thought that I would take a look back at a site that I first issued a review of back in early July of 2015, nearly a year and a half ago.  That first review can be found by clicking here.

Occasionally I still participate in this site as a member. It is one of only two that I care to spend time with and as I’ve previously discussed here is why:

You simply cannot allow yourself to be persuaded by all of the promises still seen online about survey sites.  There is no way that you can be a member of dozens of survey sites and consider that to be your full-time job attempting to feed a family of four!  Why is that you ask?

Simple!  It is because really except for YouGov you never are guaranteed to even be allowed to complete a particular survey at all of the other sites solely based on your demographic profile.  If you begin a survey answering questions about yourself personally, based on your responses within 5 – 10 minutes you may find yourself disqualified.  Because of that you will not get any credit for actually completing that particular survey.

And guess what?  You will not be rewarded anything in money, points, coupons, gift certificates or whatever that particular site uses as its system for repaying the time that you invested in trying to complete that survey.

Even at that if you DO complete a number of surveys daily, which I doubt could possibly happen anyway based on the # of actual surveys that are released by each site weekly, the amount of the payoff is truly well below minimum wages here in the U.S.

Yes it is nice to get your opinion heard on matters about consumer products, politics, brand companies, world issues, and etc.  But truly what you get rewarded by these companies is simply not equal to the investment in time that you put daily into trying to complete those surveys.

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What is different about YouGov compared to most other sites? Is YouGov a scam

As I said in that previous article posted here at this site, YouGov is the only member site that guarantees you are allowed to complete every survey that you attempt.  You are NEVER disqualified just because of you not matching any specific demographic profile.  I know of not one other survey site that has this same policy.

Unfortunately, they do not reward you with good old fashion “$$” currency!

The other thing different about YouGov that would be considered to be a negative by many people is that you are not paid actual $, yes dollar bills for completing surveys.  Instead you are rewarded points which upon accumulating a specific number you then can redeem them for gift certificates towards many programs that YouGov is affiliated with – Amazon Online, Best Buy, Target, WalMart, vehicle fuel companies, Visa pre-paid cards, clothing stores, restaurants, movie theaters and etc.

However as I mentioned above you just cannot redeem your points for pieces of paper that has a picture of George Washington or other deceased former POTUS, (President of the United States) on the front of the money denominations. No cash is given out by this company as rewards for the time you spend in completing surveys.

Pros about YouGov:

Really the pros about this site are still the same as those that I mentioned in my first review conducted now some 17 months ago:

1). It is absolutely free to join.

By the way in a comment posted by a reader of my first article who, failing to read what I wrote, incorrectly stated that you can only be a resident of the U.S. to be eligible to be a member of YouGov.  He was dead wrong in his comment. Is YouGov a scam

Membership in YouGov is available not only in the U.S. and Canada.  But it is also open to residents of the U.K. and most of Europe, in the Middle East and the Asian Pacific.  That info is found on this site’s “About Our Panel” page.

Panel members from 37 countries around the world are a part of YouGov, NOT just residents coming exclusively from the U.S.

2). As stated twice above you are allowed to complete all surveys offered by this site to qualify you to receive points as part of being compensated for your time.  You are never disqualified from completing any survey that you start.

3). There is a wide range of options available for you to redeem your points. They were mentioned above regarding the number of brand companies that are affiliated with YouGov.

4). If you can refer a friend or relative with that individual becoming a member of YouGov and he/she actually starts participating and completing a specific number of surveys you then would receive 2,000 points based on that referral.

Complaints about YouGov:

1). Unlike so many other survey sites you cannot receive cold, hard cash as a reward for completing surveys.  So if you are looking to actually generate monetary income in this venture, sorry it just will not happen!

2). In my first review I considered this to be a pro. But now looking at the number of repetitive surveys I was asked to participate in I now look at it as a con:Is YouGov a scam

The company has as its philosophy the opportunity for members to participate in topics of a wide variety or at least so they claim.  They call it a “belief in the power of participation” stated exactly on one of their pages.

My personal issue with the YouGov surveys is that within the past 10 – 12 months their “topics in a wide variety” were actually pretty narrow.  And boring!

During the U.S. Presidential election which ended earlier this month, seemingly every day in my inbox was a survey which asked the same repetitive and eventually infuriating questions about the two candidates and who else in particular in the state that I live in, (NC) was running for a political office all seeking my opinions on the topic.

I mean once is nice for this survey site to try and get my opinion on who I considered to be the best candidate(s) to be elected according to the office he/she was running for.  But 10, 12, 15 times with the same questions?

The same boring questions in surveys asked over, and over and over and… again!

Also this site’s other surveys in the topics of brand clothing companies, credit cards, restaurants, car companies, airlines, food stores, sporting clothes companies, etc., basically asked the same repetitive series of 20 or so questions.  I won’t go into these specific questions for the convenience of not taking up too much of your time.

But let’s just say that YouGov devised a series of 20 questions on a particular topic.  As an example on one survey they would use well-known airlines or travel agencies as a topic asking these 20 questions looking for your opinion. In another survey about credit cards they would ask the same 20 questions.  If it was restaurants you would get the same 20 questions. Sporting clothes companies – you should get it by now the same 20 questions. I could train a monkey to devise a survey based on asking the same 20 questions within any topic imaginable.

So my complaint is that the personnel devising these surveys all truly became lazy. After a while there lacked any attempt at creativity to allow a member to become truly engaged or even want to participate in these surveys.

Can you please challenge me YouGov with interesting survey questions?

Because of the repetitive survey questions appearing in my email inbox seemingly on a daily basis about the Presidential election I finally screamed “that’s enough” and stopped doing these boring surveys.  I don’t think that my answers changed any during a 24 hour time span when one survey was followed by another on the same topic, and then another. . .

The company also could have done a better job of tracking which members completed these specific surveys without repetitively stuffing their email inboxes trying to solicit the same opinion of these individuals.

It was also the same nauseating ideal with the surveys about credit cards, restaurants, brand clothing etc.  The same 20 questions asked over and over and over again in every single survey!

My final thoughts about YouGov: Is YouGov a scam

YouGov is not a scam!  However by no means is it my best recommendation in attempting to generate income online.  Again you simply cannot look at completing surveys daily as a means of supporting yourself!

On the side every now and then as I completing this site’s surveys, (knowing that I would never be disqualifed) it’s is fine.  But to call this type of venture a full-time job, as other specific scam survey sites will lie to you as being a legit possibility?

Really my friend take a long look in a mirror if you believe in some fantasy that survey-taking will eventually allow you to call yourself a millionaire!

Before You Go. . .

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2 thoughts on “Review: Is YouGov A Scam?

  1. Yeah as mentioned my biggest gripe with YouGov is that you aren’t able to redeem your points in cash.

    Is it really so difficult to make a good income online?


    Anyway I’ve been exploring many options but no luck, plus as student in a university, I’m often busy so any venture would have to be part-time..

    Wealthy Affiliate does sound interesting though- but do you think it’s possible for me to succeed given I can’t commit full-time?

  2. Hi Cerulean! Thank you for both reading the article and also sharing your thoughts. I have to be honest but if you’re a full-time student in college while there have been members here at WA in your position who have achieved a modicum of success really in my opinion should you pursue this opportunity you must have very long term goals looking to achieve monetary success.

    I once wrote an article in which I was very candid looking back when I was in college pursuing a degree in music. Admittedly my actual courses were not comparable in difficulty with say engineering, pharmaceutical, chemistry, or pre-med majors. However I also had to practice several hours per day on my musical instrument in that field. Because of my commitment on my instrument, plus academic course work, (which still was no joke) there would have been no way that I could have pursued such a thing as running an online business simply because there was not enough hours in the day. This was back in the mid/late 1970s however and even such a thing as the Internet was decades away regarding computer technology.

    I have argued with other members here at WA some of whom state that anyone can pursue this opportunity. A full-time college student in a difficult degree program regarding his/her academics simply could not look at this as a way to make money immediately!

    Anyway that is how I stand Cerulean. I thought that you deserved a bit of honesty coming with me instead of my telling a lie just to hook you in knowing at this point in your life you really would not be able to do this full-time. That is how I treat my online business btw!

    Thank you again for both reading the article and also sharing your thoughts, sir!



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