Review: Is WorldWide Brands A Scam?

Can You Make Money As A DropShipper With This Company?

Review: Is WorldWide Brands A Scam

Online Business Money-Making Opportunity:  WorldWide Brands Inc.

The company is based in Maitland, FL.  It was founded in 1999.

WorldWide Brands’ current President is James Ritzel.

The CEO of this company is Chris Malta.

Price to join as a member to become an online retailer is a one-time fee of $299, or $319, (involving 3 payments and to be explained in further detail below).

WorldWide Brands has been accredited with the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) since 2003.  The BBB has assigned a grade of A+ to this company.

WorldWide Brands has been advertised on both the Travel and National Geographic Channels.  The company has also been advertised in “Entrepreneur” magazine as well.

WorldWide Brands:  So is it legit or something quite different – a scam to be completely avoided?

As the Internet has gone through an incredible growth spurt over the last 10 – 15 years, a person working from home can make money, (under the right circumstances) in a business through drop shipping.

Previously, I have conducted a review of an online site that also specializes in a drop shipping venture for people who have pursued this as a way of making money in a home business.  The article review which has been posted on this website was on a company called Salehoo.Is WorldWide Brands A Scam

I particularly liked the fact that right on Salehoo’s website, they provided a clear and easy-to-understand presentation on how even a complete “newbie” entering the world of online DropShipping could make money in this type of business.

I am a huge proponent of an online business program, (be it an MLM business, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, etc.) provide the visitor with steps as to how and what kind of educational training would be provided to anyone pursuing the venture.

So, as I went through all that was offered at WorldWide Brand’s site, I then asked myself the following:

Does this company’s website present enough info which would allow a person to make the decision as to whether or not to join, thus pursuing it as a business?

$299, while not an extravagant join fee still is nothing to sneeze at. Would it truly be a wise investment? Let’s see, shall we?

*** If as a way to make money online for yourself you already feel that getting involved with a drop shipping venture would not be for you, as an alternative I mention now the option that is available in a company that I belong to called Wealthy Affiliate.***

$299 is WorldWide Brands’ membership fee.  Although, slightly higher if you don’t want to pay all at once!

As I stated above, a person deciding to join WorldWide Brands would have two options as far as making that total payment to become a member. The second option paid in 3 installments would end up costing an additional $20.  The choices would be:

1). On a credit/debit card, the individual could choose to pay the entire $299 at once.

2).   Or, as an alternative, the individual in what the company calls there: “Easy Pay Plan”, he/she would pay upfront $99.  In the next two subsequent months, he/she would then pay $110 each.  It would add up to a total of $319, or 20 bucks more than the first option.

WorldWide Brands’ Wholesale Scam Protection plan: Is WorldWide Brands A Scam

As could be discovered on the Internet if a person studied it long enough, there are so many scam business opportunities, deviously presented by companies with the criminal intent of stealing money from unsuspecting yet innocent people.

This includes opportunities, pursuing it as a business, in drop shipping!

WorldWide Brands on their website, has a page dedicated to the fact that they want to tell all potential individuals thinking about becoming aligned with the company that there are steps in place that would protect them against fraud merchandisers.

WorldWide Brands calls it their “Wholesale Scam Protection” plan.  The company has performed intensive research on every wholesale supplier working with them, including those coming from outside the U.S.

100% of all suppliers have been certified by WorldWide Brands as being completely legitimate!

If an individual supplier has even the whiff of the odorous scent of fraud attached to him/her, that person would NOT be certified by the company.

WorldWide Brands makes it known on their website that the suppliers that have been certified include people who specialize in the following in addition to drop shippers:

Light Bulk Suppliers

Bulk Distributors

Imports Buyers

Auction & Bulk Liquidation Dealers

WorldWide Brands also advertises on their website that you as an online retailer, (in business from home pursuing the venture of Dropshipping) would deal directly with the supplier.  All middlemen have been removed by WorldWide Brands.

Thus, no percentage of profits would mysteriously disappear somewhere in the middle were there to be devious people placed between you running your drop shipping business from home and the wholesale supplier.

A YouTube video review of WorldWide Brands:

Below, and posted on YouTube in 2016 is an individual’s complete review of the opportunity offered at WorldWide Brands.  The video has one of the highest numbers of people who have viewed it of all posted on YouTube regarding the subject of this company.

And, in addition, the video has 43 likes, (thumbs up) versus 0 dislikes, as of the time I have posted this article on my website.  Thus, I thought it appropriate enough to embed it into this article to give you a little more understanding of what the company has to offer if one eventually decides to pursue it as a Dropshipping home business:

The various categories of products available at WorldWide Brands regarding DropShipping:

WorldWide Brands has some 16 million products available in the venture of Dropshipping.  The company has over 25 different categories some of which I will list below:


Art                                                                            Home & Garden

Baby & Maternity                                                 Music & Instrument

Books, Movies, & Media                                     Office & School Supplies

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories                              Sporting Goods

Consumer Electronics                                          Supplements & Nutrition

Food & Drink                                                         Tools & Hardware

Health & Beauty                                                    Travel

There are more categories not listed above.  Besides that, World Wide Brands on their website stated that are more new products and categories being added in the nearby future.

The steps one would pursue in being a DropShipper in partnership with WorldWide Brands:

On a page found on WorldWide Brands’ site called “How It Works” the company states that becoming a drop shipper affiliated with them would be done in 3 easy steps.

1). Do you need a supplier?

2). Just do a search. . .

3). Keep More Profits.

On that same page, WorldWide Brands’ website designers also included a video.

Let me now be totally honest.  In my opinion, and remember that I am big on an online business program providing info on their methods of training/marketing, this simply is not enough!

If a person, “newbie” has never previously created an online DropShipping business for him/herself, what I see on that page is not enough educational training being provided.  Especially, before that person would be expected to fork over money in joining the opportunity. Is WorldWide Brands A Scam

I compare what is presented on WorldWide Brands’ website with what I saw on Salehoo.  Frankly, there is no comparison, with Salehoo providing much more info to all individuals thinking of joining.

In addition to that, at Salehoo, an entire page on their website is dedicated to presenting educational advice/training for newbies on how to start working their DropShipping business.

WorldWide Brand has no such training seen anywhere on their website.  Yet, if you join it would cost you at least $299.

You’d have a pretty steep learning curve if you were a “newbie” aligned with WorldWide Brands as compared to the other DropShipping company that I reviewed Salehoo.

*** As an alternative to becoming a member of WorldWide Brands, I again mention an option of a program that I am with called Wealthy Affiliate.  It has nothing to do with drop shipping and, oh by the way, you would receive an excellent level of educational training meant to help you make money for yourself online.***

My final thoughts on WorldWide Brands:

I can announce that the opportunity to get involved as a DropShipper at WorldWide Brands is not a scam.  The company has gone out of its way to ensure that their suppliers are completely legit, and that includes those coming from outside the U.S.

They also have a mammoth amount of products in many categories that would certainly allow a DropShipper, assuming that he/she could advertise well to find many customers with their different needs.

Let me also be upfront with you.  If I were to pursue this type of venture, and already aware of what the other program previously reviewed at this site, Salehoo and what they offer as being clearly stated on their website, I would definitely choose them over WorldWide Brands.

I am a huge proponent of an online business company being as transparent as possible in presenting info on their website that would allow a visitor to understand exactly what he/she would be getting into should they get involved with the opportunity.

Salehoo just has more information available on their website to a person thinking of starting up this type of business versus WorldWide Brands.

One More Thing. . .

Drop shipping, as long as you get involved with the right program, is a legit way for a person to earn money from home in an online business.

I also stated above,  becoming a drop shipper is definitely not for everyone.  If you are thinking of pursuing the idea of making money for yourself online but want to pursue this goal through a different type of venture, let me again mention an alternative option that is 100% legit! Is Worldwide Brands A Scam

Please Click Here To See What Is My #1 Recommendation for learning how to make money for yourself through a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

This program provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet for people who seriously want to create income for themselves.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Is WorldWide Brands A Scam?

  1. I have been thinking of starting an online drop-shipping business, and look into Worldwide Brands in the past. I am not familiar with Salehoo, but will review their program as well. I would agree that Worldwide Brands seems legitimate, but I didn’t quite understand how it all worked. I did find an affiliate marketing training program to join and quite satisfied with. Great post!

  2. Hi, Edgar!  Thank you for both reading this article and also providing your comments.  Your one comment about not understanding how drop-shipping works speaks volumes as to what I feel is the major difference between Salehoo and WorldWide Brands.  Yes, the latter is legit.  However, on their website WorldWide Brands provides little info regarding training to a person thinking of joining the program when he/she has no experience in this type of online business venture.  As I stated in the article, Salehoo in emphasizing the difference between the two choices provides great training on how drop-shipping actually works, including education a person on being able to start his/her business from scratch.

    If it were me and I was pursuing drop-shipping as a business Salehoo would be a better alternative as opposed to WorldWide Brands.  As I also stated in the article there simply is no excuse why any online business company does not provide info, (right on their website) on how a person would not only be trained, but also how he/she would market/promote the specific business.  Instead these businesses – such as WorldWide Brands expects a person to just blindly fork over the fees to become a member without knowing all that would go into it.  I’ve learned from past mistakes that turned out to be scams where now I would not give one penny without my being provided info on everything that has to do with that company’s business opportunity.

    Thank you for your comments, again Edgar.  I wish you the best of everything in your affiliate marketing venture that you chose to pursue instead.  I hope that it was with Wealthy Affiliate because it’s the best type of program available regarding teaching people how to grow a profitable affiliate marketing business!



  3. Hey Jeffl,

    Thank you for the most informative article that I read at this month. In fact, I am working now as an affiliate marketer, and to be honest it is the first time hear about drop shipping marketing. However, as I have some knowledge and background of online business, I think USA 299 will not be a big issue if you can start earning money from that way.
    Anyway, thank you again

  4. Hi, Haitham.  Thank you for reading this article and providing your thoughts.  The thing about drop shipping is that if pursuing it as an online business venture, you must get involved with a reputable company.  As is the case with affiliate marketing and MLM businesses, I’m sure there are scam programs that exist within the world of Drop shipping. 

    More than anything else, as I strongly hinted at in the body of this article, one simply MUST do research before signing on with any company.  $299 is not something to sneeze at, especially if you get involved with a bogus program and you end up getting burnt.  I’m not saying that would be the case with WordWide Brands or Salehoo the other Drop shipping program that I recommended.  Unfortunately, not every program has the legitimacy of those two.

    Again, I appreciate your comments, sir!


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