Review: Is World Global Network A Scam?

Review Of An MLM Online Business Opportunity: Is World Global Network A Scam

Online MLM Business Opportunity:  Wor(l)d Global Network

The company was founded in 2011 by Fabio Galdi.

World Global Network is headquartered in the U.S. in Miami, Florida.

The company also has branch offices throughout the world:  Provo (Utah), Singapore, Bangkok, Shenzen, (located in China), Moscow, Hanoi, Dublin as well as other major cities.

The price to join World Global in treating it as an MLM business opportunity:

First of all, just as is the case with another MLM business that I recently reviewed,  you can only join World Global looking at it as a business opportunity through the referral and sponsorship of a current, or active member.  You could not join World Global Network completely on your own by simply signing on the dotted line.

As a new member would be required to automatically purchase at least one of the company’s main products, after first receiving an invitation/referral coming from a current member, the cost to join World Global would be at least a minimum of  $349.

More info about joining World Global is on a different website then their main one and found by clicking here.

Around a year ago, (mid-December 2016) a file over at the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) was opened on World Global.  A number of complaints have been registered with the BBB regarding World Global’s practices.

World Global Network is not accredited by the BBB.  Because of the volume of complaints against World Global, the BBB has assigned a grade of F or failing for this company.

*** Wow, you might already be thinking to yourself already that this opportunity to earn money for yourself online is a bit sketchy, (particularly with the fact that the BBB assigned a failing grade to this company).  I mention now an alternative option to make money for yourself with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

For those people who want further info about World Global Network I highly encourage you to please continue reading this article, okay?

World Global Network,  is it a legit opportunity for a person to earn money in this MLM business?  Or nothing but a scam? Is World Global Network A Scam

With so many MLM business opportunities that have sprung up all over the Internet in the past 5 to 7 years, here is yet another company called officially:  Wor(l)d Global Network.

The significance of how the word, “Wor(l)d” appears is that the (l) symbolizes the company’s main products as if looking at it straight on – a fitness band.

The company’s main wellness, fitness band was created and designed by Wor(l)d’s software engineers to measure a person’s individual Bio parameters.

At least, this particular MLM company does not have products that revolve around a person ingesting diet supplements and drink concoctions 8 times per day, most of which by the way are not U.S. FDA, (Food & Drug Administration) approved.

However, there could be a problem with one of World Global’s products, Germanium.  I will discuss it below and what some of the medical community thinks about this particular product and the health danger that this substance can do to a human body.

Like every MLM online business opportunity that has ever been in existence, for a member to make money with World Global, he/she would have to not only sell the line of wellness brands marketing it out to friends and strangers online.

But in addition, to really build up income ($$$$) in their businesses, members would be tasked with trying to recruit others to be placed in downlines underneath them in the company’s business model structure.

As is the case with other MLM’s, the model structure of World Global for every member considering them to be one large group would resemble a large pyramid.

However, as the company does sell physical products as part of their entity, World Global cannot be thought of as an illegal pyramid scheme as defined by Wikipedia.

I will get into this company’s compensation plan a bit later.

World Global Network’s products: Is World Global Network A Scam

As I mentioned above, this company regarding their products focuses on a human’s “wellness”.  This would be best accomplished through a person buying and then using World Global’s unique “Helo LX” wellness band, seen in the image off to the right.

The band is designed to monitor the Bio parameters of the person wearing it.  The base price to purchase this band which also comes with a “Germanium” kit would be $349.  You could purchase the band and choose not to become a member of the company thus not treating it as an online MLM business opportunity.

If you do decide to join as a member, (and remember this could only be accomplished coming from the referral and sponsorship of an active member) it would be a requirement that you do purchase the Helo LX wellness band.

The people who run this organization from Fabio Galdi, (the founder) on down all have the philosophy that if you want to be an active member in the attempt of building a profitable MLM business for yourself, it could only be done if you actually know the product.  That would mean paying for and using it.

According to info on the site,  (scroll midway down the page to reveal the person wearing the band in the photo as being Allyson Felix the most decorated American female Olympic track & field athlete in history) the Helo LX provides the following benefits for people who wear it.

The fitness band monitors the person’s:

Blood pressure

Heart rate

Breath rate

ECG or Electrocardiogram

Regarding fitness the band:

Monitors the # of steps a person takes throughout the day, distance and calories burned.

Regarding the ability to issue reports, the band:

Acts as a sleep quality monitor.

Regarding a person’s lifestyle the fitness band purportedly:

Improves a person’s mood and lessens fatigue throughout the day.

Germanium:  A person just might want to be careful about long-term exposure to this chemical ingredient. Is World Global Network A Scam

The other product promoted by World Global would be their Germanium kits.  Germanium with its definition related to improving the wellness of human beings is defined online as its “elements’ natural ability to emit negative ions and the penetration of fair infrared rays into the human body”.

The benefits of Germanium, purportedly are that they help in blood purification and negative ions within the human body.  They reduce the fatigue of muscles within the body.

According to an online health article none of the possible benefits of using this ingredient on human beings has been scientifically/medically proven to be an absolute fact.

Conversely, as stated in that same article, the heavy use of Germanium can possibly break down kidney tissue which would lead to irreparable kidney damage!

I copy and paste the following paragraph below from that article, (linked just above) in which an individual reviewing it for publication, a Dr. Deborah Rose approved of this final statement:

(Quote) “Some people believe that germanium can help treat a variety of conditions. But germanium has been linked to serious side effects, including the risk of kidney damage and death.

Researchers are still looking into the benefits of germanium. Until they identify the active ingredients and develop a form of the chemical that’s safe to take, the risks probably outweigh the benefits. While you can still purchase some organic germanium products in the United States, evidence suggests that germanium may be more menace than miracle”. ((Un-quote).

The noted WebMD health site has also issued a number of articles stating that Germanium can produce negative side effects, also mentioning how the product can do damage to one’s kidneys.

So, take it with a heavy grain of salt that Germanium is something that you would want to ingest, or with the case of World Global put it on your body, (it would be attached to the fitness bands).

Medical science, at this time, believes that a lot of negative issues could take place regarding a human being’s long-term exposure to Germanium.

At World Global, the Germanium kits would cost up to $180.

So, you want to participate in an MLM business opportunity with World Global.  How is their training, especially if you’d be a “newbie”?

In order to grow any type of online business, especially for the first time and be it as an affiliate marketer or with an MLM opportunity, you simply must be trained on how to promote the product(s). Is World Global Network A Scam

With the case of the opportunity being in an MLM business, this would also include being taught how to recruit new members into the program and to be placed underneath you in a downline.

If you are not taught the various methods of promoting the product(s) either through a website and with the presence of written content articles, on various social media platforms, through Pay-Per-Click, (PPC) strategies or even hosting parties, then I would wish you the best of luck in achieving any success.

Statistically, just over 95% of the total number of online businesses that are created by people either as individuals or in group efforts throughout the entire world all fail!

****If you want to be in that group of 5% who do achieve monetary success with running a business,  I suggest that you get yourself involved in a program that really emphasizes a high-level of training; such as the program that I am with at Wealthy Affiliate. ****

So what about the training that you would receive if you were invited to join World Global Network?  Wouldn’t you consider it to be important that info would be presented to you first, right on this company’s website, and BEFORE you made a decision to commit?

Again, here is this company’s official website.

In addition, here would be the page where again if provided a referral from an active member, one could join this opportunity.  (I’m not quite sure why there are really two different sites).

The two sites provide all kinds of info about World Global – the various headquarters, testimonials from members, info about the products, loyalty points rewards for members, and etc. They even provide info on the 4 ways a member could earn money with this venture.

I do not see anything about the training that a new member would receive in showing him/her educationally exactly how he/she would promote an MLM business with this company.

Would you be willing to jump feet-first into this opportunity at World Global and especially if you are a newbie, but yet you would have no idea regarding the training that would be provided to teach you the steps in marketing/promoting your business?

$349 to join, (the price of the Helo fitness band with it being a required purchase) is not exactly chump change!

Yet, truthfully from the lack of info that is not present on either of this company’s two sites, you’d be going in with a blindfold attached around your eyes and head!

World Global’s Compensation Plan

As seen on this page here, this company provides 4 ways for a member to earn money:

1). Make personal product sales.

2). Build your team.

3). Share in the company’s revenues.

4). Enjoy incredible lifestyle rewards, (provided by the company).

If you were to click on that link above, as it is just too intricate to explain within the body of this article the entirety of World Global’s comp plan, you will see for yourself how it has been devised.

Again, it all sounds nice, at least on paper.  In Step #3, it is even stated that if a person reaches the level of “President Millionaire” that member could share in 1% of the company’s total sales, paid out as a bonus.

According to the image seen below, reaching the status of “President Millionaire” is the 10th step out of 12 in this company’s hierarchy – with only a “Double President Millionaire” and “Grand President Millionaire” exceeding that lofty status.

Is World Global Network A Scam

I guarantee you that it would require years (plural) to reach that level, as well as building a very large multilevel downline beneath you.

I can only assume that being sponsored by a current member through the extension of an invitation being handed out to allow a person to join, that that particular individual would take the time to provide training on his/her own to that new member.

If not. . .

Below is a YouTube video that was taken from World Global’s channel at the site.  Entitled, “Wor(l)d, A Clear Opportunity” you can view it and then come to your own conclusion as to whether you could build a lucrative online business with this company.

They still fail within the vid to explain the amount of educational training a person would receive should he/she decide to become a member of this MLM business opportunity:

My final thoughts about World Global Network.  Could a person truly build a lucrative MLM business with this company? 

Seen in many review articles that I have previously posted on this website, I am a huge proponent of how an online business company should be completely transparent when presenting itself out to potential members.

The business opportunity presented online should provide all of the necessary info to allow a person to make a clear decision as to whether or not it would be worth his/her time, effort and money to pursue.

So many companies, and to be honest many of them MLM businesses in particular, simply fail miserably at presenting all relevant info on how a person would receive educational training to help make that learning curve much easier.

Sorry, but World Global Network is just like many of those other MLM opportunities.  On their websites, this company fails to present a single word anywhere about training.

For the reason that no training is at all mentioned when I went completely through the two sites, plus the medical issue surrounding one of this company’s products – germanium, I would hesitate to recommend this as THE MLM business opportunity to pursue.

A legit company that would allow any person, (including a newbie) to build up vast income if he/she would pursue it as an MLM business opportunity?

I just don’t think so!

One More Thing. . . 

In case the opportunity at World Global Network does not interest you and perhaps you have been thinking of trying to make money for yourself online don’t go away just yet.

I will mention again what is my #1 recommendation at Wealthy Affiliate, a program that I have been a member of now since early 2015. Is Global World Network A Scam

This company, unlike many of these MLM businesses and most definitely including World Global, is completely transparent in providing you with complete info about what the program is about. As an option it would be free initially for you to join!

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Is World Global Network A Scam?

  1. I’ve been monitoring World GN and actually have studied several reviews online, as my uncle is involved in this company. He recently called inviting me to meet one of their leaders near a city here, but I did not heed. Instead of traveling, I decided to just make a search online.

    Have you inquired how much money one should shell out just to get started in this business? If it is above $100, then this is way beyond what most people can afford. By research, the average amount a person can invest in an MLM business opportunity is ideally around $100 or less.

  2. Hi, Gomer.  Thank you for reading this article.  I am a bit concerned however by your question about shelling out money to join this opportunity, and how apparently you glossed over this information.  Clearly stated within the body of this article, more than once, I provided the following info about a person being able to join this opportunity at World Global Network as well as at minimum how much it would cost:

    1).  A person can only become a member through the referral and sponsorship coming from a current member.  You absolutely are just not permitted to join on your own, seen as evidence on one of the website’s join pages.

    2). As I also stated twice within the body of the article, any individual who eventually does receive a sponsorship coming from a current member would be required to at least purchase the company’s main product – the Helo LX fitness band.  The cost for purchasing that item is $349.

    So, at minimum it would cost you $349 to become a member of World Global Network.

    Beyond that, and according to whatever would be suggested in this company’s training program to help a person initially market his/her business – NOT revealed anywhere on the website, whatever route a new member would make be it:

    1). Hosting parties – which would probably require him/her to purchase additional fitness bands to promote this product.

    2). Writing content articles on a website  – does the company provide any hosting?  They did not say again with the fact that no training methods are mentioned on the website.  If the company does not host a person’s website than for a fact that member would have to pay $$ out of his/her own budget for this expense.

    3). PPC advertisements – again $$ in a budget being required.

    It would simply be up to that member, him/herself, to decide how to promote a business with World GN, and how much he/she would be willing to spend in a budget.  On World GN’s websites nothing is mentioned on how all of  this could be done, or whatever tools the company would provide to you as a member.

    In addition to the fact that the BBB issued a failing grade for this company, (seen in the link that I provided in the body of this article), World GN’s complete failure to be fully transparent in providing ALL of the relevant information to any person thinking about becoming a member is why I felt that this opportunity is certainly nowhere near the best money-making program that can be found online.


  3. Hello Jeff,

    Great article regarding MLM’s and your review of World Global Network.

    I have been once in the past recruited in an MLM selling health products and trying to make my business either through selling the products or to refer others to join the program where they can make their own business. I am not a fan of MLM’s and tend to stay away as trying to make money through it is not as easy as they say. Also, the limited training provided does not help. To succeed in a business, one needs full out training on how online marketing works or in this case the MLM company and its products. The MLM should provide you with the training tools and platforms to help a new person achieve a realistic business plan. There should be others that have had success provide tips and even offer their own training through their successful campaign. The purpose is to help one another through online marketing to set up a road map and building upon it gradually.

    If something looks too good to be true, stay away from it.


  4. Hi, Sam!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also sharing your excellent thoughts.  I also had to learn a powerful lesson, the hard way back in 2005 when I joined what turned out to be a fraudulent MLM online business opportunity.  Because I was so naive back then, I just fell for this company’s line of b.s. – a person could quickly gain “financial freedom” through what this company had to offer in their bogus program.  Their product was in motivational education – audio tapes, DVD’s, etc, and all designed to allow a person to become happy and positive throughout life.  Whatever!

    I should have immediately known, something that I’m now keenly aware of as fact in many MLM online business opportunities fail to do so – this company did not reveal ANYTHING about their training until AFTER you had joined as a member. For  a cost of around $1,000 too!  Their training, based on this company’s philosophy was that a member could easily recruit others, (placed in his/her downline) through first buying leads from vendors and then phone cold-calling these individuals, placing banner ads all over the Internet and other stupid promoting/marketing techniques which were all a complete joke. 

    That’s why now when I review these MLM opportunities for my readers in helping them make a decision to invest money into becoming members, I will always see what is provided, (or in many cases NOT provided) regarding relevant info about the company’s methods in educationally training people on how to market their business.

    Most sites, such as WGN provide scant info about their training methods.  Because of this lack of info, I always clearly inform readers to take that fact to heed.  If they do decide to join, they would be throwing money into the venture and going at it blindly.  What training would they receive?  What’s behind closed curtain #1, part of that well-known television game show, “Let’s Make A Deal”  which had Monte Hall as its host?  If you were a contestant you NEVER knew what was behind ANY curtain, yet an individual was asked to risk his/her winnings to find out.  Same principle as joining an MLM business that reveals next to nothing about their program on the website.  You’d throw money into the company’s join fees, (possibly a lot of $$$) but would have no clue beforehand as to what they would teach you regarding marketing your business.

    I agree 100% with your final statement, Sam.  If an online opportunity appears too good to be true as they state nothing but lies in promoting what they have to offer, then in most cases it is nothing but a scam in which any rationale-thinking human being would need to stay away from – and as far as possible!

    Again, Sam thank you so much for your concise thoughts as they’re very much appreciated by me, sir!



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