Review: Is Trades Of Hope Legit?


Online Business Opportunity:  Trades Of Hope 

Founders:  This Company was founded in 2013 by four women: Is Trades Of Hope Legit

Gretchen Huijskens      Chelsie Antos

Holly Wehde                Elizabeth Huijskens

Trades of Hope is based out of Burnell, Florida

Price to join this opportunity as an online business owner:  $99 the price of purchasing the company’s required “Traveler’s Kit”.

Who may join:  Although the company is designed with females in mind, any citizen of the U.S. (male or female) who is at least 18-years old can join this company with the goal in mind of creating his/her own online business.

The opportunity to join this online business is not available for any person who is not a citizen of the U.S. (and its territories).

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So, what is Trades Of Hope about?  Is it a legit online business company, or one that is nothing but a scam?

First of all Trades of Hope, a Christian-based company is one of the noblest online business opportunities that I have come across, based solely on their philosophy.

Across the world, there is an untold number of talented and skilled women who have learned a craft regarding the design of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, scarves, bags, and etc.

The problem is that these women live in impoverished countries located around the world.  Being able to survive is the #1 goal in many of these women’s lives.

The 4 founders of Trades Of Hope created their company with the mission to help these women.  Giving the title of these women “artisans”, Trades Of Hope wants to help them out financially by selling the items that they create through their business.

The 4 founders believe, most of all, that these women do not need a handout, but an opportunity.  To read each of the founders’ thoughts please click here to be redirected to what they call is “The Story” behind the creation of Trades of Hope.

Furthermore, Trades Of Hope is looking to go into business with female or male entrepreneurs living in the U.S. to market the products designed by these “artisans”. Is Trades Of Hope Legit

Still, as I present this online business opportunity, the question that still needs answering would be: Is Trades Of Hope Legit?  Or something much less positive?

Joining Trades Of Hope as a “Compassionate Entrepreneur”:

On their site, Trades of Hope refers to the people that have an online business with them as:  “CE’s”.  Or Compassionate Entrepreneurs.

To pursue this opportunity in running an online business with Trades of Hope and also help the “artisans” coming from those impoverished countries, it would require an investment initially of $99.  This would entitle that person to the company’s “Traveler’s Kit”.

As I stated above this opportunity to become a “CE” the person residing in the U.S. (both male and female) must be at least 18-years of age to join and pursue it as an online business opportunity.

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As a CE, marketing the online business – Are you good at hosting parties?

As part of the $99 traveler kit, the individual would receive a sampling of Trades Of Hope’s products.  He/she would also receive as part of the kit the company’s Welcome letter, some cue cards, opportunity packets, (to entice others to join the business to form a team), catalogs, hostesses envelopes, invitations to parties, and etc.

The individual would also receive his/her own replicated website.  Checking carefully through the entire Trades of Hope website, however, I could not find any info on how much training a CE would receive as far as marketing his/her business online. Is Trades Of Hope Legit

Yes, it’s nice to have a website.  But a CE can’t drive traffic to the website unless she has been educated on aspects regarding SEO, targeting keyword phrases, writing content, etc.  All of these factors are vital to the success of a website.

Just having nice images of necklaces, earrings and bracelets alone, will not have visitors coming to a CE’s website.  On Google, Bing, and Yahoo that website would probably be ranked very poorly.

The only training provided to help market a CE’s online business would be in teaching the individual on how to host parties; including attracting friends/female family members, etc. to attend these parties with the goal in mind of selling some of the different “artisans’” designed products.

Trades Of Hope’s Artisans and their products:

The 4 women who founded Trades Of Hope have participated in many trips to impoverished countries seeking to find talented “artisans” who have mastered a craft, (whether it be designing necklaces, jewelry, bracelets, earrings, etc).  The mission is to help those women overcome their surroundings by providing them opportunities to sell their products.

The “artisans” come from such countries as Bangladesh,  Cambodia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jordan, Kenya,  Nepal, Peru, the Philippines, Uganda, and Vietnam.

Many of these “artisans” have children of their own and, obviously not their fault, often live in squalor while being barely able to survive.  It is the mission of Trades Of Hope to give these women a chance to move ahead in life, based partially on the talents that they have which otherwise would go completely unnoticed.

Please go to this page here, to find more info on how Trades Of Hope is helping these women.

Examples of some of the products that these “artisans” have created and available for sale at Trades Of Hope’s website are the following: (prices are also included).


Captivity Wrap = $66 Is Trades Of Hope Legit

Ramala Bracelet set = $34

Jubilee Bracelet set = $58



Mombassa earrings = $32

Grace earrings = $26

Northern Lights stud = $42



Phoenix necklace = $38

Chelsie necklace = $32

Jubilee necklace = $36



Nabine scarf = $38

Vintage Rose scarf = $32


Holiday/Home Décor:

Peruvian Nativity set = $44

Snowy ornament set = $26

Nativity ornament set = $64

Royal Persian puppets = $38

Hope Tapestry = $58



Odyssey Boy handbag = $115


Trades Of Hope’s Compensation Plan:

On the site’s FAQ page, some info can be found concerning Trades Of Hope’s compensation plan.  To be honest except for what is mentioned on this page, one cannot find anywhere else on the site pertinent info about the business model set-up/structure of this company and how a “Compassionate Entrepreneur” can make money in a business in conjunction with Trades Of Hope. Is Trades Of Hope Legit

Basically, a “CE” earns between 25 to 33% commissions on the artisan products that he/she is able to sell either through hosting parties or people visiting the website.  Again, remember that regarding the website there is very little evidence that a CE would be thoroughly trained on how to best make use of sales in that manner.

Trades Of Hope seems to believe that most sales would be generated via hosting parties.  There are so many other companies that I have reviewed lately that all follow that same principle with regards to creating revenue through the successful sale of their products.

In my opinion, while this can be done it is also not the most effective way to create a truly successful and profitable online business.

Instead, a person who runs a business would potentially have much more success if he/she is able to slowly create revenue through the use of a powerful marketing website, while also taking advantage of different social media platforms.

The company that I will discuss below, Wealthy Affiliate follows that principle in allowing a person to eventually achieve success in running an online business.

Are you encouraged to build a “team” at Trades Of Hope?  Most definitely, yes!

First of all, in order to retain your opportunity to sell the company’s products through an online business, each “CE” is required to sell at least $300 worth of “artisan” merchandise per month.

As found on the FAQ page, it is recommended that a “CE” form a team of like-minded individuals in order to build up a successful online business for everyone.

I tried to find specific info about Trades of Hope’s business model as it is structured.  Is this company an online MLM business?  I know that the company is NOT an illegal pyramid scheme if indeed multiple levels of downlines are allowed to be built by a “CE”. Is Trades Of Hope Legit

This is because the company does sell physical products, and is not just an opportunity whose mission is to recruit people in down lines with the hope that everyone can make money in that guise with no actual product(s) at all being available.

Still, what irked me was the fact that nowhere on this company’s website was any pertinent info presented as to its business model structure regarding teams making money through the sale of products.  Could a “CE” build up his/her business by having 3, 4, 5 or more levels of people positioned underneath him/her in down lines?

I did find a rather humorous video on YouTube and presented by a woman who is a “CE” with Trades of Hope.

Using props to illustrate how members of a team could make money with the company, it appears that a person would just have one level of people positioned underneath him/her as part of a team.

I would wonder, however; could a person who joined under this first person then go out and build his/her own team of people?

Instead, nothing is explained.  I know that if I was interested in pursuing this otherwise noble business opportunity considering what their prime mission is, still, I’d have to think twice about joining with the lack of info not seen anywhere on the website.

Here, below is that You Tube video which serves to explain Trades Of Hope’s compensation plan:

My final thoughts on Trades Of Hope:  Is it indeed legit?

Look, as I’ve tried to make it very clear, what this company has as its prime mission is unbelievably positive:  Helping women who are less fortunate than some of us are who are reading this article.

This company is legit.  It is not a scam; One that is set up as a get-rich-quick scheme.  The company is also not an illegal pyramid scheme regarding it’s philosophy, nor are there any upsells being pushed that would be required for anyone joining this opportunity.

However and despite all that, I still have major concerns about the lack of info presented as to exactly how this company’s business model is setup.Is Hopes Of Trade Legit

A company that I recently did a review of, Cabionline, within the pages of their website explains in complete detail everything one would want to know about the compensation plan. There is also pertinent info provided about the structure of the company’s business model.

In addition, hosting parties as the prime method for both selling “artisan’s” products and also recruiting other members to be on a team, I’m sorry to say, is not the best way to build an online business.

Trades Of Hope involving their mission is incredibly noble as I stated earlier.  Unfortunately, regarding marketing products out to others, especially online via the use of a website if a person was looking to pursue this as an online business, it could be structured better.

One other alternative. . .

Perhaps, you still might be looking to run an online business and might be looking for another opportunity other than the one available at Trades Of Hope.

You want to be involved with a completely legit company.  I certainly cannot blame you for that need as your goal would be to eventually attain monetary success while running an online business.

Please Click Here To See What Is My #1 Recommendation with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.Is Trades of Hope Legit

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and along the way, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide at one time or another were all members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet to people who seriously want to create income for themselves.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


11 thoughts on “Review: Is Trades Of Hope Legit?

  1. Thanks for this review! I find it uplifting to see a company who has a real purpose in mind and it’s nice that they are trying to help out other women.

    Unfortunately, as it seems in your review, that the founders are playing more off of ’emotions’ of their mission instead of focusing their efforts on business practices.

    I agree that just because you’re given a website, it doesn’t mean you know how to effectively use it. SEO is key in driving traffic and you if you don’t have the knowledge, then a website could be rendered useless.

    This could be a company I would endorse and actually work for IF there were more information about their actual business practices, rather than the emotional ties to their mission (which is a good one, no doubt) But unfortunately, business is business.

    If you ever find anything more about the business side of this business, I would be happy to receive an update!

  2. Hi, Kayla!  Thank you for reading this article and I absolutely must commend you for providing what I feel is some of the most well-articulated thoughts about the subject matter of any of my website articles.

    You are 100% correct Kayla in what you said about this company.  As I stated more than once, Trades Of Hope’s mission/philosophy in wanting to help disadvantaged women living in impoverished countries is to be commended. 

    Yet, as you stated this company seems to be playing off of one’s emotions, trying to entice people to get involved with them as a form of business, so many things are not presented on the website. 

    A seasoned business owner would have to think twice about joining this opportunity solely for the reason that so much info is lacking regarding the company’s business structure.  It is an MLM opportunity but if one is going to build a team, (something that is highly encouraged by the 4 women who founded this business) then why is more info not presented as to how many levels would be allowable representing members who would have joined under one person?

    Your statement about being provided a website with this opportunity, but otherwise little to no training would be provided to “newbies” on how to best take advantage of the possibilities of attracting people to the company’s products on this site is a negative. 

    You definitely know what you’re talking about Kayla and I am so impressed with how well you were able to clearly spell out your thoughts.

    Thank you so much, Kayla!  I personally hope that with regarding this company, perhaps the owners can re-assess their actual website to provide much more info to people intrigued by what could be potentially offered as far as it being an online business opportunity.



  3. This is serious and can’t believe vulnerable people are still taken advantage of like this.

    After reading your post and watching Jill Butler on the youtube clip insert, I am a bit worried as to how much of a joke this program really is. Especially seeing her using those caricatures to illustrate her CEs.

    First of, this idea is great but not sure while the founders are playing on the emotions of these poor uneducated women around the world.
    It’s like giving my grandma a website because she can make beads.

    The worse part is the carefully disguised pyramid scheme going on, I’ve been in one like this before where they also had a physical product to sell and at the end, those downliners felt they were left to do the dirty work for their upliners to stay up, and you know what happens next after that…

    So, everyone venturing into something new needs 24/7/365 days guidance and thanks for recommending WA.

  4. Hi, Excelle!  Thank you for reading this article and also providing your very concise and emotional thoughts.  You put it out there with your opinion stating that in your belief, this company is really trying to take advantage of the emotions of these women coming from impoverished countries and who are basically looking to survive.

    You must be careful however Excelle in calling Trades of Hope a “carefully disguised pyramid scheme”.  First of all, I could not offer any tangible proof that  the company business IS structured using multiple levels of down lines, (3 or 4 deep) regarding teams being built. Plus as there are physical products being sold, by the legal definition of the word this company is NOT set up as an illegal pyramid scheme.

    An illegal pyramid scheme would be a company that has absolutely no physical product associated with it being sold.  People would be recruited based on the idea that somehow, someway they would make money in the business venture even though there would be no physical product to sell.  Money would only be made in those scams through the successful ability to recruit/sucker naive people into joining in multiple levels of down lines.

    Still, looking at many other online opportunities of this type that ARE legal, it is a reason why I do thoroughly dislike MLM businesses.   I completely agree with you that the people on levels 5, 6, 7 and lower in a down line do all of the dirty work which people near the top all benefit monetarily even though truly those people would not deserve it. 

    I also agree that the only vid I could find regarding this site and explaining their compensation plan could have been filmed more professionally.  The caricatures this person used to illustrate how the company is set up would not be looked at favorably by some viewers – as was the case with you Excelle!

    I do so appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts on this opportunity that I reviewed in this article, Excelle.  It is quite clear after reading the article, you gave it a lot of thought and, also did not mince words on your feeling about the company!

    Thank you,



  5. Thank you Kim for sharing this info. As I checked it out for myself in making sure that the link you provided in your comment was legit, I have included it to allow people to receive more info about this organization.


  6. That sounds wonderful Megan! Indeed in doing research for the article review that I posted about the Trades of Hope opportunity except for the lack of info about the company’s business model not found anywhere on the website, I still viewed the company itself as being quite legit. I feel that what CE’s like you do is very noble. Best of success to your as you continue pursuing this venture!


  7. This is a great review on Trades of Hope! I think it is an amazing company with a great mission that more people should know about. I agree with you that it would be nice to couple the mission with some good internet marketing training, so they can have traffic coming from home parties and from online to bring sales.

    I think one challenge with many online marketing direct sales companies is they create duplicate websites for their independent contractors rather than using affiliate software on the primary site and giving direct sellers their own links. This would make it where all direct sellers were promoting the same site and getting credit for referring people online.

    The way it is now would be difficult for them to be compensated for online efforts, but this is probably something they can improve as it’s common in the industry.

  8. I went to my first trades of hope party last week and out of emotion for these women I booked a party. I questioned the CE as she was giving her presentation about how the compensation chain works. She said they pay artisans up front, take the product back to the US to a warehouse in FL. Then they hold party’s such as the one I attended to sell the beautifully handmade item. I may have come off slightly skeptical regarding how much the artisans receive compared to how much we are charged and how much goes to the company, shipping, presenters, etc. basically the overhead. I stopped short in asking her percentage wise how the money is distributed. I completely get we can’t present the products and distribute them for free but I am really curious to know what percentage the artisans receive per item. Thank you for confirming the legitimacy of Trades of Hope. Sad in this day and age we would even have question such a beautiful cause.

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