Review: Is Total Life Changes A Scam?


Online Money-Making Opportunity:  Total Life Changes, (also known on their site as TLC). Is Total Life Changes A Scam

This is an online MLM business opportunity.

Company Founder:  Jack Fallon who remains the President and Tea Executive Officer.

TLC is based out of Fair Haven, Michigan. The company was founded in 1999, although at the BBB site mentioned below they state that the company was formed in 2003.

Price to Join as a Representative or Independent Business Owner:  It is required that the individual purchase the “Business Starter Kit” valued at $40.

You must be at least 18-years old to be a TLC Representative, marketing the company’s products online in a business.

With the BBB, (Better Business Bureau), Total Life Changes is not an accredited business.  The BBB grades TLC as only being worthy of a B – in rating.  Try getting into an Ivy League University if your high school grades averaged out to a B -.  No, most likely your application to a school like Harvard, Yale or Cornell will get stamped “rejected”.

There have been 213 complaints filed with the BBB against Total Life Changes by consumers.   Hmm!

There have also been 27 reviews posted on the BBB regarding TLC.  Of that number, (27) 18 reviews were negative. That’s a 67% mathematical statistic of people who unfavorably reviewed this program.

*** An alternative option that I will now present, one that does not nearly have the same amount of negative complaints coming from disgruntled former members and would be available as a way to make money online is with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.***

With all of that, so far negative information coming from the BBB, right now let’s look a little deeper in trying to find out if Total Life Changes indeed is a scam!

Total Life Changes initially denies you access to their site!  Are you kidding me?

There is one thing that I immediately noticed upon going to the homepage of the site for the first time.  Within seconds of my first landing on the homepage, I was asked to provide an email address as well as a first and last name in order to see anything about this company.

The pop-up blocked all access to the site, dimming the entire home page of the website, (including the ability to click on any links).  I found this to be truly annoying.  Why did this company insist on having my personal info just to see their site and what they have to offer as a business?

In order to get around this, I simply used my throw-away email address, (knowing that I’ll probably get hit with a number of solicitations from TLC eventually) as well as a fake name.

Only after this confirmation email arrived in the inbox could I click on the link provided that allowed me access to this company’s website.

For me, a huge turn-off to be blunt!

Total Life Changes – Yet another MLM, (multi-level marketing) online business venture:

For so many people looking to make money online, MLM opportunities seem to be the “hot ticket” that will allow individuals to earn a boatload of cash going into their bank accounts. Is Total Life Changes A Scam

If only it were so simple!

As I have stated many times previously on this site while reviewing other MLM online business ventures,  there are two HUGE hurdles that need to be overcome before a person is able to make as much as a penny.

#1.  The company must have a viable physical product(s) to sell to the consumer.  Total Life Changes specializes in products having to do with health and wellness.  As does about what seems to be hundreds of other similar MLM online companies.

Within the last 5 weeks or so at this site, I have conducted separate reviews of the following MLM online businesses:  Young Living, DoTerra Essential Oils, Kyani and Zija International.  All 4 companies, like TLC, featured products related to Health and Wellness.

#2. By its very nature, MLMs regarding their business model structures feature members being placed at different levels according to how/when they were enticed/recruited to join.

Recruiting is a gigantic component necessary for a person involved with an MLM organization that would allow him/her to make money in the business venture.

You would not want to be stuck on the 7th level, (or lower) of someone’s down-line.  That is because with no one underneath who you were able to successfully recruit,  you would not earn a penny in the company’s business structure unless you were able to sell any of that company’s products.

Even with that, unfortunately, someone in your up-line would also benefit from any successful sale of a product that you accomplished.  The annoying thing would be that that particular individual had absolutely nothing to do with what was your sale!

Yet, that person somehow in the manner that the company was structured still made a percentage in commission off of what was your sale.

Does that sound fair to you?

I will get to TLC’s compensation plan, as explained in a YouTube video in a bit.

Just as long as you completely understand what is involved with any MLM business venture seen on the Internet if legal, they all would conform to the two principals mentioned above.

By the way, if any company did not comply with #1, having actual physical products available to the consumer then they would be illegal by law.  They would be known as pyramid schemes.

Those type of scam companies use the sole ploy of recruiting people into their bogus opportunities as the only means for members to make any money whatsoever.  These types of scam MLM businesses do not have physical products associated with them.

None of the above-mentioned companies, (including TLC in this review) can be considered to be true, illegal pyramid schemes as all do have physical products that are associated with their business practices.

Still, I’ve found that none of them are the ideal company that I would want to get involved with which would allow me to build a highly lucrative online business.  As you’ll discover, TLC is right in that group.

**** Right now, again, I will mention as an alternative  option in what is My #1 Recommendation for learning how to make money online for yourself.

This opportunity is not structured as an MLM business in which you have to recruit a number of people in building multiple levels of down-lines beneath you in order to build income for yourself! ****

Total Life Changes’ Products: Is Total Life Changes A Scam

As I mentioned earlier, TLC specializes exclusively in health and wellness products.  The company’s categories of products include:  Powder and liquid products having to do with vitamin supplements, nutrients, and minerals designed to fuel the body to a level of maximum drive throughout the day.

There are also tea and coffee products created and sold by TLC.

There are products designed for the skin, including a special type of bath/shower soap, toner cream, and skin serum.

TLC also sells oils in a variety of spices such as Frankincense, wild Lavander, Lemon Zest, Tea Tree and Peppermint among others.

The company also sells these products in a variety of kits and packs.

What I found to be definitely wrong with Total Life Changes’ Website – Assuming that a person somehow wants to become a Representative:

Let’s say that in visiting TLC’s website, (after you provided them with that necessary email address plus first and last name) you somehow become intrigued with the idea of joining this MLM venture as an opportunity to make money for yourself.

On one of the links found on the top of any page, you will see the word “Join”.

Click on the link and you would be asked in a re-direct under the category of Representative to then immediately click on that.  It looks like you’re just about to join!

Hold on just a moment!

If you are like me, (a person who has been victimized in joining other online business ventures in the past that turned out to be scams) wouldn’t you want to know just a little more info about this company before you sign on the dotted line?

Unfortunately NOWHERE on this company’s website could I find any information about becoming a Representative, before I would have been asked to join.

I had plenty of questions, which you should have if you were going through the site and thinking about the opportunity of joining.

How much does it cost to join?

What is the company’s compensation plan? Is Total Life Changes A Scam

Would I receive training on how to promote my business with TLC?

Would I receive my own website in order to promote the company’s products online?

What does the company’s business structure look like?

What other methods are used to help promote the business?

How would the company’s products be shipped to the consumer after a purchase had been made?

Those are just a handful of questions that easily should come to anyone thinking about joining ANY online business venture, even ones that are not structured as an MLM.

Like another company that I recently reviewed, “Zija International” which lacked this information,  TLC’s site provides answers to none of the above questions.

And I find that to be inexcusable.  What do you think?

Where one can find info about joining TLC as a Representative:

As was the case with Zija International, I had to do a Google Search to find a site that does provide useful information about TLC’s training that is provided to a new representative.  Click here to be re-directed to this other site.  It is not TLC’s site but one designed by one of the company’s Representatives.

It was also where I found info about the join fee, ($40), a requirement that entitles the person to the company’s “Business Starter Kit”.

Why none of this info can be found on the company’s actual website boggles my mind.  If you could not find that other site listed above, would you still want to join this opportunity provided by TLC?  You’d be going in blind, don’t you think?

So, at this other site, you finally are provided a lot of relevant info concerning the level of training you would receive.   You would also receive info on how the company’s business model is structured as well as the compensation plan.

Here just below is a YouTube video that I found on TLC’s YT channel with a member explaining in detail how a new Representative could build income for him/herself with this company.

Understand that as I indicated earlier, being able to successfully recruit other people to be placed below you in a down-line would be the only way you could maximize any profits earned with this opportunity.


TLC’s marketing methods:

I have to be totally honest.  I was not thrilled with the manner in which a Representative would be trained as far as having the ability to successfully market this company’s products.  Or, for that matter, trying to recruit/twist-the-arms of people to join, eventually placed beneath him/her in the business structure.

First of all, a new Representative would not receive his/her own website.  A new member, if he/she knew what would be needed could easily build his/her own website as with platforms such as WordPress it’s not that difficult. Is Total Life Changes A Scam

Of course, the problem should he/she decide to pursue that train of thought in creating his/her own website would be the fact that then he/she would have to go out and find a company online that would host this particular website.  It would also cost that individual $$ for hosting fees.

TLC does emphasize  online marketing and especially through social media.  Their recommendations involve placing banners and ads on Facebook, (which is truly emphasized in the training), Twitter or Instagram.  That would comprise the bulk of a Representative’s marketing strategies as suggested in the training.

Think about it.  If you visit Facebook daily how many ads or banners don’t you already see ads promoting a lot of business ventures all over the site?  Why would an ad posted by a new TLC Rep stand out any differently from dozens of other promotions?

TLC also recommends that you host parties.  They believe, the more the merrier as it is a “great way” to spread info about the company’s products.  As well as entice others to join as a recruiting technique.

*** Again the program that I am with and what I feel is My Top Recommendation that would teach you how to make money online, (and that is not an MLM opportunity) does not recommend the repeated hosting of parties that would allow you to gain profits financially.***

So, how long could that Business Starter Kit, ( a sampling of the company’s products included) that a new Representative purchased upon joining last if he/she were to host several parties per week?

TLC does recommend that a Representative host 3 – 5 parties per week at his/her home.  Would the same people/neighbors be repeatedly coming to those parties?  Ah, I don’t think so!  I’d also hate to think what a Representative’s weekly grocery bill would look like.  Guests would expect to be fed each and every time, right? Lol!

TLC’s info about the levels of membership as a Rep. advances upward looks like the following in the image below:

is Total Life Changes A Scam


My final thoughts on Total Life Changes:  Not a scam but. . .

In my opinion, TLC is not a scam.  There is a level of legitimacy with the program’s MLM business structure and the fact that the company does sell physical products.

I also do not believe that is it anywhere close to being the best program online that would allow a person, (especially a newbie) to grow a lucrative business for him/herself.

To be honest, there are a lot of companies online that sell products having to do with health and wellness.Is Total Life Changes A Scam

I find that not one of them stands out as being THE company that a person would join in providing him/herself an advantage over another person joining a different MLM wellness based business.

The fact that there is zero information about training should you decide to join TLC as a new Representative, not found anywhere on this company’s site, is inexcusable!

When I could find this info, (on another site) it led me to the conclusion that TLC’s training program is only average at best.  The fact that in this day and age a new Representative would not be given his/her own website used to promote the company’s products upon joining is a huge disadvantage.

In addition, posting ads and banners on Facebook, and Twitter as the only methods of online marketing is simply not good enough.

Finally, hosting parties repeatedly expecting the same group of friends/family to constantly purchase the same products would be like chasing fools’ gold.  After a while, those same people will probably find excuses to not attend your parties.   No matter how good the food and drinks are that would be repeatedly served.

Although TLC’s join fee is relatively inexpensive at $40, I still would have major thoughts about joining this MLM venture if I were you.

Before You Go, A Much Better Alternative. . .

If you have always thought about the possibilities of creating money for yourself online, and after reading this review believe that TLC is not the answer, let me again mention one as an alternative.

Please Click Here To See My #1 Recommendation that is a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

The first thing that I will mention about Wealthy Affiliate, is that unlike TLC on their site you WILL find info about the marketing strategies on how to promote yourself online in the quest to make money for yourself. Is Total Life Changes A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet for people who seriously want to create income for themselves.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Is Total Life Changes A Scam?

  1. Hi there, thanks for the insightful information on this business scheme.

    I am always wary of MLM based schemes and dont feel comfortable being part of this type of business. I’m sure though, people are making good money with this model, it’s just about how experienced you are.

    Wealthy affiliate seems like a more stable, long term business model that i am interested in and a part of. Like you said It is a great place to start and has a very supportive community.

  2. Great thorough review. I am always on the lookout for fun new ways to make money so this article interested me when it first popped up. I think you did a really good job or breaking down everything about this company. I think it is crazy how you had to go to another website to find info about becoming a representative.

  3. Hi, Austin.  Thank you for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts.  I’ve always felt that if an online business company looking for people to join their money-making opportunity fails to provide info on exactly what the venture would be about then simply it cannot be trusted.  Is this type of company hiding something?

    I know I would not invest one penny into such an opportunity that fails to provide me with all of the facts that would allow me to make an informed decision.

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Austin!  I appreciate them very much, sir!



  4. Hi, Mubs!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts.  While many MLM based online companies may be legit in their business model structure, still I have always been turned off by the concept that someone 5 – 8 levels above you in an up-line would benefit from the work that you did in either recruiting a new person or actually selling that company’s products.  Unfortunately if that company DOES sell actual physical products then by law it would be legal.  Still, I believe that unless you’re willing to work your tail off in both selling the company’s products and recruiting other people to be placed beneath you, then the odds would be that you’d find little monetary success with MLM online businesses. 

    As you said, Mubs, that person would have to have prior experience with this type of venture, especially if that company’s training program was mediocre.

    Thank you again for your comments.  I do so appreciate them!



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