Review: Is Toluna A Scam?

Review Of An Online Survey Taking SiteIs Toluna A Scam


A handful of online survey sites do provide people an opportunity to earn some money as they pursue this venture.

 Conversely, some survey sites, especially those who charge a membership fee and promise that a person will become rich, are nothing but devious scams.

So, is Toluna a scam?  Or is it an online survey site that would allow panel members opportunities to make money online?  Let us see in the following review, conducted after I did extensive research on this company.

Online money-making survey site:  Toluna

This company was founded back in 2000.  The original owner(s) cannot be ascertained.

Here in the United States, Toluna is based in Dallas, Texas.

Having offices located worldwide, on Toluna’s website, a statement is made that there currently are some 13.4 million people who are panel members of this company.  Members are located in a total of 68 different countries.

The price to become a member of Toluna:  Free!

A panel member must be at least 13-years old.  However, between the ages of 13 – 17 kids that age must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian in order to receive payment, (money or gift cards) after successfully earning enough points in their account done by completing surveys.

Beginning at the age of 18, and in many countries the age in which a person is legally considered to be an adult, that individual would not need anyone’s consent to receive payment.

Toluna, on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), is not considered to be an accredited business with the organization.  Still, the BBB has assigned Toluna a grade of A- based on the relative lack of complaints registered by people who have had dealings with this survey site.

The Toluna survey site is part of a giant corporation, called officially  Toluna Group. As a corporate entity, the mission philosophy of Toluna Group is that they call themselves, (quote) “a leading provider of On-Demand Digital Consumer Insights” (unquote).

Toluna Group claims to be the industry’s first and leading end-to-end research platform.  Toluna surveys are only a part of the entire picture when looking at Toluna Group.  Besides surveys, this corporation also offers the following:

Toluna Digital Tracking

Toluna Quick Communities

Toluna Sample Xpress

Toluna Analytics

This review will only focus on Toluna surveys and provide insight to allow readers to see if this site is legit, or nothing but a complete scam.

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The process of becoming a member of Toluna Surveys: Is Toluna A Scam

As I stated above, it is absolutely free of charge to register an account and become a member of Toluna’s survey site.

On the sign-up page, as seen in the highlighted section within the sentence above, during the registration process an individual would be asked a series of 9 questions.  This would begin with you providing info about your name.

As stated on Toluna’s FAQ/Help page, (which to the company’s credit does provide a lot of info about Toluna) these questions are purposely designed to allow people who run this organization to get to know a new member’s likes and interests in a variety of subjects besides just learning the individual’s name, address, gender, birthday, and employment status.

Toluna’s relevant surveys provided to members.  Should be no problem in completing all of them, don’t you think?

Supposedly with this amount of info provided to people who run the site, a new member would only receive relevant surveys in order to allow that person the opportunity to complete them and get rewarded. Is Toluna A Scam

As is also part of every survey site seen online, Toluna makes it clear that panel members should realize that their opinions and views as seen in the answers to various survey questions are highly valued by the company.

Participation in the surveys would have a “direct impact” on companies and how they market, distribute, and/or advertise new products and services that go out to consumers.

So, apparently, this would mean that as members are only invited to participate in completing surveys that are completely relevant to them, based on filling out those important series of 9 question as they joined, therefore everyone could easily have the opportunity to complete all surveys that had been issued to them.

Members would ALWAYS earn some type of reward, the only factor being that the survey gets completed within a certain time limit.

Well, right?


You’ve just been disqualified!

Just as is the case with about 99% of all online survey companies, a Toluna panelist could easily be disqualified from having the opportunity to successfully complete an entire survey.

Found on the same lengthy FAQ page, (highlighted above) and specifically under the following question:

“Sometimes, it seems as though I’ve answered a lot of survey questions only to find out that I do not qualify for the whole survey!  Why?” Is Toluna A Scam

Well, as is seen in the written answer, surveys designed by Toluna are intended to be completed only by a specifically targeted group, (and one that Toluna was aware of from the second the survey was extended out to all members).

The explanation goes on to say that in these instances, it takes only a series of several questions and how they get answered by panel members, (sometimes as is also stated, more than several questions) to find out that specific people just do not meet the criteria that would allow them to complete the entire survey.

Okay, so let me act like the man seen in the image off to the right and just above, steam coming out of his ears:

As Toluna’s survey panel designers have relevant info on every member who joined this site, why in the world would they extend out invitations to people knowing very well, (based on info provided in those initial 9 questions) that there is no chance they would qualify to complete that particular survey?

Personally, it is but a reason why I have ended my membership with dozens of survey sites similar to Toluna.  After receiving an invitation to participate in a site’s survey, you begin the process of completing it.

Suddenly, bam, you find out you’ve been disqualified – and only based on how you answered the first 3, 5, 7 or 10 questions.

You will have wasted time that you’ll never get back again in your life, either!

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No qualification in completing a survey equals no rewards, either!

One final kick in the teeth: Is Toluna A Scam

Except for only one survey site that I know of, “Springboard America”, when a member suddenly finds him/herself having been disqualified from the opportunity in completing a survey, everywhere else the individual would receive nothing!!

No points or rewards to later be redeemed for cash or gift cards.  Zip, zilch, zero, nothing!

At Springboard America, members who get disqualified from completing specific surveys are all put into a raffle drawing to see if they could win a small consolation prize.

A once active member of Springboard America, I personally never won that raffle after being told I did not qualify to complete a particular survey put out by the company.  There could have been millions of other people with their names in the “hat” as well, for all I know!

So, you see the fallacy of being a member of many survey sites. You often come out with nothing after spending time trying to qualify and complete surveys.

It’s even the case found at a unique survey site called “Mindswarms” that I recently reviewed on this site.

At Mindswarms, all surveys are to be completed by members through answering questions through the process of a video recording – done on either a computer of some kind or a Smartphone/mobile device.

Still, a member of that site can find him/herself disqualified even if they complete all the questions.  It would be because those people who designed the surveys did not like the answers provided by the panelist and seen on the video recording.

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Toluna’s reward system for members who are allowed to complete individual surveys!

Depending on the length of a survey, which Toluna on their website states could last anywhere from 5 minutes, (extremely short surveys) to ones that could take up to 30 minutes in length, a panel member could earn anywhere within the range of 15 and up to 50,000 points!

Being a member of Toluna and successfully earning reward points, they can be redeemed by either choosing to receive cash or gift certificates, (the amount depending on the # of points earned). Is Toluna A Scam

In order to redeem the points as cash, a member must have a verified PayPal account, or he/she may request that Toluna transfer the funds to his/her designated bank account.

Toluna is affiliated with the following well-known companies that would provide gift cards as rewards and in a number of denominations, (based on points earned):

Red Box                                                 Toys R Us, (although this company recently went bankrupt)

The Gap                                       

Sears                                                      Hulu Plus

Facebook                                              Walmart

Target                                                    Papa John’s Pizza

Starbucks                                             Dell

Cheesecake Factory                            iTunes

Jiffy Lube                                            Yankee Candle

Other benefits of becoming a member at Toluna:

Although a member would not receive rewards, (cash or gift cards), he/she could opt to test new products put out by companies that are affiliated with Toluna.

The person would be able to keep the product with the only requirement being that after a period of time, that member would be asked to provide feedback which would allow Toluna and the affiliated company to see the validity of that product, based on the individual’s thoughts.

Toluna, through an app available on Google Play or the App store, makes it possible for members to attempt to complete survey invitations on a Smartphone or mobile device.

A member could also design “daily quick survey questions” made available to all members.  As the individual builds up credit through creating a lot of these surveys, eventually he/she would receive member reward points.

A Toluna Tutorials YouTube video:

Below is a YouTube video found on Toluna’s YT channel, (entitled “Toluna Tutorials”).  The video purportedly shows new members the varied number of ways that would allow them to earn more points on the site.

My final thoughts:  Is Toluna a scam?

I consider an online scam, specifically one found in a bogus money-making site to be when a person is deliberately lied to by devious people – and done with the final outcome usually being that the individual gets ripped off monetarily.

These bogus programs will also tell people that often very quickly they can earn outrageous sums of money with the opportunity that has been provided to them if only these individuals are willing to follow the company’s “proven system”!

Those people not only lose their original money they invested in the scheme by joining as members.  But the final slap in the face would be in 99.99% of these cases they don’t become nowhere near to be called “rich”.  Quite often they earn not a penny in the venture.

Toluna, with the info presented on their FAQ page, cannot be considered as a scam.  The people who run the company make it clear that any member would most likely not qualify to complete all surveys extended out to everyone. Is Toluna A Scam

The company, unlike one other now-defunct survey site, does not charge a fee, ($$) upon joining.

Toluna’s extensive FAQ page provides clear information about exactly what the survey site is all about.  There is nothing purposely left out about the company, meant to deceive potential members. One other important thing you should know about any survey site that you join:

Toluna, like the other sites, is not going to provide members with hundreds of survey opportunities weekly which would enable them to possibly earn a lot of money in this venture.

Toluna is a legit survey site.  Just understand one thing:

You’ll never become rich spending 8 – 10 hours per day trying to do nothing but attempting to complete online surveys, even being a member of multiple sites.

You simply cannot equate the task of completing surveys to that of earning money in a full-time, 9 – 5 job!

Understand that fact, and if you still care to do so, join as a member at Toluna in order to receive a little extra income.

Before I Let You Go. . . 

Yes, it is quite true.  Becoming a member of a survey panel, (even more than one of them) is never going to allow you the opportunity to earn real income online.

Are you interested in the possibility of learning how to actually make money for yourself online?

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You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


2 thoughts on “Review: Is Toluna A Scam?

  1. Jeff,
    I see emails coming into my inbox all the time about surveys and gift cards. I never even considered that some of them might be legit. As I read through your article, I was thinking this might a fun way to occasionally earn a gift card or 2 (or more) as a treat for my kids. I am happy you made a point of saying that it’s not something that will replace a job. It’s easy to let ideas like that just run away with our common sense.
    So Toluna wouldn’t be your first choice for survey opportunities?

  2. Hi, Neil!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts.  I’m glad that you were able to understand my point that it would not be wise for an individual to consider survey-taking as akin to it being a regular full-time job when looking at income being earned.  it just will not happen.

    As to why I don’t recommend Toluna as my first choice, it’s because of the fact that they do disqualify individuals for not fitting the intended demographic of a particular survey.  Also, they do not have in place any type of consolation prize for people who do get disqualified.  At least at Springboard America, a site that I mentioned within the body of this article, Neil, they do have a raffle system in place with each survey when participants get disqualified. 

    There also is another survey site which I have previously reviewed called YouGov. At this particular site, no one is disqualified from having the chance to complete any survey that is available to members.  The downside to this survey site is that they only give out gift cards as rewards for points accumulated through the completion of surveys.  One cannot redeem his/her points for cash.  So, that is the one downside to becoming a member of YouGov.

    Neil, I truly would not recommend any one particular survey site as being the absolute best to join as my first choice.  Basically all survey sites are about the same.  They’re all useful, those that are legit, for earning a person extra income and that’s about it, sir!

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, Neil, as they are appreciated by me!



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