Review: Is Point Club A Scam?

Is Point Club a scamReview Of A Survey Site (Updated on June 13th, 2017):

Online Money Making Opportunity: Point Club Survey Site

Company Base: Encino, CA

All signs purport that this site was founded in 2016.

Membership cost to join: Free

It is open to all residents at least 18-years old, and citizens of the U.S., Canada, the U.K., many European Continental countries and Japan.

Participating in surveys.  Are they a genuine way to make online money for yourself?

On the Internet, there are truly legit survey sites such as Ipsos I-Say.   And then there are completely fraudulent survey sites such as “Get Cash For Surveys”.  The people who run the latter survey site have the unmitigated gall to charge people $74 just to join as members!

So, is Point Club a scam? Is the site like the first one mentioned above, it being legit?  Or is this site a total fraud, one that any right-thinking person would avoid at all costs?

Better still, could a person joining Point Club as a member earn a lot of money for him/herself simply by completing surveys daily?

Let me give you some detailed info about the Point Club survey site to allow you to make an informed decision.

I will also attempt to answer the question as to whether a person could make a lot of money in this venture.  To be completely honest, I have yet to find any survey site doing reviews such as this one posted on this website that would consistently feed a family of four, pay the bills or put clothes on everyone’s back.

Despite what some bogus sites may try to publicize as a complete lie, do you personally know of anyone who has become a millionaire solely through just being a member of various online survey panels?  I did not think so, as neither have I!

**** If already you might believe that completing surveys would not be the answer for you as you seek to generate income online, as an alternative I will now make mention of My Top Recommendation that is with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

No, you definitely would not be working from home as an online survey taker with this opportunity, either! ****

A look behind the curtain at what goes into the Point Club Survey site:

Like any other survey site, a member would get rewarded for completing a full survey.  In the case with Point Club, the rewards would be in the form of points being earned.  The longer the survey, the more points a member would earn in his/her account.

Notice, in the above paragraph that I underlined and bolded the word “completing”.  That is because like 99.5% of all other survey sites, here at Point Club a member can be disqualified from completing a survey.

Disqualification could be the result of a member not fitting the specific demographic of a survey designed by those not after everyone being able to participate in one. Is Point Club a scam

Point Club also emphasizes, more than any other survey site that I have reviewed, a member being honest when he/she fills out answers to questions.

The site states that a lot of questions come in the form allowing for open-ended answers. I guess that somehow those who review the answers to questions of this type are aware when a member is trying to “game” the system.  That person would be kicked out and not allowed to complete a survey.

In all cases when a member is disqualified he/she earns nothing for wasting his/her time spent on that survey.  Not one point is earned!

The system of earning points for completing a survey at Point Club:

Depending on the length of the survey, a member could earn anywhere from 200 – 2,000 points.

At Point Club, 1,000 points equals one U.S. dollar.  So, the maximum amount of points a member could earn for completing a rather lengthy survey would be 2,000 points or $2!

Hmm, that also sounds well below minimum wage salary here in the U.S. and probably many other countries as well!

Upon first registering with the Point Club site either through an email, Facebook or Google + account, a new member would earn 500 points, (50 cents).

Then, completing the entire form, (providing name, date of birth, country of origin, address, etc.) the person would earn another 500 points, (50 cents).

Finally confirming the account done through a link sent to an email address, the new member would earn yet another 1,000 points, ($1).  So, for all that trouble this individual would earn a grand total of 2,000 points or $2!

The minimum cash out level is met when a person earns 25,000 points in his/her account, (the equivalent of $25).

At that time, the individual could redeem his/her points as either cash or in the form of gift cards.

It did not state anywhere on the site as to whether a member could get his/her cash in the form of a check coming from Point Club.  Or, conversely if money could be transferred into something like a verified Pay Pal account. Is Point Club a scam

Also, there is no ready information available as to what companies Point Club would be aligned with regarding gift certificates that one can redeem his/her points for.

Yeah, so it should be abundantly clear to you that like every other survey site on the Internet, you’re not going to be able to make a lot of consistent money in this venture.


My final thoughts on Point Club.  This online survey site is legit.  However. . .  You’d better keep your day job!

At the Point Club site, the owners clearly state that participating in surveys with this site is NOT to be considered as replacing income at a job.  As has been proven with legit survey sites that I have previously reviewed at this site, a person simply cannot look at the act of completing surveys daily as a means for earning steady income.

I do give credit for those in charge of the Point Club site with the fact that they are being honest.  This is unlike other bogus survey sites in which they try and pull your leg in a complete lie that you could easily make thousands of dollars monthly with time spent at their site.

Here is yet one more scam survey company called Work at Home Institute” that fabricates an absurd lie about a person possibly becoming rich.  The price to join this opportunity with “Work at Home” would cost you $97 to join, down from the original $197 new member fee.  Don’t let that reduction in membership fees fool you.  A scam is a scam, period!

Point Club is not a scam as for one thing, you are not charged some bogus fee to be a member of what is a survey site.  However, you can’t look at your participation with Point Club as being equal to a 9 – 5 full-time paying job either!  You definitely will not make the equivalent amount of money that you could earn compared to even a minimum wage full-time job.

Before I Let You Go. . .

You may feel that participating in surveys, (and sometimes getting disqualified in even completing them) is not exactly the best way to earn money online.   And you’d be quite right!

There is a much better option.  This would be what is My Top Recommendation for learning how to build a legit online business through a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Is Point Club a scam

Wealthy Affiliate is the most recognized and legit program on the Internet that would teach a motivated person how to build an online business working from home.

With hundreds of thousands of people being members at one time or another since the company’s inception back in 2005, that figure speaks for itself.

The program has the best educational training, tools and community support of any other competitive program online.

You could treat this opportunity as a means of supplementing your income, or instead as truly a full-time venture.  The choice would be up to you depending on your present situation at home.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


14 thoughts on “Review: Is Point Club A Scam?

  1. This is awesome. I have been looking for legitimate ways to make online income from home. I have been scammed time and time again. But I have a really good feeling about this one. But I like the wealthy affiliate one even better. Which do you recommend is easier for a college student?

  2. Hi James! Thank you for both reading this article and then issuing your comments. If you are a college student and in need of money quickly, then participating in survey sites like the one provided by Point Club would be the short-term answer. Notice James that I did say “short term”. You will NEVER be able to support yourself monetarily if you were looking at taking surveys as part of replacing a job.

    Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich quick scheme. However the powerful advantage over running a legit online business versus just doing surveys weekly, (and making little income btw) would be the amount of passive income you could earn once your business has been built up. It does take time however and also a powerful commitment if you’re willing to do it.

    I hope that my answer is what you were looking for as far as guidance, James. Again I do appreciate you taking the time to read this article!



  3. These cash survey sites are just too tired for me. It’s starting to get really old and useless. These sites serve absolutely no person except to take beginners and newbies through the ringer.

  4. I agree! There are much better ways to earn money besides spending time doing surveys. Besides which, there is always the disqualification ideal where an individual spends 10 or so minutes answering questions only to find out that suddenly he/she has been told his/her demographics never fit the profile to which the persons who designed the survey were after in the first place. Time wasted and the final kick to the stomach being that the individual earned nothing as a reward for his/her effort.

    It’s why I promote this opportunity as being much more viable of an alternative for a person truly interested in learning how to run a legit online business.

    Thank you for both reading the article and then taking the time to comment!


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  6. Thank you for your comments! I’m not sure why your original comment did not visibly show up immediately.

  7. I just signed up the other day. I go in and play around when bored. It does say you can get your money moved to PayPal. I’m going to play with it for awhile. I’m on no big hurry to get money.

  8. That’s nice Rox. You are aware I hope that there are much better ways to earn money online that would also be a more productive use of your time!

  9. I like swag bucks and point point club I reached the twenty five dollar Pay out much faster than others survey sites and I requested a PayPal payment .I got paid from swag bucks.point club said it will take up to ten days to receive payment from them so I haven’t received it yet.i would love a way to earn more money so I would like to try wealthy affiliate.

  10. Hi, Cynthia. Thank you for reading this article. To be honest money-making opportunities such as Swag Bucks and Point Club do not provide the best ways to build up profits online. Any opportunity that involves survey taking, (offered at Swag Bucks and with Point Club the very basis of that site) also presents the issue of a panelist being disqualified all because he/she did not fit the demographic profile for a particular survey opportunity. Along with that of course would be the fact that that panelist would not earn a penny for his/her efforts.

    The opportunity presented through Wealthy Affiliate, as long as the individual is willing to invest him/herself completely into the programs training over a period of time, (as it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme) is a much better way to build income online through owning a legit business compared to any survey site found on the Internet.

    Best wishes to you Cynthia and by all means do further check out Wealthy Affiliate.


  11. Does anyone know the number for pointclub? I requested my gift card more than 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t heard anything from them. I really hope this isn’t another scam company, that would be really great.

  12. Dear Catherine. I’m sorry that you apparently are having issues with this survey site, Pointclub. However, I’m wondering why in your comments you asked me that specific question about a phone number? I am in no way connected to PointClub, nor am I even a survey panel member.

    I only issued a review of this company to help people understand the fallacy of participating in online surveys on practically every site that exists on the Internet. The fact is that while dong surveys is a way to bring in a little bit of extra income, any rationale thinking human being cannot consider making an attempt to complete surveys to be rewarded through $$ or gift cards, (with plenty of instances where a member would be disqualifed due to not fitting the demographic profile of that survey) as financially equating the task as if it was like a full-time 9 – 5 job!

    Have you gone to the site itself to find out contact info? Most survey sites that I am aware of at least have a page where members could attempt to contact those personnel. It’s the only suggestion that I can come up with, Catherine. Best of luck to you!


  13. I tried getting my two gift cards now for two weeks they refuse to give them to me why because they went and closed my account without me knowing about it says the surveys I took were not valid and my answers werent truthefull wish is a downright lie and they wont give me two gift cards I earned .It took me awhile to get 10.000 points and now I am getting the shaft from them I tried emailing them three times and no answer I cannot be reinstated so they screwed me of my gift cards,i think they are crooks dont bother,

  14. Hi, Carol. I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties that you have had with Point Club and their refusal to provide you with a reward that you have earned. Based on your experience, perhaps others might understand that the opportunity to make a little money by completing surveys on this site is not at all what it appears to be.


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