Review: Is Organo Gold A Scam?

Or Is It Truly Possible That A Person Can Make A Lot of $$$ With This MLM Business Opportunity?Is Organo Gold A Scam

In this article, I will present a review of a company called Organo Gold.  As an MLM online business venture, this company features mainly coffee/tea products, plus those in the area of health/wellness to be sold to consumers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

It is advertised that some of the company’s other products in the niche of health/wellness, consisting of other drink concoctions have been beneficial to hundreds of thousands of people.

Looking at it solely through the ideal of it being a way to make money online as an MLM, I will take an honest look at the question that is posed in this article’s title:

“Is Organo Gold A Scam?”

Or, conversely looking at the manner in which Organo Gold is set up according to the structure of their business model, would it provide great odds that even a newbie could make real money in this venture?  Let’s find out, shall we?


MLM Business Company: Organo Gold.

Company’s history: Organo Gold was founded back in 2008. The company is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

The current CEO/President is Mr. Bernie Chua.

The cost to join Organo Gold and become an independent distributor: $49.95 which is the price of the company’s “Business Entry” kit.

In order to become an independent distributor one must be at least 18 years old.

Independent distributors pursuing this MLM online business opportunity are located in more than 50 countries located around the world.  At the end of 2016, there were over 400,000 active Independent distributors worldwide who represented Organo Gold.

Over at the BBB, (Better Business Bureau), a file on Organo Gold was first opened back in November 2012.  Organo Gold is listed as a non-accredited business with the BBB.  The organization has given Organo Gold a rating of “A+” based on the ethical practices that are in place.

The thing to remember though despite this high grade: While no complaints have been filed against Organo Gold, only 1 positive review at this time has been posted on the company coming from either a customer or independent distributor. There have been no negative reviews posted.

**** Despite the company’s overall positive opinion as registered with the BBB, if already you somehow feel that selling coffee/tea products plus the fact that you definitely would have to build an equal two-leg multi-level team beneath you as the principal way to earn money online does not appeal to you; as an alternative option right now I mention an opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate, also available worldwide in even more locations compared to Organo Gold.

You don’t have to worry about having to build two-leg teams underneath you with this alternative option at Wealthy Affiliate, as it’s not an MLM business venture!****

Organo Gold the real deal? Let’s first take a look at this company’s line of products:

As I mentioned above, Organo Gold’s main product(s) are in the niche of coffee and tea. Specifically, Organo Gold’s products consist of: Is Organo Gold A Scam


There coffee products include Latte, Mocha, Cafe Supreme, Gourmet Black Coffee etc. Organo Gold also produces hot cocoa.  Their tea products include Green tea, Red tea and Black iced tea.

Visiting the company’s website, having no interest in becoming an Independent distributor it is possible to purchase any products.  Taking the Gourment Black Coffee as an example, the purchase of one box would cost retail $27.  Each box of this type of coffee contains 30 sachets.  Thus, it would cost around $0.90 per serving, (90 cents per cup).

Body Management:

Here you would be looking at drink concoctions made by this company as a way towards having your body be as healthy as possible.  Some drinks are designed to help a person lose weight.  These products include Fenix DX and Fenix XT, OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate, (or Vanilla), Ganoderma Lucidum, Mycelium and Grape Seed Oil.

Personal Care:

The products offered in this category include G3 Beauty Bar Soap and OG Smile, which is a brand of this company’s toothpaste.

Registering to become an Independent Distributor at Organo Gold:

The registration process if one chooses to look at Organo Gold as an opportunity to build a work-from-home MLM online business is very easy.  Just as long as a person is ready to fork over $49.95, the price of the company’s join fee.  Is Organo Gold A Scam

Unlike a few similar MLM business companies that I have previously posted reviews of at this site, including one specific one found here called Jeunesse the opportunity to join Organo Gold is NOT done by invitation only.  Or where you could only receive a referral coming from an active member as being the only way possible you could join.

At Organo Gold, although they do state that if you do not know of an active member, immediately upon joining the company would assign a sponsor to you as you begin your journey.

Paying the $49.95 join fee, a new member would receive his/her business starter kit.  This kit would include:

– A replicated website, plus access for 1 year to the member’s back office.

– A distributor binder.

– Applications, (for others to join) and brochures, (handed out to potential distributors).

– Samples of the company’s different coffee varieties, (meant to be handed out to potential customers or distributors).

– Access to wholesale purchases.

Despite what a new member would receive that is included in the above mentioned business starter kit, I did note one glaring and extremely important concept that was not mentioned at all on any page of this company’s website.

Really, it would be crucial to the success of any person who looks at any opportunity to make money working from home.  It will be fully addressed a bit later in this review and it involves educational training.

Organo Gold’s Compensation Plan – Hey there would be 7 ways that a person could earn $$ pursuing this MLM business venture! That is, “supposedly”.

On Organo Gold’s site regarding the company’s Compensation Plan, they want to make it known to all people thinking of becoming independent distributors that there are 7 methods already in place that would allow them to make money in this venture. Is Organo Gold A Scam

These 7 steps include:

1). Retail Profit – With the ability to successfully sell Organo Gold products out to retail customers, an independent distributor could earn up to 50% profits as commission.  (Note in the previous sentence that the words “up” and “to” are underlined.  This means that you definitely would not earn 50% profits on everything that you would sell)!

2). Fast Track Bonus – A new distributor could start making money immediately if he/she could sell some of the company’s “promotional product packs” to the tune of between $20 and up to $120 each.  Of course you also would have to know how to market out your business from the very beginning too!

3). Duel Team Bonus – Recruit new people to be placed on two equal legs, receiving $$ on people who joined under you down to 9 levels.

4). Unilevel Bonus – Receive bonuses based on the efforts of people placed equally in a distributor’s down line, (those people making all the sales, not specifically the distributor) and again down to 9 levels deep.

5). Unilevel Matching Bonus – Earned a percentage of the unilevel bonus handed out to people in a distributor’s down line up to 4 levels deep.

6). Generational Bonus

7). Global Bonus Pool – reserved for only the most successful independent distributors who are members of Organo Gold.

A YouTube Video found on Organo Gold’s channel:

Below is a short video created by Organo Gold which serves to illustrate the latest techniques that would enable an independent distributor, helping him/her make money in this MLM online business opportunity:

Income Disclosure Statement as provided by Organo Gold themselves!

Okay, now let’s look at the very nitty-gritty when thinking of the odds that an independent distributor could become quite successful financially being a member of Organo Gold.

As can easily be found on the company’s website, they did provide a complete income disclosure statement for all independent distributors who were active with this company in the calendar year 2015.Is Organo Gold A Scam

Let’s put it this way when one takes the position of Organo Gold providing a true opportunity for a person to make money with this MLM online business venture.

In all likelihood, you’d better think of a different way to buy that luxury $50,000 Lexus you might have been planning on purchasing based on any potential income earned in a home-business opportunity that you got yourself involved with, especially with this company.

As seen on the statement quite explicitly, fully 86.34% of all active members who were distributors with this company, in 2015 individually they made between $0 on up to at maximum $599 total for the entire year!

How about buying a well-used 1965 VW Bug instead, huh?

Perhaps a reason now why so many people quite obviously are not all that successful at Organo Gold:

If you’ve read any of my past reviews of MLM business ventures previous to this one, you should know by now that I do have one major critique about so many of them and looking specifically at the info presented right on their websites.

Too many of them provide almost no information on how a new member, in some cases paying over $1,000 just to join, would be educationally trained specifically on the methods needed to market/promote his/her online business.  One such example is found at the MLM opportunity called Zija international.

Zija is also into healthy/wellness products.  One of their join option fees would cost a new member $999.95.  Yet absolutely nothing is discussed anywhere on this company’s website which would serve to provide info to a “newbie” on just how he/she would be trained on the methods of marketing his/her online business out to potential customers. Is Organo Gold A Scam

At Organo Gold I invite you again to go through their complete website.

You will find info about the company’s products, their compensation plan, their income disclosure statement, various success stories and testimonials, (seen with any MLM business as members shill the virtues of these companies as being the absolute best in the world) and so on.

Not one word however is presented on exactly how a new member would be educationally trained in the various methods that would help him/her learn how to market his/her online MLM business.

Yes, every new member would be assigned a sponsor.  Would this sponsor provide you with a great deal of training, based on what he/she had learned in his/her own path previously after joining Organo Gold?  You just would not know what you’d get with this “sponsor” to be quite honest.

Yes, forking over $49.95 is a very low join fee compared to other MLM business ventures.  Still, even at that price one should expect to see info, directly on Organo’s website, about the various types of training that would be provided by the company to any new member.

I hate to say this, but being burned a few times in the past by a few MLM opportunities where I lost all the money that I invested into what turned out to be bogus scams, (one company costing well over $1,000 which was their join fee), if any company fails to present info on their website about training, you would be foolish to potentially go ahead and join anyway, not knowing what you’d be getting yourself into.

I knew nothing about any of these companies in what they intended to provide me under the ideal of training so that I could become successful financially. Instead, it was my own foolish greed that ended up costing me a lot of $$$.

Please, do not make the same mistakes as I did years ago!

My Final Thoughts on Organo Gold:

Okay, so while Organo Gold is upfront with the fact that they did provide that income disclosure statement for the year 2015 which painted the sad fact that well over four-fifths of all members failed to earn even $600 for an entire 12-month period, at least they were upfront.

I cannot call Organo Gold a complete scam as quite clearly they never do promise that a new independent distributor would be guaranteed to attain financial freedom after joining this company.

Neither however can I call the opportunity available with Organo Gold one of the best ventures to get involved with when it comes to running an MLM online business.

Instead, a different opportunity altogether, again presented below, I feel would be much better for any of you who are seriously pursuing the idea of making money for yourself online.

Before You Go…

So, perhaps Organo Gold would not be the ideal way for you to make money online for yourself.  Their lack of training not seen anywhere on the company’s website which would serve to help a person potentially grow his/her business I find to be a bit alarming; especially as they still ask a new member to pay upfront  some money in joining.

Instead as an alternative option, I again present a much more legit program that would allow you to make money online as it is with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization.Is Organo Gold A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.

This company, most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme, so no, you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Is Organo Gold A Scam?

  1. Hey Jeff, I really enjoyed reading your review of Organo Gold. It all sounds good in the beginning, but I 100% agree with you that when four-fifths of the costumer’s cant archive goals the product can’t be very good. I also really like your like your advice you join wealthy affiliates for everybody who is looking to make some money online. I’m a member myself and a living proof that blogging works.

  2. Hi Aaron!  Thank you for the time that you spent reading this article and for also sharing your kind thoughts.  It’s true that when over 80% of people were unable to make a lot of money through Organo Gold’s opportunity that more than speaks volumes as to what this company has to offer to people looking to have a successful online business.  It’s not going to happen!

    WA presents a much better opportunity for a motivated individual to achieve real income in an online business!

    Thanks for stopping by, Aaron!



  3. Loved this review Jeff. I joined Organo Gold back in 2013 before they started adding all these extra health practices when it was straight coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

    Yes, a lot of people don’t make much money if any all all. I struggled the first full 2 years. YES, 2 YEARS! I am still an active independent distributor with them today, however, I would not suggest anyone joining under just any random ‘sponsor,’ or at all if they are shy in speaking to random strangers in public. It was a developed skill for me, LOL! Now I just can’t stop chattering away.

    If folks are joing this opportunity for the money, they WILL fail…. You gotta be passionate to actually make money here, because it’s gonna suck.

    In fact, I would suggest something more like Wealthy Affiliate to the general populace as you have shared. You don’t have to get out there and out of your comfort zone, and you can make some pretty darn good money by following your passions through your own website. Plus, it’s free to start, psh, that make it a no brainer for me. I’m glad I found your review here, I didn’t think anyone was doing reviews on this company anymore. HAHA

    All the best,

  4. Hi, Chris thank you for both reading this article and also for your thoughts, particularly as you’re a member of Organo Gold.  What you said about this company really can apply to any other MLM online business venture.  Without the help of a dedicated and trustworthy member, the odds of a person building financial wealth would be practically non-existent.

    I still question the lack of info on this company’s site about their training/educational procedures.  As I have been burned a number of times by foolishly joining previous MLM opportunities without first failing to do my due diligence, for a company to mention nothing about their training anywhere on their website is a definite red flag.

    For me, WA is completely transparent as the company on their website spells out exactly what it would take to slowly build an online business and in fact presenting the exact procedures to do this step by step.  Organo Gold mentions nothing about their training on a website, pretty much hoping that people will be allured by the possibilities of making money by selling their products.  

    Thank you again for your comments, Chris!


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