Review: Is Opinion Outpost Legit Or A Scam?

Review: Is Opinion Outpost legit or a scam

Company: Opinion Outpost

Owner: Could not be ascertained

Price to Join: Free and you must be a resident of the United States

So is Opinion Outpost legit or a scam?  That question I will answer by the end of this article review but understand one thing first:

You will not earn a lot of money in your lifetime solely by doing online surveys!

Survey sites continue to present themselves as opportunities for a person to earn money.  Some sites like to portray the ideal that you could potentially become quite wealthy in pursuing this venture.  I have previously reviewed a few of those sites, “Get Cash for Surveys” and “Work at Home Institute” both of which were proven to be complete scams.

“Get Cash” remains the only survey site that I know of in which you must pay money, ($74) to join in order to gain access to other survey sites sponsored by this company! “Work at Home” advertised the bogus lie that you could earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly simply by pursuing this venture.

Again, please go back to the above headline when understanding what online surveys are about.  You’re not going to be able to feed a family of four or obtain financial freedom simply by doing surveys daily as if it was your only source of income.  It will not happen!

****By the way if doing online surveys already is something that is of no interest to you, as an alternative here is my Top Recommendation for learning how to build a solid level of online income for yourself with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Unlike the survey company being reviewed here, Opinion Outpost where as a member you can only come from the U.S., regarding Wealthy Affiliate this program accepts people from literally all around the world!****

Legit survey sites:

As opposed to the outright fraudulent survey opportunities mentioned above, several such as YouGov, Springboard America and Swagbucks are legit survey sites that are ethical in their practices.  You are presented multiple opportunities, usually weekly in having the chance to participate in completing surveys at each of those sites.  You will earn either rewards, (gift cards) or cash, but and again understand very minimally.

Sorry but if you decide that participating in surveys will be your only source of income then forget about ever buying that brand new $60,000 Lexus that you’ve had your eyes on for months.  Not even a much cheaper Ford Focus, for that matter either!

In actually becoming a member of Opinion Outpost in order for me to be able to fully analyze the survey site, I found that they are along the lines of YouGov, Springboard America and Swagbucks.  They present legit opportunities for you to earn a bit of change to put in your pocket.


Here is a YouTube video which promotes Opinion Outpost as a survey site:

Pros about Opinion Outpost:

Unlike even some of the legit survey sites that would sometimes ask you to complete long surveys, Opinion Outpost’s surveys are advertised to last around 10 – 15 minutes.

In order to tailor specific surveys for you, upon signup the opportunity is presented in which you can complete a “personalized survey” intended to find out specific information about you as a new panelist.  They also explicitly tell you that there may be occasions where you would not be allowed to complete an entire survey.

Hopefully the situations where you would be disqualified from completing this site’s surveys would be minimal.  The fact that you should have completed the initial  “Is Opinion Outpost legit or a scampersonalized survey” would lend itself to this taking place on rare occasions.

To my understanding being a member of, (or past member of) other survey sites, Opinion Outpost is the first such site that explains upfront, (and seen in the above video) that you may be disqualified from completing particular surveys.

At Opinion Outpost in redeeming your points, (having earned at least 25) you have the opportunity to exchange them for gift cards at or I-Tunes.  You can also redeem your points for straight out cash either through PayPal in which you must have a verified account, or you can opt to get a check mailed to you via the U.S. postal system.

Opinion Outpost has a “refer-a-friend” incentive program.  However, it is limited.  At $1 each you can refer a maximum of 5 friends.   Once they sign up and complete one full survey using your personalized link, you would then earn cash for yourself in this incentive program.  It is only 5 friends however being the absolute limit, (not 6, 10 or 15).

Other sites such as Springboard America have an unlimited number regarding referrals.  If you have 100 friends who join up based on your referring them to Springboard, you would get paid with every, single validated sign up at that site!

Although the odds would be like winning a lottery, Opinion Outpost states on their homepage that they are the only survey site in America that offers a quarterly drawing in which one very lucky member, (participating and completing at least one survey) has a chance to win a winner-take-all pot of $10,000.  Not exactly equivalent to a Powerball drawing, (with winnings potentially in hundreds of millions of dollars) but I also assume with statistically higher odds with Opinion Outpost’s drawing by comparison that you could win.

Btw, the advertised odds of your winning the Powerball drawing based on your having one ticket are 1 in 292 million!


Complaints about Opinion Outpost: Is Opinion Outpost legit or a scam

“You are disqualified”!  Yes, I discussed above how Opinion Outpost tries to have a set up where you would not be disqualified a lot from completing surveys.  That is as long as you complete your initial personalized “get to know you” survey.

However as the company clearly states it could still happen.  And when this does take place it can truly be annoying.  You spend 8 – 10 minutes answering questions in a survey and then suddenly you find out that you’re disqualified.  Time that you’ll never make up in your lifetime!

And since you did not actually complete the survey, this would not even qualify you to be entered into that quarterly $10,000 winner-take-all drawing.  Hopefully you would have completed one other survey because as is stated in their rules you have to complete at least one survey in order to be entered into this drawing.

At least at Springboard America they have a “door prize” for people who are disqualified from completing surveys.  Once disqualified you are automatically entered into a drawing for a winner-take-all $500 prize.  This happens for every Springboard survey and consists solely of people who did not qualify to complete that particular survey.

For whatever reason you must be a U.S. citizen in order to join Opinion Outpost as a panelist.  There also is a minimum age but I could not find this specific age anywhere on the site, even on the company’s “terms of condition” page.  I would assume that since the legal age of consent is now 18 years old in the U.S. that you have to be at least that age to join Opinion Outpost.

My final thoughts on the Opinion Outpost survey site – And is it a scam?Is Opinion Outpost legit or a scam

So is Opinion Outpost Legit or a scam?  It is legit.  You could possibly earn money to help pay off a monthly utility bill, or take your family out to dinner a few times.  But there is no way you can support yourself solely by participating in this venture to earn money and have that be your only source of income.

The same goes for ANY online survey site!

So Is There Truly a Legit Program Out There Allowing You To Possibly Earn Real Money?  YES!

Look in doing online surveys you’re never going to make serious money, indeed if that is what you’re after.

As an alternate option to generate online income for yourself I again mention now a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

This company, created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all were members of Wealthy Affiliate.

This program as an option would be free for you to join initially.  Most definitely it is not a get-rich-quick scheme!

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family. Opinion Outpost

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


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  1. Awesome post

    I am always on the look out for programs that are legit so I really enjoyed your thorough review on this program.

    I see that you did your research.

    I will look more I tot he site Nd I Aldo might even join. Thank you so much for this.


  2. I agree 100% with your article. I have looked at the survey thing in the past only to find it is just as you say. I’m not even sure a person could make enough to buy a bike. There are better opportunities available. You page is well written and informative. I like the use of your graphics as well. Good job.

  3. Awesome guide on what’s a scam and what isn’t! When looking online for programs such as these, it’s very hard to distinguish between the two. Do you have any preference as to what may be your favorite out of all these? What would you recommend the most for someone looking to make money online?

  4. I 100% agree with your article! I have looked at this as well and seriously you probably couldn’t even make enough to buy a bike. A lot of the surveys are not even available or you don’t qualify etc. I would do as you suggest and take heed.

  5. Hi Mate! Thank you for reading the article and issuing your thoughts afterwards. As to you question, Mate my #1 recommendation was what I stated at the very end of the article. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the best education, training and community support if you’re looking to learn how to make money online through a business. You can find my exact recommendation and landing page here:

    I hope that this answers you question Mate. Some survey sites are legit. But you’ll never make a lot of money pursuing those even full time!



  6. Hi! Thank you so much for both reading the article and issuing your kind thoughts afterwards. I found you comment about the bike funny. On my other website in which I promote bicycling/health and fitness, I happen to own an expensive Cannondale road/racing bicycle. There’s no way that I could have purchased that bicycle, at a cost of around $2,500 two years ago by just filling out surveys.

    I so appreciate all of the comments that you had about this article!



  7. Hi Nelson! Thank you for your comment and issuing your thoughts afterwards. Yes, by all means look at what I recommend as my #1 option to learn how to build an online business through Wealthy Affiliate, Nelson. Quite simply with all this opportunity has to offer there is nothing better on the Internet!

    Again I so appreciate your thoughts, sir!



  8. Hi Merry! Thank you again for your comments. The annoying manner in which many survey sites disqualify you from completing them, all because you don’t fit their particular demographics can be incredibly annoying as well as time wasting.

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