Review: Is Monat A Scam?

Can You Have A Profitable Online Business By Selling Hair Care Products?


Online Money-Making Venture:  Monat

Founder:  This company was founded in 2014 by the current chairman:  Luis Urdaneta Is Monat A Scam

Also, the President of Monat is Stuart A. MacMillan

The CEO is Rayner Urdaneta

Monat is based near Miami, Florida.  The company’s home offices are located in Doral, FL.

To become an “Independent Market Partner”, (online business owner partnered with this company) the individual must be at least 18-years old.

Cost to Join: $99 USA dollars/ $125 Canadian dollars.

In one year’s time after joining, an annual $19.95 fee would kick in to renew another year’s membership.

At this time, the possibility of becoming an “Independent Market Partner” is only available for residents of Canada and the United States plus its territories.

Monat is not accredited with the BBB, (Better Business Bureau).

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Monat: An MLM online business opportunity.  Is it legit, or a scam?

Monat is a company that deals exclusively in the production and sale of hair care products.  The company promotes the fact that their products are all natural.

The company is cognizant of the environment, and damages being made daily to it by human beings.  All of Monat’s hair care products contain no harsh chemicals or ingredients that would be harmful to Planet Earth. Is Monat A Scam

Monat wants to make it clear of their commitment to creating the highest quality hair care products that are in step with scientific study regarding the environment that all human beings are a part of in our world.

So with that being said, the aim of this review of Monat is to see whether or not as an MLM, (Multilevel Marketing) online business venture would this opportunity make an individual a lot of money, or is it a scam that would need to be avoided at all costs?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Becoming an “Independent Market Partner” with Monat:

Unlike a company called Cabionline that I issued a recent review and which is designed exclusively for women seeking to own an MLM online business, Monat is a company that would be appropriate for both women and men who are looking to create a decent online income for themselves.

Nowhere on Monat’s website could I find a statement such as what is present on Cabionline, “A company designed by women for women”!

As Monat’s Founder/Chairman, President and CEO are all men, it leads me to the conclusion that member of both genders, depending on the level of motivation, could equally create a successful online business for themselves with this company.

Just as long as either a woman or a man knows Monat’s hair care products quite well in promoting it to customers, and through the training offered they develop a keen knack of being able to run an online business with skill, (also recruiting members for a team) technically anyone could potentially generate revenue being a “Partner” with this company.

To join as a member of Monat in pursuing it as an online business venture, it would cost a person either $99 U.S. dollars or $125 Canadian dollars depending on his/her residence. Is Monat A Scam

12 months after joining and from that point forward, it would cost a member $19.95/year to renew as a “Partner” with Monat.

At this time any person not living in those two countries, (and U.S. territories) cannot join Monat with the goal of becoming an “Independent Market Partner”.

With those dollar figures invested into becoming a “Partner”, the person would receive Monat’s Starter Kit.  This kit would feature hair care products created exclusively by the company.  The kit would contain 35 samples of Monat’s products.

Of course with the Starter Kit, the new “Partner” should then promote these products out to potential customers.

As an alternative, the new “Partner” could upgrade  in purchasing instead Monat’s “Success Product Pack” which consists of 56 of the company’s products.

Or, really into the possibilities that $$$ could be achieved marketing Monat’s hair care products, the new member could purchase as a final alternative the company’s “Overachiever Product Pack” which consists of 70 products, (twice the amount of the “Starter Kit”).

I could not find anywhere on Monat’s site anything being revealed as to exactly how much either the “Success Pack” or the “Overachiever Pack” would cost.  It could easily be assumed that it would cost much more than the $99 figure, (again $125 Canadian) as are the prices for receiving the “Starter Pack”.

Marketing Monat’s Products as an Independent “Partner”:

Every new “Independent Market Partner” upon joining would receive his/her own replicated website/e-commerce store.

In addition, this individual would gain complete access to Monat’s physical and web-based materials for training on becoming an online business owner.

The individual would also gain access to the company’s “Online Market Partner Academy”.  This would include further training on how to become a successful online business owner down through interactive online training modules.

Monat is big into social media marketing, believing those platforms to be the absolute best in allowing a “Partner” to not only have success at marketing the company’s line of products.  But in addition to that, learning how to build up a team of people through recruitment to create further revenue in his/her business.

The “Partner” would not be responsible for any handling and moving of inventory.  Monat, itself would manually ship all products directly to customers.

A YouTube video sponsored by Monat:

Some of Monat’s line of hair care products:

Let me make one thing clear right off the bat.  Monat’s products are not cheap; the kind of hair care solutions you could pick up at either your local Wal-Mart or Target for well under $10!

Below is a partial listing of Monat’s exclusive hair care products – plus the bottom line as to how much each would cost you:  (Price in U.S. dollars)

“Rejuvenique All Intensive”:  $99

“Thickening Spray”:  $29

“Blow out Cream”:  $34

“Smoothing Deep Conditioner”:  $47

“Rejuvabads”: $49

“Intense Repair Conditioner”:  $47

“Eye Wonder Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum” :  $59 Is Monat A Scam

A partial list of available treatment systems consisting of 3 products for one price:

“Magnify Treatment System”:  $99

1). Revitalize Conditioner

2). Renew Shampoo

3).  Moxie Magnifying Mousse

“Hydration Treatment System”:  $99

1).  Renew Shampoo

2). Restore/Leave-in Conditioner

3). Replenish Masque

“Volume Treatment System”:  $99

1). Revitalize Conditioner

2). Revive Shampoo

3).  Reshape Root Lifter

Monat’s Compensation Plan/MLM Business Model:

In what I found to be something unacceptable, on the company’s website while there was some explanation about Monat’s compensation plan, virtually nothing was stated about the company’s MLM business model structure.

A person is encouraged to build up a team of people to be placed beneath him/her according to Monat’s business model. But virtually nothing is stated or displayed graphically which reveals any specifics about the business model structure that is in place at Monat.

I was able, on my own through research to find a YouTube video created by an “Independent Market Partner” which served to greatly help with this explanation.

However, if a person did not have access to this vid, (there were a few others as well), or was not willing to put in a fair amount of research to find out more info about this company, realistically how smart would that person be by simply forking over $$ to join this opportunity but NOT KNOW exactly what he/she would be getting involved with?

That, in my opinion, is a bit of a negative regarding a truly inquisitive person who might be looking to join this opportunity. Is Monat A Scam

If you were in that position, wouldn’t you want to have information presented ON THE SITE which would explain this company’s business model structure?

In any case, on my own through watching this video below I found out the info that I was seeking.

First of all, a “Partner” is always entitled to a 30% off discount on the retail price of products should he/she decide to purchase Monat’s products for him/herself.

A “Partner” would earn up to 40% on personal commission sales successfully made to customers.

In building up a team, a “Partner” could earn up to 12% coming from the sales of team members placed beneath him/her down to 4 levels in Monat’s business model structure.

As I have discussed before when talking about previous MLM online business ventures such as Monat, as this company does sell a line of physical products, it is not considered to be an illegal Pyramid scheme.

The definition of an illegal business model structure is discussed on Wikipedia.  Those MLM-based companies do NOT have a physical product associated with their fraud businesses.

These type of illegal schemes work on the scam formula of enticing people to join based on the concept that somehow, someway without a product to sell,  they still would make money in an online business venture.

People suckered into those schemes still believe in a delusion that they would eventually become multi-millionaires all while attaining permanent “financial freedom”.  WRONG!!

5 ways to earn money as a “Partner” with Monat:

According to the YT presentation, embedded below and created by this one member, there are 5 ways to earn money running an online business with Monat:

1). Sales commissions up to 40% – but of course not always that 40% figure.

2). VIP customer sales – an additional 15% commission beyond that of #1 above.

I assume VIP customers being defined as loyal/repeat customers.

3). Sponsor & Develop – through the willingness to want to build up a team, a new member would earn a fast $100 bonus.

He/she would earn 7 – 12% bonus for mentoring members of his/her team.

The individual would also earn up to that 12% commission coming from the successful sales made by team members placed below him/her.  Remember, that this individual on the top of the structure often had absolutely nothing to do with the actual sale being made by the person placed below him/her.

In fact, this individual on the top rung might not even know the person down on the 4th level below him/her.

4).  There is also something called the “Builder” Bonus – one can assume that is yet another bonus earned depending on how far down in levels a team is built. Note that the person on the top rung might have nothing to do with building the entire team.  Most likely, it could be traced back to the efforts of people 2 or 3 levels beneath him/her.

5).  Advancement Bonus of between $150 and $500.

My final thoughts on Monat (A Scam or is it legit?):

If I were to be an individual looking to create revenue through owning an online business and I came across what Monat had to offer, what I see at the site would give me pause.

Assuming that I am into hair care products, I would walk away from this site knowing next to nothing about how the company is set up as an MLM online business.  As I emphasized above, at the site itself virtually nothing is explained about the company’s business model structure.

So, you potentially could earn money. How?  It’s not explained at the site, especially if you believe you could create your own team.

At least with the site that I mentioned above, Cabionline designed only to be an opportunity for women; on its site, there was a complete explanation not only regarding the company’s compensation plan but also how a team could be structured and furthermore the amount of money earned by every member.

Why is nothing mentioned on Monat’s site, specifically about its business model?  Why are there no images of graphs present?

Monat as an online business?  To be blunt, I’ve seen better.  I would not consider this opportunity to be a scam, but Monat is also not a top-10 choice with me either!

 Is There A Better Choice Available For Making Money Online. . .

To be perfectly clear, yes there is!  If you are seriously thinking about learning how to create a decent level of income for yourself online, I will present to you a MUCH better alternative and one that is 100% legit.

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It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


6 thoughts on “Review: Is Monat A Scam?

  1. When reading your review about Selling Hair Care Products and particularly Monat Online Money-Making Venture, I remember something similar I was involved about twenty years ago. Skipping details, actually, many them you described in your article I’d say, It is not a conventional MLM scheme but no a way to make business or earn money at all. Keep away and do not waste time.

  2. Hi, Andre!  Thank you for both reading this article and also providing your thoughts.  I agree with your sentiments as I stated in the review.  The fact that a person would be going in blind regarding this online business opportunity with little to no information being provided about the company’s business model set-up is simply unacceptable.  Are they hiding something? 

    Thank you again for your thoughts, sir!  They are very much appreciated by me!



  3. Very informative and well written article. I was thinking about using Monat as an affiliate, and I am very glad I read this review.

    This article is very well detailed and points out a lot of things that many reviewers skim over. This review is honest and am glad I cam across it.

    Keep up the great content.

  4. Hi, Alexander!  Thank you for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts.  I am glad that you have taken something away from reading this review.  Apparently it provided you with enough knowledge and info that now you’re thinking twice about getting involved.

    As I stated in the review, unless one put in a lot of extra research in trying to find out more about Monat’s business model structure, you’d find nothing as it is not available at the site itself.  I find that inexcusable on this company’s part.

    Thank you again, Alexander as I do greatly appreciate your thoughts that you wrote in your comment, sir!



  5. First of all Monat does not claim to be all natural. Second the product pack prices are clearly listed on the website. $99, $299, $399 & $599. Third point is as an independent market partner with Monat i have surpassed my husbands income in 9 months. He works for a Fortune 500 company.

  6. Dear Ms. A Wool: Why don’t you try reading what is listed on the homepage of this company’s site before you issue an incorrect statement. On Monat’s homepage midway down and highlighted by an image one finds the following statement: (Quote) “MONAT’s ingredients are naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable. With a scientific board behind them to ensure quality and superior product development”. (Un-Quote). “Monta’s products are naturally based”. If as you stated they claim not to be natural, then I invite you to consider the very contradictory statement, (to what you made in the first sentence of your thread) that is made on the home page and to which I quote directly.

    The join-membership price that I listed was the lowest – $99. Are you telling me that that statement is incorrect as well?

    Finally, and I’m sorry but you lost me, (as well as any future reader) when you seem to want to lead people on that this MLM opportunity is something that would allow an individual to make a great amount of money over a very short period of time. Very much like the type of “get-rich-quick scheme” ventures that unfortunately can still be found all over the Internet!

    You state that you have earned more income with this opportunity at Monat in 9 months compared to your husband’s salary with a Fortune 500 company!! Really? Of course we just have your word for it as you provide no definitive proof. As it is, you also don’t provide your real name as I doubt it is “A Wool”.

    So, I guess what you’re also saying is that ANYONE who joins Monat has the capability of earning such an extravagant amount of money just as you’ve been able to earn since February of this year, 9 months ago. It’s ridiculous, egotistical statements such as what you included in your thread, A Wool that leads people to naively believe that they’ll become rich quickly, going all-in with any of the thousands of MLM online business ventures that exist today. Unfortunately it has been factually proven that in 97% of all cases, at minimum, it just won’t happen.

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