Review: Is John Chow A Scam?

Review Is John Chow a scam

Online Business Opportunity Product: Blogging with John Chow

Price:  A one-time payment of $37 – The monetary figure supposedly is “reduced” from a much higher original price when this product first came out back in 2012.  There is also a full-money back refund to be discussed below.

So, is John Chow a scam?  This gentleman on his website states that he came from nothing and only through his entrepreneurial skills and quest to become rich was he able to do so simply through blogging.

Within a two year period starting from absolute scratch, John Chow now claim that his blogs regularly earn each at least $40,000/month in revenues.  This statement was made back in 2012.

Before presenting the facts about this program so that you could decide for yourself if this would be right for you, please understand that there is one caveat:  John Chow has not updated anything regarding this program since 2012!  None of the training or materials involved in this venture have been re-written to illustrate the changes that have taken place within the online affiliate marketing industry in those 4 years.

What may have worked back in 2012 in some cases regarding online marketing strategies, would now be considered obsolete as we’re almost halfway through 2016. It is a major factor on how I personally grade this online business opportunity which will be found near the bottom of this article.

****At this time in case you’re already having reservations about getting involved with John Chow, as an alternative I will also mention my Top Recommendation for learning how to legitimately create a solid level of online income for yourself.****

Some promises that John Chow states in trying to entice you into purchasing his program:

As you work your way down the page at the above listed website, of course you are inundated with testimonials, a video, and illustrations which all attempt to show that John Chow is 100% legit.  He has appeared in various talk shows, mainly out of Canada where he now lives.  There are images, such as the one seen toIs John Chow a scam the right which attempt to prove that John Chow is who he says he is.  He claims to have an incredible following on social media.  He also won the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards for the best blogs!

So in trying to sell all that would be possible for you should you fork over the $37 for the price of this training John Chow states the following:

1). You will learn the 7 biggest secrets that will (quote) “GUARANTEE” (unquote) success and in ANY niche that you choose regarding a blog.

The word “guarantee” I consider to be a turn-off, although this is just me. You could view it differently if you so choose.  All I know is that there are not many things in life that are “guaranteed”.  Except that is for the following:

In the morning the sun usually rises out of the East, never the West.

You will have to pay taxes in your life.

We all at some point will pass on – leaving as living, breathing human beings from this Earth.

John Chow GUARANTEES that you will make money in his program!  Geez – Louise!  Really?

For John Chow to guarantee that you would earn $$$$ simply by following his 7 biggest secrets? Well jump on this opportunity at your own peril! Just don’t get completely suckered in by his “guarantee”!

2). By building your own blogging “empire” according to John Chow you could potentially earn at minimum $523,477 per year!  This is a direct quote from the site’s home page.  I have tried to figure out how Mr. Chow came up with that very unusual figure.  Why not $525,000 even?  I did simple calculations of Chow’s original figure dividing it by 365, the number of days in a year.  It worked out to $1,434.18 per day!  Ooo-kay!

So I can earn all of this money, over $1,400/day by simply following John Chow’s system?  Sign me up – as I’m sure would every single person reading this article!  If fantasies were “guaranteed” to always become real!

3). Follow John Chow’s “proven” yet “simple” step-by-step blueprint and you will most certainly achieve success in blogging.

These steps are then illustrated in:

John Chow’s 7 Modules for success: Is John Chow a scam

Module #1) “Blogging 101”

John Chow also calls this module: “Building Bank Accounts”.  In this module John Chow will teach how to go about writing in a blog and also how to set yourself apart from the competition within a niche.

Module #2) “Launching a blog”

Through the use of John Chow’s recommended Word Press platform in the creation of your blog/website he would also recommend that you install his “golden” John Chow plug-ins.  These are the very same plug-ins that he uses for his blogs.  Remember these “golden” plug-ins would have been considered valid back in 2012.  As this is now 2016. . .

Module #3 “Brand-o-nomics”

John Chow will teach you how to brand yourself online.  John Chow will also teach you how to leverage yourself through social marketing.  Again remember we’re talking about the social media platforms that existed in 2012 – some of them, (Instagram, Vine) then were not even invented yet.

Module #4 “Content”

John Chow will teach you the importance of writing good content for your blog.  You will also learn through his patented “Content Kaleidescope” how to use videos, podcasts and photos to supplement your content.

Module #5 “Monetizing”

John Chow highly recommends that you incorporate huge advertisements on your blog/website.  Given time you will, “guaranteed” (there goes that word again) to be able to charge maximum dollars per ad as you pick and choose which companies you would be willing to deal with as they fight for placement on your blog.  Oh, brother!  Of course, according to Chow this would mean major $$$$ going into your pocket.

Module #6 “Hunt down readers”

John Chow will teach you how to forge alliances with the competitors within your niche.  You would want to form what he calls long lasting “JV Partnerships”.

You would also be taught the best way to use RSS Feeds to allow even more people to become subscribers to your blog.

Module #7 “Optimize for Google”

John Chow will teach you the effective strategies especially involving the use of back links to allow them to naturally optimize your blog as Google searches through the content.  This will allow you to position your blog to achieve the highest rankings possible.

You will also be taught how to effectively research keywords.

I found an interesting  YT video filmed by John Chow himself on what he feels that it takes to earn substantial money online:


Pros about this online program opportunity:

The price for getting involved with the training for this online business opportunity really is not all that expensive.  $37 is affordable.  Now I’m NOT saying that this represents the absolute best training to enable one to learn how to build an online business through blogging.  Actually this program is now far from the best.

It’s just that looking at the $37 cost, I have come across and been victimized by outright scams that were much higher when it came to the prices that they charged, some at well over a thousand dollars! Is John Chow a scam

It is also true that having highly relevant and useful content on a blog, designed to be a source of help/guidance/advise to the reader is without question the most important aspect compared to anything else.

The fact that John Chow recognizes this and teaches it in a module; one most give him positive credit in that he takes the time to address it in his training.

There is also the refund policy.   It is a 100% risk-free venture.  If within 60 days you are not satisfied or believe that John Chow’s training program is not going to produce the desired monetary results you would be seeking in your blogging business then the $37 will be returned to you in full.

Complaints about this program:

It is now 2016, not 2012.  A lot of the training modules that John Chow has devised to teach people how to blog are now seriously outdated.

Some of John Chow’s “golden” plug-ins, (Module 2) if implemented into a Word Press platform blog today would be invalid.  In fact they probably could not even be installed and function correctly on a blog website.

The ideal of monetizing your blog by having annoying and “LOUD” advertisements littering every single post today in 2016 is totally frowned upon by people who know how to run a blog website and in fact have become quite wealthy doing so.

Content is king!  Here John Chow back in 2012 was absolutely correct.  However, what you do not want you readers to have to deal with is the appearance of irrelevant and distracting ads placed all over a blog post.

Visitors to a website would easily lose their focus when reading the content you had intended as the most important aspect of the blog article. And if they lose their focus chances are they won’t get enticed by whatever product you are trying to promote. The end result?

The most certain loss of that potential customer.  All because of those glaring advertisements that had absolutely nothing to do with the main point of the content on that blog post.

The use of a lot of backlinks placed in blog articles today in 2016 is frowned upon:  By Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search engines.  Again because John Chow’s training was for 2012, it’s now completely outdated in certain aspects.  So given today Chow’s belief that backlinks are the key to a successfully and highly optimized blog website?  I don’t think so!  Not anymore!

Is this program truly legit?

I have to be totally honest with you.  I would NOT get involved with John Chow’s program designed to teach you how to make money in this venture.  It also is quite bodacious for any person who is the owner/creator of an online business to “guarantee” that a person would make $$$$ with the opportunity.

Is the John Chow program truly legit?  Geez, I really don’t know about that!  Go ahead if you’d still be interested in forking over even the $37 payment.  I know that I could not personally “guarantee” that you’d become rich and drive a nice car such as the one that John Chow is seen in the video above!

One More Thing…

So it appears as if this opportunity with John Chow in learning how to blog in order for you to potentially earn a lot of revenue in an online business might be one you need to pass on.

As an alternative option, I also want to make mention of a company called Wealthy Affiliate.
Is John Chow a scam

This company provides the absolute best level of educational training, (that is always updated), tools and community support that would allow a seriously motivated individual to have the ability to create a solid level of online income for him/herself.

As an option it would be free for a person to join Wealthy Affiliate.  This program very definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


10 thoughts on “Review: Is John Chow A Scam?

  1. Just glancing at the video you have there of him in the sports car is a big red flag to me. I don’t care how ‘rich’ someone appears or if they flaunt their wealth. Building a business and teaching someone how to do it the right way isn’t seen in flashy sports cars and gimmicky words used left and right. I hadn’t heard of this John Chow until now, but now I know to watch out. Thanks!

  2. Awesome review. Although the information in this learning platform may have been good in 2012, the thing about internet marketing and such is that things are ALWAYS chaining gand you need somebody who is gong to be current with their information. That is why I like your recommendation at the end. Very good stuff.

  3. Hi Jeff I have run across John Chow’s stuff online before. I for one think he does make some good points but as you point out he has not kept up with all the changes so even his good information would now be outdated.
    What I do find annoying is the price. It is only $37.00 To me for him to have that price on his product screams keep your wallet in your pocket. Many people do not think twice about spending $37.00. They get the ebook and even though it is not really all that good very seldom do they go through the process of getting their money back. After all it is only $37.00.
    Personally I think this is what he is banking on. A couple of hundred purchases in a day are really going to add up over time.
    Another thing that I cannot stand is the videos with the car’s engine revving up. That just my two cents.

  4. Having been victimized by people like this more than any intelligent person should admit I think your ratings given were too good. Even for the 60 day refund business it often turns into a nightmare of bad addresses and slow or non existent replies. Still advertising something not updated since 2012? He is counting on people to not try to get refunds. That is all profit and it is probably a significant percentage.

  5. Hi Terrance! Thank you for both reading the article and then issuing your thoughts. With this guy not doing any updates in 4 years since he released his training indicates, as you said it being all about the profits for this John Chow individual.


  6. Hi Maureen! Thank you for both reading the article and afterwards posting your thoughts. Yes, I included this vid to show the point that apparently this guy is all about the “bling”. He wants to make it quite clear that if you’re willing to follow his outdated training methods for an online business then you too could be driving his fancy car. Sort of like the greasy used car salesman who is trying to pull a con on that naive and gullible customer.

    Thank you again for your comments Maureen. I also agree with you – John Chow is banking on people continually paying $37 for a product that he designed back in 2012 and never updated. Again the used car salesman aspect!


  7. Hi JP! Thank you for reading the article and also for issuing your candid thoughts. As you stated having to rely on training in trying to learn how to run an online business that was devised 4 years ago in today’s internet marketing world is simply inefficient. I’m glad that you saw the recommendation as Wealthy Affiliate, hands-down provides the best training, tools and community support to allow a person to learn how to own an internet marketing business the right way!

    Thank you again for your comments, JP! They are very much appreciated by me!



  8. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts. Just as a previous person who also noticed and thought that the video of Chow in that fancy sports car was a red flag, I posted it purposely to convey the message that this guy is not to be trusted. Chow’s “guarantee” that you’ll earn a lot of money pursuing his opportunity, his 7 (very outdated) secrets in his training modules, just his entire “schtick” screams of scam!

    Again your thoughts are very much appreciated by me, Sarah! Please stop by and visit my website again!



  9. Dear Jeff,

    Thanks for the information packed review . Really helpful and thanks a lot. People are afraid of many scams online. By providing people with an honest review bloggers can help people to save their hard earned money and save their time and effort. Keep up the great work. I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

  10. Hi Paul, As always I do so appreciate your supportive comments that you post after reading one of my articles, sir! I always make an effort when first do research which allows me to then write up reviews on money-making online opportunities to always be quite honest with what I perceive in these ventures. If an opportunity is a scam, I will not hesitate to call it as it is!

    Again, thank you for your coming back to read another one of my review articles on this site, Paul!


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