Review: Is Ibotta A Scam?

Review: Is Ibotta a scam

Money Making Opportunity: Ibotta

Founded in 2011 by Bryan Leach the company’s CEO

Headquartered in Denver, CO

Price to Join: Free.  I could not find info about a minimum age that a person could join Ibotta.

Available ONLY in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

It is not available any other place in the world right now including Canada.  Regarding that country this may change soon, however.

Well is Ibotta a scam?  This money-making opportunity that makes uses of a person having an App downloaded to his/her mobile device is similar to a company that I previously reviewed here called Mr. Rebates.

To make money with Ibotta you must first spend money buying products.  Is this something that will allow you to generate a steady amount of income online?  Or would you be chasing fool’s gold?   We will find out as I provide an in-depth review of Ibotta.

**** As I already have mentioned above this opportunity is restricted to citizens who live in the U.S. and Puerto Rico as a way to make money for themselves.  If you are looking to create online income and reside in any other location around the rest of the world, I mention now an opportunity available with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.****

Three methods for earning money at Ibotta:

Unlike Mr. Rebates where there was primarily only one way that would allow a person to earn a bit of money for him/herself at Ibotta there would be three different methods.  They would be:

1). Submit a receipt:

At more than 500,000 various locations online in either the U.S. or Puerto Rico, (only) you can make a purchase of a product and then earn money back. It would be done in the following methods:

A). Download the Ibotta App to your smart phone.  This cannot be done on a computer unlike at Mr. Rebates as it would be illogical to bring a desktop or even a laptop computer with you just to go shopping.

B). Unlock further rebates.  This is done through completing simple tasks accomplished on your smart phone. Is Ibotta a scam

C). Buy products that you would have unlocked through step B, above at any supported store.

These could be done at participating retail chain stores, restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, home improvement centers, pet stores and pharmacies.

D). Verify the purchase through scanning the product barcodes, then submit a photo of the receipt.

E). Get cash back deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

Just last week I also did a review of another cash back online/investment venture called Acorns App.  With that program in purchasing products eligible for investment into an account it would take some 30 – 60 days before it would appear.

I found that to be a thorougly unreasonable amount of time which I think most people would agree.  Wouldn’t you?

Here with Ibotta it would be done in a much more reasonable period of about 2 days!

I live in North Carolina.  Looking it up at the site, I found out that over 300 local area stores and pharmacies near me that participate in the Ibotta program.  They would be:

Walmart                                       Food Lion

Target                                           Publix

Rite Aid                                        Harris Teeter

Kroger                                          Whole Foods Market

Dollar Tree                                   Costco

Big Y Foods                                 Shop Rite

I am sure that your location in the U.S., should you take the time to do research, would also have a listing of stores familiar to you that participate with Ibotta in this part of their cashback system.

The second way to earn income with Ibotta would be:

2). Link A Loyalty Account:

Like the “Submit a Receipt” venture and #1 above, you can choose to link your account to one of Ibotta’s Preferred Partners to earn some money.  Using a loyalty card or phone number to that store you could link it to your Ibotta account.

Although it did not specifically mention any brand stores, you could only find this out by performing simple research to see if a favorite store of yours such as Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Dillard’s, JC Penny, etc. are preferred partners with Ibotta.

Like the “submit a receipt” venture the link to a loyalty account would work in a comparable manner.  Always understand that what you’d have to do first in order to earn cash back is SPEND ($$$$) money.  It will not work in any other manner.

The third way to earn income with Ibotta would be: Is Ibotta a scam

3). Mobile In-App Purchases:

This would be done in 3 simple steps:

A). Find and unlock the cash back rewards on these Mobile Apps.

B). Tap on the “Launch App” button, (after locating these Mobile Apps) from the Ibotta site.

C). Make a purchase with that App.

A handful of well-known Mobile In-App partners are:

Adidas                                                       Bose

Apple Music                                             Beats by Dr. Dre

Apple Certified Refurbished                 Ticket Master

iTunes                                                       Group On

How to convert your cashback earnings: Is Ibotta a scam

Once your account has reached a $20 minimum threshold you could convert 100% of your cashback earnings either as $ through a verified Pay Pal or Venmo accounts.

Alternatively, if you want to convert your cashback earnings into gift certificates, Ibotta has partnered with such well-known companies such as, Best Buy or Star Bucks should you choose to pursue that method.

*** Again, understand the concept here.  Yes  you can make a bit of money online in this venture.  However, you earn nothing unless you are willing to SPEND money first.

I again mention as an alternative option to Ibotta a company that is called Wealthy Affiliate.***

What you receive when joining Ibotta plus the concept of having a team of friends working together:

When you join Ibotta right now, also installing the App on your smart phone as a bonus you would receive $10.

At the site, it is advertised that the Ibotta App is within the top 20 listing of most frequently downloaded apps online.

Ibotta users spend over 2 billion dollars annually on US retail purchases.  So, people are obviously spending money in this venture.

Only these individuals are earning back a much smaller percentage as cashback because at most a person would get just 10% cash back, (and usually much less) on all purchases made through the App. Is Ibotta a scam

Ibotta also encourages people to join the site either through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. The site also states that if you have friends on Facebook, people who you may know well or not at all the following would go into effect:

That person once you have enrolled at Ibotta through at least a Facebook account and designated as your “friend”, would also be automatically enrolled.  If that person than follows through in completing the full sign-up process you would receive $5.

Warning:  Not all casual friends who you meet on Facebook may choose to fully complete the sign-up process.

So, while that $5 might look tempting if say you have 5,000 “friends” on Facebook, (a cool $25,000 coming to you potentially) understand that not all of them would complete the process.   In fact, odds are probably few of them will!

Typical rebates that can be unlocked through completing simple tasks in #1B above:

Completing simple tasks associated with #1B above under the “submit a receipt” process, here are typical rebates that you could unlock at Ibotta:

$.50 cashback on meat products.

$1.50 cashback on Vaseline lotion products.

$1.00 cashback on the purchase of an “In Style” fashion magazine.

$3.00 cashback on a 6-pack of Stella Artois beer.

$.75 cashback on Equal café creamers.

$1.00 cashback on a bag of Oreo cookies.

$1.25 cashback on an 8-pack of Energizer AA batteries.

$10 cashback when you spend $50 at the Orvis site. (This is a fishing site).

Also, regarding food assistance programs, Ibotta does participate in that venture for those people who unfortunately live on a very low budget weekly and need financial help from the govt.

Final thoughts: Is Ibotta a scam

Ibotta has many more features in its program regarding cashback ventures compared to a Mr. Rebates.

Ibotta is not a scam in that they are trying to be deceptive in promoting that you could be a millionaire participating in this venture.

Earth to someone not really on the ball:

With Ibotta or any other type of similar online program involving some type of cashback get-rich-quick venture the following is reality:

You WILL NEVER become rich, ($$$$$$$) or attain financial freedom participating in these programs.

If you have an issue regarding the inability to control yourself when shopping, you might want to consider not joining Ibotta as your problem might only get worse!

If, however you normally participate in grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or home improvement purchasing then this program if done judiciously could benefit you.

Before You Go. . .

My Top Recommendation for learning how to create legitimate income for yourself online is through a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most recognized and legit program on the Internet that would teach a motivated person who might be serious about wanting to learn how to create money for him/herself. Is Ibotta a scam

With over a million people worldwide who at one time or another have all been members since the company’s inception back in 2005, that figure speaks for itself.

The program has the best educational training, tools and community support of any other competitive program online.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Is Ibotta A Scam?

  1. Hey Jeff,

    This process of shopping sounds a bit complicated (or is it not?). It is free to use, so I’d give a try though – too bad that I currently reside in Canada. Any idea when they will expand to a Canadian market? Is it similar to Swagbucks? (That’s what I use at the moment, although for search purposes only but there is an option to earn points shopping online too).

    Thanks for the article,

  2. I believe the real profitable party is the developer or owner themselves.glad to read something very valuable the info.

    As another online program that “sell” cashback get-rich-quick scheme, I had enough of those promises.

    The temptation to get rich quick and attain financial freedom participating in these programs is overrated.

    I definitely agree with your review here. Thanks.

  3. Hi sir, I agree with all of your sentiments. The problem is that there are so many naive people online looking for any way that they can trying to easily earn money. Developers of these cashback programs are aware of that fact and create program to reel in the uninformed.

    Thank you so much for reading this article and issuing your comments. I’m glad that the article was of benefit to you!



  4. Hi Zarina! Thank you for reading this article and then issuing your thoughts. AS to when Ibotta would be available in Canada I simply have no way of providing you this information as I am in no way connected with this company.

    Swagbucks does have online shopping programs similar to Ibotta. However, Swagbucks has other things such as watching television commercials/news feeds and playing games online that Ibotta does NOT have. So in answer to your other question it is not really similar. Ibotta is like Mr. Rebates only it has more ways to earn cash back based on you first buying various products.

    Thank you again for your comments, Zarina. They are very much appreciated by me!



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