Review: Is Home Job Stop A Scam?

Review of a legit work from home job leads site!

Program: Home Job Stop    Is Home Job Stop A Scam - Review

Owner/founder: Cannot be ascertained however this program has been around since 2000.

Cost to join membership:  Right now it is advertised as being $18, a one-time only fee for a full life-time membership.

There is also an affiliate program to be discussed below.

Well is Home Job Stop the Real Deal, or something else?

As my website has to do with different aspects of being able to generate income online, Home Job Stop does qualify.  It does not involve an individual owning an online business.  Instead this site offers opportunities in working from home, and as an employee of a company either under contract, part time or full time.  You can also do freelance work.

The one thing that you must understand about gaining employment to earn yourself money online:  That is you must have proven qualifications either through earning a degree or past experience being employed in a specific field, (as a personal secretary as example).  Thus in many cases, you would probably have to produce an updated professional resume as part of the application process in looking for a job here at the Home Job Stop site.

Home Job Stop works with employers who are searching for candidates to fill positions working from home.  As such part of what you also must have in your household would probably be some type of dedicated space to serve as your working office.

You also can’t be constantly interrupted by young children if you’re a Stay-At-Home Mom or Dad either!  This would be a JOB that you would be responsible in fulfilling your duties!

Depending on the specific job, you would probably need an up-to-date functioning computer, (sorry one from the year 1997 might now be considered obsolete), an Internet connection with high speed service, and a dedicated phone line.

Depending on if the job would involve secretarial or customer service employment you would also need some sort of dedicated head set in order to be able to communicate with clients.

I actually have been a member of Home Job Stop now for over 10 years, although personally in running my own online business I have not been actually “active” with them in a job search for quite a long time.  I can attest however that Home Job Stop is completely legit.

Job Categories offered as employment offered by Home Job Stop: Is Home Job Stop A Scam - Review

Home Job Stop advertises a dozen different job categories based on their contacts in those fields with employers.

These categories are listed below:

Business, Customer Service, Programming, Clerical, Engineering, Finance, Human Resource, Transcription, Graphic Arts, Sales & Marketing, Web Design and Writing.

What Home Job Stop does NOT offer:

As I stated above, Home Job Stop is not about learning how to grow an online business through affiliate marketing or the promotion of an online business opportunity.

*** If running an online business is something that would interest you, I mention now what is my top recommendation for learning how to run a legit business of your own working from home.***

Home Job Stop I would consider to be zero scam rated.  They do not advertise job opportunities involving ad-posting schemes, MLM pyramid schemes, designing bead chains, the forwarding of chain letters, cash-gifting offers or other bogus, fraudulent money-making garbage that unfortunately still pollutes the Internet.

In investigating all employment offers from companies that Home Job Stop has built relationships with, any available job whether it be freelance, contract, part time, full time, entry level or advanced professional level are thoroughly screened for validity.

As a member you have access to the site’s vast job bank which is updated daily.  If you see a job opportunity that is of interest to you, there is always posted a method for you to contact that employer, (sorry but Home Job Stop does not do this service for you).  In addition with each job there is listed the qualifications that you must have plus what would be needed in order for you to apply for the position.

The employer would then contact you, perhaps conducting a phone interview, asking for a resume and any referrals and in such positions as clerical, customer service or programming perhaps give proof that you are a legit candidate by taking some sort of online test.

In some instances the employer would probably conduct a background check on you, particularly if the job that you are applying for is one that has a sensitive position to it.

Hey, can I earn $50 – 75 an hour working in one of these jobs? Realistically? NO!

Please understand that with most work from home jobs that there will be limitations as to how much money you would earn.  $100,000 + jobs would be virtually non-existent with these type of opportunities – although with sales & marketing if you really have the acumen and willingness to work your head off and for long hours, this could be a possibility.

The positive ideal about working from home, probably as you already know would be the fact that you would not be sitting in traffic everyday fighting to get to a job that is located 25 miles from your home and every day the commute on the highway along route is jammed with vehicles.  And although gas prices, (currently in Feb. 2016 as I write out this review) are at the lowest levels in years here in the U.S. they may not remain that low permanently.

In any case the cost of gas plus wear & tear/maintenance on your vehicle in working from home would be zero dollars.

It would be just up to you to have the level of dedication and a serious minded attitude to push yourself in your job working from home.  In a sense your “boss” would not be staring at you during your entire work day and also looking over your shoulder.  Still realize that you would have a great deal of responsibility in doing your job to the best of your abilities.

Home Job Stop Affiliate/Referral Program:

You can earn an extra bit of cash through Home Job Stop’s connection with the Click Bank site.  They have a dedicated affiliate program where by advertising Home Job Stop on the Internet you can earn commissions based on people becoming members of the program through your efforts.

Advertising Home Job Stop online through banners, pop-up ads, other ads, blog postings and other types of methods for every person that joins the site as a member you would receive a 50% commission.  As it currently costs $18 to join as a lifetime member of Home Job Stop, (one-time only fee) this means you would receive $9 for every referral.

Home Job Stop has it set up where registering as an affiliate, (free cost once you are a member) and through Click Bank you would receive your own unique hoplink code.  You could then assign this hoplink code to dozens of banner and pop-up ads designed by Home Job Stop and then, using your creativity start advertising!

Home Job Stop advertises that they have had this affiliate program now up and running the last 10 years and some members have become quite successful, (and raked in $$) in that time period through their dedication and ingenuity!

My Final Thoughts about Home Job Stop:  Is Home Job Stop a scam

This is a completely legitimate source for work from home online jobs!   It is not a scam by any means!

Just understand that practically all the jobs being offered at Home Job Stops are not ones where you will earn $100,000/year.  If you believe that lucrative $65 + hourly jobs are being consistently offered by Home Job Stop please think again.

If however you would be looking to earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 – perhaps $20 an hour and with that comes no commute to a job miles from your home, than this would be definitely something that you’re going to want to check into.

Understand as well that you will probably have to have the qualifications to gain employment with a large majority of the positions that are being offered daily.

I Am Still Looking for an Online Business Opportunity.  Is There Truly a Legit Program Out There?  YES!

Look there is a lot of junk out there, all online business opportunities that are scams and that you should avoid at all costs!   You might now be asking yourself if there is even one legit program out there. Is Home Job Stop Legit - Review

Please allow me to fill you in on an online business that would be FREE for you to join, and it is 100% legit.   Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.  Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


6 thoughts on “Review: Is Home Job Stop A Scam?

  1. Hi, thank you for this text. So Home Job Stop is a kind of mediator between you and real company which gives you some online job. This all sounds legal and clear. The fee you pay sounds reasonable to me. I just do not understand why in the beginning you write Product. This is a company and not a product. But OK, you described it nicely.

  2. Very interesting point of view. I can’t tell you how many times I came across these types of websites claiming to help people make money but I’m glad there are some that are legit! Its just soooo hard finding them that I just give up. What would you say about the earning potential of those two sites you mentioned? Realistically? Can I pay my electric bill with it?lol

  3. Hi James! Thank you for reading the article. I’m not sure what you mean by two sites, unless you also meant the one on the bottom to whom I belong Wealthy Affiliate. As for the Home Job Stop site, again James you need to understand that you would have to qualify for a posted job based on your past experience, and also be able to prove it through a resume and references. If an virtual administrative assistant job is being listed and you don’t have the background James, then you won’t get that job.

    As for WA, understand that it takes a commitment in time in order to grow an online business. I tried to make that clear in my review of WA that it is NOT a get-rich quick scheme. However if you can grow your online business based on your following the training that is available then most definitely yes, you’ll be able to pay your utility bills, James

    Thank you again for reading the article, sir!

  4. Jovo thank you for your comments. Tell me are you a member of WA, sir? If you are and you participate in the training then you’d be fully aware that we are taught to conduct each review looking at whatever is the topic as being a product. Really sir, your comment was kind of a little over the top in terms of it being picky. And also quite unnecessary.

  5. When I looked at this site I quite liked it as the jobs on offer can be full-time or part-time, contract and freelance and these are real job opportunities – there’s no trick to invest or anything like that! How long have you been a member and have you seen any payment problems with them?

  6. Hi Chris! Thank you for reading this article and issuing your thoughts afterwards. As to you question, technically I am a member of Home Job Stop, first becoming a member, (for free) over a decade ago. I did get part time WAH jobs from them early on. However now running my own online business from home as a Wealthy Affiliate member my primary focus is solely with them. Home Job Stop is a legit way to earn an income. The amount of money you earn would be dependent on whatever job you choose to pursue that is being offered at this site.

    And to your second question, no I never had issues with payments. Home Job Stop only gives you referrals to job openings. From there you work with the personnel of that particular job. Home Job Stop has nothing to do with the payment process based on the work that you do. I hope that answers your question, Chris!

    Thank you again for reading the article!



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