Review: Is Evergreen Wealth Formula A Scam?

Review: Is Evergreen Wealth Formula a scam

Online Business Opportunity: Evergreen Wealth Formula

Founder: James Scholes

Price to join: One-time payment of $97.  In the video Scholes states that the price may go up at any time.  Thus you’d better join NOW!

The Evergreen Wealth Formula System – Just follow it and soon you’ll easily make $1,000 per day minimum! Yeah, right!

The founder of this system, James Scholes states that he is a college drop-out with no previous background in business marketing.  Yet he claims that in a sense he has “cracked the code” in knowing how to create tremendous wealth through online marketing.

His program that he devised is so simple even a beginner can start making fantastic money in as little as one month.  All he/she has to do is follow Scholes’ system.  Now, where have I heard that before?

****By the way if you’re already having doubts about this company, may I present an alternative which would be my Top Recommendation for you to learn how to legitimately learn how to create a solid level of online income for yourself.****

An 18- minute long, tedious video to watch involving Evergreen’s System!  Try not to fall asleep!

At this company’s website on the homepage in order to understand what Scholes’ system is all about, he has filmed an 18 minute video presentation.  This video is right below.  If you have 18 minutes to throw away in your life, (time that you’ll never get back) go ahead and begin watching it here:



Basically Sholes’ system as explained in the video is set up in five parts.  However if even a newcomer to online marketing can follow, to a tee, the first 3 parts of the system within weeks that person will practically be guaranteed to see income coming into his/her business.

Scholes claims that it would be possible to earn as much as $14,000 within the first 7 days after the business has been set up, as stated in his video.  My thoughts? What a bunch of trash!

As explained in the video:

Part I of this system:

Basically Scholes gives a simplistic view of what online marketing is all about to even the person who has zero knowledge regarding this type of business.  Really trying to sell the potential of this system, Scholes’ states that it is possible to earn up to $1,500/day.  Really $1,000/day absolute minimum!  Oh boy where can I sign up?

Part II of this system:

Scholes explains how to go about setting up one’s business using this formula.  One can learn how to design his/her own website using one of Evergreen’s special templates.

Once a website is set up Scholes’ claims that a person can earn up to 15 streams of income based on just that one site.  Wow!

Part III of this system: Is Evergreen wealth formula a scam

Here the focus would be in teaching the individual how to drive traffic to a website.  Scholes claims that what is taught here in Part III is free, (as part of the $97 price to join).

Furthermore Scholes states in the video that he “knows it all” when it comes to teaching one “exactly” how to drive traffic to a website.

Among the ideals that one should implement according to Scholes would be getting traffic through the following methods:


Leverage marketing – (Whatever that means)

Twitter Traffic – (This looks to be Scholes’ sole aim in getting traffic through social media – Twitter)

YouTube videos

Part III also includes a special “Bonus Traffic –Cheat Sheet”.  In doing everything that Scholes teaches, a person only has to set up a traffic generating system once for a website.  It would take only one hour a day.   After that a person could simply replicate this traffic generating system for other sites and just rake in the money.

I have one question to ask Scholes if he were standing right now in front of me:  It would be does any of his guaranteed methods for producing traffic incorporate at all an online business owner getting targeted traffic to his/her website?

If the site is going to specialize in women’s shoes will the traffic system work to target people specifically into that narrow niche?  Or instead would the owner of the online business be getting just anyone to come to the website, and even though some visitors could care less about women’s shoes?

Parts IV and V would be designated only for advanced students – individuals with prior experience in online marketing.  Scholes stated however in his video presentation that a person could easily become successful, (and quickly) if only he/she would learn the first 3 parts of the Evergreen Wealth Formula system.

Pros about Evergreen Wealth Formula Is Evergreen Wealthy Formula a scam

Honestly there are not many.  A person would simply be taught how to build an online niche marketing business through watching videos designed by Scholes himself.  I assume that these videos are periodically updated.

Unfortunately not all people regarding their ability to intellectually absorb knowledge are spatially oriented – being able to grasp knowledge limited to that presented in videos.

Some people best learn through the ability to read – books especially.  Even documents that can be downloaded online.  Apparently all of this is not an option here at Evergreen.

There is also not an upsell price attached to the $97 one-time only membership fee.  However I have more thoughts on that below in the “Con” section.

Complaints about Evergreen Wealth Formula:

Let’s see, where to begin.  Let me start off by saying that this program has the funky look, odorous smell, slimy feel and bitter taste of a “get-rich-quickscheme.

Scholes makes all types of statements in the video presentation that a person could earn $1,000/day within the first month, thereafter $1,500 per day simply replicating what he has taught. Earning this type of money would be almost nothing for a person to easily achieve in his/her business.  Even for a newbie.

Or that within reason, according to Scholes a person could earn $14,000 within the first 7 days of his/her business being opened online.

And finally it will only take you one hour a day, at most working on your business for one to achieve this amount of financial success.   What a bunch of bull-s#*t!!!

The Internet is polluted with such fraudulent promises of wealth easily coming to a person if only he/she is willing to “follow a formula”.  What pure, unfiltered garbage!

10 or so years ago, personally I would have fallen for such a scam.  I have since learned that in owning an online business marketing a product you will not be raking in such large amounts of money within a week after you first set up your business.

It also takes you much more than an hour’s commitment daily to work your online business.  Sadly however,  some naive people watching this video filmed by James Scholes will fall hook, line and sinker into what he is trying to sell.

Secondly, this business model in which a person would create a website with a landing page, litter it with banner ads and nothing else is no longer the proven method allowing a person to earn money.Is Evergreen Wealth Formula a scam

In order to build a business, a website must have as its very foundation highly relevant content articles.

A website with a splashy landing page which also includes glitzy ads but no other content simply does not do the job folks.

Apparently Sholes does not teach this very important principle when it comes to what is really necessary to be included on any marketing website.

Third, so Sholes believes that using Twitter would serve as the only function for bringing in traffic to a person’s website using social media.  What about Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Tumbler, and other popular social media platforms?  Nothing else is mentioned at all in Part III of his system regarding getting traffic to a website.

Fourth, there is no member support ideals either through forums or chat groups at the site itself so that experienced business owners, members of Evergreen can offer help to “newbies”.  The only support would be you trying to contact James Scholes himself should you need help.  Good luck with that!

Fifth and the final con.  As I watched the video and near the end when Scholes started discussing membership price to join, it was advertised as costing $97.  Scholes explained that at that price the person would really be getting an “unheard of, great deal”! Is Evergreen Wealth Formula a scam

Scholes stated that for $2,000 +, he teaches the same ideals in his program to advanced business individuals through one-on-one training.  And for $97, a person would receive all of the same information.  He puts the fresh, juicy apple out hoping that people will take the bite!

But what Scholes also does in his discussion is his version of “you’d better hurry up and take advantage of this deal.  I’m going to raise the cost now any day”.

It is like the greasy and conniving car salesman who puts a mythical gun to your heard insisting that you buy that car right now that you’ve been looking at in the showroom, or else the price will go up as soon as you walk out the door.

Online I read another review of Scholes’ Evergreen Wealth system posted several years ago.  Scholes pretty much said the same thing when the membership cost – still in 2013 at $97, would go up soon.  So you’d better act right quick now!!

Sholes just comes off to me quite negatively when he tries to pressure on a naive individual into taking quick action, or else soon it would be too late.  And sadly people will fall for this gimmick.

My Final Thoughts about Evergreen Wealth Formula:

Please understand that at its very core, this opportunity is nothing but a get-rich-quick scheme.  The odds of you making $14,000 within the first 7 days after you created your website, stated by Scholes in his video is akin to a person chasing fools’ gold!

So, yes Evergreen Wealth Formula is not what I would call a genuine legit opportunity to make money online.  It is quite the opposite to be blunt!

So Is There Truly a Legit Online Money-Making Program Out There? YES!

If you can be honest with yourself, you should realize that the opportunity presented at Evergreen Wealth Formula would not allow you to generate income for yourself online in the manner in which one is led to believe by visiting that program’s website.

Instead as an alternative option, I again present a much more legit program that would allow you to make money online as it is with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme, so no, you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family. Is Evergreen Wealthy System a scam

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


8 thoughts on “Review: Is Evergreen Wealth Formula A Scam?

  1. thanks for bringing this to the attention of all of your readers and them some. I personally have never heard of this evergreen wealth program, but allow me to say that reading through your review, it definitely sounds to me to be completely wishy washy and quickly put together by this guy. To a lot of people $97.00 is a lot of money to lose on such a program, (and the price is always going up – so buy now….right) Sounds to me that he is a snake oil salesman. Thanks for all of the detailed info on this product and you are right as far as your grading system shows!

  2. I’ve not heard of this program until recently, and found your review while searching out the all important question: is it a scam?

    I really wonder if people still fall for these ‘get rich quick’ schemes…

    I appreciate your insight on this program. You make some good points and many of the things you discuss, such as creating instant money upwards of $1000, really throw some red-flags up for me.

    I checked out your #1 recommendation and see you are partnering with the community over at Wealthy Affiliate. I must say; this is a smart choice! I wish you success through your journey at WA!

    – Shep

  3. I love this review of Evergreen. I hope people try to get reviews on the company before they invest anything. I feel that if something is great they will let you try it free and then decide knowing there is support and help available. So many people get scammed when they are most desperate. Great review!

  4. I actually took time to listen to the video.

    Get rich quick opportunities are usually too good to be true.

    I find that an amazing promise that someone can be making $1000 a day or more. Just hearing those figures, have my alarm bells ringing.

    I’d be very skeptical about trying systems like Evergreen Wealth Formula.

  5. Hi Mark! Thank you for reading the article and issuing your thoughts afterwards. Amazingly enough other people who have issued reviews online about this company actually did not call it a scam as I do. But I mean come on! Any company that promises you could earn so much money so quickly is fraudulent. I have no problems calling a scam company exactly what it deserves to be called – a scam! That’s exactly what this online opportunity represents. It’s also sad that people nowadays still would fall for something like this – essentially throwing away $97!

    Thank you again for our thoughts Marc. They are much appreciated!



  6. Hi Tammy! Thank you both for your time in reading the article and then issuing your thoughts afterwards. It’s a fact as you said that people desperate for money still fall for a scheme which promises you quick money but does not deliver. As I said years ago I would have foolishly thrown away $97 to get involved with this opportunity. I’ve since learned, the hard way, that get-rich-quick schemes are nothing but scams with a capitol S.

    Thank you again for your thoughts Tammy! They are very much appreciated!



  7. Hi Shep! Thank you so much for reading the article and afterwards issuing your thoughts. I mean for a person not see this company for what it is – a definite scam in which the founder promises you could earn so much money so soon, is borderline criminal. There is no such online system that could legitimately back up their bogus promises.

    Indeed WA is the best program out there and if you noticed by reading what I wrote I made it quite clear. WA is not get-rich-quick scheme/online opportunity. Unlike the fraud Evergreen system you definitely have to work your business for longer than 1 hour a day. They also teach you relevant concepts and ideals here to help you grow your business – such as having updated and relevant content on your website. Not some slapped-together site consisting solely of a landing page and glitzy banner ads. That is so outdated that it’s not even funny. Yet unfortunately not matter what I or anyone else has to say about this business opportunity offered at Evergreen there still will be desperate people who will buy all in to what they have to offer.

    Thanks again so much for your thoughts, Shep! They are much appreciated, sir!



  8. Hi Angela! Thank you for taking the time in reading the article and afterwards issuing your thoughts. As I remarked earlier in replying back to another comment posted by someone who read the article, unbelievably in a few previous reviews posted online by other individuals, several of them thought that this company was legit!?! Really? What were those individuals looking at when they dug into what this company was all about?

    The fact that the owner/founder of Evergreen stated right up front that a person could quickly make $1,000 per day and within several days after first creating his/her website is a definite Scam! It is a get-rich-quick- scheme that still pollutes the internet and to which people still naively fall for. There simply is NOT such a legit opportunity that exists anywhere.

    Thank you again for all that you did involving reading the article and afterwards giving your opinion about what I had to write. It is very much appreciated, Angela!



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