Review: Is Dropship Direct A Scam?

Review Of A DropShipping Company: Is Dropship Direct A Scam


Online DropShipping Opportunity:  Dropship Direct

So, is Dropship Direct a scam?  I will provide pertinent information in this review so that you can decide for yourself.  It begins with the following basic info about this company:

Company Founder:  Could not be ascertained.  However, the company was incorporated back in Feb. 2004, and based in Portland, Oregon.

The current company President is Peter Marr.

The basic price to join:  Free.  Otherwise, to obtain all of the available services offered by Dropship Direct in order to have the chance to build up a successful business, it would be $37/month.

A person could choose to permanently remain at the free membership level, choosing to never upgrade as an option.  Only he/she would never be able to take advantage of this company’s patented “WholesaleFiles” system.

Over at the BBB, (Better Business Bureau), Dropship Direct is not accredited by the organization.  Furthermore, because of numerous complaints issued by people who have done business with this company that apparently were never resolved, the BBB ranked this company as being an F (or failing) on a grading system.

Dropship Direct also has had (quote) “advertising issues  found by the BBB”, (unquote) on numerous instances.

*** If already in reading this far down in the article you feel that an opportunity with Dropship Direct is something that is causing to to take pause in ever getting involved with this company, (particularly due to the failing grade assigned to them by the BBB) as an alternative option I mention now a program called Wealthy Affiliate as a way to make money for yourself online. ***

If you want further info about Dropship Direct, please I encourage you to continue reading on:

Dropship Direct – So you want to join this company being a merchant retailer?  Here is what you have to know: Is Dropship Direct A Scam

Dropship Direct, as noted on their website, has over 100,000 unique products which a member could attempt to sell in his/her dropshipping business.  The individual would have the option of employing 3 different tactics with this company in his/her business:

1). Sell any of this company’s products directly on his/her own website – and be responsible for shipping out purchased items to a customer.

2). Sell this company’s products in a physical brick & mortar store directly to a customer.

3). Sell the company’s products using an actual dropshipping online business, (different than option #1 above as the individual would be supplied his/her own website by Dropship Direct, and not have to worry about shipping procedures).

As stated above, all this could be done through a free membership if the individual so chooses.

Understand, however, and explained in further detail below when I address educational tutorials available at Dropship Direct’s site;  there would be severe restrictions in place for a member at that “free” level.

Dropship Direct has their own patented WholesaleFiles” system in place to truly help a member achieve financial success in his/her business.

According to the info presented on this company’s website, this patented system has to do with management services in providing the premium level member much-needed data within easy, clean file formats.

These files could be used to select inventory data prepared for online sites affiliated with Dropship Direct such as:

Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, and others.

Understand that it would involve the individual having to upgrade to the premium membership level, at $37/month in order to be able to use this system – WholesaleFiles.

Dropship Direct has one caveat when looking at what it would cost to upgrade to the company’s premium membership level:

That would be if somehow an individual at the free membership level could consistently achieve $1,000/month of sales through selling Dropship Direct’s products, this upgrade normally at $37/month to the premium level would be for free.

No cost to this individual to get that upgrade!  However, this member would consistently have to show that, over a period of time, he/she can achieve $1,000/month in sales.

Only at the premium membership level, besides being able to use this company’s “WholesaleFiles” system, would the individual receive educational training on how to build a dropshipping business as seen through their tutorials.

Free members do not have complete access and the ability to use the company’s tools seen in the tutorials in order to help them build their dropship businesses.

Dropship Direct’s product categories: Is Dropship Direct A Scam

These categories would include the following:

Apparel                                               Gifts

AtHome                                              Health/Beauty

Automotive                                        Outdoors

Electronics                                          Sports

So, what about the education a member, (especially a newbie) would receive in the online business of dropshipping with this company:

In a very practical scenario, say that initially intrigued by what he/she sees on this company’s website,  a person who has never run a dropshipping business decides to do so through Dropship Direct.

As I have stated many times on this site, nowadays because so many people worldwide seek to either run an online business full-time or else only seeks to bring in extra income through such a venture, substantial training would be needed to teach that individual how to properly market/promote a business.

I looked everywhere on Dropship Direct’s website regarding what would be available as educational training.

The only thing mentioned is this company’s tutorials.  The tutorials, again indicated here at this link,  only provide info on how to link a dropshipping business through one of the company’s affiliations with online sites. Is Dropship Direct A Scam

So, I then chose one, Amazon.  The tutorial available at Dropship Direct in training a member on how to connect his/her business with Amazon, (as an option) can be found by clicking here.

***Please note one important thing.  A person would have to be at the premium membership level, (paying $37/month) to access the company’s entire tutorial seen through the training. ***

If you’re not a premium level member, with an assigned log-in, you cannot access the complete tutorial along with the recommended steps on how to run your dropshipping business with this company.

What does this mean?

Well, if you decide to remain at the free membership level, and furthermore not consistently be able to achieve $1,000/month in sales where the upgrade to the premium membership would cost you nothing,  then essentially you would receive no training through Dropship Direct on how to market/promote your business.

Let me ask you a question:  What would be the odds of a complete newbie having any success at all in building up a profitable online dropshipping business, taking into consideration the fact that he/she would receive no training provided by this company?

You got it, the odds of success would virtually be at right around zero percent!

*** If this bit of news is giving you further angst about ever getting involved with Dropship Direct as a way to make money for yourself online, again I mention as an alternative option a program called Wealthy Affiliate. ***

Getting back to dropshipping as a money making venture.  As opposed to the opportunity with Dropship Direct, if you want to know a company that provides great training, even for newbies take a look at what a Salehoo would have to offer as I noted in my previous review.

Very impressive looking at the totality of that program versus what is offered at Dropship Direct!

One other major issue that I see with Dropship Direct!

Very often it could be the case where you’re an individual who runs a dropshipping business, and you’re dealing with merchants who are located overseas.

One company that I previously reviewed, WorldWide Brands has what they call their “Scam protection program” in which all merchants affiliated with the company have been fully vetted in proving to that company’s members that these individuals are legitimate and are completely trustworthy. Is Dropshop Direct A Scam

Nowhere on Dropship Direct’s website is anything mentioned about the company’s vetting their affiliated merchants to see if they’re all on the up and up.

Thus, a person running a dropshipping business through this company would be unable to tell if a merchant located overseas instead was nothing but a complete fraud –  an individual whose sole purpose was to rip off people blind without their knowing it.  Until it was way too late!

Could you just trust any Tom, Harry, or Susie who call themselves each a “merchant” affiliated with Dropship Direct (and who might live halfway around the world) as being completely legitimate or ethical in their business practices?

It states nowhere on their website that Dropship Direct had fully vetted Tom, Harry, and Susie. Or anyone else for that matter.

I usually try to add a YouTube video, especially when issuing a review to help illustrate a level of legitimacy to the company.

Dropship Direct over at the site and on their channel has but one vid that makes absolutely no sense at all.

So, unfortunately, no such vid will be embedded in this review.  Perhaps it is a testament that no relevant vid is available, designed to promote this company over on YouTube.

My final thoughts on DropShip Direct.  I really hate to call this opportunity completely legit!

Well, is DropShip Direct a complete scam?  Evidence, such as the fact: Is Dropship Direct A Scam

1).  The BBB has assigned this company with a grade of F, (also not listing it as an accredited business).

2).  Complete training is not offered by the company to anyone at the free membership level, designed to teach him/her how to market his/her dropshipping business.

3).  Finally, with no mention of it at all on the website, it looks as if merchants are not completely vetted by the company.

Altogether, this leads me to conclude that an opportunity with Dropship Direct in trying to build a dropshipping business for oneself simply cannot be considered as being fully legit.

I have previously compared 4 other dropshipping companies in one article seen on this website.  Admittedly, not all of them were perfect.

However, I can safely state that even the worst of those four is a company that, by comparison, is much better to what as a whole appears to represent what Dropship Direct is all about.

Could just anyone build a profitable online dropshipping business through Dropship Direct?

Nothing that I saw on the company’s website allowed me to answer the above question with a resounding “Yes”!!

A Much Better Alternative For You To Make Money Online. . .

You might be a person who is looking to find a program that would allow you to make money online.  It might not even have anything to do with running a dropshipping business.

All you seek is a proven online program that is ethical, trustworthy and without question completely legit!

If so and admittedly I have already mentioned them above, Please Click Here To See What Is My Top Recommendation.  The company/training program is called Wealthy Affiliate, to which I have been a member now for almost 3 years.

Unlike Dropship Direct, (as well as so many other companies), Wealthy Affiliate is completely transparent in providing you info on what it would take to  build income for yourself online, seen right on the company’s homepage.

You may join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE if you just want to “kick the tires” to see if the opportunity offered by the company would be something you are looking for. Is Dropship Direct A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best educational training, tools and community support compared to any other program on the Internet to people who seriously want to create income for themselves.

It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


8 thoughts on “Review: Is Dropship Direct A Scam?

  1. An interesting read. Dropshipping is something I came across in my early days of the ‘online business’ world and I gave a few providers a shot with little success (zero success lol), but I can see how the business model would work for the right online presence/ website/ authority.
    I agree that this company, while it appears are not breaking any laws whatsoever, also do not have the best business practices or levels of support in place to truly make their clients successful.


  2. Thank you Nate for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts.  I’m sorry to hear that your earlier affiliation with Dropshipping did not work out financially for you.  Then again, as in the case with Dropship Direct, could it be that the company you were aligned with did not provide the proper training and support that would at least help any novice along?   It sounds as if that was the case.

    A person no matter how motivated, could never build a truly profitable business if the company that he/she is affiliated with completely fails to provide marketing/promotional advice for his/her business as evidenced in educational training.  There are just too many people in the world who have dipped their toes into online business ownership, thus being treated as competition.

      Any online business opportunity that fails to provide an adequate level of educational training in their program would spell almost certain doom for the individual who joined as a member – especially so if the person was a newbie.

    As I’ve stated many times, so many online programs, like Dropship Direct simply fail to provide info on whatever training would be offered to prospective new members as not seen on their website.  A person simply cannot join such an opportunity, forking over money out of his/her pocket, based on some type of whim.  It’s something that I learned the hard way myself.  

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Nate!  They are very much appreciated by me, sir!



  3. This is quite fascinating. I’ve considered setting up a dropship business in the past but decided against it.

    I’m not familiar with Dropship Direct so this one I’ve not come across until now. You’re point about a newbie having success with this company would be slim to non makes sense. Joining for Free is good but without having access to the proper training & services makes it tough for anyone especially newbies.

    I agree with you on recommending Salehoo as the better choice. It’s definitely offers more value.

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting read!

  4. Hi, Daniel!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for sharing your excellent thoughts.  Yes, without a doubt Salehoo would be a much better option for a person versus what is offered at Dropship Direct.  This is especially because of the fact that Salehoo clearly presents a lot of training to help a person build up his/her dropshipping business.  From what is not mentioned whatsoever at Dropship Direct on their website, how would a person thinking of becoming a member have any idea what this company offers by way of educational training?

    Thank you again Daniel for your comments which are very much appreciated by me, sir!




  6. Troy, most definitely you had a very negative experience with this company. If what you state is true, then future readers of this article would have to at least take everything into consideration. That includes the info that I provide in this article, in addition to your issues dealing with this drop shipping company. Thank you for your comments, sir!

  7. I don’t get it. When I try to sign up for Dropship Direct as a merchant…it takes me to some page called to sign up, signed up and now I have dashboard and no idea what to do there or how it is tied with DropshipDirect. Please help me understand this…

  8. Sir, I am in no way connected at all with Dropship Direct. I just wrote a review of that company, among hundreds of others that I have posted on this site about which opportunities to either follow up on as they’re legitimate versus others that definitely would need to be avoided in one’s pursuit to generate income online.

    As it appears you’re having problems signing on as a merchant my only suggestion is that on this company’s site that you get in touch with them through the contact info that is provided. Again, understand that I am in no direct way a member of or associated with Dropship Direct and anyone who is on that company’s staff so therefore other than what I recommend I can not help you.

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