Review: Is DietBet A Scam?

Review: Is DietBet A Scam

Online Money Making Opportunity:  DietBet

Founder and CEO: Jamie Rosen

Price to Join:  To be explained below and ultimately decided on how much $$ the participant would be willing to wager in betting on him/herself that weight would be lost.

Minimum age to join:  Participant must be at least 18-years of age.  No one below that age would be allowed to participate or join this site.

According to what is available on the site, purportedly some 400,000 people, coming from over 90 countries have participated in DietBet’s weight loss program since its inception.

Altogether, these people have lost some 5 million pounds and been paid by Dietbet a total of 21 million dollars!

DietBet has been promoted on NBC’s Today Show, ABC News, the US Weekly Magazine and in the New York Times.

*** If by chance you are seeking to make money online but at the same time have no need or desire to lose weight as an alternative option I present now an opportunity called Wealthy Affiliate.***

 Could you make money in this venture solely by being able to lose weight? Is DietBet A Scam Or is DietBet nothing but a complete scam with many members not being able to earn a dime?

The opportunities to make money online extend to a person losing weight and earning cold, hard cash at the same time.

However, would a person become rich in this venture?  I previously have reviewed a company called Pact App that had a similar premise to what can be found at DietBet.

In this review, I will attempt to answer the question posed in the title above:  Is DietBet a scam?  Is there something behind the curtain that this company is not telling you about?

What you probably would want to know as you begin reading this article is could you lose a lot of money in a manner that is not revealed anywhere at the site?

Let’s dig in and find out, shall we?

What exactly is Dietbet all about?  Is it something like Nutrisystem, where they provide all of the food for you?

DietBet is simply a site that involves one’s being motivated to lose weight.  The motivation is that you would place a wager on yourself that you could lose weight within a certain amount of time.

Frankly, the site is more interesting compared to Pact App, (mentioned above) in that there are various games, all with varying time allotments in which a person could choose to join in the weight-loss process.

A Dietbet-created YouTube video that features the training specialist Jillian Michael:

DietBet’s “WayBetter Today” page! Designed to provide eating and exercise tips!

With DietBet they do have a page on their site called “WayBetter Today”.   Individuals are provided educational instruction on how to eat more nutritiously involving their food intake.

People looking to lose weight from their frames are also given tips on how to stay active through easy, on up to intense exercise.

Thus combined:  having a proper diet and getting in the appropriate amount of exercise weekly, a person if he/she sticks to it should certainly lose weight.

DietBet, therefore, is not like Nutrisystem where regarding the latter, a person pays to have all of his/her meals shipped directly to the home to be consumed.

DietBet, instead, (and similar to Pact App) follows the principle that people are best motivated if they’re willing to put their money where their mouths are:  Betting on themselves that they can lose weight within a set time period.

How to get involved with DietBet:

Although the site is in the process of developing a 3rd “game”, right now at DietBet a person could join through either their “Kickstarter” program: which would involve a person losing 4% of his/her body weight in 4 weeks.

Or through their “Transformer” program:  which would involve a person losing 10% of his/her body weight in a 6-month time span.  There are also variations involved within each “game”.

As I stated above, the person must be at least 18-years of age.  He/she would need to live in a country where either PayPal or Dwolla are accepted as far as having the ability to redeem cash that would be won as part of their wager.

So, placing a  wager would involve 5 steps: Is DietBet A Scam

1).  Join the site through a simple sign-up process.

You would only have to provide your name and a verified email address to start the process found right at the top of the home page.

If you have a mobile device, you also have the opportunity to download Dietbet’s App either through Google Play or the Apple Store.

As I said above, you would also need to have a verified account either at PayPal or Dwolla.  It would be a simple process, (especially through Pay Pal), but if you want to be able to cash any winnings you would earn, one of the two would be necessary.

Upon joining, each person is insured of a 7 day, risk-free, money-back guarantee as long as he/she first signs up to participate in a “game”.

Examples of the current games can be seen by clicking here.  This again is the site’s homepage also provided above in a link.  Scroll down to the middle of the page to see some of the games soon about to begin.  Other games would assuredly be added monthly.

The rules for the two games currently available at the site, Kickstarters, and Transformers can be found on the FAQ page, and by scrolling down the page where you would come to each section.

2). Initial weigh-in process.

What would be required is a: Scale, (preferably digital).

A digital camera or smart phone capable of taking quality photos.

A full-length mirror or someone available to take the individual’s photo.

During the weigh-in process, two photos would be submitted.  The first photo would be the contestant standing on the scale.  He/she would be dressed in “Airport security attire”, (light clothing that does not weigh too much) and in bare feet.

The second photo would show the scale readout with the contestant standing on it.  The contestant upon joining would have created his/her own unique “weigh-in word”.  That word would be visible in the second photo, taped to the scale right above the readout which indicates that person’s current weight.

3). Play! Is DietBet A Scam

As by then, and usually through either a debit or credit card, (the site is https:// secured and encrypted) the individual would have placed his/her bet,  he/she would then try to actively lose weight over the course of the “game’s” length.

Proper dieting and staying active through exercise, (as suggested at the site’s WayBetter Today pages) would be followed.

In addition, the individual would be encouraged to continue submitting photos of his/her progress during the time period of the bet.  Free advice would also be given if he/she was involved in a group and led by a trainer with the credibility of Jillian Michaels.

This third step would last based on how long the game/program was intended to last.

4). Weigh Out

After the final day of the challenge, the individual would then have 48 hours to weigh out, following the same procedure in #2, above.  If a person has achieved his/her desired goal, submitting a photo would be mandatory.

The company has even devised ways to prevent cheating.  This can be found on the FAQ page, #3 under the general settings entitled:  “Wouldn’t it be easy to cheat”?

The people who created DietBet in a word say “NO”!!  DietBet has built-in steps against someone trying to “trick the system”.

DietBet has a “no tolerance” policy for those participants who ultimately are caught lying about their weight loss, and it would only be one time for this policy to take effect.

The individual would find him/herself immediately kicked out of the program with no refund issued.  There would also be no further opportunity for the individual to participate with anything available at DietBet’s site.

It sounds as if the people who run DietBet are quite serious about all participants being honest and ethical while participating in any of the site’s games!  Cheat, get caught and it’s “Beat it” for the offending individual!

5). Win!

If the contestant has achieved his/her desired goal depending on the game that he/she participated in,  he/she would then win from the pot.

Dietbet’s fee would first be taken out of each person’s winnings.  As follows the fee would be:

A person betting monthly between $1 – 99                             Fee would be 25% of the winnings.

A person betting monthly between $100 – 249                      Fee would be 20% of the winnings.

A person betting monthly between $250 – 500                     Fee would be 15% of the winnings.

A person betting over $500 monthly                                       Fee would be 10% of the winnings.

DietBet’s “no-lose guarantee! 

IF a person is able to successfully to reach his/her desired weight loss goal participating in a game, under the company’s “no lose guarantee” policy, he/she will not lose one penny.  He/she would have to reach his stated goal, however.  If the person fails to reach the desired weight goal, then this “no-lose guarantee” does not take effect.

Most winners make about 1.5 to 2 times their original bet.  The participant could not lose, (again providing the individual reached his/her desired goal).  Each indvidual participant’s Dietbet winnings, however, would depend on how much ($$)he/she wagered on him/herself in the beginning.

So, looking at it from this perspective if you were to choose to join DietBet in trying to lose weight:

To win a lot of money, you’d have to place a lot of money on yourself in the original wager.  Even with that, for example, you place $1,000 on yourself for a one-month game.  At most you would win around $2,000,  (thus coming out $1,000 ahead).

You will NOT become rich, or attain the level of “Financial Freedom” with DietBet.  However, if you understand everything about what the site is about, it is NOT a scam!!

Dietbet never stated that you would become a millionaire betting on yourself to lose weight, now did they?

Below is an image which would describe some of the goals one could achieve with the two games.  The new game “Maintainer” has not been finalized yet as of this moment.

Is DietBet A Scam

One other way in which to make money at Dietbet – Become a Coach!

By being a member of the Coaches Club at Dietbet, a person could earn extra income by having the ability to recruit family, friends and on social media platforms followers in getting them to join the site with the goal of losing weight.

Dietbet would provide each coach with the following:

1). Marketing support through email and page placements on the Internet.

2). A coach landing page for new participants to learn more about each individual “leader”.

3). Customizable game tools to create a unique experience for the participants.

The coaches would also be encouraged to devise their own unique “games” in either the Kickstarters or Transformers sections.

Each coach would receive between 5 – 10% of the gross pot for each game that he/she created.

The more games they create along with the more people they could recruit as seen below in the image, over time the more each Coach could earn as extra income landing in his/her pocket.

Is DietBet A Scam


My final conclusion on the DietBet site:

Compared to the Pact App site, I conclude that DietBet has a much more interesting program set up to allow people to lose weight.  Their WayBetter Today page provides useful tips on diet and exercise, something that was lacking at the Pact App site.

Based on my research, I can conclude that as far as providing ways for a person to lose weight, DietBet is 100% legit.

They also make it clear that while you would be guaranteed to make money IF you can successfully reach your weight loss goal as you participate in one of the site’s various “games”, by no means are you going to earn a ton of income online with this opportunity.

As long as you completely understand that, it would be up to you as to whether or not you would take advantage of what DietBet has to offer if you’re a person seriously looking to lose weight at that moment.

Before I Let You Go. . .

If you are satisfied with your weight but are still looking for a legit way to earn income online allow me to provide information on a great opportunity.

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It most definitely is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Is DietBet A Scam?

  1. What a creative way to make money on losing weights…who ever came up with this idea is surely a smart marketer.
    I love the idea of betting on losing weight, however, I am not certain about the “bet” on lose weight approach. Maybe this has something to do with me not being a gambler…alas, I would give 50/50.

    Yes on lose weight, no on the “bet” approach.


  2. Hi, Pamela!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts.  I agree with the premise behind your thoughts.  Certainly, all people attempting to lose weight and placing bets on themselves is certainly not for everyone.  I guess that whoever came up with this idea, not unique as at least one other online site is built on the same principle, is smart.  That being the incentive to lose weight coming from a person willing to place a wager on him/herself.

    Thank you for your thoughts, Pamela which is very much appreciated by me!



  3. Great read, diebet sounds like a great way to reach your goal of losing weight. I love the betting and the fact that Jillian Michaels is supportive of it, I’ve always been a fan of her work outs, plus who wouldn’t want to work out to someone so hot. Just being honest. I might give dietbet a try. Thank you for your review.

  4. Hi, Nate!  Thank you for taking the time to read this article and also sharing your concise thoughts.  It’s funny how after reading this article, several people who posted their comments all had opposite opinions of the opportunity offered by DietBet’s weight loss program. 

    You thought that it would be a great way for a person to lose weight, with the system of betting on one’s self as motivation.  A previous person posted her comments that she disliked the system for the simple fact that she might end up losing money.

    I also loved your comments about Jillian Michael.  She is a well-known workout trainer, and it is a boon to Dietbet that she both promotes the program and has also devised workouts for members.  Yes, she is an attractive woman, though sorry Nate I believe that she’s married, lol.  I’m sure a lot of men would not mind having Jillian running their exercise/training workout regimens.  Attendance would be at 100%!

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Nate!  They are very much appreciated by me, sir!



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