Review: Is Cruises Inc. A Scam?

Review Of A Travel Vacation Home-Based Business Opportunity Is Cruises Inc a Scam

Online Money-Making Opportunity:  Cruises Inc.

Co-Founded in 1982.  The company is currently run by Brad and Jeff Tolkins, Co-CEOs.

Curises Inc. is a member of World Travel Holdings which was founded back in 2005 by the Tolkins.

Price to join this opportunity:  $249.  This price is the enrollment fee for the company’s virtual online training program and to become certified as an individual who could sell cruise vacations.

Could you learn how to make money in a home-based business by selling cruise packages?  This company called Cruises Inc. says “Yes”!

With the growth of the Internet over the last decade or so, many opportunities have appeared which purportedly allows a person to make money online through owning a business and working from home.

Let me be perfectly candid:  A good portion of these opportunities are flat out scams!  Investing even $1 in some type opportunity that could allow a person to, guaranteed, earn $10,000 +/month would be a foolish venture.  Especially if it is presented as a get-rich-quick opportunity!

So, what about this opportunity presented in this review article?  Is Cruises Inc. a scam?  On one page of this site, they explain “how you could make money” by selling cruise vacation packages. Along with that a person could earn between 60 and up to 100% commission on successful sales.

Let me also tell you that that statement, above, is not what it appears to be.   I will address it below, as on the site’s FAQ page, the explanation on how much commissions a person could make does not jibe with his/her ability to earn possibly 100% commission, looking at the total package cost of a cruise vacation.

For example, a person selling a $2,000 one week cruise to the Bahamas to some traveler and then making $2,000 in the process.  That would represent 100% commissions according to my math.  Don’t you agree?  Trust me, it will not happen with Cruises Inc.

Cruises Inc. and their website: Is Cruises Inc a Scam

So, you’re interested in becoming an individual who would sell cruise vacations and want to apply at Cruises Inc.  It would be easily done right on the site’s homepage by entering your first/last name, phone number, email address, and the state that you reside here in the U.S.

Or you could call the phone number listed on the top, right-hand side of the page.

By the way, speaking about that particular phone number:  I tried performing a white pages reverse lookup of this number on the Internet at three different sites.  The phone number could not be found at any of these sites.  Hmmm!

Cruises Inc. also states that they are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, as well as several other organizations:

The CLIA – Cruise Lines International Association

The SBA – U.S. Small Business Administration

PATH – Professional Association fo Travel Hosts.

When I went to the BBB site to verify the statement on Cruises Inc.’s page, I found, (or should I say did not find) something very interesting.

There is a completely different travel/cruise vacation company called “Cruises Inc” that does NOT offer the opportunity for a person to sell vacation packages in a business.  The site just sells vacation cruise trips, and that is it.  Info was presented at the BBB site for this other company as they have multiple locations around the U.S.

However the site being reviewed in this article, “Cruises Inc” does not have any listing over at the BBB site, despite the statement made above, otherwise.  Makes you wonder about the legitimacy of this company, don’t you think?

**** If by chance you already are having reservations concerning this company, as an alternate option I make mention now of what is My Top Recommendation for learning how to make money for yourself online. No, you will not be attempting to sell cruise vacations with this opportunity! ****

Cruise Inc’s Training Procedures: Is Cruises Inc a Scam

Although with the incredible growth of the Internet which makes it possible for a person on his/her own to book a vacation without the assistance of anyone, still there is the law that a person employed in the travel industry, (or independent contractor) must have certification to work.

Cruises Inc. provides such training.  For the enrollment fee of $249, a person looking to run a travel business out of his/her home selling this company’s line of cruise vacations would receive in-depth training online.

I won’t spend the time now to go into great depth as to this company’s training activities.  Simply click on the link here to be re-directed to a page at the site which discusses the training in depth.

Apparently, if you’d still be interested in pursuing this as a business, the next training session would take place in early August.

Several other dates were also listed, running through November. What was not made clear would be how long the training would last for each individual.  Would it involve only a two-day commitment during any one month?

Or would the training encompass the entire 4-month sessions, (once per month) before an individual would get certified?

On that same page, there is a discussion of what is called this company’s “Fast-Track Program”.  After the completion of the initial training sessions mentioned above, further training would take place over an 180-day period.  This would include some free and low-cost ($) training and coaching tips.

So by that last statement, this “Fast-Track Program” training would cost more money coming out of your pocket in addition to that initial $249 enrollment fee.

The company also presents the for a truly motivated individual with the opportunity to travel to its home base in Florida and receive live training.  I would think that the company would not pick up the tab for your travel expenses/hotel stay should you decide to attend this type of training.  More money coming out of your pocket.

A person would also be offered training in marketing/promoting out the opportunity to book a cruise with this company.  This would include email and social marketing, marketing through direct mail and posting flyers.

Finally, an individual hired to promote this company in a home-based business would also receive his/her own website.

A revealing fact about Cruise Inc.’s Commission rates. Suddenly that 60 – 100% commission rate suddenly looks to be quite a bit deceptive! Is Cruises Inc a Scam

On the site’s FAQ page found by clicking here, there is a complete explanation, done by example which reveals exactly how a person could earn money with this company when addressing commissions.

The company seems to initially lead readers to believe on the “how to make money” page that one could make a LOT of money if he/she could successfully sell an expensive cruise package to an individual.

Well as it explained on the FAQ page, here is how the 60 – 100% commission rate would work:

Say that you were able to sell a one-week cruise to a person which had a base price of $2,000.

The vacation vendor for this particular sale would pay out a standard 15% commission rate for that package which would be worth a total of $300.  (15% of the $2,000)

Out of that $300, THEN, you would receive anywhere from 60 and up to 100% commission rate, (equal to starting out at $180 on up to $300) – actually off of the original standard 15% commission rate that the vacation vendor would give back to you.

Did you honestly believe that at 100% commission off of that original $2,000 price for the cruise that you had sold you would receive all of that money?  Gotcha!!

Do you see what I mean when I mentioned that it was very deceptive as to what was mentioned on the “how to make money” page at this site?

More details as presented at this site regarding running a business from home selling this company’s cruise vacations: Is Cruises Inc a Scam

Besides selling base cruise packages, a person could earn money with this company in other ways.  Listed below, these would include:

Offering travel protection plans – otherwise known as trip insurance.

Shore excursions

Land package deals

Escorted tours

Independent tours

Hotel stays – outside of the cruise packages

Villa rentals  – outside of the cruise packages

Final thoughts about the home-based business opportunity with Cruises Inc.

In all honesty, I cannot call the opportunity to make money from home with this company that has been in existence since 1982 a complete scam.

Taking into consideration the training one would receive allowing a person to become certified as a travel agent if a person was willing to work extremely hard in his/her business then that individual could turn some profits.

What I did not like, really my one major complaint about this company was the false premise stated on one page of the site that a person could earn between 60 and up to 100% commissions on successful sales’ packages of cruise vacations.  It simply is not the case and there is no need to be that deceptive!

Instead, that figure would be calculated on what one would receive coming from the vendor’s standard commission fee of 15% of the total sale.  From that figure, a person only then would earn from 60 on up to 100% commission.

It just leads me to believe that a person interested in pursuing this venture might first want to check out the info that I found on the site’s FAQ page.

Before I Let You Go. . .

For individuals reading this article who would have absolutely no interest in becoming a travel agent, but still might be looking a way to make money for themselves through a different opportunity:

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Review: Is Cruises Inc. A Scam?

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the very thorough review of Cruises Inc. Sounds like they offer a legitimate business opportunity. However, as you point out, there are lots of problems with the way they present themselves with false advertising of potential rewards and credentials i.e. 60% to 100% commission, BBB, etc.
    This should put up a big red flag.
    The other problem with affiliate marketing in the cruise and travel industry, in general, is the high competition. Affiliate marketing for beginners should be in high demand, low competition niches.
    Good article, keep up the good work.

  2. Hi, Ed!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also sharing your concise thoughts.  I agree with everything that you stated.  Cruises Inc., despite being a legit business does have a few red flags as you mentioned.  The false advertising about a person earning from 60 up to 100% on commissions is so misleading given the info that I found on this site’s FAQ page.

    I also agree with your assessment that the cruise/travel industry is highly competitive and certainly not for a total novice who has never had an online business previously in his/her life.

    Again, I do so appreciate your visiting my website Ed, and also reading this article!



  3. This is a very well written article! You really put in a lot of effort into doing research on Cruises Inc. and providing a thorough review. People are always looking for that get rich quick scheme but those opportunities usually turn out to be scams or just false advertising. You can definitely make money through affiliate marketing as you pointed out but it requires a lot of effort and patience. Articles like this help steer people in the right direction and avoid wasting their time on those scams. Appreciate your honest review!

  4. Hi, Mrangi!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also providing your concise thoughts.  I agree with your statement that there are so many get-rich-quick schemes present on the Internet.  They are deviously designed to lure unsuspecting, and frankly naive people into believing that getting involved in such opportunities they easily can become rich.

    While I stated that Cruises Inc. is not an outright scam as their training appears to be legit, nevertheless what I did not like was the false advertising about the amount of money one could earn off of commissions based on the successful sale of a cruise vacation package.  One statement is falsely stated on one of this site’s pages about how a person could earn money regarding commissions, yet on a second page which explained in further detail this company’s policies it is nothing but a contradiction to that first statement. Basically what was stated on the first page on earning money was an outright lie – nevertheless, it would be more likely that it would lure in people thinking that they’d easily become rich participating in this venture. 

    Thank you again, Mrangi for sharing your thoughts.  They are very much appreciated by me!

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