Review: Is Chegg Online Tutoring Legit?

Does This Site Provide A Real Opportunity To Earn Income Online As A Tutor?Is Chegg Online Tutoring Legit

Online money-making opportunity:  Chegg Online Tutoring

The site has been incorporated since 2003.  Owner cannot be ascertained.

The price to become an independent contractor/tutor once hired:  Free!

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So, is Chegg Online Tutoring legit?  Looking at the opportunity to earn money working for this company:

With the academic education of students now having such high priority in the U.S., Chegg purportedly presents an opportunity for interested candidates to serve as tutors and make money along the way.

In this article, I will attempt to answer the question posed in the title:  Is Chegg online tutoring legit?

Does Chegg measure up to other very reputable sites that provide excellent educational services to elementary school, middle school,  high school and even college students in need of help with various academic subjects?

Chegg has been active on the Internet since 2003 in offering students a chance to receive help with many of their academic courses.

At the homepage of the site, it states that after being hired to tutor a person would have the opportunity to make as much as $20/hour!  It could be a terrific way to generate real income online for one’s self, don’t you think?

Many reputable sites that seek tutors would not just hire anyone!

I previously wrote an article reviewing some very notable online tutoring services offered here in the U.S.

I want to be extremely clear about one aspect in becoming a tutor.  Many reputable tutoring sites found online have very strict standards as to WHO they would hire to act as independent contractors who would work with students in need of academic help.

Many of these programs have an absolute requirement that an individual seeking to become a tutor have AT LEAST a Bachelor’s degree in specific academic subjects in order to be hired.

These programs would thoroughly “vet” all candidates not only regarding their educational background, (degrees earned) as well as their experience in the field of teaching.  But in addition, many of these sites would also carefully check the criminal background record of every candidate.

As I said previously, many parents of students treat academic education in the U.S. quite seriously.  These parents often have high hopes that their kids will eventually be able to get into a good college/university.

Taking a closer look at the opportunity to become a tutor at Chegg: Is Chegg Online Tutoring Legit

As I thoroughly performed research on Chegg’s entire site, specifically studying what it would take to become a tutor I did not find an important piece of information:

I assume that like other sites, Chegg does have elevated expectations for candidates in becoming tutors and that they would “vet” everyone.

However, I found nothing mentioned anywhere on the site concerning qualifications to become a tutor.

The process of becoming a tutor at Chegg begins with an individual first applying through either Facebook or his/her email address.  After that, the individual would then create a profile page.  I then can only assume that at that stage, the candidate would list his/her academic qualifications.

The problem would be, does Chegg carefully check that this individual’s qualifications as being completely accurate, and not some type of fabrication?  How serious is the “vetting” process at Chegg?

It does appear that at Chegg, as found specifically at this page here, through its policy does hire college undergraduate students to act as tutors.  I guess that being a college graduate who has earned a Bachelor’s degree in some educational discipline is not a requirement to be hired at the site.

This leads me to believe that Chegg does not have the type of academic requirements in having a candidate become eligible to be hired as a tutor versus some of those other sites researched in my first article.

As a tutor at Chegg as far as being eligible to help students in various academic subjects, the individual must be at least 18 years old and attending a college/university in order to be hired.

The students to be tutored have to be at least 14 years old.

Based on that info, tutoring at the Chegg site would not be available to kids 13 years old and younger.  This would mean that the academic subjects themselves would be at a higher standard, versus teaching an 8-year-old kid how to read or do basic arithmetic.

Payment through Chegg’s process to receive tutoring would have to be cleared by an adult at least 18 years old.

While a 14/15-year-old kid would qualify by age as being eligible to receive tutoring, it would be necessary that a parent/guardian provide his/her consent to allow that child to use the services of Chegg.  After all in the case of an underage minor being in need of academic tutoring, a majority of the time it would be the parent/guardian who would be paying for such services.

Fees for the tutoring services work in the following manner:

The first 30-minute session of tutoring for that student would be for free.  After that, the charges would be $15/week for every 30 minutes of each session.

A list of academic subjects that are available as tutoring help at Chegg:Is Chegg Online Tutoring Legit

High school students, college/university students, even professionals looking to attain post-graduate degrees would be eligible to receive tutoring at Chegg!

One can understand this when the list of academic subjects at Chegg is stated as being available at the site.  These subjects would include:

Algebra                                                               History

Trigonometry                                                    French

Calculus                                                             Spanish

Physics                                                               Latin

Biology                                                             Music, (in the form of voice lessons)

Chemistry                                                        Computer Engineering

Zoology                                                            Computer website design

Astrophysics                                                   Antitrust law

Economics                                                      ACT Prep/SAT Prep

How you could make your mark as a reputable tutor at Chegg:

With each student that a Chegg tutor has the opportunity in working with, that student, (or if a minor his/her parents) would then write up a thorough review of the interaction between tutor and student.

With every successful review, the tutor’s reputation at Chegg would be enhanced.  With that fact, it would present the tutor with the opportunity to work with more students, (in the subject material that he/she is knowledgeable about) which would equal the chance to earn more money online.

Conversely, if a tutor received bad reviews from a handful of students, (and specifically their parents if a minor) his/her reputation would take a hard hit.  The result would be a much lower chance to earn money.  In fact, that person might find him/herself being terminated by Chegg officials if the reviews turned in were incredibly poor or negative.

The Chegg site also has an app that a tutor could download to his/her Smart Phone.  This would make the opportunity to find students in need of help that much easier.

My final conclusions about the opportunity available at Chegg: Is Chegg Online Tutoring Legit

As this site has been around for almost 15-years now, providing academic help to students it does appear that Chegg presents a legit opportunity for a motivated and dedicated individual to earn extra money for him/herself as a tutor.

The amount of money you could earn potentially would have to do with the positive reputation you would slowly build for yourself through the successful help provided to students over the course of time.

It would also have to do with your willingness to put in the time out of your day in assisting students who need academic help.

One Other Thing Before I Let You Go. . .

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


20 thoughts on “Review: Is Chegg Online Tutoring Legit?

  1. I never really heard of the chegg platform at all. let alone i couldnt recall the last time i graduated high school lol.
    But what i have to say about this is that i can agree with you on the number one help that most people ever need the community at WA

  2. Hi, Rendell!  Thank you for both reading this article and providing your thoughts.  The Chegg online tutoring platform indeed does provide help for those students who are having difficulty with certain academic subjects.

    Again, thank you for stopping by, Rendell!


  3. Hey Jeff, thank for this information on Chegg. As a teacher I tried a similar program and found it to not be very feasible. By time they took their cut, it was simply too expensive for most students and certainly not a viable way to make extra money in spare time. Your recommendation for generating income with a true educational platform such as Wealthy Affiliate is a much better alternative.

  4. Hi, Nathan! Thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your thoughts.  I don’t know about the tutoring program that you discussed, (as you did not provide a name).  But by all accounts, Chegg is a legit program.  They do not overcharge students seeking to receive academic help, nor do they underpay the individuals who act as tutors. 

    I initially was surprised that Chegg hired college students to act as tutors.  However, as I thought about it back when I was a senior in college, (late 1970s) I tutored a few freshman coeds on courses that I had taken a few years before and which they needed help.  (No, I did not charge them for my services either as they became good friends of mine, living in my dorm).  So, in a sense it would be perfectly alright for a 20-year old college student who excelled academically in specific academic courses to be able to tutor younger students.

    Thank you also for your comments about Wealthy Affiliate.  Indeed it is the real deal concerning what this program has to offer educationally to people who genuinely look to start an online business for themselves.

    Again, I do so appreciate your comments, Nathan.  Please stop by again!



  5. Good site , telling of the ways not to get scammed.As there is no get rich fast program out there.You do have to work at it to make a go of it.Seeing you are promoting Wealthy affiliate ,I believe there are some false claims though .You stated being a free member will give you access to 500 modules of learning that is not the case.You are given several lessons in one module then are required to become a premium member to access the rest of the training which is needed, unless you came into this program a computer genius

  6. Hi, Bert!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for issuing your thoughts.  Also, thank you so much for catching the one error that was written on my WA landing page – the number of modules available to people who would decide to join at the free membership level.  There have been hundreds of people who have gone through it, (including WA members) yet you’re the only person who noticed it.  You are 100% right and I made the change.

    I also agree with you – there is no such thing as a legit get-rich-quick scheme that allows a person to generate money quickly online.  I hope that you read the fact that I DID NOT suggest by any means that the Cheggs Online tutoring program was a scam program as it is not!

    Thank you again, Bert, for your thoughts and for catching that one mistake on my landing page.  It goes to show that you did read most or all of it. 



  7. I can definitely see the benefits with online tutoring, both for the student and the tutor. I’m not sure how Chegg’s fees stack up against the others in the business but if they’re allowing ‘students’ themselves to teach I would imagine they’d be cheaper – not that I have a problem with someone at uni tutoring so long as they were capable – and I think with their rating system it would soon become apparent whether or not they were!

  8. Hi, Del!  Thank you for both reading this article and also providing your thoughts.  I initially had some questions myself about having undergraduate college students actually tutoring others younger than they were.  However, I also thought about that fact that I did the same thing my senior year in college 1978-79.  A couple of freshmen coeds asked if I would help them out in a specific course that I had taken when I was a freshman several years before.  I was glad to help them out and refused any money, just believing that it was the right thing to do in just providing help. 

    So, if I did it many years ago being competent in my knowledge of a specific course then why can’t college students do the same thing at Cheggs?

    As you stated with the fact that this site has a rating system, I’m sure that if any 20/21-year old college student was incompetent in his/her ability to provide academic help to a student then quite quickly he/she would be found out.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, Del.  They are very much appreciated by me!


  9. Interesting review. I never heard about Chegg before, but I have seen similar online systems.

    So if the first session is free and sessions after that cost the student money, are you than earning the full 15 usd per session? Or is that a weekly earning? Or is that something the student pays but you get way less than that per session?

    I suppose you need to earn enough trust within the system before you even get any students. How likely can you gain that trust and make money with Chegg?

  10. Hi, Steven!  thank you for reading this article and providing your thoughts.  As far as you question regarding costs, as is stated at the site specifically the first session for a student being provided instruction by a tutor is free.  After that the student would be charged $15/week for EACH 30 MINUTE session for the help he/she would be receiving from a tutor. The tutor him/herself as I clearly stated on the page would make $20/hour.  Yes, the tutor would end up making less money than the student, (and probably his/her parents) paid out for help.  Part of the extra costs paid by the student, (not going directly into the tutor’s pocket) would go into book or other online materials that the tutor would use in assisting him/her in the educational process.

    As to your question about a tutor gaining trust and earning money through the site, he/she would have to build up a following through doing superlative work as a tutor.  Remember that a student would have the opportunity to provide feedback via a review once the tutoring session has ended.  It’s all a matter of that tutor making an honest effort regarding the job, seemingly the ideal behind any job or online business opportunity.  If a tutor would only put in a minimal effort, and not really caring about actually helping a student then he/she would probably not earn a lot of money as he/she would not build up a following.

    Thank you again Steven for your comments!


  11. Very informative post thank you. What qualifications do you need to have to tutor ? Is it catered to students ?
    Can you tutor whilst traveling? And how often do you tutor a week?

    Would you mind elaborating on some of my points?
    I am a keen educator and something like this would appeal to me

  12. Hi, Helen.  Thank you for reading this article and sharing your thoughts.  As I am not a tutor at Chegg Online, I’m afraid that I cannot answer most of your questions.  I did not even attempt to start the online qualification process.  As you are an educator yourself, understand the ideal that you probably have more academic experience as opposed to some of the tutors who have been hired by Chegg.  Afterall, they do accept college students, (and unlike many other tutoring programs that I am aware of) who do not yet have academic degrees as tutors. Therefore, it seems that your qualifications to become a tutor, depending on your experience in certain subjects would speak for themselves.  You would probably be readily hired if this would be something that truly interests you, Helen.

    The site is catered to providing educational help to students who are at least 14-years old as I stated in the article.  They do not accept 5, 8 or 12-year old kids.  Therefore, it would be easy to understand that the academic subjects would be more sophisticated than teaching your average 6-year old how to add and subtract.  Some of the academic subjects offered within the Chegg tutoring program I also listed within the body of the article.

    As to the other questions about tutoring while you travel that would be impossible for me to answer Helen.  You’d tutor as much as your schedule would allow you to do so each week.

    Thank you for reading this article.  I do hope that I was able to provide you an answer to some of your questions, Helen.



  13. Thanks for the informative article. I have always tried to find legit ways to make extra money online, and have thought of tutoring but wasn’t sure how to get into it or which company to use. I know you mentioned that tutors could make up to 20 dollars an hour…do you know what the average tutor makes?

  14. Hi, Andrew!  Thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your comments.  As to your question I am not at all affiliated in any way with Cheggs.  I presented the opportunity to make money with this job as part of what I do with my website – generating income online that is not a scam.  Therefore, I have no idea what the average tutor makes working with Cheggs.

      I can only assume that putting in extra hours would allow you to make more money as you help students who need academic help.  Conversely, if you work less hours, you’d earn less money.  I hope that that helps, sir!

    Again I do appreciate your thoughts and wish you the best of everything if you choose to pursue this venture.   I of course know nothing of your background in education.  Cheggs is unusual in that it does hire undergrad students still in college to act as tutors in their area of expertise for the company. 

    A lot of other tutoring programs that I mentioned in my first article have a requirement that not only would you have at least a Bachelor’s Degree having completed college, but in many instances that degree must be in education and in a specific academic area.  Otherwise, those sites would never hire you, and there is a stiff vetting process. Chegg’s requirements to act as a tutor are much more lenient by comparison.


  15. The fact that chegg has been around for more than 15 years, has to say something for the reputation of the site itself. pricing at 15$/week for every 30 minutes of each session sounds pretty good to me. I just wouldn’t know how good the tutors in Chegg actually are, that’s what concerns me a little bit.

  16. Jeff,
    What an excellent review of Chegg. When I was a kid, if you needed a tutor, it was a neighbor or a college student that came to the house. How times have changed.
    But if you have this ability, what a great way to earn some extra money.
    I was wondering if they had tutors for someone building an online business, then I read your piece on Wealthy Affiliate. Its a university of information.
    I did join them and so glad I did. It has not left me with any unanswered questions.
    Thanks for all the good information. I will pass it along to a teacher friend that is retiring this year.
    All my best,

  17. Nice article – I actually left a comment on your site itself. I found it informative as a great way for someone with the time and knowledge, (like retired professionals with extra time on thir hands), to earn some extra income and help others as well. Nothing like some wone with the experience doing a particular job/profession to teach others how to do it. Thanks for the information on this company “Chegg” not a common name. At least I havent come across it. These guys seem to be able to tackle almost any field of education a student may need.

  18. Hi, Louis!  Thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your thoughts.  Cheggs would definitely present a wonderful opportunity, for someone who has a lot of knowledge in a particular academic area, to help out students in need of tutoring help.  It also is a completely legit way to earn a bit of extra income for oneself.

    Thank you again for your comments which I do so appreciate, Louis!



  19. Hi, Doug!  Thank you for both reading this article and also for providing your thoughts.  As stated in a previous comment which I posted, back when I was a senior in college I did a bit of tutoring to a few undergraduate coeds, both freshman in a class that I had taken several years before.  I insisted that they not pay me anything and the great benefit was that for one of them we remained friends for a number of years after I graduated.

    I do believe that your teacher friend that you mentioned in your comments might be interested in doing something like this, if only part-time.

    Thank you again, Doug for your comments which I do so appreciate very much!



  20. Hi, John!  Thank you for both reading this article and providing your thoughts.  The fact that Chegg has been in business for 15 years, in fact, DOES speak a lot for the quality of tutors that would be available to those who would be in need of academic help.  If the tutors were all lousy, then very quickly students, (and the parents most likely paying for this service) would avoid the program like the plague.

    Besides, and something that I mentioned within the body of the article, every student, (and parent) has the opportunity to issue a review of that tutor’s performance.  If a tutor is lousy at helping a student in an academic area, it would be quickly known.  Plus, in all likelihood, Chegg would drop that tutor from the program.  So, rest assured I believe that the odds would be quite favorable for a student who needs help in, let’s say Calculus, would be provided a tutor who has great knowledge of the subject – and also a keen method for teaching that student in making the subject very understandable.

    Again, John, thank you for your comments which I do appreciate very much, sir!



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