Review: Is Cash From Home A Scam?

Review Is Cash From Home a scam

Online Business Name: Cash From Home

Price to join: One-time fee of $97

Individual listed on information page as your mentor: Cynthia Sprinter

They want you to know that Cash From Home is one of the best work from home jobs that exists ANYWHERE!

Well who would not want to make cash from home?  In this review, I will present you with yet another online opportunity promoted as a get-rich-quick, money-making business venture.

This site was promoted in a review as one of the 3 best opportunities to be found anywhere on the Internet for a person to make money in a work from home online business.

Why the person who issued this “opinionated” review even listed the fact that such well-known cable news companies MSNBC, ABC, CNN and the BBC even said so!  O-kay?? Is Cash From Home a scam

So, let’s find out if the answer to the question posted in the title of this article, “Is Cash From Home a Scam” correct? Or somehow in defying common sense is it legit?  The answer will be made quite clear to you very soon.

****By the way if you find that this opportunity at Cash From Home is not to your liking by the time you finish this article, may I now provide you with my a much better option with a program called Wealthy Affiliate if you’re serious about wanting to make money for yourself online.****

What the “job” details with this Cash From Home opportunity:

Cynthia Sprinter wants to make it crystal clear that money can be made quite simply through a “can’t miss” system designed by the creators, (which cannot be ascertained) of this Cash From Home.  Cynthia states that any and every one motivated enough will succeed.   Why they even show in the image off to the right (and below) fancy boats, cars and expensive houses earned by people who made tons of money with this opportunity.

Say, did I mention that I own valuable property on Planet Mars and it can be yours for a penny?

In this company’s system, they advertise the fact that Fortune 500 companies such as Net Flix, Hewlett Packard, Apple, and Home Depot truly need people to advertise online for them through custom links which would be unique and assigned only to you.

Okay stop right there!

I did a previous review of a company called “Replace Your Job” that was set up in the same manner.  With that opportunity in which you could “Replace Your Job” they even promoted the fact that an individual named “Kimberly” from Arizona just up and quit her job when she found out about this online money-making venture. Is Cash From Home a scam

At this online opportunity, they wanted to make it known to the suckers, Oops, I mean readers thinking of getting involved that “Kimberly” earns $40,000/month posting the same type of ads online and for the same companies that a person would in this Cash From Home opportunity.

Quick, I’m going to raise that offer for property on Planet Mars to 2 pennies, and that’s my final offer.  I know that it’s going to sell fast!

You’d get your own mentor with Cash From Home!  So, no you will never be alone!

On the advertisement that explains this job at Cash From Home, rest assured that all people interested in getting involved with the opportunity will never be alone.  That is because every new member who foolishly forked over that $97 will be assigned one-on-one professional consultation with an “Internet Wealth Expert”.

If you noticed on the other review “Replace Your Job” I had an image of a pig with lipstick on its snout.  Well at Cash From Home I do believe that this same pig will be the “Internet Wealth Expert” that would be assigned to you.

And oh by the way, I also believe that Cynthia Sprinter is some fictitious name created by the people who thought up this scheme.

**** So, let’s be quite honest.  Should you still choose to get involved with what looks, feels and smells like nothing but a complete scam that is with Cash From Home you indeed will be alone as “Cynthia” will not act as your mentor.

Instead for a valid opportunity that would allow you to create income for yourself online I again present an option that would be available to you at Wealthy Affiliate.****

Pros About Cash From Home:

About the only thing I can think of calling it a pro, is that you would have the opportunity to get back the $97 that you so foolishly sunk into this garbage scam.  That is if you’re wise enough to realize before 60-days had elapsed that you got hoodwinked.

And please do not believe the absolute lie found in the middle of the page which states that the value of the entire program in which you forked over $97 is really akin to it being worth over $2,000 with the amount of “training” you will receive.

Complaints about Cash From Home:

Where can I possibly begin?  To be honest complaints should encompass everything that has to do with this fraud opportunity!

The testimonials – such a lie!

The testimonials on the side of the page are fake.  How easy is it nowadays for some person to create an individual who makes the claim that supposedly he/she made $3,000 in a little over a week, or that a person quit his/her 60-70 hour per week job and suddenly is earning three times whatever he/she previously earned with this new opportunity?

A fake image of the person’s mother, brother or sister is then posted to add credence to the entire lie.

Why do these scams still exist?  People around the world still believe in the folly that you can get rich easily!

I have been trying to preach the notion in many articles found at this website that get-rich-quick schemes such as Cash From Home are nothing but complete scams!

Even the fact that in this case they include a video near the top of the homepage of some news anchor promoting work-from-home jobs such as this one are nothing but bogus.  People too often fall for these types of promotions believing “Well if CNN states that this job is legit, then it has to be”.

No, CNN had absolutely nothing to do with this scam opportunity in the first place. It’s just that the person who created the con illegally borrowed the names of well-known cable news sites to give the opportunity the premise that it was legit.

There is no business on the Internet that can legitimately promise you that you’ll become filthy rich overnight!

Folks as seen in many of my articles on this site, including where I specifically talk about working at home scams ; to be able to generate money in an online business legitimately it is something that simply will NOT happen overnight.

Unfortunately, as still happens hundreds, no perhaps thousands of times daily across the world people seeking to make money easily in an online business still fall for scams such as Cash From Home.

And until everyone stops being duped by these schemes, they will continue to exist on the Internet.

My final thoughts on Cash From Home: Is Cash From Home A Scam

I will make this as simple as possible.  Cash From Home is a flat-out:


End of discussion!!



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Is Cash From Home A Scam

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4 thoughts on “Review: Is Cash From Home A Scam?

  1. Hi Jeff

    I loved the content on your page, simple and to the point, the home page with Cynthia Sprinter had me reading as if we were in the room together and thought it quite humorous as well which kept me engaged!!

    its really good getting the message out there to people warning of these scams yet also advertising the amazing WA, by the end of the first page I was entrusted to you!

    I like these websites that just give the information you require with a simple no nonsense lay out, user friendly and to the point, for me I liked it


  2. Wow Darren! Thank you so much for both reading the article and your extremely kind thoughts. When writing articles I do my best to get the readers completed engaged in the content.

    I also agree that it is truly necessary to continue to get the message out there about these scam programs that, unfortunately still have people falling for them daily across the world.

    Thank you so very much again Darren for your very warm thoughts. Believe me when I say that I truly appreciate everything that you said, sir!



  3. Hi there Jeff,

    Great review and a very informative helpful site. thanks for creating and sharing it with us – appreciated! Thanks.

    I hoping that house on mars has not gone up to 3 cents! Kudos to you for warning us all about scammers and potential scams and how they operate.

    Is there anything out there that is not a scam?

  4. HI Derek! Thank you for both reading the article and also sharing your great thoughts. I’m so glad that you appreciate what I had to say about the particular scam site that I reviewed. It really is a shame that in a review that was linked within the body of the article, an individual had the unmitigated gall to say that Cash From Home was one of the 3 best online opportunities available anywhere. My question to this individual would be what hallucinatory drug was that individual on when he/she made the statement?

    It will continue to be my goal to educate my readers on the dangers of so many scams that still can be found on the internet, programs that promise the get-rich-quick-scheme offers that seem to lure in so many naive people.

    As for a legit program, I’m sure as a member yourself that and are fully aware that Wealthy Affiliate is one such program – if not THE best one that exists online.

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Derek! They truly are appreciated fully by me, sir!



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