Review: Is Beachbody A Scam?

Or Conversely, as A “Coach” Can A Person Make Money Through This MLM Business Venture?Is Beachbody A Scam

To enable people to live longer life spans, within the past 10 – 15 years especially there has been greater emphasis placed on educating human beings to the importance of diet, nutrition, exercise and staying supremely fit.

Keeping in shape as opposed to a person becoming obese has been both scientifically and medically proven to ward off many types of diseases that would greatly shorten an individual’s lifespan.

In this article, titled above:  “Is Beachbody A Scam”, I will present a review of a company to find out if indeed it has educated people to the need of staying in top shape even as they age.

The final results being through exercise and proper eating habits as taught through Beachbody, an individual does have the type of body physique that would be the envy of all others as seen on a popular beach.

In addition, I will also help you come up with your own answer as to whether or not becoming affiliated with Team Beachbody as a “Coach” and pursuing it as an MLM venture, could an individual actually build up wealth in an online business?

Review:  Beachbody

Online MLM money-making opportunity:  Beachbody

Company Co-founders:  Beachbody was founded back in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon.  The company is based in California.

Price to join and become a “coach”, (MLM Business affiliate):  at minimum $39.95 through the required purchase of Team Beachbody’s Starter Business Kit.

The minimum required age to become a “coach” with Team Beachbody is that the individual must be at least 18-years old.

In addition, the person must be a legal resident of the United States and its territories, (Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, or as quoted in their official policies handbook (page 2, Section 2.1) “be a resident of another country where Beachbody has officially opened its network marketing business” (unquote).

No information in the handbook is provided as to what specific countries has Beachbody “officially opened its network marketing business”.

At the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) Beachbody LLC has been accredited by the organization since Feb. 21st, 2002.  The BBB has assigned a grade of “A-“ to Beachbody.  This is despite the fact that of the 73 total customer reviews that up until now have posted on BBB’s page by people who have had contact with Beachbody, 56 of them have been negative reviews.

Conversely, 14 of these reviews were positive in the feelings that people had about Beachbody with the remaining 3 being neutral.

Beachbody and some of the companies that have been created under them: Is Beachbody A Scam

Through the 20 years of their existence, Beachbody in the niche of fitness and weight loss solutions have established the following companies, some of them very well-known:

P90X, (as well as versions P90X2 and P90X3)


Focus T25

21 Day Fix

Body Beast


Beachbody’s products having to do with fitness workouts and nutrition:

A list of some of Beachbody’s actual products include:

Double Time – A workout program.

Clean Week – A 7-day nutrition and fitness program.

Core DeForce – The ultimate mixed-martial-arts inspired workout.

22 Minute Hard Corps – Military inspired workout.

P90X (1st, 2nd, and 3rd versions) – Intense workout programs.

3 Day Refresh – A supplement designed to help a person lose weight fast by increasing his/her fat-burning metabolism.

As stated on Beachbody’s homepage (as a disclaimer found on the bottom of this page), none of the statements/claims made by Beachbody have been evaluated by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Furthermore, on Beachbody’s terms of use page, (and specifically in Section 6), the company also states that none of their services constitutes “medical advice”.

Becoming a Team Beachbody “Coach” with the opportunity to earn $$ running an MLM business:

As stated below in an embedded YouTube video created by one of the two co-founders Carl Daikeler himself, becoming a “coach” with Team Beachbody does not mean that a person would actually be responsible for coaching/managing/guiding people through any one of the company’s fitness workout programs.Is Beachbody A Scam

Becoming a “coach” with Team Beachbody simply means that an individual has a lot of interest in making money online pursuing this opportunity as an MLM business venture.

In order to earn $$ for him/herself in a business affiliated with Team Beachbody, the individual must go out and recruit others to be placed in his/her downline and through that earn commissions as those recruits purchase one or more of the company’s products.

The actual sign-up process to be a “coach” is fairly simple.  However, have your credit card handy because as explained above it is not free to join.

As a requirement, if a person wants to join Team Beachbody as a coach, he/she would need to pay $39.95 to purchase the company’s “Business Starter Kit”.

The Business Starter kit would consist of the following:

1). A Coach “welcome book” – designed to help you get your business off of the ground, plus access to key training and resource materials.

2). Coaching tools – including access to a person’s own “online coaching office” where the individual would have access to his/her personal reports, plus marketing and training materials.

3). Support – coming from other coaches and Team Beachbody members who would provide help, guidance, and motivation to help the “newbie” succeed in his/her business.

** A new member could waive the initial $39.95 “join fee” by instead upgrading immediately by purchasing the Challenge Pack kit. **

As I could not gain access to exactly what makes up the Challenge Pack kit, nor do I have the desire to join Team Beachbody as a coach, I can only assume that the cost of this kit, considered to be an upgrade from the Business Starter kit would be that it would definitely be more expensive.

After the first 30-days of becoming a coach on Team Beachbody, thereafter the member would be charged a monthly fee of $15.95 as he/she tries to recruit others to build up the MLM business.

**** Not everyone who looks to pursue the opportunity of running an online business likes to become involved with MLM ventures.  As an alternative, I mention now a program called Wealthy Affiliate, that is NOT an MLM venture. **

A YouTube Team Beachbody vid:

Below is that vid that I mentioned above created by one of the company’s two co-founders Carl Daikeler.

In the vid, which lasts about 5 and a half minutes, Daikeler explains the benefits of joining Team Beachbody as a coach by approaching the opportunity to make money in an MLM business venture:

Pros about joining Team Beachbody as a coach:

1). The price to join this venture is not all that expensive – $39.95 required to purchase the company’s least expensive Business Starter kit.  After that it would be an additional $15.95/month should you choose to remain as a coach.

I have reviewed other MLM business opportunities here at this site which had a join fee that reached as high as $3,333 with a company called Do Terra.

Admittedly, the company’s highest optional join fee for what they called their “Diamond Kit”, something at that price can truly be called extravagant, wouldn’t you agree?

2). Despite the fact that they do place a little emphasis on nutrition, (seen through the intake of supplements designed to curb weight and elevate an individual’s metabolism) most of Beachbody’s products have to do with fitness/workout programs.

Taken seriously these programs do work! Is Beachbody A Scam

I am an alumnus of the University of Connecticut.  The school has, without question, the best women’s collegiate basketball program in the United States.  Bar none!  The “Lady Huskies” since 1995 have won a total of 11 NCAA championships.  The second closest school, Tennessee has only 8 titles in their history.

About 6 years ago, a member of the team had just finished up her sophomore season.  She was a good player but suddenly along the way, (also considering the fact that in one crucial game the coach left her on the bench when he perceived that she was not hustling) this team member developed a burning inner desire to improve her abilities on the basketball court for her final two athletic collegiate seasons and the goal to possibly play in the pros.

Something that I, as a devoted follower of the team was aware of, that summer in between her sophomore and junior seasons, this gal purchased Beachbody’s Insanity DVD’s workout and, as they say, “got busy”!

Over that summer she completely transformed her body, by shedding a lot of weight, (and body fat) from her frame to where it would be sculpted with more lean muscle.  Through these workouts, she came back in tremendous physical condition and with greatly improved strength and quickness.

Well, during her last two seasons at UConn, she being the tallest player, (at 6’5”) in height became pivotal to the team’s success as they won two NCAA women’s basketball titles back-to-back.

Her senior year, she became a first-team Division I All-American and just before graduating was drafted fairly high in the first round by a team in the WNBA.

Proof positive that the Insanity workout developed by Beachbody does work if one puts his/her mind into completing the workouts in this program on a daily basis.

Btw, in case you want to know, this UConn player was Stefanie Dolson.

3). Unlike, many MLM ventures that I have promoted, most of them try and twist the arm of the individual visiting their websites in telling tales about how much money he/she could make through the program’s compensation plan.

There is also one very crucial element that is missing from many of these MLM business opportunities, specifically on their sites that I have reviewed here:

These companies, such as one called  World Global Network completely fail to mention how a person would be educationally trained to run his/her MLM business.

These opportunities have their hands out expecting a person to fork over money, however, at the same time, the individual cannot find out anywhere on these companies’ sites any information about training.

Is that ridiculous or what?  Also, why in the world, if a person really thinks about it, should he/she go in blind by joining a company having no idea really what he/she is getting into regarding any training advice?

At Beachbody, as I mentioned above included in the business starter kit, it is mentioned, (although not specifically) the fact that the individual would receive training/marketing materials plus be mentored by veteran “coaches” who are affiliated with the company.

Complaints about Beachbody, Legit Or Nothing But A Scam?

1). Their compensation plan, (on the link scroll down to begin on page 34) is very difficult to understand.  As it appears that a member would have the opportunity to build up a downline below him/her many levels deep, perhaps the company has chosen to reward especially dedicated “coaches” in this MLM business with many different levels of achievements that he/she could reach. Is Beachbody A Scam

2).  Cold-call telemarketing – Are you kidding me, is this still the year 2005??  On the company’s handbook, (the same as the one that had the explanation of Beachbody’s compensation plan above), beginning on page 9, section 3.2.10 they explain their policy regarding telemarketing.

I must hand Beachbody a little credit in that they explain to their members about the law that is now in effect having to do with repeatedly calling people who are on the National “Do Not Call” Registry.  By law, a person cannot be promoted a product over the phone if he/she is on that list.

Really though, I’m not even sure why Beachbody still emphasizes cold-call telemarketing as a way for a coach to recruit people in today in 2018, except to possibly remind people about the law concerning the National Registry.

For an MLM business that for 2 years I foolishly was a member, (losing a lot of money in this ill-advised venture), back in 2006-2007 part of the training advice was for us to pay vendors for leads, (a scam) and then cold-call people over the phone.

Besides the fact that many of these phone number purchased by me were disconnected numbers, wrong numbers not matching up with the name on the list, and people who were on the National Do Not Call Registry, there was one other huge problem:

Most people if I was able to at least speak to them were not genuine leads.  These people, having never given permission to have their phone numbers released in the first place, were often quite angry that I was attempting to vocalize some rehearsed line, trying to shill the product which turned out to be joining that fraud MLM company that I was affiliated with back then.

I heard more “expletive-deleteds” screamed into my ear then I would rather remember!

Cold-calling complete strangers as a recruiting tool?  Really?

Other than the fact that perhaps Beachbody seeks to remind people who still perform cold-call telemarketing that it is against the law to contact someone who should not be called, I don’t understand why they would even endorse this type of marketing as a way to recruit people into their business.

In today’s age, it is extremely ineffective and outdated.

Besides that, and something that I have on my Smart Phone, many people have installed Apps that completely block incoming calls that are not on a person’s contact or whitelist.  The phone does not even ring!

Cold-call telemarketing going out to a person’s cellphone is often a complete waste of time!

**** If trying to entice people to join you in a business venture by calling them, (often at the wrong time) does not appeal to you, I again mention an opportunity to earn money online with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.  No phone calls required! ****

My final thoughts on Beachbody:

With the popularity regarding many people now seeking to get in top physical shape as well as eating properly, along with the fact that Beachbody has been in business since 1998, the opportunity presented by this company for a person to build a business is NOT a scam. Is Beachbody A Scam

Now I did not say that it would be easy, as most of a person’s efforts would be spent on trying to recruit others as a “coach”, to join this venture.

Truthfully, and as seen in the past, I have voiced my pleasure with a handful of MLM companies that I have reviewed.  It’s all because on their websites these companies were not completely transparent as to what they would be offering to new members.  This includes in many cases the lack of information about educational training which would serve to guide the “newbie” along.

Beachbody avoids this same error on their website by at least telling possible new members what they would receive in the way of training, resources and other materials that would help them build their MLM businesses.

If one had a choice as to choosing many of the other MLM ventures that I have presented on this site so far, I would recommend Beachbody more so than any of the others that have been reviewed by me!

If somehow Beachbody does not appeal to you at all, another program that would teach you how to make money online can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.  Working up a healthy sweat, if that is something that does not appeal to you, is not required with this venture.



4 thoughts on “Review: Is Beachbody A Scam?

  1. Wow this is great information! I actually love beachbody, i have p90x ( the original) and insanity at home. They are great workout plans and will really make a change! I did not know there was a way to become a coach! this is really great info. i will research this in more detail!


  2. Hi Marcel.  Thank you for both reading this article and issuing your thoughts.  If you are interested in Beachbody having as you said already purchased two of their products and are also looking at it from a business viewpoint, I did find the site to be completely ethical as an MLM venture.  The company’s training to help a person build up his/her business is a lot better than other MLM opportunities that I have researched and then reviewed on this site.

    Best of luck to you, Marcel


  3. Thank you for the great knowledge in regards to the Beach body product’s, I will definitely be looking into your illustrations more. Your content relating to the MLM venture is very encouraging as well, thru your testimonial’s and content within this great post. I will definitely be following your blog and searching for more knowledge to better prepare myself for another online platform. Without a doubt I feel you are absolutely correct about the transparency of the WA platform, with no Hype whatsoever, continue with your informative posts , Jack

  4. Hi, Jack!  Wow, I so appreciate your kind words, plus the time you spent in reading this article.  As you seemed to like Beachbody as an MLM venture, I must warn you Jack that a handful of companies that I have written reviews of on this website that also were MLM’s I did not believe did not present such good opportunities as the one in studied and researched in this article.

    The main problem with so many MLM companies is that they really do not provide enough info about their entire program – specifically how a person would be trained on how to run an online business.  I strongly feel that if an MLM company is not transparent with everything that is offered with their opportunity, stated right on their website then why in the world would this company expect a person to just willingly hand over money as part of the “join” fee.

    People get scammed because they naively feel that any MLM venture will eventually allow them to become financially wealthy when, in reality with the bogus ventures it just will not happen.

    I also agree with your thoughts about WA.  The co-founders of the training program make it abundantly clear right on their website as to exactly what would be offered to a person thinking about joining.  This includes training as well as a model on how to eventually achieve success with an online business!

    Again, Jack thank you so much for your extremely nice thoughts that you had about this article.  Yes, please do read others that I have posted on my website!



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