Review: Is Be The Boss Network A Scam?

Is Be the Boss Network A Scam

If you’re interested in owning an online MLM business, there is a website called Be the Boss Network that provides an opportunity for you to have insight on a number of different companies that would offer you the chance to attain wealth.  Supposedly, I might add!

In this article, I will present research to help you decide if the title is an accurate representation of this website: Is Be the Boss Network a scam?

Or, instead would it present a legit opportunity for you to achieve success in running an online business?


Online business ownership opportunity: Be The Boss Network

This business was founded under the parent company “Responsive Data, LLC”

Responsive Data LLC was incorporated as a business back in Feb. 2004. The company is based out of Mesa, AZ.

The current President/CEO of Responsive Data LLC is Dennis Seifert.

No direct date could be found as to when Be the Boss Network was itself incorporated.  On the company’s Privacy Policy page, it does state that the policy went into effect back on May 31st, 2011.

Cost to become a member of Be the Boss Network: Free! That is if you are seeking to find info on the names of MLM business opportunities that are listed in this company’s directory.

If you own an online MLM business and would be advertising your company out to the public, it would cost money to have it listed in the “premium” section of Be the Boss Network’s directory.

Responsive Data LLC itself is an accredited business with the BBB, (Better Business Bureau). The organization has assigned a grade of A+ to Responsive Data LLC for how they run their business ethically.

The company does specialize in lead generation services as well as prospective management solutions for businesses that are in the direct sales industry. I will discuss below my own background, (not all that pleasant) regarding generating sales leads to help promote a business.

What Be The Boss Network tries to specifically do for people interested in owning an MLM business:Is Be The Boss Network A Scam

This company provides motivated people looking to run an online MLM business, (even if they are newbies) with connections to established businesses within the industry.

Although in one instance which I will bring up below, a particular opportunity called Skinny Body Care got shut down by the U.S. Feds just in 2017 for running a scam practice.

So, Be the Boss Network apparently promoted what turned out to be at least one fraud MLM business? Oh-oh!

On the company’s FAQ page, the people who run Be the Boss Network also promise that they will strive to match an interested person with the right MLM opportunity that could allow him/her to achieve financial success based on the individual’s experience, skill set and preferences.

Be the Boss Network offers the suggestion to an interested individual that he/she pursues one of the company’s MLM opportunities based on his/her passion, one that could be considered pretty much as a hobby.

This company does promote a lot of health/wellness MLM businesses. I have also done my own reviews of a handful of these particular companies written in articles already posted on this site.

*** By the way if getting involved with an MLM as a way to make money online for yourself does not appeal to you, I mention as an alternative option a training program called Wealthy Affiliate! ***

What Be the Boss Network “claims” that they definitely are not – A Scam!! Let’s discuss that, shall we?

Found again on the company’s FAQ page, specifically on the 3rd question, (and answer) down from the top of the page, whichever representative who added content emphatically stated that Be The Boss Network is not a scam.

In answering the question the company states that (quote) “No. We’re not like the other guys”. (Unquote).  Whoever the “other guys” are I might add in, lol!

Be the Boss Network claims that they have performed research on all the MLM business opportunities that are listed in their MLM directory. Be the Boss Network only associates itself with “legit” MLM business opportunities that meet their standards of quality.

O-kay. So if you go to Be the Boss Network’s MLM directory, (linked again) and on the top of the page with every company listed alphabetically, click on “S”. There scrolling down the page of companies that begin with the letter “S”, you come to one called Skinny Body Care.

Although I already presented a link to an article mentioned above, (listed under the category of scam) on this website, I actually did a previous review of the company back in 2016.Is Be The Boss Network A Scam

In addition to the wild promises of money that a “distributor” could earn promoting Skinny Body Care’s line of weight loss management/diet pill/skin care products, (none of which were ever approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration); the fact that a member had the ability to build down lines consisting of people placed up to 10 levels beneath him/her, and all organized in the most fraudulent manner this opportunity simply reeked of the word:  SCAM!!

Finally, the founder of this company Ben Glinsky as I noted in the article was eventually named the defendant in a class-action lawsuit in the state of Utah by many members of the company who, too late, found out that they each lost a lot of money that was invested into their prospective MLM businesses;  all due to this company’s bogus practices.

And the people who run Be the Boss Network believed that Skinny Body Care was completely legit?  They’re not like “the other guys” in performing research of the companies that they promote as MLM ventures?  You could have fooled me!

If I were the person in charge of their website, the instant that Skinny Body Care got shut down by the U.S. Feds, I would have immediately removed this company’s name from that directory.

Since they did no such thing and I could easily see Skinny Body Care still listed in the directory, it gives me great pause to call Be the Boss Network a completely legit company.

Be the Boss Network and lead generation – Fork over money to have the chance to cold-call people in promoting your business!

As Be the Boss Network falls under the umbrella of its parent company – Responsive Data LLC, a person running an online MLM business also has the following offer coming from the company.

This would be: (quote) “The best leads” (Unquote) to allow that individual to try and generate interest from prospects who might want to join him/her with that particular MLM business opportunity. Is Be The Boss Network A Scam

Let me tell you of my past, and rather unfortunate experience with buying leads – albeit not with Responsive Data LLC.

Before I joined the company that I am presently with, Wealthy Affiliate, I was with another company.

In order to generate interest in marketing out the opportunity made available by this fraud MLM business that, 12/13 years ago I was foolishly a member of, one suggested method was to buy leads from vendors – (again not with Responsive Data LLC).

The money that I put into this venture was like chasing fools gold. I might as well have just flushed the money straight down a toilet.  The leads that I bought from this vendor, for the most part were about as real as a 4-dollar bill.

Cold-calling people trying to generate interest, I was on the receiving end of extremely angry people who had zero interest in listening to anything that I said.

Some “leads” that I received were disconnected numbers and wrong numbers – people listed by name in fact not connected to a specific number.

Besides the money that I lost, (well into the hundreds of dollars before I finally woke up realizing that it I was being taken) I generated exactly zero people into the business that I was associated with.

Marketing any business in order to generate a level of interest to any person by cold-calling is pathetically foolish. A waste of time and money that you will never get back.

There are much better methods of learning how to promote your business now, in the year 2018. Let me now discuss what I see as a major fallacy with the companies listed in Be the Boss Network’s MLM directory, as I have conducted reviews on a number of them.

Companies listed in Be the Boss Network’s MLM Directory that I am well familiar with: Is Be The Boss Network A Scam

Below are some of the names of companies that can be found in Be the Boss Network’s MLM Directory.  I have conducted extensive research and written reviews of these particular companies listed below that have already been posted on this website:

Advocare                                   Young Living Essential Oils

Amway                                       Youngevity

DoTerra                                     Scentsy

Jeunesse                                   Skinny Body Care, (they were shut down by the U.S. Feds)

Kyani                                         Stella & Dot


The main problem that I found with all of these companies is that they lack transparency, not seen anywhere on their website when it comes to teaching a new member how to learn the many different strategies now recommended regarding promoting/marketing an online business.

As Be the Boss Network is nothing but a repository of dozens of MLM business opportunities found in their directory, rest assured that the company itself would not teach you how to market your business online.

Your chance of success would lie in a person associated with the particular MLM business being willing to mentor you on his/her own time.

The problem would be that you would not find out this info, ( a person willing to train you) until AFTER you had forked over money, (in a few cases quite a lot of cash) to become a member.

I also want to specifically address Advocare above.   As was the case with Skinny Body Care before they were forced to shut their doors, Advocare also promotes products in weight-loss management, diet pills, and drink concoctions.  A number of athletes, (pro NFL players here in the U.S.) have endorsed Advocare’s products – for money going into their pockets of course. Is Be The Boss Network A Scam

As I invite you here to read my review of Advocare here, the article that I wrote mentioned the fact that back in 2016 this company was the subject of an intense investigation by ESPN the Magazine.

Sports journalists from the popular magazine, assigned to investigate Advocare, noted that in addition to the fact that many people were to have their arms twisted in joining at the “advisor” level of $2,000 instead of at the free membership level; they also went after the company for promoting products that had never been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Finally according to the journalists assigned to perform research in writing out this lengthy expose of Advocare, they stated in the article that the company’s business structure model practically guaranteed that a person’s chance of attaining financial success promoting Advocare was statistically proven to be very low.

In fact as proven in that article during ESPN the Magazine’s investigation, back in the year 2014 of the 517,000 + members of Advocare, only 23,678 of them earned the paltry total of as much as $10,000 in each of their business.

Only 314 people, (out of a total of over a half-million) were lucky enough to earn $100,000 each in their businesses affiliated with Advocare. For that matter, only 154,000 of those total number of people earned even a check for the entire year – perhaps as little as $1.  The other 363,000 odd people earned nothing!!

And, Be the Boss Network recommends this company as a worthwhile online MLM business for a person to pursue?

My final thoughts on Be the Boss Network:

So, the parent company Responsive Data LLC has earned a grade of A+ with the BBB.  I should have noted that only 2 people have issued a positive review as opposed to zero people writing a negative one. Is Be The Boss Network A Scam

Let me tell you that even though it would be free to join as a member, I would be very wary of any recommendation of a legit online MLM business opportunity coming from Be the Boss Network.  My take on the companies that I am familiar with would be for any person to be very wary of joining them.

In fact, Be the Boss Network, on their work-at-home page promotes a handful of online survey sites as a way to run an online business.  Really?

Any person who believes they will become insanely rich done only by filling out online surveys made available from such sites as Survey Junkie and InBox Dollars, (promoted on that page) needs to have his/her head examined.

I truly hate to call Be the Boss Network totally legit.  I’m afraid that it’s not even close despite the free member price to join!

One More Thing. . .

If you are truly serious about wanting to learn how to run a potentially successful online business from home, and you don’t see such an opportunity coming from Be the Boss Network please don’t just leave yet.

Instead, Please Click Here To See My Top Recommendation to receive training in running an online business with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.Is Be The Boss Network A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate has been online as a program since 2005.  Over 800,000 people from around the world at one time or another were members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate, as an option would be free to join to allow you to “kick the tires” so to speak, allowing you to see if this program is what you want in teaching you how to run an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best educational training, (including teaching you how to market/promote your business, something that perhaps most of these MLM businesses mentioned above would not do), the best tools and finally community support that all put together would allow you to succeed!

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  I will NOT flat-out guarantee that you will become rich should you decide to pursue this venture.

You may choose to join Wealthy Affiliate as just a means to bring in extra income for your family, or conversely pursue it as a full-time venture.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to add your comments in the section just below.



6 thoughts on “Review: Is Be The Boss Network A Scam?

  1. I found it interesting that you commented that Be The Boss Network actually writes on its own site that it is definitely not a scam. Who would do that?

    That is like handing a blind man a $1 and saying it is $5 followed by “it is definitely not a one dollar bill!

  2. Hi, Ernest!  Thank you for reading this article and providing your thoughts.  I agree with your assessment.  However, any online business site will resort to whatever means necessary to promote the fact that it is legit – even if the exact opposite is true.

    I loved your comment about lying to the blind man.  Unfortunately today, with people often desperate enough by any means to make money they do act as blind people – having the inability to see what is clearly right in front of them although technically these naive individuals are not blind. They just don’t think clearly and easily fall for the scams.

    Thank you again for your comments, Ernest.  It should be thought of by all readers as being truly insightful and well stated.



  3. Hi, Jeff! Thank you for that much-needed information about “Be The Boss Network”. With so many people looking to make money online nowadays the last thing anyone would want is to run into a network that is not totally legit!

    There are many ways to make money online through legit channels and your article can help narrow down research and point people in the right direction. Thanks again!

  4. Hi, David.  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts.  There still are too many scam opportunities online that try to make themselves legit that still fool people.  My mission with my website is to point out the scams from the truly legit opportunities as a way to inform readers.

    Thank you again David for your comments which I truly appreciate, sir!



  5. Dear Jeff,

    That’s a very thorough review on Be the Boss Network and you have really covered all bases. I strongly believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

  6. Hi Paul! I thank you so much for visiting my website on your own and reading this article. I sincerely appreciate your very kind thoughts based on the content that I presented in this article! As I pointed out there are some issues with some MLM business ventures that Be The Boss Network supports. That would include one called “Skinny Body Care” that is no longer in existence after the Feds shut it down, finding the company to be nothing but a complete scam!


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