Review: Is Affilorama a Scam?

Review: Is Affilorama a scam

Product: Affilorama

Founders: Mark Ling and Simon Slade in 2006

Cost to join: Free membership with very basic services offered

Premium membership level: $1 for first 30 day trial and then afterwards $67/month

With the advent and growth of the Internet many people across the world continue to look at the possibility in owning an online home business and promoting niche products.  Affilorama was founded in 2006 with the very basic ideal in teaching people around the world who have the dream in building a successful and highly profitable online business.

The question surrounding this opportunity would be the following:  Is Affilorama a scam?  I will attempt to answer that question in this review.  I can say that Affilorama does have a lot to offer to the individual who, coming into this venture has little or no previous experience in having an online business.

I’m just not sure if Affilorama is THE company that offers the BEST solution and business model in comparison to others.

*** I will also mention right now as an alternative option what is My Top Recommendation for learning how to generate a solid level of online income for yourself with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.***

Pros about Affilorama:

For this review, I will start out by looking at what is offered at the “free” membership level.  At no cost upon joining Affilorama you would be offered the following:

1). You would receive an Affiliate marketing “quick-start” guide.  The guide would only offer tips on how a “newbie” would get started.  The real “nitty-gritty” that would enable you to build a business involving keyword research, SEO, (and what it means), even the ideal of designing your own website apparently is not offered.

BTW, in order for you to have an online business at the very basic level you would NEED a website in order to promote the product(s).

2). You would receive a “downloadable roadmap, (infographic) which as stated “would lead you to success”.  Whatever that means.

3). Perhaps the best value offered at the free membership level would be the 120 videos that were created at Affilorama which would show you how to build your business, “block by block”.

In comparison I will now detail what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate at this same free membership level.

1). Access to live help but only for the first 7 days at this free membership level.

2). The ability to create 2 free websites using WA’s siterubix platform as well as website backup, (although you would not have WA’s 24/7 tech support offered only at the premium level).

3). A complete beginner’s training course.

4). If you choose to promote WA itself as a product, access to phase one of the site’s educational bootcamp educational training materials.

5). Access to a keyword research tool in which you could conduct up to 30 searches.

6). Live one-on-one mentoring help for the first 7 days of your free membership.

7). Access to 2 training classrooms.

8). The ability to earn affiliate income if you promote the site as your business, (although at the premium member level this would be at 2 times the higher payout if someone joins WA based on your business promotion).

9). Access to the members’ forum.

***As you can see while Affilorama does offer value with its free membership plan, Wealthy Affiliate has much more to offer. It also is my top recommendation to teach you how to run a legit online business from home.***

Premium plans: Is affilorama a scam

Affilorama also offers an upgraded premium membership package. As mentioned above to join at the premium membership level it would cost $1 for the first 30 days. After that it would cost $67/month.

At the premium level Affilorama would offer the following as described on this page :

1). Over 100 free member videos, (the same as those offered at the free membership level).

2). Access to the members’ forum.

3). Access to advanced training videos.

4). Product creation training, (whatever that means).

5). Affiliate blog bootcamp training.

6). Free hosting for 15 domain websites.

All of the above indeed would be essential for educating to the prospective member the type of tools essential for the person to build a successful online business.

By comparison, here is what Wealthy Affiliate would offer, and for $49/month at their premium membership level.

In addition to all that is offered at WA’s free membership level you would receive in addition by upgrading to premium:

1). Unlimited access to live “chat” help which is up 24/7.

2). Private messaging.

3). The ability to create 50 domain websites. This would include free hosting and 24/7 tech support from WA’s own in-house staffing. You also would have access to WA’s tech support security package for free.

4). Access to all 7 phases of WA’s affiliate bootcamp should you chose to promote the company as a business.

5). Access to live video classroom training.

6). An unlimited number of keyword researches.

7). Access to all 12 training classrooms.

8). Unlimited one-on-one coaching.

9). Private access to the company’s two owners – Kyle and Carson.

10). The ability to have your website(s) be given feedback, comments and analysis.

Affilorama indeed does appear to offer a great deal of legitimacy when it comes to the principle of providing guidance and training for an individual to build a successful online business.

However, at $67/month at its premium membership level versus what Wealthy Affiliate offers at $49/month, who do you think offers more? I will let you answer that question.

Complaints about Affilorama: Is affilorama a scam

One may or may not consider this to be an actual negative trait about this company.  However I feel that to offer an expensive upscale to what already is offered by the owners of Affilorama comes under the heading of greed.

Affilorama has their Affilo “Jetpack” member level.  It does not come cheap.  For the price of this upsell, $747 you can have built for you a “guaranteed” money making website by the site’s owners and staff.

Btw, the word “guaranteed” is coming from the mouths of the Affilorama people, not me!  You actually can have 5 websites built at that price.  It would include products chosen from one of 18 “hot” niches. You would get only 1 year of free website support for these websites offered by Affilorama, however.

While they would provide guidance as far as content material, you as the website(s) owner would still have to write out the relevant articles designed to promote the product. Affilorama would not do that for you.

You would receive, at this price email opt-in designed letters for anyone who subscribes to the product being offered.  However you as the owner would still have to go out and find yourself a reputable email subscriber opt-in system online such as Aweber.

For the price that you would pay to have this website “designed” for you, and even if it is in one of the 18 available niches that would appeal to you as a business owner, remember one thing:

It would still be up to you as the individual to sit down daily and add relevant content to the website, promoting the niche product(s) being offered. Having a fancy new website that has zero content is not going to bring in profits to any online business.  In fact with that scenario this website would most likely be a total failure.

Again, some may not call this a complaint against Affilorama, however this “Up-sell” just personally rubs me the wrong way.

If you want to go ahead and shell out an additional $747 to have the basic concept of a website designed for you, then feel free to pursue this venture.

There is still no guarantee that without hard work and effort put on your part by keeping your website relevant with fresh content, that it will create any real profits for you in your online business venture.


So Is Affilorama a scam?  Final Analysis: is affilorama a scam

Affilorama does offer some solid benefits through what it has to offer to an individual looking to build for him/herself a profitable online business.  Their package at both the free and premium membership levels provide educational training to allow one to learn how to grow a business.

Affilorama is definitely not a scam.  It honestly is better than a lot of similar work-from-home business available on the internet that indeed are nothing but fraudulent scams.

I just do NOT like the expensive “Up-sells” being waved in your face!


 Is There Truly a Legit Program That Is Better?  YES!

Okay so you might like what you’ve seen regarding Affilorama.  However you might be asking yourself could you possibly do better?  Well YES you can!!

As an alternative option, I again present a much more legit program that would allow you to make money online as it is with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization. Is Affilorama A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme, so no, you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:



6 thoughts on “Review: Is Affilorama a Scam?

  1. This is a great review.

    I love your honesty on both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate. An extra $20 a month does seem a bit steep when you can get just as good a service, if not better at Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t believe the price of the ‘Jet Pack’!

    Have you previously signed up to Affilorama? Are their training videos as good as Wealthy Affiliates?


  2. Hey Jeff
    Thanks for a really great review. I came across Affilorama while searching online how to make money online and it looked great really. After all the downright scams and horrific MLM “opportunities it really is a great product in comparison to most of what is on offer.
    But then I came across Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say I forgot all about Affilorama! Your review is spot on here.

  3. Hi Lynne! Thank you for both reading my article and issuing positive and tangent comments afterwards. I’m glad that you agree that while Affilorama looks good and indeed is legit, Wealthy Affiliate simply offers more value and at a lesser cost regarding their premium membership package.

    Thank you again, Lynne!


  4. Hi Sammi! Thank you for both reading the article and for issuing your comments afterwards. As to your questions asked, no I am not nor ever will be a member of Affilorama. I actually had only heard of them in passing. My heart was set on rejoining WA last February when I did so. Also I never being a member of Affilorama I don’t have access to what they offer as far as training videos. I can just imagine that they simply would not be as good as to what WA has to offer.

    Indeed that Jet Pack cost membership is outrageous. People probably jump all over it, (those who have the money) thinking that with the Affilorama staff designing their websites that afterwards they could just kick back, do nothing and the profits would start rolling in. WRONG! A person would still be responsible for creating quality and relevant content consistently, certainly Affilorama would not do this for them.

    No to me while Affilorama is legit still they do not offer nearly as much as Wealthy Affiliate does, and at a lower premium membership monthly cost!

    Thank you again for reading my article Sammi! I hope that you found it beneficial.


  5. Jeff, thanks for digging deep. I’ve had a couple of looks at Affiliorama – or its previous incarnations. We signed up for Mark Ling’s Consumer Wealth System 5 1/2 years ago – it’s no longer available. The training was good, there were plenty of examples and at that time Mark was available for support (for a price I believe). But it was nothing like, even remotely like, Wealthy Affiliate – as you so clearly point out. Good call.

  6. Hi Larry! Thank you for your comments as well as reading the article. Affilorama is good, but as you said no where near to the level of Wealthy Affiliate when addressing the issue of totality as far as everything that is offered regarding educational training, tools and community support.

    As I also mentioned in my review I was absolutely disgusted with Mark Ling’s expensive upsell package, designed try and lure people into forking over more money for higher level training. I don’t want to call the upsell a scam, but it sure does look rather dubious.

    Wealthy Affiliate does not offer that type of upsell package in their program, all designed to lure people into thinking that they’d be better off giving Ling more money. My question would be does his upsell offers have any type of stone cold guarantee that they would work, allowing the individual to have more money come into his/her business? Really I doubt it!

    I appreciate your comments, Larry! Thank you again for reading this article!



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