Review: Arise Work From Home Opportunities

A Company Considered To Be One Of, If Not The BEST Regarding Customer Service Virtual Positions! Arise Work From Home Opportunities

In this article, I will discuss in length the company called Arise looking at their work from home opportunities.  Admittedly, some 16 months ago back in February 2017 I presented a specific opportunity that, at the time was available coming from Arise having to do with a Spanish speaking customer service opportunity.

In this article I will present the full spectrum regarding work from home jobs available at Arise.  This company is regularly promoted on the great job leads website called Rat Race Rebellion.

Without question as you will see, (especially considering the fact that the BBB gives this company the highest grade possible) Arise is a legit work from home opportunity job site.  Still, there is one thing about Arise looking at their philosophy of prospective job seekers having to pay, (out of their own pockets) to obtain employment that I simply disagree with.  Most work from home sites no longer do this.

Seeking to gain employment at an office, factory or other job requiring a commute; being required to pay the employer money to obtain a job would be something that simply would not be acceptable.  Wouldn’t you agree?


Work from home employment company: Arise

Current CEO: John Meyer

Price to join: Except for that one out-of-pocket expense, (to be explained below) it would be free to at least try to qualify for customer service jobs available at Arise.  Do understand that the vetting process is very thorough, including taking a required assessment test to see if a candidate would be a good fit to act as a virtual customer service/call center rep.

The company is based in the U.S. in Miramar, FL.

Arise was incorporated back in 1994.

On the BBB, (Better Business Bureau), “Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc.” (the company’s official name) is listed as being an accredited business by the organization. Arise attained this status back in August 2005.

Arise has been assigned the highest grade possible by the BBB, an A+ for the manner in which it conducts its business.

Do remember that the company which is in partnership with a number of Fortune 500 companies specializes in the virtual customer service/call center representative industry.

**** If this would be something that does not interest you as a way to make money online, or if you feel that you would not qualify for any position that would be available through this company, please remember that as another option there is a thoroughly legit opportunity available at what is My Top Recommendation through a learning/educational program called Wealthy Affiliate.****

Digging into the nuts and bolts of applying for a job at Arise: Arise Work From Home Opportunities

First of all and something that Arise has recently incorporated into their vast program, an enterprising individual now has the capabilities to start his/her own virtual call center – employing any number of candidates.

For purposes of this review however, I will only focus in on the opportunity available for a single person looking to pursue this type of work from home situation with Arise.

Again, let it be understood that not every person interested in the role of virtual customer service/call center position would be hired by Arise.

As I mentioned above there is the company’s very stringent assessment test that would have to be passed first.  Sure, Arise even states on their website that they do accept college students.  However, also understand one other thing:

This company is quite serious regarding the connections that they have with Fortune 500 companies who just would not accept any Tom, Lucy, and Harry to promote what they have to offer within their industries; through talking one-on-one with important clients.  Arise would require that a candidate submit a professional resume, and one in which previous call center representative experience must be listed.

Not to be negative but I do believe that this would eliminate your average 18/19 year old college student home for the summer following his/her freshman year and in need of money in a job.  Many kids of that age do not have prior customer service rep/call center experience.

By the way, Arise is aligned with Fortune 500 companies in the following categories looking at industries:

eCommerce, Retail, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Telecommunications, Technology, Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Fitness & Wellness.

The company also offer crowdsourcing capabilities in a variety of languages including: English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Creole, Hindi, Mandarin and Portuguese among others.

The other requirement if a candidate were to pass the assessment test would involve having the type of required equipment that would satisfy the company, allowing him/her to do the job proficiently.

In the link seen here, Arise spells out the minimum requirements that must be met looking at the candidate’s home computer, Internet capabilities, landline, (sorry no cell phone) service, plus other required peripherals.

With the candidate being able to pass the assessment test, the next step would be a one-on-one interview, (conducted over the phone or possibly via Skype) with one of Arise’s human resources staff members as it would be another part of the application process.  The candidate would best be prepared ahead of time to answer questions posed to him/her concerning real-life situations that could be encountered in the role of a person acting as a virtual customer service/call center rep.

And now for that one requirement that would be part of a candidate’s application – costing him/her a bit of money! Arise Work From Home Opportunities

By federal law, candidates for any job, (be it in an actual office/factory setting or work-from-home position) would need to be vetted through a background check.  It used to be that many work-from-home companies would actually charge the candidate money to have this done.  That has always annoyed me to no great end.

Imagine if you were sitting across from an h.r. person in his/her office as the individual is interviewing you for an I.T. position at Dell, Apple, or Hewlett Packard.  Suddenly this person tells you that a background check has to be performed.  And, oh by the way could you please write out a check or have your credit or debit card ready as you would have to pay for it?

Many people would walk out of the office as basically it is unbelievably tacky for the company itself to charge the candidate to have this background check performed. Many work-from-home companies have eliminated this practice.

Instead, as is the case with Dell, Apple, Hewlett Packard and any other commute-required job, these companies now pay for the background check themselves.

Arise, however, still expects all candidates looking for employment as virtual customer rep/call center individual to still pay for this background check themselves, the fee coming out of their pockets!!  Are you kidding me?

It is hoped that the candidate would indeed pass, but why in the world has Arise not joined the rest of us in the year 2018 with the company paying for these checks themselves?

In the past many of these background checks, performed by outside companies would cost up to $35 – 40 per candidate, all charged to that individual.

Now, and perhaps the only good thing I can think of as Arise still performs this outdated practice, it would only cost $7.95, (gee why not $8) for the candidate to pay for this background check being performed.

As Arise is aligned with many Fortune 500 companies I just wonder how they still see fit not to pay for these types of checks themselves instead of charging the bill to the candidate?   A big negative in my book!  What do you think?

One other thing although not mentioned on Arise’s site regarding one more issue which also is part of the federal guidelines regarding employment.  That is, many, or if not all employers would also require that the candidate pass a drug test.   Again in all cases to my understanding the prospective candidate would not have to pay for this test him/herself, usually conducted at some sort of clinic.

I cannot answer if Arise also follows this practice with nothing being mentioned on their site.  I would truly hope that Arise would not also charge a prospective candidate money for him/her to take a drug test.  Geez!

The amount of money you could expect to make working at Arise, plus the company’s other benefits:

As seen many times at Rat Race Rebellion as they advertised positions that were available at Arise, a successful candidate who gains employment with this company could expect to make in the neighborhood of between $11 – 14/hour, the higher listed amount perhaps depending on prior experience.

On their website, Arise mentions the fact that they set themselves a part from others when it comes to other benefits that they offer to employees. In addition to a full health benefits package, 401K plans and short/long-term disability benefits, the company also offers the following that many other competing companies do not offer to their employees:

Various life insurance packages

Pet insurance

Tuition reimbursement for those individuals who still seek to improve themselves educationally through further schooling.

A fitness and wellness program

Family leave

Financial planning.

An Arise YT Video:

Below is an Arise sponsored YT video that serves to explain exactly what the company is about along with the opportunities that are available to people looking to work from home:

My final thoughts about Arise:

Within the virtual customer service/call center work from home industry, Arise is without question one of the most respected companies that provide quality jobs to qualified candidates compared to any other that could be found online.  Arise is aligned only with respected companies so understand that jobs that would be available are completely legit. Arise Work From Home Opportunities

Their assessment test and interviews assures that only the top candidates would be accepted for any open positions.  Arise’s pay scale is more than fair, (sorry if you were expecting to make 100K/year as a virtual call center rep as nowhere on or offline could a job be found allowing for that type of pay) and their benefits packages are better than all other competing companies.

I just question why this highly recommended and well-thought of company still has to resort to charging candidates a fee, (that admittedly is much lower than in the past) to have a background check conducted on them. Is Arise unwilling or unable to put this into their annual budget?

It just does not set well with me when practically every competing company no longer has this in practice.  What do you think?

One More Thing, Please. .

As I mentioned above this opportunity available at Arise would not be for everyone, especially if:

1). You would have zero interest in working as a virtual call center rep.

2). Somehow you would not pass the background check.

As I mentioned above, what is available at Wealthy Affiliates’ training/educational program to help you learn how to make money for yourself would be an ideal alternative.  By the way, no background checks of any kind are performed at Wealthy Affiliate!

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization.Arise Work From Home Opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme.  So no, you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


2 thoughts on “Review: Arise Work From Home Opportunities

  1. It sounds like Arise is not so much a work-at-home opportunity as it is a regular employer. For one thing, this is the first time that I have ever heard of an online employer even conducting a background check, let alone asking the prospective employee to pay for it. I get the impression that Arise is very stringent and picky about who they hire (in contrast to most online job opportunities I’ve seen, who will take just about anyone), and again that is the mark of a regular-type employer, and not so much of an online opportunity. I suspect that the $7.95 background check fee–and, indeed, the background check in and of itself–is meant in part to discourage the “wrong” type of people from applying to be a customer service representative with Arise, since this job would involve substantial contact with the public..

  2. Hi Paul!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also for providing your outstanding thoughts.  Arise is an opportunity where a person would in fact work for an employer, (like a regular job) but doing so from home.  Nowadays practically any job, both work from home and regular office/manufacturing jobs do conduct some type of background check on the perspective candidate.  It’s just that Arise from all the studies that I have done remains one of the few online job sites that do require that a candidate pay for his/her own background check – something that as I strongly alluded to in the article I find absolutely unnecessary and distasteful. What, Arise as is the case now with 99.8% of all other work-from-home employment opportunities cannot allocate these funds out of their budget – be in partnership with a number of wealthy Fortune 500 companies?

    in fact Paul the more prominent work from home jobs do NOT just take anyone as you wrote as part of your comments.  If the job is at all legit – be it as a customer service/call center rep, proofreader, work from home nurse, online tutor, etc. the candidate will not only be screened, but in addition he/she would have to have the educational background as stated on a resume.

    Still despite the issue of a person being required to pay for his/her own background check, (and the price throughout the years has been substantially reduced compared to what it was 5 or so years ago – upwards of $35) the opportunity offered by Arise still is legit.

    Thank you again for your very concise thoughts, Paul.  They are very much appreciated by me, sir!



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