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yougov survey site

Opportunity: YouGov (survey site)

Price: Free to join

Owner: CEO and co-founder Stephen Shakespeare. The company was founded in 2005.

What is YouGov?

YouGov was founded on the premise of allowing people in society the opportunity to voice their opinions on various topics through completing surveys. As a member, (again free to join) you would be considered to be a “panelist”. Currently there are over 2.5 million people representing 11 different countries who are members of YouGov.

There is an impressive list of board members who comprise the running of this website.

There is also a video that helps explain the mission behind YouGov on what they attempt to accomplish according to their philosophy behind their surveys.

There are also career opportunities available at the site in the fields of marketing, research, political science, polling, statistics and information technology.

Pros – what is positive about YouGov:

1). As I mentioned above, it is free to join to become a survey panelist at YouGov.  Upon completing your profile which includes basic questions about your name, age, occupation, where you live and an email address provided by you as contact information, you then would receive invitations to participate in completing the site’s surveys. YouGov survey site

2). The surveys deal with a wide range of topics – politics, social media, public affairs, entertainment, sports, science, restaurants, food, current events, fashions and etc. The surveys are designed in a variety of formats.

Usually it involves your just clicking on multiple choice questions that appear on your screen. In other formats you would be asked to articulate your answer to a further extent by composing short groupings of sentences.

This should not be something that troublesome to you if you take your role as being a panelist seriously.  Sometimes the more detailed questions are designed to allow you to give some serious thoughts to your answer as compared to more simplistic choices in which “yes” or “no” would be all that is required.

3). Unlike many other survey sites that I am aware of, at YouGov upon receiving a survey invitation via email you would always have the chance to complete it and be rewarded.  You would never be disqualified after initially starting to fill out the survey questions and then, (seen too frequently at other sites) suddenly be kicked out all because you did not satisfy a certain demographic that it originally was intended for.

Thus as long as you’re patient enough to actually complete the survey, (some of which can be long) you always would be rewarded through their points system.

Essentially surveys are always available simply by logging into your account.  However, the lengthier surveys and the ones to which you would accumulate more points are not as readily available.  Usually those type of surveys, (and the ones that would reward you with more points) are emailed out to you in the form of an invitation.  It would be up to you to decide if you want to complete them or not.

4). YouGov offers a wide variety of choices in which you could redeem your points in the form of prizes.  The prizes are usually redeemed as gift cards and in  varying amounts according to how many points that you have accumulated in your account based on the number of surveys that you have completed.

The examples that represent the type of gift cards available are: Amazon, Visa Pre-paid cards, Michaels, AMC movie, Fandango (also a movie chain) Regal Entertainment, (yet another movie chain) CVS Pharmacy and Walmart, and etc.  You could also choose to donate your points out to worthy charities such as UNICEF.

You could also receive points by referring a friend to join YouGov as a panelist.  If the friend completes 3 surveys, both you and this person would then each receive 2,000 points.

Complaints About YouGov: YouGov survey site

Really the only negative which I consider to be in being a panel member at YouGov is the fact that you can no longer redeem your points straight out for cold, hard cash.  They used to have this as an option back when I joined the site as a panelist in 2010.

No longer is that an option although of course with more points being accumulated in your account, the higher amount of prizes, (gift cards) would be available for you to choose from.

****By the way if you would be interested in a non-survey taking opportunity that is my top recommendation it would involve learning how to run a legit online business from home.****

I once redeemed an Amazon gift card in the amount of $125.  Of course I could not exchange it out straight for cash.  Instead though, I did redeem some very nice items that I wanted all along for myself – all because I filled out surveys at YouGov.

You also could of course purchase more than one gift card if you have a lot of points.  You could divide your points out to redeem several movie theater tickets to “Fandango” as example and use the rest to redeem a nice Amazon gift card for yourself.

Always understand one principle about doing online surveys.  You could do them 24/7 in every waking moment of your life, (and ideally who in the world could possibly do that?)

You simply will never become a millionaire by having a career in survey taking.  If you can accept that fact and like the idea of “letting your voice being heard” through survey taking, than YouGov is a legit way in which to accomplish that ideal.

My Final thoughts about YouGov: YouGov survey site review

If only YouGov allowed members to earn actual $$ as a reward for completing surveys at the site instead of just gift cards I would call it THE BEST such site on the Internet.

The fact that a person is NEVER disqualified in completing ANY survey offered by the site is truly unique among all opportunities like this offered by anyone else.

YouGov is legit!  It’s just the fact that you do not earn cold, hard cash; little though it probably would be just like any other survey site.

As I will continue to try to educate people reading articles about survey taking opportunities here on this website, here is the thing to remember:

You cannot consider taking surveys as a sole means for making income for yourself!!  You will never become rich participating in ventures of this type!

So Is There Truly a Legit Program That Is Better?  YES!

Okay so you might like what you’ve seen regarding doing surveys to earn money.  However you might be asking yourself could you possibly do better?  Well YES you can!

Please allow me to fill you in on an online business that would be FREE for you to join, and it is 100% legit. However it has nothing to do with taking surveys.

Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation That Exists On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family. YouGov survey site

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any further questions or thoughts, please I urge you to leave them in the comments’ section below:


21 thoughts on “Product Review: YouGov Survey Site

  1. Seems pretty cool, except it seems like YouGov was a lot cooler when you could get cash! Gift Cards are kind of lame, but whatever! Do you still do it now? I’ve found that staying away from the little things and just focusing on the main, bigger thing, ampifys the speed of your business because your not worried about anything else, that’s why my websites basically all I do!

    Great Article!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  2. Thank you for this detailed review of YouGov. I have not signed up for any paid survey sites buy have often wondered about them. That’s why I read your article. I probably won’t go with them because I want to be paid in cash, not bonus points, if I do some work for an outfit.

  3. I have signed up for these types of survey taking programmes before only to find they are scams. It’s good to hear of one that is genuine. For me, I think you are right though – you will never become a millionaire through these types of survey taking schemes. A nice fun little earner though where you can contribute to society in a meaningful way (when you find the right one, like the YouGov Programme you talk about here!!

  4. Hi Jeff, this is certainly an uniqcum in the survey world. I have attendig a whole lot of them, and gave up at last, they often want to know everything about and from you, and after answering for over 5 minutes all kind of questions, they tell you, sorry, you are not qualified. Oewh I hate that. Because they have allready the answers they needed, and not paying for it. That Yougov never disqualifies is very good! It’s also nice you can donate your earnings
    Can you tell me what the average payout per survey is?
    And how long/many does it takes to earn a giftcard from about $125 ?

  5. Hi, again regarding your question about average payout, remember you do not receive cash. So I can’t say that, for example it’s $1.50/survey. The reward system is based on points. You usually receive based on an emailed survey invitation 500 points per completed survey. I just did one earlier today which focused on travel and various hotel chains. It took me about 10 minutes to complete it.

    Also regarding that $125 giftcard. Understand that I’m not the type of person who spends countless hours per week completing surveys. In some cases if I’m particularly busy with other things I don’t do surveys coming in my inbox at all. I would estimate that it took me about a year to accumulate that level of reward. Again remember I was completing them on a daily basis. A person who really wants to give up his/her time doing these surveys would accumulate that many points, (over 100,000) much more quickly.

  6. HI Mike thank you for reading my article. Yeah, it was nice when the site rewarded you in cash. But for whatever reason they changed their policies. It is a great site however and for the reasons that I mentioned. You just have to look at it in the manner that you’re contributing your voice on important issues that take place in the world.

  7. Very true Sarah. I look at it from the viewpoint that I’m doing my little service in providing my opinion on various topics that are important today. You simply can’t look at doing surveys as being something that is going to be your only source of income and putting food on your table. Thank you for reading my article!

  8. Hi Matt! Yes I still do YouGov surveys. In fact I just completed one several hours ago. It had to do with travel and ask your opinion on various hotel chains. I offered the review of this site because of my familiarity with it. I had previously written a much more different review of another survey site, one that charged money for joining. Completely bogus and my grade of 1 out of 100 was justified. YouGov is nothing like that other site. I find it no big deal that they offer gift cards instead of cash as I view it as something that most sane people should realize can not be your main source of bringing in income. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to give his opinions on various topics. This site gives you the chance and for their appreciation they do offer you rewards for the time spent.

  9. Hi Jeff, thank you for your quick reply, this is not going to make you millionaire over night, and I can see that it will cost quite a lot of time, and it is not a growing business to step into. I think I prefer to put my efforts into Wealthy Affiliate, because there is much more perspective on a resonable additional income, which also is recurring when your business is growing there.
    Anyway, thank you ver much for this info, Loes

  10. Awesome review on yougov! You’ve got a solid point that although you may make $20, $50, or even $125 at a time with surveys it’s not a full on business and not worth the time and effort to only help serve someone else’s business rather than your own. Thanks for this!


  11. Thank you for reading the article Benjamin! Yes, sadly people still fall for the gimmick, (mostly coming from fraud survey sites such as the one that I reviewed the other day) that you can earn a complete living by simply filling out surveys. It’s not the case but there have been, and will always be naive people who look to become the next millionaire and earning it with minimal effort.

  12. Jeff really good review of YouGov.

    I’ve never heard of this site before so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    I’ve never really been a fan of sites that don’t allow you to redeem points for cash and sites with point systems, but it seems like this site is still pretty darn good!

    I really like that you won’t get kicked out of surveys. The only other site I’ve seen like that is PaidViewpoint.

    Have you heard of it and do you recommend it?

    I’d love to hear more of your recommendations!


  13. Thank you for your comments Brok! Yes, I’ve come to love simply doing surveys at YouGov. I’m not in it for the money, having learned my lesson that a “job” as being as survey taker is not going to pay the bills. One person commented that it’s a waste of time doing ANY surveys and that he prefers simply working on his online WA business. My answer back to him, as vanilla as possible was that what he does with his free time is his business. What I do with my free is my business and that he should not judge others. Btw, I have never heard of that other site that you recommended Paid/Viewpoint. After all of these years I’ve only come to enjoy doing surveys at YouGov and Springboard America. A lot of other sites I just found to be a waste of my time. I don’t know if I’d be interested in Paid/Viewpoint thus I really could not judge them by any valid means. Thank you for your comments!


  14. Hi Jeff, I am interested to learn where YouGov get their income from. Also it seems to me that the geographic restrictions, being in the USA, will play a role here. I am living in Asia, can I become a member and qualify for enough surveys? I also think that being founded in 2005 gives some legitimacy to this company. Cheers, Jerry

  15. Hi Jerry! I would only assume that YouGov gets their income profits being generated by their affiliation with companies that want their products to be assessed by people out in the public – in this case YouGov members, and these companies all being willing to pay for it.

    As for YouGov being only open to U.S. citizens,with your discussing the U.S. geographic restriction that simply is not true, Jerry. Here is a direct link to where the site discusses the geographic makeup of its panel members:…. They do have panel members living in European countries and the Middle East. I’m not sure however about Asia. Perhaps as you do live in that part of the world you might not be able to join.

    However, you can always try to by clicking on the “Join” link found on the upper right hand side of the page. “You’ll never know unless you try” is one my mottos. Good luck!

    Thank you Jerry for reading my review of YouGov as an online survey site!


  16. I have never been a big fan of survey sites, nor had success with them either!

    But your recommendation of the YouGov survey website sounds great.

    Thanks very much for your indepth article, and it’s great to know that YouGov is defintely not a scam. I also love the fact that it’s a free to join program 🙂


  17. Hi Neil,

    I’m glad that I was able to provide you with relevant info about survey sites in this case It is the only survey site that I know where you will ALWAYS have the chance to complete a survey and get rewarded. Just understand however that you’ll never achieve financial freedom solely by going surveys daily.

  18. Hi, this is something new for me, I have never heard about this YouGov before, but I have no much experience in online business, so this is not surprising.

    I must say right now that I agree with you about the first paragraph in Cons, having cash would be far more appropriate. I realize that you have so much experience with this company, from 2010, this is really a long period. Many thanks, this is clearly a very reliable first hand information. Much appreciated.

  19. Hi Jovo! Thank you for both reading the article and afterwards issuing your opinion. I am not into YouGov and doing surveys as much as I was a few years ago. Now that I’m into my business here at WA most of my time and attention is focused on building my two websites. YouGov is one of the most legit survey sites online. It’s just that they have the policy now of rewarding you with gifts and prizes other than cold,hard cash!

    Take care,


  20. Thank you for the review on YouGov. I found it very helpful. I have been a member of other survey sites and they did not give me any surveys after paying to join.

    I will be joining YouGov to get some extra spending money. What countries do they accept? I have friends in other countries who would like to earn some extra cash.

  21. Hi Christine! Thank you for both reading my article and for issuing comments afterwards. In answer to your question about which countries are accepted into YouGov as a panelist I have copied and pasted info that I found on the site. Here it is:

    “Our main panels are in the US, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France UAE and Saudi Arabia”.

    So if right now you live outside of those geographical areas then you could not join – for instance if you lived in Australia, Asia, African, Latin and/or South America. I hope that it helps and you can join.


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