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Could A Person Honestly Earn Money With This Venture? Online Video Game Testing Jobs

In being able to generate income online, in this article I would like to take a look at online video game testing jobs. Without question, the video game industry is exceedingly popular throughout the world.

Tens of billions of dollars are spent by consumers on this planet on video games available on many platforms – computers as well as mobile devices.

Before these new games roll out seemingly on a daily basis, developers seek to make sure that the latest “World of WarCraft” video game would actually function as intended for those who play them. Video game testers would be those individuals who would “try out” the new software, often from the comfort of their homes before they would be released to the public.

As a way to earn income, could an enterprising individual honestly earn money were he, (or she) to become a video game tester? Are there a lot of companies seeking talented individuals of this type?

I seek to provide answers to those questions for any individuals reading this article who, indeed, would be interested in pursuing this type of job venture.


Could just any individual become an online video game tester? With one opportunity, apparently yes!

In attempting to first answer the two questions posed in the headline above, I found two online sources that provided info about job leads.

The first, would be the excellent Rat Race Rebellion job leads site. The two individuals who run this site, Christine Durst and Michael Harran recently advertised a video game tester job which was available through a company called “Erlibird”.  Please click here to see more info on this site.  Online Video Game Testing Jobs

According to the info provided by Christine and Michael about this specific game tester opportunity, a person does not need to have a background in computer programming or coding in order to work from home with Erlibird regarding this particular opportunity. The company, purportedly would take people who can only play video games, no other computer training/education required.

I also could not help but notice that, to be honest this specific job is definitely not going to feed a family of four, that is if being a video game tester would be the only source of income. Each “job” with Erlibird in which a person is testing out the beta version of a yet-to-be-released video game would only earn that individual $10 per product being tested.

One could also easily assume that in addition to playing the new game either after having been downloaded to a computer or mobile device, that the individual would also have to provide concise answers posed in questions as to what he/she thought about the features of that game.

The documented answers would then be forwarded to individuals employed at Erlibird who would then authenticate and analyze the tester’s thoughts.

No info is provided at Rat Race Rebellion or the Erlibird site itself as to the number of video games, still in the development stage that would be available for testing. A person acting as “tester” might only get about a half-dozen opportunities to test new video games per week max.

$60/week could only be viewed as “extra income” for an individual and that would be it.

So, with Erlibird it would appear as stated on Rat Race Rebellion’s advertisement for this opportunity, they would take just about anyone, even those with no formal training as related to computer information system/program development technology. People pursuing this opportunity would also not be paid top dollar either.

**** If an opportunity such as that being offered at Erlibird does not interest you, and face it you would not be making a lot of money, I do now want to present another possible alternative.

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Sites where formal training would be mandatory in order for a person to become a video game tester:

I posed a question at the beginning of this article (in the fourth paragraph above) when I asked if there are a lot of companies seeking trained people to become video game testers.

At the Indeed job site and as seen on the page found by clicking here, the answer is yes!  As job opportunities have been posted by such well-known companies such as Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Disney, Sony PlayStation and others please note one very important feature:  Online Video Game Testing Jobs

Those companies would not just accept any person to come work for them.  All of these jobs demand that an individual have formal training/education related to computer information systems and/or computer programming and coding.

These jobs pay higher wages as well compared to Erlibird which accepted unskilled individuals. Many of these job opportunities also demand that a candidate have documented experience as a video game developer and/or tester as posted on his/her resume.

I will also admit that after going through some of these specific opportunities as posted on the Indeed job site, that not all of them are work from home situations. Or that you could apply to these jobs while living at any location within the U.S., or perhaps anywhere in the world and be hired if you qualify.

A handful of these jobs would be located in specific areas. The advertised job at Electronic Arts, (which if you do not know, this company has for years designed the very popular Madden NFL video games, Major League Baseball and NBA, NHL and for years in the past Tiger Woods golf) is based in the specific location of Orlando, FL.

By the way, clicking on the link to that particular job description, the requirements to be hired by Electronic Arts were quite specific, listing the candidate being familiar and well-trained with computer software tools that read like Greek to me, lol!

No person fresh out of just graduating from a local tech community college would be hired by Electronic Arts for this particular job.

Would a person receive a good salary for an advanced job as a video game tester?

Going through the long list of job opportunities at Indeed, I did notice that there were specific offers from sites that paid up around $20/hour just for testing games still in the development stage.

For a person who has the training in computer software development and programming, this amounts to a fairly nice chunk of money earned by simply testing new games of course not yet released out to the public. This would be followed by the requirement of that individual being able to successfully document his/her tangent thoughts about how the game worked during play and also any suggestions he/she might have regarding improvement.

In answering the question posed in the first heading in this article, yes a qualified individual who has been trained within the computer programming/video game development industry could make real money as a tester!

By conducting real research online, the individual would find opportunities coming from legit companies that would offer employment as a video game tester.

Before I Let You Go. . .

Face it, not everyone who has been reading this article would have the educational training to become a video game tester within that industry. As I also stated above, working for that one company that would hire anyone would not earn you a lot of money either.

Would you still be interested in having the opportunity to earn money online, particularly running a business from home?

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You could treat this opportunity as a way to earn extra income for your family, or conversely you could treat it as a full-time gig!

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Online Video Game Testing Jobs

  1. l never really know that one can earn money with online video games, l have always seen video games as a pleasure and not a means of earning money. Your article gave a great insight on how lucrative this can be.
    Thank you for this information l have bookmarked this post so l can visit again.

  2. Hi!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts.  With the continued growth practically on a daily basis regarding the Internet, there now are so many ways to make money online that even a few years ago did not exist.  Of course the problem is that not everything that you see online regarding opportunities to earn money are legit. 

    Please also understand what I tried to convey in the article.   Unless you have an educational background in computer programming/coding there would be fewer opportunities to earn real money by testing out online video games.  Companies that are serious about paying people money in this vocation, (such as the ones that I mentioned – Sony, EA, Playstation, Nintendo, etc.) would simply not hire just anyone as they would have protocols in place which a “gamer” must do in addition to just testing out the games.  They would also have to thoroughly analyze exactly what takes place in these games having to do with computer programming.  If you don’t have the requisite skill to be able to do that efficiently, then I’m afraid that you would not get hired for these really well-paying jobs.

    Still it seems as if you have an interest in perhaps pursuing this type of venture.  Just understand that you’d probably have to settle for the type of job that was endorsed by the Rat Race Rebellion job leads site. 

    Best wishes to you!


  3. Working for Erlibird will not make you a lot of money so yes it wouldn’t be a good fit for someone looking for a full-time or part-time gig. However, if your someone who enjoys playing video games and would find it cool to test video games not yet released or even just get some enjoyment out of reviewing them this would be a great opportunity to make a little bit of cash for doing something you already do, don’t you think?

  4. Hi, Salvatore.  Thank you for reading this article and also for providing your thoughts.  The philosophy behind my website, indeed even considering the name “Generate income online no scams” is that I look at opportunities that some people might consider to be a legit way to make money on the internet.  In my opinion, not all of the opportunities that I examine through research would put a lot of money into the pockets of individuals who pursue them.  My aim is to educate my readers with many of these review type articles in which I examine specific money-making opportunities.

    Working for Erlibird, while it would provide enjoyment for people who are into video games as I clearly stated would NOT consistently earn these individuals real money – to pay the bills, feed a family, etc.  If people want to still pursue this type of venture, knowing that if they truly need money to help make ends meet I just hope that they understand that it simply will not happen. 

    It’s also why, within this article that I chose to present video game testing opportunities coming from established companies such as Nintendo, EA Games/Sports, Sony and Disney in addition to what Erlibird had to offer.  The problem with the latter group, again as I indicated in the body of the article content Salvatore would be that individuals must have an educational background involving certain aspects of computer programming, coding, etc.  Without that certification, a person would never be hired by those companies – partially because not only would they pay out more money for the job, but also certain requirements would have to be fulfilled during the course of the individual testing these games.

    Thank you again for your commitments, Salvatore!


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