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So Could Having a Social Media Platform Make you a Millionaire? online marketing 2016

Happy New Year as this marks my first post on this website for 2016.  With this article I have decided to look at the subject of Online Marketing 2016 and in particular the social media platforms.

Getting filthy rich marketing through the use of video! You’d better know what you are doing!

I ran across an article online which addressed the notion of a person becoming wealthy solely from having a presence online through social media.  Is it possible? Sure, it will take a LOT of planning, time and plenty of patience, however on your part.  You certainly would not attain “financial freedom” a month from now if you’re looking to pursue this venture.

I previously devoted space towards this subject noting a young woman in her early 20’s who claimed to have been able to build up a business simply by promoting clothing/fashion online through Instagram.  The person interviewing this young woman made it seem that the entire process was almost simplistic.

Let’s try and keep this real.  It really is NOT an easy task at all.  If it were then hundreds of thousands, no perhaps millions of people would be guaranteed to have achieved success in the pursuit of this dream.  And there would be multi- millionaires living on every street around the world!

As the article to which this post is based on alluded to, the odds of any individual attempting a path in which he/she would be building a business based solely on trying to sell a “brand”: with no experience at film-making, the ability to speak in front of a camera with clarity, marketing the product well without coming across as a “salesperson”, and finally doing it repeatedly, (as you first would have to build trust to the viewer) are quite slim.  As stated above fame will certainly not be achieved overnight!

The odds of a person becoming an Essena O’Neill, the Australian teenager and one of the subjects in this article who was able to build herself a brand before quitting social media would be extremely rare.  Sadly too many naïve people buy into the notion that they can become rich beyond their dreams based on false information that they heard about the ease in building a highly popular brand on social media.

The negativity and hatred that can be present with the Internet and Social Media: online marketing 2016

With all that occurs throughout the world, you would be gullible to not understand that regarding the Internet as a whole and social media, there are a lot of negative aspects to them.  It is a sad fact that many people around the world are miserable with their achievements in life.  Feeling frustrated, they take their act online to make themselves feel important by viewing others with negativity, showing high levels of dis-respect, (as they can do so in anonymity) and to be blunt spew levels of hatred as posted in their often vile language written in posts, comments and threads.

One of the sad issues today amongst teenagers is the notion of bullying, only the level of ugliness has spread online to the various social media platforms.  The prospect as a teenager of just being able to “fit in” seemingly has grown of greater importance to kids in that age group.  It is absolutely tragic when any kid gets picked on for whatever reason.

The fact that with the advent of social media it can be done by the simple click of a button “sending” a humiliating thought or picture across the Internet about an individual makes it even more sickening as this allows potentially millions of young people, (whereas 20+ years ago it might have been just a few dozen people getting involved in the bullying) to view whatever was posted. And as I’m assure that you’re already aware this has led to further tragedy when the young person, thoroughly humiliated and believing this his/her entire world is now permanently ruined has resorted to the only way he/she knows which would allow him/her to escape such degradation: the final act being that the individual resorts to taking his/her own life.

Regarding trying to make a brand through the various social media platforms, it is an unfortunate fact that a person who has the noble and kindhearted idea to try and help others by advertising a product – even for example the notion of helping human beings who are less fortunate than others will also be delusionally ridiculed by the “haters” who look at nothing but negativity in the world and wish to humiliate, what was set out to be a truly humanitarian gesture.

An example of an individual who did make it through creative social media and video branding:

I look at a young woman, Bethany Mota who set out as a female teenager to try and help other kids her age, (and younger). She decided to devote a YT channel based on nothing but her open gesture in attempting to act as a mentor for others.  Almost ludicrously, Ms. Mota, (who still gained enough fame to become a celebrity “star” contestant one season on Dancing With the Stars) herself became the victim of bullying by truly ugly individuals who had nothing better to do in their lives except try and bring grief to this young woman.  I have a link to both Bethany’s YT channel and a Vlog that she has online featuring her self-filmed videos.

Although I don’t follow her, (only becoming aware of Ms. Mota as I have long been a devoted fan of “Dancing With the Stars” and partnered with Derek Hough she made it to the semi-finals that year), I have noted that this young woman did not allow the “haters” and ugliness from small-minded people get to her.

Instead if anything she has continued and been able to successfully grow her brand in helping others online.  Ms. Mota during one broadcast of the DWTS show stated that her cause would not be hindered due to the negativity of some real “small” people, who unfortunately we all have to live with on this Earth.

Below I found a YT video which shows all of the performances that she did with her partner Derek Hough on Dancing With The Stars:


I want to say that quite evidently this young woman is a positive role model as a person.  Truth be told the world needs more people in the world who are so online marketing 2016giving unselfishly of themselves.  Ms. Mota did not allow the ugliness of many loathsome human beings deter her from her mission to server others through social media.

I also want you to understand that what Ms. Mota has been able to do might not have been grounded solely in the need of making herself into a multi-millionaire, even though she just recently turned 20.

If it could be your aim with any online marketing venture to not have it be where making a boatload of money is your only aim, and instead look to help people with a problem in their lives than chances are you could become successful in an online business.  It is all about a philosophy towards caring for your fellow mankind.  Not trying to con them into giving you their credit card information for a product which is nothing but a fraudulent scam.

So you can possibly earn real income through social media!

So, yes in the end and in rare exceptions you could make some very nice money marketing yourself through social media- particularly with video content. Understand one important ideal however: You won’t become rich overnight.  No one likes a con artist and if you come across as one on YT, Vine or Instagram – after being slammed mercilessly by people who would be able to see right through you, then you would be completely ignored.

Build trust!  Come across as an honest individual, one a bit unique who selflessly looks to help out others.  There is much more good than bad in the world, although sometimes watching the daily news it’s not so easily evident of this fact.

The majority of people, (discounting the “haters”) come to the Internet and social media often seeking help with a problem they might have.  If you’re looking into pursuing this venture first understand that you must slowly build loyalty with your online presence.  Keep posting relevant videos that while promoting a product, also will have value in the lives of people.  Also sell a worthwhile product that is relevant and up-to-date.  Not many people in the year 2016 and in the market for a new car would be interested in a 1962 Dodge Dart.

Understand that creativity if you’re marketing yourself and the product will build up a loyal following to you with regards to social media platforms.  If you come across as real and not some fake, greedy individual your odds of achieving success in the very long term would be possible.  Online marketing in 2016 will continue to grow just as the Internet itself become more popular by the day.

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below.


10 thoughts on “Online Marketing 2016

  1. Such an awesome post, Jeff! This is going to help massively with my own online business. I loved your example of Bethany, it’s very inspiring. I can’t wait to get started! I completely agree with the beginning of your post when you mention the amount of bullying around, especially in social media. Great post overall.

    Thanks again.

  2. I absolutely agree with you, nothing it’s easy. especially on the social media universe, the exposure to million of stranger has to be take into account.To be genuine is the only way to break trough the average that comes by the millions. i am thinking on starting a you tube channel but before i want to be sure that i really have something that can be helpful to people and, especially, that i have a lot of fun doing it.
    Once i have that clear i have to work as well on be above the bullying, they are part of the game so the fast we know how to deal with it the better.
    Thank you for the nice article

  3. Andrea, thank you both for reading my article and then afterwards issuing your thoughts. I wish you luck on your thought that you want to start a YT channel. Just keep in mind that you must be genuine with whatever you intend on promoting. Also don’t let the negative bullying comments, (hopefully there will be none) keep you from pursuing your dream. Bullies are nothing but cowards anyway who in reality are uncomfortable in their own beings. Back when I was in h.s., admittedly years ago I had a racist classmate of mine tried to intimidate me through slurs, and so on. After I took matters into my own hand knocking him out completely with two punches I earned the respect of a whole lot of my classmates. Although much simpler then in the early 1970’s I had the notion back not to back down to a bully.

    I wish you all the best if you intend on pursuing your online social media venture Andrea. Again thank you for reading my article!


  4. HI Cohen Thank you both for reading my article and afterwards issuing your complimentary thoughts. It’s funny when I set out to do write this article about social media I had originally was unable to come up with a prominent individual who has had success in promoting value to people with regards to really trying to be a role model.

    Wanting to find a positive example of someone who has achieved success on social media by branding a product, (and with my age I’m no longer into what the under 25 year old crowd finds appealing today) suddenly I remembered this young Bethany Mota gal and in particular what she was doing with her YT channels and her admittedly being bullied by cowards as she stated during her season on DWTS. She did not let the ugliness of a few bullies get in the way of all that she had to offer to kids her age and younger with the fact that she is such a positive role model – and not some 19 year old hooked on drugs, engaging in sex often and other negative values.

    Social media has its positives and negatives. Still as proven by some individuals such as Ms. Mota it is possible to build a successful online business through savvy use of social media platforms – that is if you’re genuine in what you have to offer out to the public.

    Thank you again for your comments. I’m so glad that you think it will help you with your online business.



  5. Hi Jeff
    That’s a nice post and one that is quite informative and thus very helpful to us readers seeking information about online marketing for 2016 and if social media can help any online entrepreneur succeed.

    Thanks again for your informative posting and all the best in your online endeavors for 2016.

  6. Hi Bonafice. As you also read one of my other articles yesterday, I truly appreciate the time and energy you put into reading yet another article and then issue your thoughts, sir.

    I do try and provide relevant info to my readers if any other intent on pursuing a business in online marketing. Social media if done correctly can be an effective tool to help any business owner become more visible online.

    Again thank you so much for your support and I wish all of the best for you in 2016!



  7. Interesting article and I like your angle on the subject. Social media is a scary thing when it comes to kids. I have two young ones at the moment, so social media is not in their remit, but one day soon it will be and I dread that day!

    Having said that you are right, people have made millions through social media but they are the exception rather than the norm. So I think something more sustainable needs to be thought about. I will have a look into your suggestion. Thank you!

  8. Hi Ruth! Thank you for both reading the article and issuing your thoughts afterwards. With your stating that you have two young children frankly, I’m not sure that I would want to be a kid nowadays. Understand that I am 58 years old and as a kid personal computers, the Internet and so on were both decades away.

    I hear so much now about bullying, (which did exist back then only one’s problems were settled with their fists) and how it takes place on social media. A kid can fight back against one kid- (such as one kid was who had been issuing me racial taunts and much to his regret when I finally settled it, I did so by giving him a tremendous beating); but when the taunting is spread online to where hundreds of kids soon participate in this cruel act against the one helpless kid then that is when it is completely over the line! That shows the complete negativity of social media, imo!

    It’s why I’ve always said that parents definitely need to monitor what their children are able to do when it comes to the Internet/computers. And for a 5 year old kid to have his/her own smart phone I feel is absurd! But that is the world we live in Ruth and certainly personal computers, the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, and today’s other advanced technologies are simply not going to disappear permanently!

    Thank you again for your comments, Ruth. I have the feeling that you’re going to raise wonderful, well-adjusted children!



  9. Using social media as a form of generating income is very powerful as you can have the chance of almost anything becoming viral and after a few viral videos you can start a fan base and generate revenue from that. Its great how you included ways to make money with little to no investment. Very informative interesting post. Cheers!

  10. Hi! Thank you for both reading this article and also leaving your thoughts. Indeed in writing out this article it was my plan to present ways to build up a business and do so for as little money as possible through advertising.



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