Online Business Opportunities For Stay At Home Moms

Be Aware Of The Scams That Still Are Out There! Online Business opportunities for stay at home moms

As the title to this article is stated: Online business opportunities for stay at home moms, I would like to seriously address what one needs to avoid when pursuing a way to earn money from home.

As the Internet continues to evolve, so have the devious scam artists whose only mission in life seemingly is to cause misery for innocent people, such as stealing money from them without a care in the world.

If as a stay at home mom you are interested in running an online business, just be aware of many issues that one must address before committing to anything!

I also base my thoughts on a recent article found online which addressed the fact that criminal con artists will think nothing of taking money fraudulently through fake home-based business opportunities that are advertised for stay at home moms.

Here are some issues that one should be aware of when looking for online business opportunities:

1). The images of luxurious homes, cars, and yachts – all definitely yours if you invest in a business opportunity.

Face it, you, me and many other people throughout the world would like to reach a point in life where money will never again be an issue.

By the time you reach age 40 wouldn’t you like to achieve the two “F’s” – Financial Freedom? Online business opportunities for stay at home moms

You never have to worry about working again!  7 or 8 figures worth of money are piling up interest daily in the bank!

Let me get you to understand one very important concept!  Earning money in a legit online business is NOT easy.

Yet it is the bogus opportunities that psychologically play tricks in your head.  Advertising a specific online business, they go all out to show fake people standing in front of multi-million dollar mansions or expensive Porshe sportscars that have all been “earned” with this particular opportunity.

There is a 99.999% chance that the image is a lie.  I mean these fake opportunities would not show a person standing in front of a rundown 1961 Chevy Corvair, that has not been successfully started in a few decades, would they?

Any online business opportunity advertised as “the” greatest in history for stay at home moms accompanied by the images of fancy homes, luxury cars or boats by promotion should be completely ignored.

The person standing in front of the home, car or boat was probably given $25 to pose as the picture was being taken, further giving the illusion to the lie about the fake online business.

2).  The concept that a person could make a lot of money quickly with a unique online business opportunity.

I have personally seen it so often that I have lost count.  A stay at home mom who previously was down on her luck, (having less than $100 left to her name) suddenly, inexplicably struck it rich by joining at the last possible moment a “great” online business opportunity. Online business opportunities for stay at home moms

With little effort on her part as she only had to follow step-by-step the “unique money-making proven system” of this “fake” opportunity, she ended up making more $$ than she ever would have dreamed.

In a previous article here at this website, there was the story of Kimberly from Arizona.  Joining an online business opportunity after she had quit her job, within several months she was making $40,000/month.

Obviously, it was all a fake.  “Kimberly’s” online business involved posting ads online for Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, and Net Flix.  Companies that lack the resources in promoting themselves so they are forced to resort to hiring individuals working from home to do this chore. (Wink-wink, cough-cough)!

*** If you can see that an online business opportunity like those I have already mentioned are something that you would need to avoid, as an alternative I mention what is my top recommendation for learning how to run a LEGIT business from home.

No posting fake ads online, schemes to make tens of thousands of dollars in a day or two, or images of shiny new yachts are associated in any way with my opportunity that I would present to you! ***

3). Companies whose business models are based on placing individuals in a downline with no true product being sold! Online business opportunities for stay at home moms

Fake online business opportunities that promise the allure of an individual having 6, 10 or 12 people placed below him/her in a downline are otherwise known as pyramid schemes.

Especially if there is no true product being sold and the only business tactic employed is recruiting people.

These business tactics are illegal in many countries throughout the world.  The article mentioned the fact that a young woman lost 10,000 pounds out of her bank account all because she got lured into an MLM, (multi-level marketing) scam where after two years she was only paying money to individuals placed above her.

The top level person above her earned 50,000 pounds per year. This individual probably did nothing, however, to earn that amount of money.

*Before investing even one penny in any venture that resembles this type of program first do research on the company’s business model.

If you would be asked to recruit people underneath you and it would be the only way you could earn $ in such a venture my advice would be to pass on getting involved with this fraudulent opportunity.  It won’t be worth a minute of your time!

Remember this opportunity would also be very illegal!

4). Business opportunities that have insecure HTTP:// website prefix addresses and furthermore ask for personal identification!  And money as payment to join through credit/debit cards!

Even if you’re only doing some online shopping, do not EVER give away any of your personal info to a site that is insecure and non-encrypted as it has a simple HTTP:// prefix to the site’s address.  This goes for online business opportunities as well. Online business opportunities for stay at home moms

Do not give money in the form of credit/debit cards to online business opportunities presented by these sites.

These sites have been proven to being susceptible to hackers who have the ability to break into them as if they all were child’s play.

At these non-encrypted, insecure sites your personal info would easily be in the hands of hackers who, in a matter of minutes could place charges on your credit/debit card account(s) after they had been stolen.  These thieves might even max out your card leaving you to have to contact your bank to explain what had happened.

The difference between an HTTP:// prefix address and an HTTPS:// site, (such as is my site in conjunction with the program to which I belong) is that the latter is secured and encrypted against anyone possibly breaking into it.  Also, notice on the top left-hand side of the page before the HTTPS:// prefix that there is a green-lock symbol.

Final thoughts:

As a stay at home mom who might have 1 – 3 or more young children that keep you busy daily, I also understand the need to make money from home.

You just need to be careful of the many fraudulent online business opportunities that promise you millions of dollars that could “potentially” be easily earned.

I wish that I could say that pursuing these ventures would turn out well for you.   If you run across a “too-good-to-be-true” online business opportunity simply do NOT believe it!   In the end, it will not be “too good” for you.

That is because the odds would be quite high that you WILL BE scammed.  Money will disappear from your bank account, instead of being deposited into it by you!

Before I Let You Go. . .

In this article, I mentioned a lot of negative things taking place with online business opportunities – whether you are a stay at home mom or anyone else for that matter. Let me again mention an opportunity that is the exact opposite!

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This company is the most recognized and legit program on the Internet that would teach a motivated person how to build an online business working from home.

With over 800,000 members since the company’s inception back in 2005, that figure speaks for itself.

The program has the best educational training, tools and community support of any other competitive program online.

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10 thoughts on “Online Business Opportunities For Stay At Home Moms

  1. Hi Jeff!

    You perfectly outlined all the red flags you need to look for when trying to join an online business opportunity.

    It’s amazing how there’s still so many scams following the old patterns of yachts and fancy cars as a hook. Taking advantage of people who are desperate and willing to try anything.

    I’m with you, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to create your online business from scratch and generate stable income for the long haul from home.

    Very useful article, I really recommend it! Thank you!

  2. Hi Israel! Thank you so much for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts. For a fact, naive people still fall for the advertisements of expensive homes, cars and yachts which are a part of those bogus online opportunities. Part of the 7 seven deadly sins of humans is greed. Wanting to get something easily, in this case $$$$ with little effort being put in. It’s why these scams still exist because human beings are flawed by nature.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate has the best platform online in teaching people how to honestly build an online business; and one scam-free!

    Thank you for your thoughts, Israel. They are very much appreciate by me sir!



  3. I appreciate your realistic approach to starting an online business. Like you said, it’s going to take a lot of effort. I think it can be rewarding if it is something you are truly interested in. It’s important that you get started on the right foot with a good plan, possibly with some professional help, so you are set up for success.

  4. Thank you for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts, Bernard. It does take a lot of effort to run a legit online business. Anyone thinking otherwise, probably because he/she read about the scam opportunities would be seriously fooling him/herself. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that there are highly successful entrepreneurs who are members of the program. Quite often they are more than willing to lend their guidance, in addition to the tremendous training that is made available by these individuals.

    Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and visit my site, Bernard. I very much appreciate the time that you spent reading this article.

  5. I nearly got involved with one of these so called scams you mention here with their shiny brochure alluring you into a potential dream lifestyle with yachts, flashy cars and wonderful homes presented across their landing page.

    I decided their promises are only pipe dreams for the majority and turned my attention towards a legitimate affiliate marketing business purely due to not having stock to purchase and hold, postage and packaging duties nor returns to deal with either. Affiliate marketing is definitely the cheapest option to run a genuine business online.

    However there is work to accomplish on a regular basis running a website like any legitimate business and it does take time to achieve a regular income. It’s best practice to choose something you have a passion for and link to the associated products as your interest makes the role a pleasurable working experience.

    Wealthy Affiliate is currently teaching me how to build a website, attract visitors and earn an income online. I can highly recommend them,

  6. Hi, Simon! Thank you for both reading this post and also issuing your excellent thoughts. I’m glad that unlike a lot of people you don’t fall for the allure of homes, cars and so on promised, falsely by get-rich-quick scam online business opportunities.

    Running a website is NOT easy and definitely takes a great deal of time and effort. As you said, Wealthy Affiliate is a great program that will teach a person everything about how to run a legit, profitable business. I’m so glad that you are a member of WA, as I have been now for more than 2 years.

    Again, Simon your thoughts are very much appreciated by me sir! Thank you for dropping by my site!



  7. Hey man, this was a very well writen, interesting and informative article. I really enjoyed reading it. So thanks for that. Scams online is a huge topic to look out for. But I think you really broke down the most important parts of it which is nice. I do also agree with the different point you wrote down.

  8. I Ios! Thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your thoughts. I believe that informing people that a lot of opportunities are deviously disguised scams goes a long way towards preventing them from becoming victims in the future.

    Again, Ios I do so appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts that I brought up in the article!



  9. Jeff,
    I could feel the pain as you covered all the ugly points of online scams.I think everyone that is or has been involved trying to earn an income online has been scammed at least one time.
    Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate was very well stated and is the #1 online community for anyone desiring to learn to make money from home.
    I felt that you were definitely the authority about what you were covering in your blog. Well done,

  10. Hi, Jim! I truly so appreciate both your taking the time to read this article and also leaving your remarkable thoughts.

    It’s so unfortunate that any person honestly looking to make money online in a business opportunity has been the victim of scams. But, it’s due to the fact that human beings are flawed, reflected by the fact that many are so dishonest and will think nothing of taking advantage of others.

    I guess that it’s only a pipe dream that the criminal deviants of society stop their habit of deliberately trying to scam others.

    Wealthy Affiliate is about trying to provide education, tools and community support to people who desire to build an honest yet profitable online business! The best platform on the Internet.

    Again, Jim thank you so much for providing such outstanding feedback on this article!



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